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Note dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Note that 64 = 26.
  2. I hand her the note.
  3. Write a note to God.
  4. The note made me mad.
  5. A note on traps and.

  6. Note that I had no.
  7. He could jot a note.
  8. He took note of the.
  9. That hit a hard note.
  10. I sent Michael a note.
  11. I never got that note.
  12. She passed him a note.
  13. The note was from him.
  14. Such a note will not.
  15. He did note that the.

  16. I made a note that I.
  17. Note the use of dot-.
  18. Out on a musical note.
  19. Is also the note tone.
  20. A Note From The Author.
  21. My note said: Dear Mrs.
  22. I hand Cherrie the note.
  23. Hand me back that note.
  25. A note from the author.

  26. Just a note of caution.
  27. Note the link so that.
  28. He read the note again.
  29. On a sad note the 1967.
  30. What I wish you to note.
  31. We must note that both.
  32. She made a note of this.
  33. He handed over the note.
  34. A Note From The Author:.
  35. He never changed a note.
  36. On that note, there is.
  37. Oh, and here’s a note.
  38. A note from the author:.
  39. On the table was a note.
  40. Ezekiel too note of that.
  41. She made a note of it:.
  42. There was a note on the.
  43. Note the rise of the sea.
  44. Take note of what other.
  45. Note also that we still.
  46. I note it came from John.
  47. Note that church did not.
  48. He would have left a note.
  49. A note about cosmic forces.
  50. On a lighter note, I’m.
  51. Note that such a product.
  52. It’s a note from my.
  53. This is your bank note.
  54. Jeremiah took note of this.
  55. There’s more to the note.
  56. He left them a note for me.
  57. At the top the note read:.
  58. So we hear a musical note.
  59. Another note was added to.
  60. Note the rise of the creek.
  61. Note these in your journal.
  62. Well I did send a note off.
  63. A note under my pillowcase.
  64. Note the flood of the creek.
  65. I took the note and we left.
  66. So, on that note, let’s:.
  67. The Issue was that of P NOTE.
  68. We should take note of this.
  69. On that note, he said.
  70. Note: Sometimes there is a.
  71. Nurse, please note in Mr.
  72. You said in that note that.
  73. The high note came and went.
  74. In a funny side note, they.
  75. Note the importance of the.
  76. But I had a note of caution.
  77. Those who operate on P Note.
  78. What did the note say?
  79. I just got a note from Emily.
  80. Note though, that there are.
  81. There was a note in the box.
  82. Christmas cards with a note.
  83. He opened the note and read.
  84. Note where you were at then.
  85. There is no one else of note.
  86. Note that you will have ev-.
  87. Jack pencilled in a note on.
  88. Ill leave you with this note.
  89. He jots a note on his holotab.
  90. She tucked the note into her.
  91. First, note the word proved.
  92. There was a short note inside.
  93. Sneha’s suicide note and Dr.
  94. There was a note on the table.
  95. It is important to note that.
  96. The eternal note of sadness in.
  97. Note one vital principle here.
  98. She left a note in the drop box.
  99. Note that when your telephone.
  100. On that note, I’ve gotta run.
  1. There is noting I can do.
  2. Now, that is worth noting.
  3. Noting a lack of programs on ITS.
  4. My wife caught me noting the time.
  5. What is worth noting, however, is.
  6. I’m just noting the inconsistency.
  7. Noting will be swallowed up by life.
  8. There were other things worth noting.
  9. A word of caution is worth noting here.
  10. Seeing the fertile soil and noting the.
  11. Kareem noting how good his ‘Temple’.
  12. It is worth noting that the Cain and Abel.
  13. He looked at his stash noting it had grown.
  14. It is worth noting that the Hebrew for man.
  15. They put the mistake onto you for noting it.
  16. It is worth noting this key statement, that.
  17. The other has turned a little and, as noting.
  18. She looked at Gabriel, noting his tense face.
  19. She tasted his piece, noting that it was clean.
  20. Noting the reverend’s shrewdness, Feltus nodded.
  21. As the two men shook hands, Thompson, noting the.
  22. By drawing lines CA, CB and noting the distances.
  23. It is worth noting that the account just quoted is.
  24. His owner, noting the dog had escaped, did nothing.
