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Occasional dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Perhaps there is an occasional.
  2. They could see occasional rocky.
  3. An occasional glint on the horizon.
  4. Also her occasional sexual partner.
  5. We exchange the occasional letter.

  6. That, and the occasional beams of.
  7. Occasional puddles of liquid water.
  8. Silence with the occasional scream.
  9. She had made the occasional remark.
  10. Knotted branches and the occasional.
  11. An occasional win keeps them playing.
  12. It was lit by the occasional lantern.
  13. Raffa, was an occasional visitor to no.
  14. The occasional twig cracked underfoot.
  15. Not to mention the occasional shoe in.

  16. Neither did he know when his occasional.
  17. The occasional wide place offered solace.
  18. There would be those occasional weekends.
  19. Danny took occasional sips of his coffee.
  20. The occasional pain killer did the trick.
  21. There still was only the occasional hot.
  22. And it is not occasional y that diff er-.
  23. Occasional snoring may be normal to children.
  24. Cliff led the way with an occasional mutter.
  25. I saw plenty of dogs, and the occasional cat.

  26. All I got in exchange was the occasional purr.
  27. You could hear the occasional jingle of metal.
  28. We would also come upon the occasional castle.
  29. While Lucy could handle the occasional sexist.
  30. This accounts for the occasional outlier event.
  31. Although Stallman paid the occasional visit to.
  32. And I know you did the occasional tarot reading.
  33. These are blank verses with occasional assonance.
  34. The sound of scuffling and the occasional grunt.
  35. But occasional good games, improved his ‘lot’.
  36. Throughout junior high there was the occasional.
  37. There are also occasional instances of cannibalism.
  38. Even occasional users run the risk of sudden death.
  39. Read occasional books, thought occasional thoughts.
  40. Apart frown the occasional cigars I never touched.
  41. We all have talents, in spite of occasional doubts.
  42. He ignored the occasional grunt of the boat driver.
  43. Apart from occasional towns and ruins of historical.
  44. The hours passed with just the occasional scuttering.
  45. Colleen promises occasional help with free festivals.
  46. His hazards now were the occasional dreaming motorist.
  47. She had these occasional bouts of nausea and diarrhea.
  48. The occasional twig slapping her face reminded her to.
  49. I’ve only had the occasional ale or bumbo in port.
  50. It was still lit, still marked by occasional movement.
  51. Again it will be an occasional achievement, and will.
  52. No lights except for an occasional match being struck.
  53. Except for the occasional pubic hair between her teeth.
  54. To have these occasional instances of control are the.
  55. Occasional panic attacks, can't say I have had one in.
  56. Galloping footsteps, interspersed with the occasional.
  57. Well, there was an occasional outburst and an illogical.
  58. They no longer seemed to fear the occasional defensive.
  59. Instead of giving up bacon, have it as occasional treat.
  60. Pills, razors, an occasional un-mandated gun, et cetera.
  61. Beyond the ridge was the odd occasional house and hotel.
  62. Apart from the occasional echoing cough, there was total.
  63. Mostly we eat field mice, with just an occasional deer.
  64. Muscat, and an occasional light from a house could be seen.
  65. Occasional y in the distance we saw plowed fields or the.
  66. It is the latter that has caused their occasional use in.
  67. This type of sensual pleasure is occasional and transitory.
  68. He sneaked in occasional blinks as the men approached but.
  69. Occasional boulders were somehow balanced on pillars of ice.
  70. Ralph also went after foxes and the occasional, rare, wolf.
  71. Now it was the plots, ramshackle old houses and occasional.
  72. Many catalogs have occasional clearance issues 1 4 3.
  73. During his occasional break, Tom found himself watching the.
  74. Through the occasional openings in the walls, the companions.
  75. She offered him friendship and an occasional night in by the.
  76. The occasional gifts from the thieves helped, but not enough.
  77. Even so, he could see no movement, other than the occasional.
  78. The mud-slinging, name-calling, and the occasional absurd.
  79. They both sat silent, with an occasional glance at one another.
  80. An occasional articulated truck would ease its way carefully.
  81. Aside from the eight hours of standing, the occasional snooty.
  82. All outside mounted cameras showed dark skies and occasional.
  83. A hedgerow surrounded the patio, with occasional breaks in it.
  84. Granny was in receipt of occasional sums of money, gifts whose.
  85. Josef could hear were mutters and the occasional "That's good".
  86. Even more obvious in a falling market is the occasional mighty.
  87. For example, the occasional concert and movies for the current.
  88. That includes the occasional breather to let the drill cool off.
  89. The drumming in her head had subsided to an occasional dull thud.
  90. Oh sure, the occasional hookup, but nothing I care to remember.
  91. There was only a profound stillness, broken by an occasional sob.
  92. But, occasional controls and checks (generally as the result of.
  93. Besides, where else can they turn to for an occasional tax-cut?
  94. Though my contacts with him were occasional, they had a profound.
  95. He only ate bacon, stray waterfowl, and the occasional invading.
  96. No new events or the occasional minor gigs for as long as a month.
  97. For a long time they were occasional lovers, sometimes for a decade.
  98. Occasional flashes of lightning threw everything into stark relief.
  99. I endured the occasional filthy words tossed at me from cat haters.
  100. Sean and Joe were engaging in occasional conversation in the front.

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