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Nourish dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Thou nourish and sustain it.
  2. Even in sorrow you nourish me, she said.
  3. Will nourish the growing timbers of tenderness.
  4. My job now is to nourish you and help you grow.
  5. She had to nourish that optimism, at all costs.

  6. The body panics when it has nothing to nourish it.
  7. For the moment my primary objective was to help nourish.
  8. But it is not for us poor worms to nourish such thoughts.
  9. You nourish negative thoughts by giving them your attention.
  10. To nourish your relationship with God you need to pray daily.
  11. He wanted to nourish them with food and ease their suffering.
  12. Shared xperiences that will nourish and nurture your spirit.
  13. Your hate will nourish his and just breed more such attempts.
  14. Spirit has no opportunity here to nourish and be nourished and.
  15. Something was wanting, something necessary to nourish life in them.

  16. Carbohydrate is main sources of energy that requires to nourish and.
  17. And he would put some water with it, so that it should not nourish her.
  18. Will you give birth and not nourish that which you have given birth to?
  19. With strong faith…You need to nourish your faith, fill it up and nour-.
  20. Which the winds carry afar and re-sow, and the rains and the snows nourish.
  21. Nuts and seeds also increase the heart function in pumping blood to nourish.
  22. Shouldn't friendships nourish and sustain you - not only in the good times, but.
  23. And Raja Rao wished that the Lord would nourish their love for one another, forever.
  24. Judas Maccabeus, nourish war and are seditious, and will not let the rest be in peace.
  25. The leaves in Gathandria would grow again, or she’d die in the attempt to nourish them.

  26. While his remorse helped nourish his love for her, nevertheless, he suffered on that score.
  27. It absorbs allunconscious mental frequencies from this brainwave energy to nourish itself with.
  28. Emoto shares, that by listening to the Blue Danube, it will nourish your central nervous system.
  29. My voice was low and filled with the love I felt for her and the confidence I was trying to nourish.
  30. I kissed his chilly lips and wondered how he was surviving without my blood to nourish and sustain him.
  31. We are now living in a historical moment in which mothers nourish their children so they can devour them.
  32. Between cycles, he was able to take Marjie’s body to the bathroom and to nourish it with food and drink.
  33. You will have to nourish this love by your blood through the umbilical cord of non-stop remembrance of God.
  34. Lo, one full day has passed since I left them desolate, In severe thirst, with nothing at all to nourish them.
  35. Without enough oxygen to nourish its cells, the brain cannot function, causing confusion as well as giddiness.
  36. Wild yam is a liver tonic herb, it helps to tone, nourish the liver in balancing the hormone production in the body.
  37. I explained that they were bare masses of stone, with hardly enough earth in their clefts to nourish a stunted tree.
  38. The oil is also rich in beta carotene and is a healthy source of nutrients and vitamins that help to nourish the scalp.
  39. Like any organ, it is regulated by internal, external, and transternal systems that nourish, thwart and covolve with it.
  40. When I was first married I remember it was my chief pride and joy that at last I had some one of my very own to nourish.
  41. In that way nourishing the crocodile, I myself obtain nourishment from him, consequently we mutually nourish one another.
  42. All through the ages, a variety of oils were used to nourish the hair and provide it with vitality and a healthy lifespan.
  43. If this isle was beloved by spirits who dwell among the nimbi, they’d grant it frequent showers, enough to nourish streams.
  44. Natural sweeteners like honey and the sugar found in fruits, are designed, by our Creator, to be absorbed and nourish our bodies.
  45. Nobody can transmit it by contact, it belongs to each one of us! Each one of use must nourish it and let it grow by our own actions.
  46. She had no problem with her blood being spilt to nourish the land, but life itself was Zongat’s greatest gift—never to be wasted.
  47. She had hardened her heart to this short-term view and now she was baking a different recipe, something to nourish them all in the end.
  48. I set myself above him and so become much worse than he, for he is lenient to my rudeness while I on the contrary nourish contempt for him.
  49. The first foundation Allah asks you to do is to nourish this body that worships Allah by legal food and leave illegal or suspicious things.
  50. When my first-born was laid in my arms I cannot express, Frau Pastor, what happiness I had in being given yet another human being to nourish.
  51. There are shampoos to thicken the hair, cover thinning spots, boost volume and nourish existing hair to prevent breakage and premature hair fall.
  52. As you nourish your body with nutrient-packed food, it will at some point turn its attention to the removal of the toxins that are stored in the fat.
  53. All the human and animal manure which the world wastes, restored to the land instead of being cast into the water, would suffice to nourish the world.
  54. Because he was not nourished enough; because he was not nourished with milk and honey; because the mother did not nourish him, she simply devoured him.
  55. The same elements which are separated then re-combine, so they can be transformed back into living plants and soil to nourish roots and living creatures.
  56. Il ne se nourrissait avec rien would mean 'he did not nourish himself with anything,' the introduction of ne bringing the negation to bear upon the verb.
  57. Moreover, for them, the Sufi sop of allowing them to nourish their new Islamic ethos in their old Hindu habitats was like having the cake and eating it too.
