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Occupy dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I had nothing to occupy me.
  2. U want peace, occupy love.
  3. I occupy myself with (what).
  4. My wife and I occupy another.
  5. He has much to occupy his time.

  6. The space they occupy is blank.
  7. They occupy the pavement of one.
  8. They occupy too much of our time.
  9. They occupy about three fifths of the.
  10. Owens found something else to occupy.
  11. The players called themselves Occupy FC.
  12. Nemo indicated the place I was to occupy.
  13. That black cloud should occupy their.
  14. They occupy bunks at the rear of the cave.
  15. This room here Serézha and I shall occupy.

  16. She did not very long occupy the Morels' pew.
  17. I suppose he does it just to occupy his days.
  18. It’s the second house to occupy this land.
  19. Rose had plenty of other things to occupy her.
  20. What does he have to occupy him here? Nothing.
  21. Our dreams occupy the same space as the mind.
  22. Surely you have greater concerns to occupy your.
  23. It didn't occupy the centre of the room, however.
  24. Anyway, now I had other things to occupy my mind.
  25. Rather, they tried to otherwise occupy themselves.

  26. Alpine glaciers still occupy some high mountains.
  27. It was a privilege to occupy a house as your wife.
  28. Another point to occupy my mind; that is for sure.
  29. These elements occupy the major portion of our body.
  30. What does it mean, Papa, they’ll occupy us?
  31. I suspected it was a diversion to occupy the soldiers.
  32. They wanted to occupy a place of respect in the world.
  33. It would give him something to do and occupy his mind.
  34. Companies that occupy a niche have a distinct advantage.
  35. You need something that will occupy your mind and hands.
  36. Only sickness and death will occupy his thoughts as he.
  37. We will occupy the Atlas and get Neville to send off a.
  38. But this intrigue did not now occupy the old man’s mind.
  39. Other than that, there had been little to occupy her mind.
  40. And joyful and agitating thoughts began to occupy his mind.
  41. Nothing can escape the trials and tribulations that occupy.
  42. An assortment of waters and colored cans occupy two shelves.
  43. There is worse news, the Duke intends to invade and occupy.
  44. There were two of them; each of us would occupy one of them.
  45. When it was the right of his eldest brother Rama to occupy.
  46. Their daily business was to occupy themselves with literature.
  47. Lying in the darkness, she had nothing more to occupy her mind.
  48. The last characters in the play who need occupy our attention.
  49. The Manu and the Bodhisattva will occupy in this great Being.
  50. Alter all, there wasn’t anything matters to occupy her mind.
  51. And do not occupy yourself with what you have no knowledge of.
  52. It all averaged out since no one jockey could occupy the same.
  53. He would occupy the position of controlling the powerhouse of.
  54. Love, that is the only thing that can occupy and fill eternity.
  55. The mechanism and the pipes of this strange instrument occupy.
  56. We would occupy half the planet and the Warriors the other half.
  57. Helez was assigned to occupy a corner suite on the second floor.
  58. It was unorthodox for the King of the kingdom to occupy such a.
  59. This is a common posture assumed by men who occupy seats of power.
  60. It is natural to be ill and insane in the kind of world we occupy.
  61. How could he and this pile of bones occupy the same space in the.
  62. Therefore, we must always occupy ourselves with thoughts that can.
  63. If you blow up a balloon, it will occupy more physical space than.
  64. It contains high amount of phytoestrogen which helps to occupy the.
  65. These Time Walkers could see through the eyes of and occupy living.
  66. Therefore maintain a variety of things to occupy your God-given life.
  67. Also, bombs may destroy much things, but they can’t occupy ground.
  68. The program that lets you occupy two machines at the same time.
  69. Now who's lying? TSP punfully gloated over the prostrate Occupy.
  70. Those who occupy such a position as this have no cause to be ashamed.
  71. Unfortunately he died in Florida before he could return to occupy it.
  72. Having better ways to occupy his time, Mr Osbairne prodded his guest.
  73. The Masters Morya and Kuthumi occupy houses on opposite sides of this.
  74. So far you have only been pegging out the ground it is going to occupy.
  75. Berthille would occupy herself elsewhere, and I sought Ivanka's company.
  76. My platoon was fortunate enough to occupy a very small rise in the earth.
  77. Zuma has huge support and members of his faction occupy top party posts.
  78. The cabins you will occupy are along the outer periphery of that section.
  79. Come, then! You shall see the apartment that I told you you could occupy.
  80. Lignans are considered a phytoestrogen which helps to occupy the estrogen.
  81. On any given day, stories from Delhi occupy more than half the news space.