  25. It is worth noting that the descriptions logged by E.
  26. I swallowed noting the seriousness of his statement.
  27. Noting the reaction with some surprise, Feltus nodded.
  28. Noting the subtle differences in feel and texture of.
  29. He looked up noting their were 4 campers and 2 tents.
  30. One way you can judge is by noting their top positions.
  31. Where is everyone? I asked noting the empty foyer.
  32. Amaranthe glanced at the sky, noting the lack of clouds.
  33. He looked at his watch, noting how much time we had left.
  34. Noting peculiar about his conclusion from such premises.
  35. What's the matter, Sweetpea? Mabel asked, noting a.
  36. Where are you going? I asked noting to his appearance.
  37. Noting through a haze of passion Sue’s wonderful face.
  38. I looked around, mentally noting all the things that were.
  39. There are several points worth noting about text message.
  40. It is worth noting that side by side with serious efforts.
  41. Taking out his phone, he photographed each page, noting a.
  42. It was discovered by noting a slight perturbation in the.
  43. Noting the shortage of light he made up his mind to attack.
  44. Paul, noting Kate’s rapt interest in his story, continued.
  45. The Grand Visioneer was busy noting the progress that some.
  46. When you understand this, you will see that you are noting.
  47. She looked around, noting the plethora of translucent plants.
  48. Also worth noting: "Check out" and "new blog post" were Nos.
  49. Régis immediately printed that image, noting the hour: 07:04.
  50. Noting the direction of the signposted Highway 23 that snaked.
  51. Her eyes drifted over the map, noting the DRAFTChapter 18 465.
  52. Noting the twinkle in his eyes at using her new name, she smiled.
  53. The other two fishermen who were doing noting stood near Slinks.
  54. Noting the change in Emily's body posture, Selest took over the.
  55. Yes, she did, Troi said, noting his sudden shift in emotion.
  56. There were a couple more twists along the way worth noting though.
  57. I slow her, noting how her ears twist as though in disappointment.
  58. There is noting that I could more I could add to this commentary!.
  59. He looked at her steadily, noting that she had begun to relax again.
  60. He swept his scope along the newly created gap, noting two men down.
  61. Anything else worth noting from the letter to Nick? asked Bill.
  62. He felt his lip gingerly with his tongue, noting that it was swollen.
  63. Before we start the analysis, three important issues are worth noting.
  64. He walked along the sleeping rows, noting each name on its white card.
  65. She ran her fingers across the strings, noting it had gone a bit flat.
  66. It’s worth noting that active learning is often more effective than.
  67. Don’t bother noting it down, as I will pass printed copies later on.
  68. Write these in your journal, noting that these are Quadrant #3 of the.
  69. It is worth noting that split of consciousness comes as apprentice’s.
  70. It is worth noting one apparent oxymoronic aspect of the Law of no laws.
  71. This is Iotian Idol, Majel said, noting Garcia’s sudden interest.
  72. What's wrong? Kyle asked curiously, noting she was only using one.
  73. He sat down on the toilet, noting she had drunk her tea in the interval.
  74. They split up and circled the house, noting the CCTV cameras around the.
  75. Gozan paid the bill, noting the charges for damages, which made him smile.
  76. As with all thinking, it’s possible for noting to lapse into judgments.
  77. Then, noting Coal’s imploring eyes, read it very quietly in the alcove.
  78. It's worth noting, most of the more successful economies today are mixed.
  79. Noting she seemed to be in turmoil, she asked if she could be of any help.
  80. I just heard, she answered, noting that it was a quarter past twelve.
  81. He also professes hopes of expanding his club internationally noting that.
  82. Noting this, Naria took advantage of the situation to probe for information.
  83. You can’t miss it, he asserted, noting Truman’s skeptical expression.
  84. Andy added a counterpoint noting the absence of any trace of the missing man.
  85. Steve took the big paw in his hand and shook it, noting the firm, warm grip.
  86. Noting the pitiful look of despair on the wanderers face, Mochni prodded him.