  58. The high quality vitamin C and other rich nutrients in carrot juice efficiently nourish the skin, preventing dry skin, psoriasis and other skin blemishes.
  59. Apples we may eat, but we are not to suppose that they will nourish us; they are useful only for preventing, by their bulk, the walls of our insides from coming together.
  60. It will neither nourish: nourishment is not accomplished until a spirit becomes free and cured of disease, and this cannot be achieved except by entering God’s Presence.
  61. Capturing now the inner beauty that exists Caressing each moment with harmony and bliss With scents of sweet fragrances that nourish my soul In the silence I have come to know.
  62. I nourish the hope that the present Afghan experience has been a lesson to the entire world and that bombs are no longer urgent to guarantee our security and preserve our peace and.
  63. Akim Petrovitch chuckled respectfully in unison, though, indeed, with evident pleasure and no suspicion that his Excellency was beginning to nourish in his heart a new gnawing anxiety.
  64. Sandaria might continue to nourish reservations over the inner circle’s version of the Archangels, but her sojourn here in Nimue’s Cave had soothed those reservations’ sharpest edges.
  65. When a child is born into a family, God has things set up in that the parents are supposed to properly love, nourish, and care for their child as they are growing into adulthood in the family.
  66. Versilov is the only one living, everything else about him and everything connected with him exists only on the express condition of having the honour to nourish him with its force, its hving sap.
  67. The earth had pledged to nourish and protect the seeds, but I forgot this and lolled about the boat with angst screwed into my face until one day Wille said that I was apt to bite off my bottom lip.
  68. Pledged as I am to await the next Costume Ridotto at The King’s Theatre, ne’ertheless, my Passion for you bids me nourish the perhaps Vain Hope that you will hear my Plea and grant me an Audience sooner.
  69. America’s fast food culture has driven the country into a rut where life has become one big drive-through! Strong healthy hair needs a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the roots and scalp.
  70. Bellingham's shoulder; while its wearer suggested that pears and peaches might yet be naturalized in the New England climate, and that purple grapes might possibly be compelled to nourish, against the sunny garden-wall.
  71. Especially inside and outside: to be part of a changing process or nourish persistence, immobile at the foot of the virtual pillars of Hercules, waiting for failure in order to be able of saying triumphantly and with great and necessary security: I told you so.
  72. Small pieces of the buffalo are quickly roasted over the fire with little preparation and tasting that way, but the meal of fruit, greens, nuts, and fresh-roasted meat isn’t bad and will more than suffice to nourish the hunters on their long journey and into battle.
  73. Simple living isn’t just about making things easier or less of a mental burden, more importantly it’s about knowing what’s most important to you and structuring your life in a way that gives you the most time possible to be with, to nurture, and to nourish those things.
  74. This might have appeared to any one else who had this, unfortunate man in his hands to afford a chance to nourish his soul as well as his body, and to bestow upon him some reproach, seasoned with moralizing and advice, or a little commiseration, with an exhortation to conduct himself better.
  75. According to the doctrine of the world, man has a right to demand that others should continue to nourish and care for him and for his family, but, according to the doctrine of Jesus, he is only entitled to care and nourishment on the condition that he do all he can for the service of others, and so render himself useful and indispensable to mankind.
  76. Nevertheless, won’t that be like putting the cart before the horse, for earth is the only planet known to nourish life? Would it not be imperative to try to assess whether the way the earth itself came into being would have had a bearing on the evolution of its species? It would seem there could be but mere space in the beginning—infinite and empty.
  77. But in spite of this knowle dge a nd the se a dm issions, in spite of the fa ct tha t his frie nd's support a nd sym pa thy we re now his only com fort, Be rna rd continue d pe rve rse ly to nourish, a long with his quite ge nuine a ffe ction, a se cre t grie va nce a ga inst the Sa va ge , to m e dia te a ca m pa ign of sm a ll re ve nge s to be wre a ke d upon him.
  78. To concentrate American efforts in science and the arts, by furnishing a Journal to record their proceedings, will, in our view, not only have a direct influence in promoting the honour and prosperity of the nation as connected with its physical interests, but will also tend in no small degree to nourish an enlarged patriotism, by winning the public mind from the odious asperities of party.
  79. That is good! Be an honest man yourself; remain Monsieur le Maire; remain honorable and honored; enrich the town; nourish the indigent; rear the orphan; live happy, virtuous, and admired; and, during this time, while you are here in the midst of joy and light, there will be a man who will wear your red blouse, who will bear your name in ignominy, and who will drag your chain in the galleys.
  80. Men who live according to the doctrine of the world are usually anxious to rid themselves of any one who is useless and whom they are obliged to feed; at the first possible opportunity they cease to feed such a one, and leave him to die, because of his uselessness; but him who lives for others according to the doctrine of Jesus, all men, however wicked they may be, will always nourish and care for, that he may continue to labor in their behalf.