  82. Janice gently insisted that Tab occupy that spot for remainder of the day.
  83. I needed to occupy my brain and even took up Sudoku but I was still bored.
  84. God alone should occupy his mind constantly in and through all his actions.
  85. Relationships are space-making and the space you make is the one you occupy.
  86. Earnshaw may occupy himself; and he does not interfere with my arrangements.
  87. Bennigsen on his own authority ordered the troops to occupy the high ground.
  88. Indeed it appeared to Olenin that it was the very spot for ABREKS to occupy.
  89. I entreat the Senate to recollect the high ground they occupy with the nation.
  90. Occupy yourself with things, yourself—anything; only keep away from people.
  91. They fill all material bodies and occupy the whole of what we call empty space.
  92. He guided Sidney to the seat that she was supposed to occupy then took the stage.
  93. Well, now you know how other people feel when foreign soldiers occupy their land.
  94. I can see why that would concern you, since you currently occupy that position.
  95. Don’t pack clothes that are very thick, and of material that occupy more space.
  96. She would have given this up long ago if she had anything else to occupy her mind.
  97. Tom and Sue and Brian and Flavio would occupy the vacant rooms on the return trip.
  98. After rescanning my room I realized that there was nothing therein to occupy my time.
  99. Business is just one part of life—a part of life that will probably occupy a large.
  100. Figuring out how to avoid going there again would occupy his mind between every stop.
  1. And Clara was a way of occupying his mind.
  2. No, no, the woman said occupying a chair.
  3. Other critical matters were occupying their day.
  4. She was occupying quite a lot of space on the bench.
  5. When he arrived, some of the guys occupying the place.
  6. Other historians claim that occupying a large Japanese.
  7. If you are not happy in the home you are occupying, this.
  8. After the revolution, he played a role in occupying the U.
  9. There is only one thing occupying his mind at this moment.
  10. It was the day that Ayatollahs celebrated occupying the U.
  11. Bullying others and occupying their land cannot be condoned.
  13. He spoke to the women occupying the office and then we were.
  14. She would be joining a select group occupying a set of quiet.
  15. I was there, occupying the same space as always, but it wasn't.
  16. Tiamat is still there in part, occupying its fifth position.
  17. Breckenridge had taken the liberty of occupying the seat at the.
  18. It will be completed during week 36 occupying the first 6h in it.
  19. And there, occupying the space where the frog had been, was a frog.
  20. By temporarily occupying the body of a pupil, the Adept avoids these.
  21. Rays, though before occupying that position He was required to take the.
  22. United States is only interested in occupying Muslim lands, peoples and.
  23. His Marines were reacting quickly and were also occupying their trenches.
  24. He indicated I should sit then followed suit, occupying the chair opposite.
  25. The envoy had already mounted, and turning to the morose officers occupying.
  26. What better time would there be for Israel to throw off the occupying power.
  27. Kutuzov was occupying a nobleman’s castle of modest dimensions near Ostralitz.
  28. Like Jayalalithaa, she nurtures dreams of occupying 7, Race Course Road one day.
  29. Kutúzov was occupying a nobleman’s castle of modest dimensions near Ostralitz.
  30. Your files have been downloaded to the inner unit, and I’m occupying the outer.
  31. We spent that first night at the village, in our house, with my parents occupying.
  32. Paul and his cohorts were agents and collaborators with the occupying Romans, who.
  33. The business at present occupying Nekhludoff could be divided under three headings.
  34. The same questions that troubled Milo were the fears occupying every second of her day.
  35. He felt ashamed; he felt that he was occupying someone else’s place here beside Helene.
  36. Of course there are means of attacking rogue states, whether occupying them or not, that.
  37. It is said that blue cohosh has a property in balancing the estrogen levels by occupying.
  38. He felt ashamed; he felt that he was occupying someone else’s place here beside Hélène.
  39. The German army units that had been occupying France are now nearly all back inside Germany.
  40. A large wooden table, occupying the centre of the room, was burdened with a banquet of food.
  41. Suddenly it seemed odd that he should be sitting there occupying himself with a piece of wood.
  42. Occupying the middle seat was Ricard, Lord of the Coven and the vampire who had turned Stefan.
  43. Over the next few minutes I will capture the other Pioneers who are occupying the Raven drones.
  44. The sour expression on his face conveyed his opinion of the woman now occupying his old office.
  45. Robert said nothing to this and Knox pointed to a chair next to the one Puller had been occupying.