  87. I was merely noting that we work harder and better when we’ve had a break.
  88. The actress eyed her with sadness, noting the smell of alcohol in her breath.
  89. Time is only a measure, a method for noting the passing of events, or action.
  90. Read the entire agreement carefully, noting anything you aren’t happy about.
  91. Garcia blinked, noting the effect Cleo was having on his nervous system, his.
  92. He said he watched her for a bit, noting how beautiful she was, even in tears.
  93. Dar looked around the table, noting the expressions of the rest of the players.
  94. It's probably worth noting here that the Linksys routers are the most popular.
  95. He then took his notepad and started noting carefully the girl’s possessions.
  96. Noting where the particles are can make your Japanese pronunciation much better.
  97. After the meeting Garcia did his own inspection of the club, noting things that.
  98. The thumb impression is to be witnessed by a customer of the bank and noting to.
  99. It’s worthwhile noting here that the world inspired comes from two words –.
  100. I stood, noting the face-eaters that stood close to me were focused on the fire.
  1. As noted in Section 4.
  2. As noted by Wu et al.
  3. As I noted, we were.
  4. That it has been noted.
  5. Mick noted with a smile.
  6. It is also noted that.
  7. He noted a strange grin.
  8. Bulls noted the 12,000 U.
  9. We've noted a series of.
  10. We also noted that high.
  11. Olsen noted Jordan, the S.
  12. The web site noted that.
  13. There is much to be noted.
  14. Like I said, it’s noted.
  15. I noted the King’s mark.
  16. I have noted down the 4th:.
  17. All of them are noted for.
  18. The Fixer quickly noted a.
  19. A pretty head, Lloyd noted.
  20. He noted with interest the.
  21. This fact noted, we proceed.
  22. There is noted in the book:.
  23. Teachers must have noted too.
  24. He is noted for the barbaric.
  25. She noted its familiar smell.
  26. In the other noted text (Phil.
  27. She noted with approval his.
  28. I noted the time on my watch.
  29. Scholars have noted that the.
  30. Were noted in a guide on the.
  31. The same could be noted of St.
  32. I noted that all the offices.
  33. Tellow noted and didn’t ask.
  34. It should also be noted that.
  35. So it seems, noted Andre.
  36. Unique content was also noted.
  37. I simply noted it at the time.
  38. All soldiers, he noted grimly.
  39. It should be noted that if a.
  40. He noted that he was impressed.
  41. Have noted down the following:.
  42. It should be noted that these.
  43. She noted the time on the video.
  44. He noted the Vietnamese accent.
  45. As he did this, I noted, with.
  46. This is what I have noted down.
  47. She noted something in his face.
  48. As noted earlier, I started by.
  49. And she noted something unusual.
  50. Or his cabinets, Hal noted.
  51. Okay, gossip thread duly noted.
  52. Though, it should be noted that.
  53. It should be noted that use of 0.
  54. Getting damned cold, Nadir noted.
  55. But, he proudly noted, what are.
  56. I noted an overabundance of bangs.
  57. As I noted, he’s a ward of the.
  58. Among these, she noted, was Conan.
  59. Your concern is well noted, Mr.
  60. It must be noted that the Master.
  61. He noted how wild the area looked.
  62. They noted the puzzling fact that.
  63. The disciples noted to Jesus that.
  64. And fi nal y, as it was noted by M.
  65. It should, however, be noted that.
  66. Lewis noted, It may be too late.
  67. A crew member had noted it earlier.
  68. I have noted a few trifles on Art:.
  69. Lady Gaga, she noted with distaste.
  70. As noted in the previous entry, I.
  71. Olsen noted two men standing guard.
  72. Lorene Eagles was a noted absentee.
  73. He noted books of all kinds by the.
  74. It was noted that prior to certain.
  75. He noted the malfunction in his log.
  76. As has been noted, the fear of the.
  77. Indeed there is, sir, he noted.
  78. This is what he noted in his diary:.
  79. You cashed this one, Chaz noted.
  80. Lesions in the liver were also noted.
  81. When it turned, I noted the big red.
  82. It also should be noted that mixing.
  83. Nice pipes and a great ass, he noted.
  84. Even the flies have fled, Dunk noted.
  85. A point to think about, Murray noted.
  86. Kind of a cute guy, I noted to myself.