  81. Would you believe, said the mistress of the house, suddenly addressing the prince, would you believe that that man has not even spared my orphan children? He has stolen everything I possessed, sold everything, pawned everything; he has left me nothing—nothing! What am I to do with your IOU’s, you cunning, unscrupulous rogue? Answer, devourer! answer, heart of stone! How shall I feed my orphans? with what shall I nourish them? And now he has come, he is drunk! He can scarcely stand.
  82. She holds that after the consecration of the bread and wine they are changed, not in their nature, but in their use, that instead of nourishing our bodies only, they now are instruments by which, when worthily received, God gives to our souls the body and blood of Christ to nourish and sustain them, that this is not a fictitious or imaginary exhibition of our crucified Redeemer to us, but a real though spiritual one, more real, indeed, because more effectual, than the carnal exhibition and manducation of Him could be, for the flesh profiteth nothing.
  83. Again, is it not the agriculturist who fattens, for our clothes, his abundant flocks in the pastures? For how should we clothe ourselves, how nourish ourselves, without the agriculturist? And, gentlemen, is it even necessary to go so far for examples? Who has not frequently reflected on all the momentous things that we get out of that modest animal, the ornament of poultry-yards, that provides us at once with a soft pillow for our bed, with succulent flesh for our tables, and eggs? But I should never end if I were to enumerate one after the other all the different products which the earth, well cultivated, like a generous mother, lavishes upon her children.
  84. My call is the call of battle, I nourish active rebellion,.
  85. The Northern ice and rain that began me nourish me to the end,.
  1. Octopus flesh is tough but chewy and very nourishing.
  2. It was delicious, hearty and undoubtedly nourishing.
  3. I moaned as the hot nourishing blood fil ed my mouth.
  4. The mage continued to sip his nourishing cocktail, not rushing.
  5. The conversation was animated and the food nourishing and plentiful.
  6. The food was delicious but the conversation was even more nourishing.
  7. This makes a nourishing dressing for either vegetable salad or fruit salad.
  8. And naturally the joy of nourishing two is double the joy of nourishing one.
  9. Fat and protein are important for nourishing the cells in the nervous system.
  10. Nourishing the living earth with sunlight energy transformed into life-energy.
  11. Nourishing the hope that religion may be the basis for the solution of the conflict, Mr.
  12. The Supreme creates all things, in nature nourishing them and in spirit perfecting them.
  13. Rice is actually quite filling and nourishing and was used extensively on Alpha Centauri.
  14. In most areas of the world, this problem of getting enough nourishing food to eat is still of.
  15. Princess Sophia Vasilievna, Missy’s mother, had finished her very elaborate and nourishing dinner.
  16. The hard work of the boys had provided them with warm shelter, nourishing food, health and education.
  17. And Wade could have nourishing food to fill out his thin cheeks and warm clothes and a governess and.
  18. They have large, starch-rich edible tubers, stems which can be cooked, and bitter but nourishing seeds.
  19. That flow of awareness is love, and it’s the most satisfying and nourishing thing you can experience.
  20. Nourishing Food, those produced only with the interaction of soil, water and sun, in moderate quantity.
  21. Nourishing the spirit connects us to inner life without it we are slaves of our bothering circumstances.
  22. Using herbal shampoos and conditioners will go a long way in nourishing the scalp and the hair follicles.
  23. The art of good teaching involves nourishing interest in beneficial knowledge, in a welcoming atmosphere.
  24. Jane admired all the plants and flowers on the hillside, touching and nourishing the ones that needed it.
  25. Oh, said Miss Clementina, is he fond of them? I’ve always considered meat much more nourishing.
  26. There is oatmeal for breakfast: a hot, sweet, somewhat unalluring mash, but it is delicious and nourishing.
  27. I did it by following a diet that powerfully burnt the fat off my body AND was incredibly healthy and nourishing too.
  28. I no longer cared for what may befall, my body returning to ashes slowly, nourishing Adrinius and Zacchaeus fittingly.
  29. When assessed in this very comprehensive way, the diet I followed is clearly more nourishing than even the healthiest.
  30. It began to fold into my physical self by plying my skin and sinking through my pores, nourishing its hunger on my soul.
  31. In that way nourishing the crocodile, I myself obtain nourishment from him, consequently we mutually nourish one another.
  32. Zogranda, one of their most famous doctors, recommends strips of blubber for infants, as being exceedingly juicy and nourishing.
  33. Once there are enough nourishing substances in the water, you will be able to propagate the seeds and then wait for them to grow.
  34. She felt inferior to Eve, but it never occurred to her that her sister had been carefully nourishing that feeling since they were children.
  35. An order came out to the effect that A certain bunchy grass (detailed explanation) if picked and boiled would make a very nourishing meal.
  36. It is an old American idea that luncheon or supper may be light, dinner varied and heavier, but breakfast must be wholesome and nourishing.
  37. The tiny creatures that tinged the chop there pink quickly digested the sewage, nourishing some of the richest fishing waters in the Channel.
  38. Not for anything would I have put my meditations into words, well aware that though they might be nourishing to me they would poison Charlotte.
  39. No food can afford a more decisive proof of its nourishing quality, or of its being peculiarly suitable to the health of the human constitution.
