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Offensive dans une phrase (en anglais)

I go on the offensive.
I went on the offensive.
test was offensive or not.
swing at the offensive CEO.
Kate went on the offensive.
That's what I find offensive.
Changing offensive behaviors.

sparing the offensive details.
offensive as he is an atheist.
We have no offensive weapons.
Q What is an offensive weapon?.
They had to take the offensive.
But not as an offensive weapon.
That is the most offensive.
They are less offensive at the.
rid of the last offensive morsel.
offensive to the Islamic teaching.
You are being very offensive.
But Keller stayed on the offensive.
Forced onto the offensive by sheer.
Offensive wrinkles showed in those.
and the offensive offspring consumed.
Hate violent and offensive behavior.
It may be seen as an offensive weapon.
you regard that meaning as offensive?.
The Modi offensive rattled his opponents.
from a monster by going on the offensive.
waiters—all of it was offensive to him.
I don't mean that in an offensive way,.
This scorn was not offensive to his master.

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