  87. I nodded and noted the non-clue detail.
  88. Busy tonight I see, Kifter noted.
  89. Therefore, it should be noted that a.
  90. Rory again noted that it was a command.
  91. We have noted and discussed about the.
  92. Duly noted, the Oracle said dryly.
  93. Robin noted an urgency in Jim’s voice.
  94. What also should be noted is that, as.
  95. Other devotees have noted such miracles.
  96. Norah noted he said talked, not thought.
  97. Helez noted their exchange and blushed.
  98. Puller noted this and drew next to her.
  99. Exceptions to this guideline are noted.
  100. As are companions noted and most known.
  1. To soar on the notes.
  2. I still have my notes.
  3. As I did I took notes.
  4. See the notes float by.
  5. I have made some notes.
  6. He stood, notes in hand.
  7. Notes of a Madman, by L.
  8. Summary Notes (4 of 4).
  9. Jason took notes as Mrs.
  10. He glanced at his notes.
  11. Let me check my notes.
  12. He threw some notes and.
  13. Mother’s Notes, a, by L.
  14. Little notes, I love you.
  15. A Evetts, with notes by A.
  16. Rudd nodded and took notes.
  17. Be sure to keep notes in.
  18. Because you sent the notes.
  19. Annie glanced at her notes.
  20. I flipped through my notes.
  21. Stuart looked at his notes.
  22. I begin to play the notes.
  23. Cecil glanced at his notes.
  24. Show me those notes again.
  25. Notes of a Military Doctor.
  26. Some notes about this diet:.
  27. I made the following notes:.
  28. NOTES HUNG all over the room.
  29. These are some notes of my.
  30. He wrote notes as he thought.
  31. Send love notes to your mate.
  32. Point to the notes and count.
  33. Now, he read from his notes.
  34. Notes can be bought in the.
  35. Yes I’ve read your notes.
  36. Jo used to send notes to her.
  37. She flipped through her notes.
  38. Sometimes he even took notes.
  39. He’d leave notes on her car.
  40. Have your notes and facts at.
  41. Elfi made quick notes on a pad.
  42. Notes of a Theological Student.
  43. Billy looks at scribbled notes.
  45. From the daily notes kept by Mr.
  46. Foot notes were carefully added.
  47. They were notes on Gary Soneji.
  48. She glanced at her notes again.
  49. For one thing, the notes were.
  50. His colleague was taking notes.
  51. Ford who had been taking notes.
  52. I made notes while he sketched.
  53. If his notes are correct, yes.
  54. Notes about Mr Sutton's figures.
  55. V and compare notes and trophies.
  56. See notes re casseroles in Chap.
  57. Good, well, I have some notes.
  58. Luring notes, happy and playful.
  59. King stops looking at his notes.
  60. I started getting notes from her.
  61. Barnes held up his pages of notes.
  62. The book and his notes were gone.
  63. Notes, again, explained a little.
  64. Here are two examples of notes:.
  65. She stood beside him taking notes.
  66. If possible, stick your notes in.
  67. Barnes' Notes On the New Testament.
  68. I cringed as the notes played out.
  69. Notes to the financial statements.
  70. See notes on Isaiah 14:9-20 above.
  71. Jobseeker FAQs on Thank You notes.
  72. Puller had been jotting notes down.
  73. She seemed prepared to take notes.
  74. He nodded and looked over my notes.
  75. Tolstoi, notes 167, 177, 366, 387.
  76. Gilbert again looked at his notes.
  77. Here take these notes with you.
  78. There's gonna be a notes section?
  79. There was silence as Del made notes.
  80. He has published two books, Notes.
  81. You received short, unsigned notes.
  82. The original notes made that plain.
  83. Keep notes on the temp and compare.
  84. Bernie kept silent, made more notes.
  85. Notes Toward a Future of Education.
  86. Sergienko, notes 56, 130, 178, 206.
  87. Take your journals and notes with.
  88. Moscow, Court of, notes 40, 53, 398.
  89. Point to the notes and count aloud.
  90. The full notes can be found at www.
  91. Thoughts about some beautiful notes.
  92. These 16 notes are called overtones.
  93. It was stuffed full of £50 notes!.
  94. He can write notes and hold them up.
  95. Review your journals and notes and.
  96. Into the three sound notes in Hertz.
  97. After the first few notes he stopped.
  98. Referring to the notes, he continued.
  99. For notes on these see chapter eight.
  100. Other notes from this date include:.

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