  40. Let it be both nourishing and refreshing to me, let it be both my strength and my song, and be the spring both of my holiness and of my comfort.
  41. Herbs work inwardly by restoring, strengthening and nourishing the whole body and therefore help create a naturally glossy coat and healthy skin.
  42. The different colors spoke of the various soils and minerals that the tree’s roots encountered, some harsh and stunting, some rich and nourishing.
  43. The Gentiles have entered into the covenants of promise by faith and are partaking of the nourishing sap that comes from the root of the good olive tree.
  44. He had loved her a long time, so she told me, and had been nourishing this idea for years, but he had kept it a secret, and had never ventured to speak out.
  45. What will happen in Zulimistan when this volcano of revenge nourishing in the hearts of the victims of your negative polices? Will be we safe at that time…?
  46. In this state, the body will weaken and feel hungry and thirsty, and consequently the spirit will be in pain when the body is in need of this nourishing material.
  47. Say a prayer for Thanksgiving, the holy day of kneeling before life and thanking it for bringing us forth and nourishing us, because it is being eaten alive by greed.
  48. Nor did the Army of God have any equivalent of the mobile field kitchens which kept Green Valley’s troops fueled with hot, nourishing food despite the arctic conditions.
  49. Princess Sophia Vasilievna had finished her meal of choice and nourishing dishes, which she always took alone, that no one might see her performing that unpoetical function.
  50. At the base hospital there, with the navy and fleet of transports in the offing, there was a lack of everything, and men were virtually dying for the want of nourishing food.
  51. The gaunt, thin faces—even Cahnyr’s hunger-hollowed cheeks—had filled out once more, and he no longer felt bitterly guilty when he sat down to a solid, nourishing meal.
  52. DIET: When it comes to nourishing the human body, be sure to consume things that are natural, non-synthetic, and were created for the healthful operation of the physical form.
  53. These stories created a shared space, a sacred commons, an inviolable communion: the soil feeding, air breathing, water nourishing god, Mother, system of life that is the Earth.
  54. They also had no mouths, since they subsisted entirely on the nourishing quality of the octarine wavelength in the Discworld’s sunlight, which they absorbed through their skins.
  55. Once we were a wild olive tree incapable of bearing edible fruit but now we have been grafted into the good olive tree and share in the nourishing sap from the olive root [Romans 11].
  56. There is the pleasure of feeling the type of security that comes from the mother’s affection while she is nourishing you, while waiting to herself be fed a much larger meal later on.
  57. Nourishing a grie va nce a ga inst the Arch-Com m unity-Songste r wa s use le ss; the re wa s no possibility of be ing re ve nge d on the Chie f Bottle r or the Assista nt Pre de stina tor.
  58. If you are to become as slim as you would love to be, and NOT undermine your health in the process, then you too need a nourishing approach that will keep you healthy whilst you lose weight.
  59. Just as it's more nourishing to eat an apple than read about one, so it can be more rewarding to explore the movements of your own awareness than to try to understand these things mentally.
  60. The higher level of culture must be thought of both valuable in itself and as enriching the lower levels: thus the movement of culture would proceed in a kind of cycle, each class nourishing the others.
  61. They sat about in the shed or at the roadside after they had finished, replete with the first really nourishing meal that they had had for months, and presently the Australians came across to talk to them.
  62. God finished planting the Table, smiling upon Earth's children springing forth, and with sun-rayed words nourishing green fields, promised her offspring on land, water, and air and everything that lives –.
  63. If some of the branches have been broken off, and you, though a wild olive shoot, have been grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing sap from the olive root, do not boast over those branches.
  64. There is no doubt that this state is completely different from the original one, and within it life depends upon nourishing the body, invigorating it, and providing it with the material necessary for its existence.
  65. They began to transfer much of the available victuals and and fresh foodstuff to their own camps, and there was no longer any nourishing basic foodstuff to feed the inhabitants of many of the cities and villages in Syria.
  66. Thank you for showering me in your words and thoughts, questions and confessions; inside me they seed, for that is the gift of an open mind – a verdant field of fertile reflection under the nourishing light of sincerity.
  67. The pines survived only by following the suggestions of the stronger forces—crouching low and growing their limbs in the direction of the wind, nourishing the little trailing plants which slow up the pace of the walking dunes.
  68. Mr Belcher now replaced the collecting card on the table and, taking up one of the hymn-books, gave out the words and afterwards conducted the singing, nourishing one fat, flabby white hand in the air and holding the book in the other.
  69. She was to lie down as much as possible, not to do any heavy work - not to carry or lift any heavy articles, scrub floors, make beds, or anything of that sort: and she was to take plenty of nourishing food, beef tea, chicken, a little wine and so on.
  70. And this water, which has been running unceasingly, and nourishing all mankind, is not only not the result of the activity of those who, standing at its source, turn it aside, but it runs and spreads itself in spite of the endeavours to stop it from doing so.
  71. Grain and other vegetables, with the help of milk, cheese, and butter, or oil, where butter is not to be had, it is known from experience, can, without any butcher's meat, afford the most plentiful, the most wholesome, the most nourishing, and the most invigorating diet.
