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Number dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. The number 7 is G.
2. The number 3 is C.
3. The number 1 is A.
4. The number 2 is B.
5. The number 8 is H.
6. The number 13 is M.
7. The number 15 is O.

8. The number 16 is P.
9. The number 12 is L.
10. The number 20 is T.
11. The number 22 is V.
12. The number 21 is U.
13. The number 23 is W.
14. Whats in a number? V.
15. There are a number of.
16. Your number was on it.
17. A good number of them.
18. Five is the number of.
19. In Geek the number of.
20. That number is now 275.
21. It was a London number.
22. With the number 22 on it.
23. Number One Fan drove off.
24. I don't have her number.
25. Now take the number of.
26. And the number of them.
27. I wrote down the number.
28. We got his house number.
29. Again I was number three.
30. Start with the number 1.
31. He called the number in.
32. On it was a phone number.
33. Proof is number one here.
34. Is there a number where.
35. Seven is a magical number.
36. Then, when I can number.
37. The secondary number is 2.
38. When at last a number of.
39. Is number 109 (= 10 being.
40. Fifty-four is a bad number.
1. The numbering of this verse is a direct.
2. Numbering of Note 234 corrected from 324.
3. This matches the numbering of the 11Q13 Dead Sea.
4. If you publish printed copies of the Document numbering.
5. Let those who are afraid of not numbering more than thirty.
6. Magnitude is based on a numbering system invented by the Greek.
7. Bison numbering in the tens of millions once roamed the High Plains.
8. Of course, with no clock, Mercer had no way of numbering the minutes.
9. And now she was thirty-six and I had long been beyond the numbering.
10. Right now he was disassembling, cleaning, numbering and drawing parts.
11. As you will see throughout this series, the numbering of Revelation’s.
12. Sheep, and directly matches the numbering of verse 4:7 and the sum of verse 5:6.
13. It was one of the most powerful tribes on the continent, numbering over 40,000.
14. A straight line is not the only construct we can use to visualize a numbering system.
15. The histories of the numbering and marshalling of the tribes (chapters 1 to 4), the.
16. Numbering 300,000, they reported more than 3 million cases of disloyalty, vaguely defined.
17. All the other doors had been closed and barred by a group of dark clad men numbering twelve.
18. Furthermore, the numbering of chapters and verses serve as symbolic verification of the topics.
19. Numbering in the trillions, it is not surprising that most cells of the human body are very small.
20. See how this directly matches the numbering of verse 13:11? Also, pay close attention to the image.
21. Both the Hebrew and Greek cultures made use of a numbering system that was incorporated in their alphabet.
22. The $234B of Medicaid go to low-income adults under age 65, a group numbering more than 50 million people.
23. A people numbering almost 500,000,000 was reduced to less than five thousand in a little over three years.
24. And Joseph gathered corn as the sand of the sea, very much, until he left numbering; for it was without number.
25. Thus, classes numbering as high as twenty or twenty-five were taught during the past year at Atlanta University.
26. The remaining part of the enemy force, numbering two hundred thousand strong, has been supplied by the Attorgrons.
27. My head turned back to see the rest of the Sabers, numbering almost two hundred, running in the opposite direction.
28. The anthropological term: ‘band’: specifically means a group of humans; numbering between 25 to 35 individuals.
29. She looked to the other bridges and paths, numbering in their thousands, as they reached across the endless expanse.
30. Walters contributes one-fourth, while the Corcoran Gallery sends its entire collection, numbering nearly a hundred, Mr.
31. Its library which houses a vast collection of books numbering 27,000 and has a Gāndhi photo exhibition with 600 photographs.
32. It is the numbering of the segments that makes it possible for the receiving system to reassemble them into their original order.
33. In addition to Joey and Lezura, they police jeep held seven people, as did the others, numbering in total to thirty five in the group.
34. This numbering also makes it possible for the receiving system to notify the sender that specific packets have been lost or corrupted.
35. He had a sense of history, as if this place, these people, had been here for generation-cycles beyond numbering, and would always be here.
36. My respite was short-lived however, for soon the entire party, numbering some thousand men, came charging into view, racing madly toward me.
37. There was no separate numbering system, as we have in ours today - in Hebrew and Greek each letter would also represent an associated number.
38. My plan was simple; I was going to transport my army of two regiments numbering nearly 900 men to the swamp surrounding the town’s east side.
39. It could be said that the Squords, Joorahplods, and Fleddites all peacefully cohabited their massive warships numbering in the 100’s of 106’s.
40. Overhead, the ceiling split evenly in two and retracted away into the walls, revealing an enormous stadium above with an audience numbering in the.
1. A man’s days are numbered.
2. They were simply out numbered.
3. They Numbered in the Hundreds.
4. They numbered in the millions.
5. There is a numbered Register.
6. Not all the houses are numbered.
7. In all, they numbered just four.
8. Trust me, his days are numbered.
9. Thankfully, the doors are numbered.
10. I knew that our days were numbered.
11. The Cossacks numbered about fifteen.
12. Told out: Numbered; counted; tallied.
13. Must be in a Swiss bank, numbered.
14. The able-bodied numbered only eight.
15. The Barbeg warriors numbered barely.
16. Class of 1847 originally numbered 250.
17. Leave it Bull, we are out numbered.
18. The Egyptian forces numbered about the.
19. His songs numbered one thousand and five.
20. Our men barely numbered half, and as we.
21. Bolles’s days at Washington were numbered.
22. Even though the rulers were out numbered by.
23. The pilings are numbered, he continued.
24. Make use of lists, both bulleted and numbered.
25. These groups seldom numbered more than fifty.
26. The earl's force numbered no more than twenty.
27. The rules were numbered, and there were a few:.
28. And when his hours are numbered, and the world.
29. They numbered scarce eight summers when a name.
30. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
31. The first graduating class in 1903 numbered three.
32. Perhaps he suspected that his days were numbered.
33. ECONOMICAL The Volumes numbered and ready for use.
34. In my time they numbered altogether only seventy.
35. For the very hairs of my head are all numbered.
36. Camp Echo’s detainees were numbered 00001 to 00657.
37. I have millions holed up in numbered Swiss accounts.
38. But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
39. Europe’s days of dominating the world were numbered.
40. We know that at least one of those Jews was numbered.
1. Numbers 27: 18 to 23.
2. In its Pi numbers form.
3. She gave me the numbers.
4. The numbers 153 and 21.
5. It’s all in the numbers.
6. You now have the numbers.
7. He was good with numbers.
8. There is Magic in Numbers.
9. The numbers are too large.
10. The Numbers Of The Unjust.
12. There is magic in numbers.
13. There is power in numbers.
14. Jane isn't big into numbers.
15. I can tell you the numbers.
16. What did the numbers mean?
17. They keep prey numbers in.
18. There is safety in numbers.
19. The numbers were not great.
20. We are talking numbers here.
21. There are large numbers of.
22. What do the numbers reveal?
23. They cannot rely on numbers.
24. One is for numbers and the.
25. This is Rule Numbers 1–10.
26. There was safety in numbers.
27. These are very good numbers.
28. By studying the way numbers.
29. He loved puzzles and numbers.
30. The red numbers on the clock.
31. It's all a matter of numbers.
32. You ought to see the numbers.
33. EXCEL stores dates as numbers.
34. There is strength in numbers.
35. To put those numbers into a.
36. I don't have no numbers for.
37. So Jack rang the two numbers.
38. His mind swam at the numbers.
39. There was comfort in numbers.
40. Let’s look at the numbers:.

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