  46. Still, at least my occupying Wiesse’s attention gives Gilla and her beloved some time together.
  47. In July 1918, at a casualty clearing station occupying temporary quarters in the old College of St.
  48. A car arrived, occupying the policemen’s attention, and he spotted an opportunity, an opening.
  49. The devil wants to put you down, because he's envious you're occupying what he was called to occupy.
  50. The beverages rested on an oval tray in the middle of the round mahogany table occupying that space.
  51. In less than a second I’m inside Jenny’s Pioneer and occupying a vacant section of her circuitry.
  52. Terrorist guerillas are continuing to act in the capital and are believed to be occupying some homes.
  53. The police found Jimmie Sasaki working as a liaison between the Japanese navy and the occupying forces.
  54. When circumstances starve the body of food, life occupying the body would begin to devour the body in.
  55. Zivia whistled in appreciation at the sight of the dozens of combat robots occupying the ground floor.
  56. Wood-working, of which the principal branch is carpentry—turning and carving occupying a minor place.
  57. They even have started harassing with laser fire our troops occupying cities in the Northern Hemisphere.
  58. Within a few weeks another assembly was occupying a larger, more elaborate committee room in the Pentagon.
  59. I felt it in a way I hadn’t in ages: the me inside of me, occupying my spot in the fathomless Milky Way.
  60. The unit occupying the airfield seemed to be a transport squadron flying a mixed lot of rather old planes.
  61. And truly this assurance carried him back to different events from those now occupying the baroness and him.
  62. The Ninety Nine (minus Somonik) filled the outside of the great hall, occupying over half of the floor space.
  63. This person was able to maintain a body while still occupying the seemingly never-ending energy of the stars.
  64. It is also important to note that the entry has to occur without the consent of the person occupying the property.
  65. It is difficult to imagine these people occupying very cold climates without fire, yet this seems to be the case.
  66. The profit of such investment is equivalent to the profit of the combination occupying the top place in the order.
  67. It is intuition and it is a factor of being in a transwarp state of mind, occupying all time space simultaneously.
  68. In the second battle of Arras, 1917, our regiment was held up near Gavrelle and was occupying a line of shell-holes.
  69. Whites praised Europeans highly for dividing and occupying Africa to subjugate its people in order to civilize them.
  70. There are two indicators expressing utility of investment in combinations occupying the n-th position in the ordering.
  71. The men in the stable below, occupying positions of great peril, were, of course, connected with the travelling circus.
  72. Others currently occupying the too few wooden benches were only doing so because they had a vested interest in someone.
  73. Naming them civilizations without God, my grandfather wrote a page of indictments against the occupying countries.
  74. The two female clerks occupying the trench nodded in understanding, then resumed firing at the enemy with their carbines.
  75. And while Japan busied itself subduing and occupying vast areas of Asia and Pacific Islands, America prepared to respond.
  76. We were occupying a support line, early in 1918, and a party of us was detailed to repair the barbed wire during the night.
  77. It pains me to think of you who ought to be so tenderly cherished and shielded occupying in any way an equivocal position.
  78. I lay on my towel clad only in my green bikini with the sun baking my flesh, my old surfboard occupying the sand next to me.
  79. Barney and Ken, occupying the same seats they’d been in only minutes earlier, were startled by Jill’s sudden appearance.
  80. They stand in the centre of a hollow cylinder, extending its whole length, and occupying about one-third of its dimensions.
  81. The central city of Unasa in the mountains was a city that all three kingdoms built with each of us occupying a third of it.
  82. However, she still often found the hotel staff she had hired the previous visit fired and Mike’s guys occupying the rooms.
  83. A female cook occupying the trench nearest to Marguerite saw her and spoke to her while being careful not to raise her voice.
  84. For several reasons, Roger had lost all respect for the gentleman who at that time was occupying the White House as President.
  85. Henri Fournaye, occupying a small villa in the Rue Austerlitz, was reported to the authorities by her servants as being insane.
  86. They celebrated how white missionaries worked in partnership with European occupying governments and with exploitative traders.
  87. What if Sigma’s already inside one of the T-90s? And what if one of us transfers to the tank that Sigma’s occupying?
  88. He left the house again in the course of an hour, coming home at dusk, and occupying himself through the evening with his papers.