  72. She was growing rapidly, and her constant walking and running about would have given her a keen appetite even if she had had abundant and regular meals of a much more nourishing nature than the unappetizing, inferior food snatched at such odd times as suited the kitchen convenience.
  73. The sun was shining brightly, his wet clothes were quite dry again, he had money in his pocket once more, he was nearing home and friends and safety, and, most and best of all, he had had a substantial meal, hot and nourishing, and felt big, and strong, and careless, and self-confident.
  74. That sugar, in the last analysis, can cause serious malnutrition is proved by the fact that although like alcohol, it is a quick source of energy the effects do not last and as the body becomes more and more dependent on these ‘quick lifts’ it becomes less inclined to eat nourishing food.
  75. They have grouped together under the name of the "Feeding-the-Family" Club, and, under the leadership of the head of the department of domestic science of the public schools, they meet on Wednesday evening each week for two hours to learn how to prepare healthful, nourishing meals for the average family.
  76. Having come to this new world and this new land, think how He endowed you with your mother's sympathy and kindness and put in her heart love and tenderness for you, how He prepared your food in her breasts and made it pleasant drink, luscious, nourishing and containing all the subsistence your body needs and requires.
  77. Why, it was as necessary, he declared, his fine face aglow, if one was to work well and add one's cheerful contribution to the world's happiness, as a nourishing and sufficient breakfast--the congregation thrilled at this homely touch--and to numb a human being's powers of cheerful contribution by punishment was _waste_.
  78. José Arcadio, who left the seminary as soon as he reached Rome, continued nourishing the legend of theology and canon law so as not to jeopardize the fabulous inheritance of which his mother’s delirious letters spoke and which would rescue him from the misery and sordidness he shared with two friends in a Trastevere garret.
  79. They too have their duties, and one of them is to resist nourishing aversions; or, if owing to their implacable dispositions they can't help nourishing them, oughtn't they to try very hard not to show it? They should consider the helpless position of the hostess, she who, at any rate theoretically, is bound to be equally attached to them all.
  80. This influence was due to his wealth and reputation, the capital house in the town lent him by his old friend Shirkov, who had a post in the department of finances and was director of a nourishing bank in Kashin; the excellent cook Vronsky had brought from the country, and his friendship with the governor, who was a schoolfellow of Vronsky’s—a.
  81. She holds that after the consecration of the bread and wine they are changed, not in their nature, but in their use, that instead of nourishing our bodies only, they now are instruments by which, when worthily received, God gives to our souls the body and blood of Christ to nourish and sustain them, that this is not a fictitious or imaginary exhibition of our crucified Redeemer to us, but a real though spiritual one, more real, indeed, because more effectual, than the carnal exhibition and manducation of Him could be, for the flesh profiteth nothing.
  82. For dinner, by which time I am curiously shaky, quite indifferent to food, and possessed of an immense longing to lie down on a sofa and do nothing, we have salad and potatoes and fruit--of course plums—and lentils because they are so good for us (it is a pity they are also so nasty), and cheese because one book says (it is an extraordinarily convincing book) that if a man shall eat beef steadily for a whole morning from six to twelve without stopping, he will not at the end have taken in half the nourishing matter that he would have absorbed after two minutes laid out judiciously on cheese.
  83. The result is that the young man, hearing and seeing all these things--hearing, too, the words of his father, and having a nearer view of his way of life, and making comparisons of him and others --is drawn opposite ways: while his father is watering and nourishing the rational principle in his soul, the others are encouraging the passionate and appetitive; and he being not originally of a bad nature, but having kept bad company, is at last brought by their joint influence to a middle point, and gives up the kingdom which is within him to the middle principle of contentiousness and passion, and becomes arrogant and ambitious.
