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Offspring dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. O, the offspring of Adam.
2. Our race can bear offspring.
3. You are: The Offspring of David.
4. All of the offspring that Abel.
5. Wealth is the offspring of power.
6. Never to face your own offspring.
7. And, we know about your offspring.

8. Virtue is the offspring of Innocence.
9. They are the offspring of Cain and.
10. The offspring of a lion and a tigress.
11. To bear my offspring would be an honor.
12. Company and their spouses and offspring.
13. She cradled her offspring close to her.
14. In your offspring will all the nations.
15. His offspring are those that do His will.
16. Her offspring weren’t as strong as her.
17. Apostle Paul: The offspring of the fallen.
18. Or the fair offspring of the sacred floods.
19. Your offspring will be as the dust of the.
20. They can most help their offspring to have.
21. Once, she had one of our offspring bite her.
22. His offspring have not yet received that land.
23. The common prostitute rarely has any offspring.
24. Kenites are the offspring of Satan through Cain.
25. The offspring of you and Mihaly would have been.
26. Satan's offspring and Abel being Adam's offspring.
27. Thus everything is possible even up to offspring.
28. I want you to seduce Garcia and produce offspring.
29. Needless to say, there will be no future offspring.
30. Conscience, I believe is the offspring of the Soul.
31. Such manufactures are the offspring of agriculture.
32. Kate was their only offspring now living in the area.
33. I have the inherent right to protect my offspring.
34. Right is not the offspring of doctrine, but of power.
35. The younger offspring were shouting and laughing as.
36. All that She has given to us Her most loved offspring.
37. My most precious and beloved offspring could over come.
38. It is the legitimate offspring of our free institutions.
39. Its offspring hatched before your eyes and bonded to you.
40. At dawn we put on swimsuits and led our offspring, aptly.

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