  89. One wall of the lounge was full of books, still on the wooden shelves supported by bricks they had been occupying for forty years.
  90. I have since spent the night there a number of times, and to my knowledge there are at least five entities occupying the premises.
  91. From Julius Caesar embarking there in 54BC, to the 100 year war and to the Germans occupying the area from 1940 to September 1944.
  92. The second he reentered her bedroom, Joel’s gaze zeroed in on the dark haired woman who was so completely occupying his thoughts.
  93. Since Melissa had begun occupying all of Jason's spare time the paparazzi had begun to focus all of their unwanted attention on him.
  94. Even though they have already given quilts to friends and family members, their inventory was still occupying every available space.
  95. The occupying Arct, instead of giving in, made secret factories deep underground and armed themselves with phaser rifles and pistols.
  96. NDTV is seen as occupying a politically left-liberal space—a channel that perhaps the Congress leader felt comfortable talking to.
  97. Alone wasn’t a room anymore, but the whole wide world, and now I was alone in that world, occupying it in a way I never had before.
  98. Everything occupying the ten directions and occurring within the three states of time takes place inside this illimitable empty space.
  99. And about the fact that Eastshare, High Mount, and Symkyn are going to be occupying just a bit of Maigwair’s attention, come spring.
  100. To think there could be over a million eventual in habitants occupying the completed complex, was a mind-boggling thought, even to Gerrid.