  1. She is nourished with wisdom.
  2. If nourished, they will grow.
  3. She's well nourished, I tell you.
  4. That network, nourished, will be.
  5. Joseph nourished his father, his.
  6. But Cletus always nourished the 37.
  7. Your children eat, they are nourished.
  8. And I nourished him with great travail.
  9. Th is idea is nourished by national and.
  10. Of monsters nourished by the sluggish Nile.
  11. Not by beef or by bread, are giants made or nourished.
  12. From his birth, man is cared for and nourished by others.
  13. I was nourished with high thoughts of honour and devotion.
  14. If the body is nourished by illegal food, he will go to sins.
  15. For as we talk and eat so shall our body feed and be nourished.
  16. Spirit has no opportunity here to nourish and be nourished and.
  17. With tears in my eyes I nourished the everlasting creeper of love.
  18. The boughs of sense-objects and their enjoyment, nourished and cul-.
  19. When the mind is quite the blood moves smooth and life is nourished.
  20. I pray that your relationships will be strengthened and nourished, and for.
  21. For I nourished them with joy but I sent them away with weeping and mourning.
  22. To see a ladle in your dream suggests that you are being nourished with love.
  23. As the nourished Gods looked down, a knot of widows waited for their share of meat.
  24. Thou hast nourished and brought us up as children, but we have rebelled against thee.
  25. He nourished that hope and learned to be as vigilant as watch-men who wait for dawn.
  26. At Drake's Inlet, tied to a buoy, we were nourished, listened to, and doused with sympathy.
  27. She had nourished and fed her nightmares, awakened old memories and exposed sensitive wounds.
  28. Lo, I have nourished and brought forth young children to weep in your places, for you were unwilling.
  29. In that love is caring for others, there is no waste product generated, only gift given and life nourished.
  30. But Al Ulbrickson was just as concerned as Ebright that his boys be well nourished going into racing season.
  31. Jack noticed that the man was obviously better nourished than the other Jews he had seen up to now in the Ghetto.
  32. Pregnant women need to be safe, ease of stress, nourished and nurtures to create a safe and nurturing environment.
  33. Understand that I am sufficiently nourished by the great ideas which light up the darkness in which I am enveloped.
  34. From our hands to your heart, may your body and spirit be nourished by the love with which this gift of life was made.
  35. Some mothers just cannot feed their many children and this prevents the children from growing up healthy and nourished.
  36. The river itself, which nourished the grass and cows of these renowned dairies, flowed not like the streams in Blackmoor.
  37. Or perchance he was some Achilles, who had nourished his wrath apart, and had now come to avenge or rescue his Patroclus.
  38. You’re sailing to your new home in America and when the timing is right, your body will be nourished by evil-blooded men.
  39. When we contemplate what we actually do is enter into calmness and allow ourselves to be nourished and nurtured by Truth itself.
  40. If you are into crop rotation and you should ideally be, you can plant your peppers in an existing well nourished planting area.
  41. The Plague has leaked into the Seventh, and though too weak to feed directly from Lock Core it nourished itself on the Outlands.
  42. The minds and bodies of the children are nourished with discovery and stimulation, which satisfies the curiosity of the students.
  43. Each and every day of the year she was with her, Gladys made it her priority to see to it that the tot was nourished, entertained—loved.
  44. They would be nourished on a special diet to assure a uniquely flavored snail dish that could not be obtained anywhere else in the country.
  45. After this disclosure Tess nourished no further foolish thought that there lurked any grave and deliberate import in Clare's attentions to.
  46. To do this, the roots of the plants are anchored in inert mediums like sand, coal, or Perlite and nourished by water enriched with nutrients.
  47. And even if her physical appearance had been nourished by Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth, she looks too young to have a child Anthony's age.
  48. Dantes gazed on the man who could thus philosophically resign hopes so long and ardently nourished with an astonishment mingled with admiration.
  49. And the consequence of this absence of true art showed itself, inevitably, in the corruption of that class which nourished itself on the false art.
  50. There was excellent blood in his veins—royal stuff; though sadly vitiated, I fear, by the cannibal propensity he nourished in his untutored youth.
  51. She wouldn't come into a man's house, and in the very act of being nourished by his food sympathise with his wife; she would sympathise from London.
  52. Dad seems more nourished, but there are red blossoms seeping through several parts of his clothes and I can see that his arms might require stitches.
  53. Nourished with warmth and bursting with energy, It takes toddling steps on chubby legs with the conviction of Worlds to conquer in its brand-new heart.
  54. The knapsack had food in it and a volume of Crabbe, because it was impossible to tell how long the search might last, and I couldn't not be nourished.
  55. The desire for ‘just one more’ becomes a compulsion, and the more poorly nourished a person is the more susceptible he will be to sugar addiction.
  56. Because he was not nourished enough; because he was not nourished with milk and honey; because the mother did not nourish him, she simply devoured him.
  57. Lockwood, believes from what he has seen of the development of the young, that they are nourished by a secretion from the cutaneous glands of the sack.
  58. The truth seems to be, however, that the mother-forest, and these wild things which it nourished, all recognized a kindred wildness in the human child.
  59. They were sent by the three Kings in token of gratitude for the sword which had defeated their enemies, and the bread which had nourished their people.
  60. First of all remember that our bodies are only nourished by food which they can break down and assimilate and that, ideally, all food should be laxative.
  61. Mike! We have in fact committed a blunder and put our all out attention to external enemies but remained ignored of domestic nourished in internal arena.
  62. The inclination of living in a reality that is mainly nourished by our particular elaboration increases, rather than an authentic relationship to others.
  63. She would have breakfasted on a cup of tea only, if it hadn't been that Lucy was going to need looking after that day, and the looker-after must be nourished.
  64. Of course they get ill from these miserable conditions, more ill even than we get, because they are already deficient in vitamins and are otherwise poorly nourished.
  65. His elderly red cheeks nourished but a very thin crop of short white hairs, and the end of his nose was so perfectly round that it determined the whole character of his physiognomy.
  66. But coffee is a stimulant, and the books say that butter contains no nourishment whatever, and since what I most yearn for is to be nourished I will waste no time eating stuff that doesn't do it.
  67. And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the dragon.
  68. And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
  69. My thoughts will fly to console your ears for days of lost love that have no value no more,but how to conceal my body if of your image it is nourished, and for love it does not discuss but surrender.
  70. And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle , that she fly into the wilderness , into her place , where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time , from the face of the serpent.
