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Nozzle dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And Malia inserted the gas nozzle.
  2. Tony placed the nozzle against his.
  3. Instead, the women had a nozzle that shot out slime.
  4. At that moment, Danny was trying to place the portable nozzle.
  5. Witnesses said Danny tried for a few seconds to place the nozzle.

  6. She took it and pulled out the pin, aiming the nozzle at Andrina.
  7. He wedged the gas cap into the nozzle handle and came back to Josh.
  8. Winglee estimates that a control nozzle 32 meters wide would generate.
  9. He hit the necessary keys and then put the gas nozzle into his tank outlet.
  10. Grover pointed the nozzle in the air and water hissed out in a thick white mist.
  11. I poked it into a nozzle on the back of the aerial ladder and began to pull down.
  12. Lastly, you can retrofit your machine with a Spider Cool nozzle that allows you.
  13. He wandered over to his car, removed the pump nozzle from the tank and hung it up.
  14. The reservoirs were a two-litre capacity tub that simply screwed onto a nozzle inside.
  15. It looked like someone had stuck an air pump nozzle under my skin and had pumped away.

  16. Alex put the nozzle into his car’s tank, set it to auto-fill, then walked over to speak to me.
  17. He put the nozzle back into the pump more forcefully than necessary and went to pay for the gas.
  18. He wiped the sweat from his hands again, then gripped the can tightly, thumb resting on the nozzle.
  19. We keep washing the clay from the dril bit with the nozzle of the hose before it can be resharpened.
  20. He swished the wire loop into the soap dish once again and then held it in front of the nozzle of his can of gas.
  21. He dangles a hank of Spanish onions in one hand and holds with the other hand a telephone receiver nozzle to his ear.
  22. The compressed air flow running out of a nozzle and expanding outwards exerts reactive pressure on the nozzle’s bottom.
  23. Brian pulled out a much smaller squeezy bottle with a long nozzle attached, that had been lying in the bottom of the box.
  24. Or like the water of a fountain pond that is falling back onto its own self after jetting out from the nozzle of the fountain.
  25. He tosses the gas hose up with his left hand, a half foot or so in the air and catches it firmly on the way down, by the metal nozzle.

  26. It went straight into the big exhaust nozzle of the bomber’s port side engine, with its huge heat signature, exploding inside the engine.
  27. She lifted her skirt and, as the nozzle edged forward under the hem, she lay back over the car, stretching out her arms and closing her eyes.
  28. The little man walked up to the cylinder and turned on a small nozzle on the side and poured the contents into the vile James had handed him.
  29. When the water of divine self is pumped up through the narrowness of fountain nozzle (forms) then it jets up in the air to make a show of itself.
  30. He dropped the nozzle from his nerveless hands--and such hands, too! I happened along, and he said to me in a distracted whisper: Look at that, sir, look.
  31. The reaction between the two types of vapors then liberate massive amounts of energy that is funneled out through our main rocket nozzle, propelling our ship.
  32. When they arrived in front of cell number 076458, Lotinger typed in a code and opened his right eye wide as he leaned toward what looked to Hank like a nozzle.
  33. Loofah watched without much interest as the woman with the next car, a shimmering orange saloon, unlocked her fuel cap and lifted the pump nozzle out of its holster.
  34. He quickly averted his gaze – which immediately alighted on another lady motorist on the other side of the forecourt standing beside her car with a loop of the black pipe curling between her legs and pushing up under her skirt, while the metal pump nozzle hovered in front of her face as she caressed it lovingly with her fingertips.

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