  1. The pool is occupied, too.
  2. His mind was occupied by.
  3. James occupied a third one.
  4. Most of them were occupied.
  5. We live in enemy occupied.
  6. I am trying to stay occupied.
  7. By other thoughts be occupied.
  8. It was open and not occupied.
  10. Rows of seats mostly occupied.
  11. He’s occupied at the moment.
  12. The house was occupied, in fact.
  13. There was only one bed occupied.
  14. An empty mind is easily occupied.
  15. Pam was still occupied with one.
  16. He had to keep his mind occupied.
  17. And William occupied her chiefly.
  18. I have plenty to keep me occupied.
  19. The nearest phone box was occupied.
  20. Twenty or so others occupied the.
  21. Menacing thoughts occupied his mind.
  22. These top five positions occupied 54.
  23. The guard occupied the tables below.
  24. All of the eleven beds were occupied.
  25. It now stood thirty percent occupied.
  26. The Undercity occupied a space that.
  27. Tony starts to get his mind occupied.
  28. Each person's attention was occupied.
  29. No other cells seemed to be occupied.
  30. There was no other, all were occupied.
  31. This will keep them occupied for sure.
  32. When the cut-throat isn't occupied in.
  33. Jacob saved us by keeping it occupied.
  34. The suite occupied by Penta Holdings.
  35. The business occupied an old Lutheran.
  36. Thirty armed men now occupied the room.
  37. Some were occupied and some were empty.
  38. They have occupied a moment of my time.
  39. I will pay as though I occupied a room.
  40. The wall that was not occupied was bare.
  41. Grose in exemplary order, been occupied.
  42. With both hands occupied, he stood and.
  43. She is occupied with President Pallas.
  44. But again neither of them were occupied.
  45. Is this the how: I'm 2B the occUpied and.
  46. All these things occupied his whole time.
  47. The room was already occupied and active.
  48. Sonja and Brian occupied Brian's bedroom.
  49. Unfortunately, the holodeck was occupied.
  50. At least Cordus was occupied on the phone.
  51. The highest occupied floor stands at 356.
  52. A stash of wrapped flatcakes occupied one.
  53. Greece was an occupied country and it was.
  54. That seat is now occupied by TO, literally.
  55. The emergency room was currently occupied.
  56. The box seats had long since been occupied.
  57. My mind was occupied by anxiety for my wife.
  58. Sheriff Martinez was occupied, as he often.
  59. The Bodhisattva also occupied occasionally.
  60. A pupil is so occupied with notes, fingers.
  61. The first two were occupied, the third empty.
  62. At this moment the garden was only occupied.
  63. It seemed that Vorous was otherwise occupied.
  64. I need to know why the guestroom is occupied.
  65. Both she and her husband had occupied the bed.
  66. She needed something to keep herself occupied.
  67. The hospital occupied most of the western end.
  68. Finally, Samsung occupied circle number ‘104.
  69. On the one hand the French had occupied Moscow.
  70. A two-story warehouse once occupied its center.
  71. This place was formerly occupied by an old man.
  72. They occupied more and more retail shelf space.
  73. Colia was occupied with his father at this time.
  74. But I was too much occupied with my mother to.
  75. Seeing that the men were suitably occupied, Ty.
  76. They occupied the whole town and we fled into.
  77. Whilst Lindy and her mother were occupied with.
  78. I think she is otherwise occupied at the moment.
  79. A couple of restaurants and a pub occupied the.
  80. Edwards was thus occupied in London, that of Mr.
  81. The engine driver, Wally, who had been occupied.
  82. Now Dilcey occupied one, and the other two were.
  83. Now, what have you been occupied with today?
  84. Over the next few months, with Pam occupied with.
  85. We were occupied with them until nearly midnight.
  86. The third wall was occupied by a chest of drawers.
  87. I've sent a little playmate to keep them occupied.
  88. She must be occupied elsewhere; he would have to.
  89. Kshatriyas occupied higher positions than Brahmins.
  90. For example, his intellect is not occupied 99% of.
  91. He was occupied with altogether different thoughts.
  92. The creature soared past the spot she had occupied.
  93. They occupied four state rooms in two adjacent cars.
  94. She refused to have a child to keep her occupied.
  95. WATER occupied the EMPTY SPACE in between the atoms.
  96. Couples with small children occupied the front rows.
  97. None of this occupied the minds of Walden or Maguire.
  98. At the moment my attention is otherwise occupied.
  99. Though my mouth was occupied, I had a pleased look.
  100. The pile of paper currency occupied the whole table.
  1. What in your case occupies.
  2. What a unique spot it occupies.
  3. It occupies a ridge above the city.
  4. That is what occupies us, everyone.
  5. The assumption that he occupies the.
  6. Him comes forward and occupies the mind.
  7. Matter, that which occupies it, is what.
  8. Our Literary Review occupies four columns.
  9. When ZM's occupies the right lane, then one.
  10. Love occupies peace in all forms, towards all.
  11. It occupies the place which all men think bad (i.
  12. It occupies an internal area of 27,606 m² (297,150 ft²).
  13. Geographically it occupies almost thewhole of the south of.
  14. Just turn away from all that occupies the mind; do whatever.
  15. Patrick Cairns occupies too large a proportion of our carpet.
  16. He too, however, occupies an equally narrow house at present.
  17. This Graphite ,occupies a larger volume, because of it’s low.
  18. For me it occupies a place right up there with cockroaches and.
  19. In terms of the total volume of space which it occupies, as you.
  20. If the colon already occupies that space, overwrite it with the pipe.
  21. Instead, a new element occupies a place in the VOID like WATER it is.
  22. This means that the body of the second day occupies most of its range.
  23. Every chart, Word document, or Internet browser you open occupies RAM.
  24. The enormous head of this cetacean occupies about a third of its body.
  25. A long body is a body that occupies more than 50% of the high-low range.
  26. Each atom, in terms of the space it occupies, is also mostly empty, the.
  27. Graphite occupies a greater volume than Iron, it counters the shrinkage of Iron.
  28. Tecuhltli, which took its name from its prince, occupies the western end of the oval.
  29. It takes a fair while to explain who everyone is but it occupies the journey quite neatly.
  30. A long body, in this instance, is a body that occupies more than 50% of the high-low range.
  31. He hangs up the cable and parks the mower in the space it obviously occupies along the wall.
  32. Now when you store 5 in A then translator occupies a memory location and system charges the.
  33. By going into space reduction as the fuselage occupies more space through extensive movement.
  34. Those rewards come by the divine presence, which occupies the soul and permeates the universe.
  35. The heart of May, with which every beast keeps holiday, never occupies her respectable interior.
  36. Berlinski states that the God of the gaps occupies a very considerable comfort zone in biology.
  37. News television, especially English news TV, occupies a very small space in the overall TV universe.
  38. It occupies a full block and stands as a magnificent example of regional architecture of the 19th century.
  39. The house at 594 Mapleton Drive in Los Angeles, California, USA, occupies an area of 5,253 m² (56,550 ft²).
  40. Bayard Taylor for his translation of "Faust," which occupies the same place, as regards German Poetry, that Mr.
  41. Well, and what are you going to do? Will you stay here if the enemy occupies the place? asked Prince Andrew.
  42. You cannot put an accurate outline round an object without observing the shape it occupies in the field of vision.
  43. A large table occupies that space, covered with tools and scraps of metal and gears and old computer parts and wires.