  71. It deserves notice that it is of no importance to a very young animal, as long as it is nourished and protected by its parent, whether most of its characters are acquired a little earlier or later in life.
  72. The helm men in the government who nourished situation of the current instability in the country should be punished and give the devil its due so that successors should learn a lesson not to repeat ugly past practice.
  73. The Vincys' house, with all its faults, was the pleasanter by contrast; besides, it nourished Rosamond—sweet to look at as a half-opened blush-rose, and adorned with accomplishments for the refined amusement of man.
  74. Around and along this dormant trunk of an olive tree could came out leaves that had been nourished from underneath to furnish us with oil that avoids friction whenever we tender our trust towards an ingredient of `peacè.
  75. Around and along this dormant trunk of an olive tree could came out leaves that had been nourished from underneath to furnish us with oil that avoids friction whenever we tender our trust towards an ingredient of `peace`.
  76. Well, well, the mind of a hungry man is always better nourished and healthier than the mind of the well-fed man; and there you have a situation from which you may draw a very ingenious conclusion in favour of the ill fed.
  77. Revelation 12: 14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.
  78. Soon, as Egypt was brought under the Islamic shackles, it was only time before the Islamic straight, but narrow, path was firmly laid in the land that nourished one of the earliest and greatest civilizations of the ancient world.
  79. There’d been nothing left to keep the civilians in those towns fed, and to give credit where it was due, the evacuees were both safer and better nourished in the refugee camps Rhobair Duchairn had established in the Temple Lands.
  80. You can be nourished by the eternal word of God, which is indeed the bread of life, and which has been bestowed in the likeness of mortal flesh; and you can be watered in soul by the divine spirit, which is truly the water of life.
  81. Only rainbows and waterfalls from heaven’s rain I treasure the new love I have found in my heart My soul is nourished and will never depart The lessons I learned on my journey were inspired by faith While inspiring others to find heaven’s gate.
  82. We must encourage [each other] once we have grasped the basic points to interconnecting everything else on our own, to use memory to guide our original thinking, and to accept what someone else says as a starting point, a seed to be nourished and grow.
  83. With your support we can keep our families nourished / get our spouses off our backs / pay our electric bills / to run computers / to type more stories / to publish more ePulp Samplers and fuel your time-and-space-machine for another voyage into the unknown.
  84. They flew from her mouth, without the most minimal apex of intelligence or discernment, spreading its poisoned aura on the nourished public who was ready to listen to her imbecilities, and the nourished public was always composed of “them“ and “us“.
  85. But the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished up: and it grew up together with him, and with his children; it did eat of his own meat, and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was unto him as a daughter.
  86. Roughly thirteen centuries before it was known what happens in the intestines to ensure that organs are nourished by the process of digestive absorption, a verse in the Qur’aan described the source of the constituents of milk, in conformity with these notions.
  87. Those who do not die young, pass half of their lives under the influence of morphine or other drugs, as melancholy wrecks of humanity incapable of self-attention, leading a parasitic existence like that of a certain species of ants which are nourished by their slaves.
  88. Several magnificent estuaries are located along the Canal coast, very close to the enormous Mendenhall Glacier, the spoiled glacier of the tourists, more than one and a half miles long, a few thousand feet thick and nourished by a one thousand five hundred square miles field of ice.
  89. If you are what you eat, then what eats you will it be poisoned or nourished by you? Grabbing again the visitor's arm clutching the emergency contacts and phone, she led them around another curve of garden and trellis made from used curtain rods and lines made of braided plastic bags.
  90. On the other hand, nourished by me, he will naturally impart to me all the vital juices of his body; it is the same as with some accomplished coquettes who embed themselves and their whole persons for the night in raw steak, and then, after their morning bath, are fresh, supple, buxom and fascinating.
  91. But commerce in the Eastern States is of no foreign growth, and of no adventitious seed; its root is of a fibre which almost two centuries have nourished; and the perpetuity of its destiny is written in legible characters, as well in the nature of the country, as in the disposition of its inhabitants.
  92. He had also produced a number of German love-names from some hitherto fallow corner of his mind, and garnished his conversation with them in a way that made her who, nourished as she had been on the noble language of the Bible and the Prayer-book, was instantly responsive to the charm of words, laugh and glow with pleasure.
  93. We cannot, for instance, suppose that in the embryos of the vertebrata the peculiar loop-like courses of the arteries near the branchial slits are related to similar conditions—in the young mammal which is nourished in the womb of its mother, in the egg of the bird which is hatched in a nest, and in the spawn of a frog under water.
  94. So when the body is nourished legally, it straightens, can a son nourished legally raise his voice (not his hand) in front of his father or mother? No, by Allah, because he was legally brought up, he tends to good even if some bad people seduced him while he is heedless; Allah made him awareness and consciousness in his heart to save him as Allah says:.
  95. People comme il faut I respected, and looked upon as worthy to consort with me as my equals; the second of the above categories I pretended merely to despise, but in reality hated, and nourished towards them a kind of feeling of offended personality; while the third category had no existence at all, so far as I was concerned, since my contempt for them was too complete.
  96. The connecting link is as perceptible as the cord which binds the newly-born child to its mother; but as the umbilical cord and the placenta become after parturition useless pieces of flesh, which are carefully buried out of regard for what they once nourished, so the Church has become a useless organism, to be preserved, if at all, in some museum of curiosities out of regard for what it has once been.
  97. But a hybrid partakes of only half of the nature and constitution of its mother; it may therefore, before birth, as long as it is nourished within its mother's womb, or within the egg or seed produced by the mother, be exposed to conditions in some degree unsuitable, and consequently be liable to perish at an early period; more especially as all very young beings are eminently sensitive to injurious or unnatural conditions of life.
  98. After curses, pelting with mud, and hisses, has come a lull, and men are left alone, according to their desire : the great idea of old has left them ; the great source of strength that till then had nourished and fostered them was vanishing like the majestic sun setting in Claude Lorraine's picture, but it was somehow the last day of humanity, and men suddenly understood that they were left quite alone, and at once felt terribly forlorn.
  99. Another river, called the White River, unites with this some miles below its origin: this river, which is so called from the turbidness of its waters, its salutary to men and animals; fishes live in it, and vegetation is nourished by its waters; but after the junction it becomes clear; the acid dissolving the earthy particles which discoloured it, and it now becomes fatal to living beings: kills the fish, destroys the vegetation, and corrodes the stones in its channel.
  100. That part of me which I had the power of projecting, had lately been much exercised and nourished; it had seemed to me of late as though the body of Edward Hyde had grown in stature, as though (when I wore that form) I were conscious of a more generous tide of blood; and I began to spy a danger that, if this were much prolonged, the balance of my nature might be permanently overthrown, the power of voluntary change be forfeited, and the character of Edward Hyde become irrevocably mine.
  1. It dribbles and nourishes the.
  2. Only the kernel of every object nourishes;.
  3. That neither nourishes, nor satisfies hunger.
  4. She nourishes the seeds and fulfills every need.
  5. The river supports and nourishes life within it – a.
  6. Nourishes mental faculties and also the faculty of memory.
  7. The energy that nourishes, incubates and encourages our.
  8. It loves and nourishes all things, but does not lord it over them….
  9. For the good of water is that it nourishes everything without striving.
  10. Through it the body nourishes and moves, so the life of the body depends on it.
  11. A hug fuels your heart with all the good stuff and nourishes your sense of touch.
  12. It prepares us, nourishes us and provides opportunity to us for a fall back onto God.
  13. But it is not true ! Aahar (food) is that which nourishes the body so it is called Aahar.
  14. Once the body nourishes its systems back to health, it will then have the energy to focus on weight loss.
  15. Does the milk that nourishes their veins contain the food of hate, The leaning to destroy, to slay, to bully and belabour?
  16. She was also breached and the amount of amniotic fluid—liquid that nourishes and protects the developing infant—was low.
  17. Vegetarian diet, when taken intelligently, provides you with sufficient protein and nourishes your body better than any other diet.
  18. These plants are entirely self–propagating, and the principle of their existence lies in the water that sustains and nourishes them.
  19. She was also breached and the amount of amniotic fluid—liquid that nourishes and protects the developing infant—was low.
  20. First, following a body detox program improves the release of harmful wastes and toxins in the body, as it nourishes the detoxifying organs.
  21. She took his life, and now she thinks to take our water too, the Chequy Water that nourishes our crops…but she will not! He raised his sword above his head.
  22. Ultimately; every fallen leaf and branch becomes part of the soil, which then in turn nourishes the roots and seeds of the forest so that it can create new trees and new leaves.
  23. Meat: Food in general: or spiritual meat, that sustains and nourishes spiritual life; strong meat, searching into the deep thinks of God, the receiving and digesting the more deep truths of the Christian religion.
  24. Among men however the elm appears not to produce fruit and they do not know nor understand that if a drought comes the elm which contains water nourishes the vine l and the vine having an unfailing supply of water yields double fruit both for itself and for the elm.
  25. But this water which has flowed, and which still flows unceasingly, and nourishes all mankind, not only is not the result of the activity of the men who, standing at its source, turn it aside, but this water flows and gushes out, in spite of the efforts of these men to obstruct its flow.
  26. Ours is a generation that nourishes a morbid and irrational fear of growing old…and death, perhaps; thereby occasioning (a) need to retain its youthful appearance(s) at whatever cost; inconsonant with age, at the expense of its (own) dignity, ―eternally young,‖ ―young as one feels,‖ (youthful) fashions and lifestyles, (adolescent) designs, the accomplices of artificial youth, pining for what is no longer 73.
  27. And now we may fairly take him and place him by the side of the painter, for he is like him in two ways: first, inasmuch as his creations have an inferior degree of truth--in this, I say, he is like him; and he is also like him in being concerned with an inferior part of the soul; and therefore we shall be right in refusing to admit him into a well-ordered State, because he awakens and nourishes and strengthens the feelings and impairs the reason.
  28. Fever nourishes the sick man,.

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