  44. Thus, the smallest possible Ethernet frame, which is 512 bits (64 bytes) long, occupies 10,240 meters of copper cable.
  45. But it’s not going to happen unless our hunger for beauty and truth rises above the superficial level it occupies today.
  46. The Order of Andropov occupies a sort of middle ground or gray area between the great orders of the Church and the minor orders.
  47. See what a real corner of the world it occupies; how it stands there, away off shore, more lonely than the Eddystone lighthouse.
  48. The museum of Oran, under its conservator, Demaeght, has been finally organized, and occupies a fine building given by the city.
  49. The dimensional coordinates she occupies are slightly more complex than the 1’s occupied by JáhmWüd, McWipple, and Karn Pew-Zn.
  50. Why the electron occupies only discrete levels is better understood by considering the electron to be, not a particle, but a wave.
  51. They had been advised by the local unions and a battery of Occupies that it would ' sell better if the protest were anti-something.
  52. Here Germany occupies the East Coast of the USA, and if that wasn't bad enough, mob factions fight over the remaining free-zones!.
  53. The market, that is to say, a tiled roof supported by some twenty posts, occupies of itself about half the public square of Yonville.
  54. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) occupies an unusual place in the TCP/IP suite because it defies all attempts at categorization.
  55. Wishful occupies a central location that could draw citizens from Oxford, the Golden Triangle area, and all the rural counties between.
  56. The club occupies an entire house in Duke Street, and no expense has been spared on making it as comfortable and as inviting as possible.
  57. On Saturday evening I strolled with Bennett Burleigh down to the King's Palace, which occupies a considerable space in the centre of the town.
  58. Man has strength and the power of exercising it; he acts, moves, thinks, occupies himself; he looks ahead, and sees consolation in the future.
  59. While Kedril occupies himself with the valise, his master walks up and down, and announces that from that day forth he means to lead a quiet life.
  60. This 13-storey pagoda, topped with a soaring golden pinnacle, occupies about 27,000 m2 (290,625 ft2) and cost an estimated 300 million yuan (£20.
  61. Berndt occupies himself talking to Drens all afternoon while I laze on the foredeck with Joris who appears to be going out of his way to be charming.
  62. However, when steam condenses back into water the space it then occupies is about one seventeen hundredths of the space it occupied as vaporous steam.
  63. As long as a bill is hanging out there in the unpaid category, it occupies mental space worth far more than the pennies in interest you stand to gain.
  64. The Serpent occupies too prominent a place in the story to allow of the idea that the writer introduced it as an unimportant ornament to the narrative.
  65. For thirty years past the design of The Independent has been to publish the ablest and best family paper in the world, and it now occupies that position.
  66. This counter represents the number of jars of dill pickle relish that could be added to completely fill the space on the shelf that this product occupies.
  67. Now if you are near death and you still have many lessons and/or experiences to accomplish then your soul will not be allowed to leave the body it occupies.
  68. Better known to the Time Walkers as the Mighty Companion, because the possessor of the spirit of the Well occupies the thoughts and actions of the Time Walkers.
  69. My body understood by me as my self, and understanding all the rest, is that part of matter which moves for a definite time and occupies a definite space.
  70. Nowadays the Sheraton Hotel occupies this area yet at that time the Barada was wide and deep all year round, whatever the season, but especially in the springtime.
  71. Ground which forms the key to three contiguous states, so that he who occupies it first has most of the Empire at his command, is a ground of intersecting highways.
  72. Tom, he said the name with a hint of distaste, a man who occupies himself spending daddy’s money had a bottle of expensive champagne delivered to your table.
  73. When your life becomes concerned with death, he has the final say as to whether your soul may leave the physical body it occupies, or if your soul will remain in the body.
  74. This form of the Electrical Battery is very portable, may be packed in a case with the machine, and indeed a powerful battery occupies no greater space than a quarto volume.
  75. In terms of time frame, trend trading occupies the range of holding periods between the multimonth position trader at the one extreme and the multisecond scalper at the other.
  76. The country is of the secondary trap formation, and the rocks, at the particular place, are the old red sandstone of Werner, which here occupies the plains, and runs under the trap.
  77. The air resounds to the clashing of swords—so to say—but the love element occupies the place of supreme interest throughout, and will hold the interest of the reader without fail.
  78. Iron ore, imbedded in an earth coloured by, and partly composed of, oxide of iron, occupies the surface; and chalcedony and radiated quartz are sometimes observed on the primitive ridge.
  79. The dormitory occupies the entire second floor of the school building and it is divided into four quadrants or wings that are identical to each other in their lay-out and facilities.
  80. Out in the forsaken city, every other structure, it seems, is burning or collapsing, but here in front of him is the inverse in miniature: the city remains, but the house he occupies is gone.
  81. In the first mentioned sense (“kept in a drug store”) the word occupies the area of the larger circle; in the second sense (“pharmacopœial”) usually that of the inner, smaller circle.
  82. Jones and wearing her jewelry and perfume, Nell begins a flirtatious, at-a-distance, slow dance of seduction for a cynical airline pilot, Jed Towers (Richard Widmark), who occupies a room across the courtyard.
  83. But if another company occupies a similar building under long-term lease, no separate measure of the rental obligation appears in the income account and no indication thereof can be found in the balance sheet.
  84. If he knows that man needs more than five million years to walk on the star, if it is possible, though it occupies only a spot in this heaven, there his spirit will swim in the largeness of this illimitable heaven.
  85. But what also assumes aesthetic validity is the hero’s meaning-governed attitude in being – that interior place which he occupies in the unitary and unique event of being, his axiological position in the event.
  86. The first of these divisions of science is harmful, not only because it confuses people's perceptions and gives false decisions, but also because it exists, and occupies the ground which should belong to true science.
  87. It is a relationship in which the author occupies an intently maintained position outside the hero with respect to every constituent feature of the hero – a position outside the hero with respect to space, time, value, and meaning.
  88. Therefore, out of the Almighty’s compassion for the person, He removes this yearning from their heart by letting them commit what they insist on doing, and this inclination is strongly aggravated inside their spirit and occupies it entirely.
  89. Every atom forms singularity and the faster the atoms displace space by moving the stronger with the contraction be but also the stronger will the reduction of size of the star be as the star reduces space it occupies and space the star contracts.
  90. No doubt many a smiling valley with its stretching cornfields occupies exactly such a "horrid chasm," from which the waters have receded, though it requires the insight and the far sight of the geologist to convince the unsuspecting inhabitants of this fact.
  91. It is a very Strategic Tool that helps manufacturers decide for example if a Brand name of theirs for a particular product category occupies a higher place in the minds of consumers (based on their buying behavior) as compared to their manufacturer name.
  92. As we all know the comet moves to the center of the Sun just as Newton predicted with a slight complication and a change in the venue, the comet no longer aims to the center of the Sun but aims at a target outside the limits of the space that the Sun occupies.
  93. A study of these two businesses from the qualitative standpoint would indicate first that the respective industries are permanent and reasonably stable and secondly that each company occupies a leading position in its industry and is well fortified financially.
  94. If they knew that the human race would need more than five million years to walk across the surface of the star, if this was even possible, although it occupies only a spot in the heavens, then their spirit would swim in the largeness of this illimitable heaven.
  95. So Stalin is supposed to be a friend when he invades a European country and occupies it? While Germany is an enemy when it does the same thing? Can anyone find an explanation for this blind spot in human history? All alliance with Russia should have been cancelled.
  96. What is the best gift which can be given to a community? is that a free library occupies the first place, provided the community will accept and maintain it as a public institution, as much a part of the city property as its public schools, and, indeed, an adjunct to these.
  97. It is this adjustment that occupies the attention of the greatest minds, and this adjustment consists in nothing else than the recognition of an existing order in the universal mind, for it is well known that this mind will obey us precisely in proportion as we first obey it.
  98. Using this information, a company like Unilever, for example, decides on using the Brand name Lux for its campaigns and does not mention Unilever at all, as the brand ” Lux” is stronger than Unilever in that category and occupies a higher place in the Market Structure for soaps.
  99. In this way, the secretion of fluid and the large volume of dietary fiber in the gastrointestinal tract occupies a larger space, enhance satiety, to convey to the brain "I've had enough, do not eat" information to achieve the purpose of the control of food intake, play the effect of losing weight.
  100. When the coated surface is comparatively small, the instrument occupies a large space, and it cannot be readily removed from place to place without much trouble and risk; the apparatus is, moreover, very expensive, and when one of the jars is broken, another of the same dimensions cannot readily be found to supply its place.

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