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Omen dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It was a bad omen.
2. This is a good omen.
3. This was a good omen.
4. Perhaps it was an omen.
5. This was an evil omen.
6. Like an omen, a portent.
7. It was not a good omen!.

8. It could be the omen that.
9. He hoped it wasn't an omen.
10. The raven’s a bad omen.
11. This seemed to him a good omen.
12. To her it was like a bad omen.
13. That appeared to be a bad omen.
14. They are accounted a lucky omen.
15. Birds of ill omen, Dad said.
16. We had taken that as a good omen.
17. And that seemed a good omen to him.
18. Not a good omen, but a fair warning.
19. He shuddered, horrified at this omen.
20. Not a good omen to start out the week.
21. Or a really bad omen, Garcia said.
22. Perhaps it’s an omen, thought Alison.
23. I said to me that seemed to be a good omen.
24. An ill omen, if he believed in such things.
25. That’s a bad omen for future deal making.
26. If it's a bad omen for them, is it trying to.
27. To me, it felt an omen of our future marriage.
28. In fact, he believes it to be an omen of sorts.
29. She had received her omen, and was now certain.
30. The Latin absit omen! may be called to mind in.
31. Roger didn’t know if it was a good or bad omen.
32. And the longer red candle is also a downside omen.
33. He’s like a bad omen to me, everything about him.
34. She looked upon such a circumstance as a bad omen.
35. Midwife: She is an omen of imminent health problems.
36. The bad omen did not change his solemnity, however.
37. Those who had seen the omen flash across the night.
38. It was definitely an omen of my pending layoff on the.
39. Perhaps it was an omen that it would be a profitable day.
40. They said, We consider you an ill omen, and those with you.
41. As seafarers knew, it was an ill omen of the weather to come.
42. Jessica had been told that some cultures see them as an omen.
43. In fact, their omen is with God, but most of them do not know.
44. She had believed what men said about the inferiority of w omen.
45. Julie trembled at this request, which seemed to her of bad omen.
46. A clear omen to them of their DESTRUCTION (apolia), but of your.
47. But only by the replacing of the cap was that omen accounted good.
48. Minister: An omen of benevolence and success in business and studies.
49. Is that whatever happening with me indicating something bad omen?
50. Do you suppose that it is an omen of what we are about to do?
51. But as she crossed the brook, the bright sun showed Nerissa an ill omen.
52. I interpreted this as a bullish omen for both the stock and bond markets.
53. Snow: A negative omen, signifying disappointments, difficulties and delays.
54. Nem took that to be a good omen that there would be food prepared somewhere.
55. I took it as a good omen when the smoke continued to rise after she smudged.
56. You got something better to do? This is the omen we’ve been waiting for.
57. I was expecting something, a bad omen, but which I could not explain its form.
58. I take this as an inauspicious omen and hurry to finish my journey's final leg.
59. She was afraid that the vision was an omen of death, and she was grief-stricken.
60. Thursday arrived hot and still, a good omen for Sebastian who ran best in the heat.
61. Funeral: If you attend a funeral in your dream, it is an omen of stress and sorrow.
62. The Lion Shaman, I continued, is still another omen of this world to come.
63. That’s a really bad omen! muttered Roger to himself as he went back to bed.
64. Is this some kind of omen? Moshe wondered, rubbing his neck, even as he relished his.
65. Grey clouds cast over the elegance of Plexitown as an omen of the oncoming catastrophe.
66. If ever there was an omen of things to come, having the shuttle Columbia disintegrate.
67. People used to believe that if crows followed someone, it was an omen of impending death.
68. She did not wish to hear any further as to the sort of omen it was, and what it foreboded.
69. It was another omen of the decapitated blind insanity that American culture had risen to.
70. Sees the celestial appearance of a Great King of Terror (Ultimate Solar/Astrological Omen).
71. It is another omen, he murmured, his strong fingers closing about the slimness of her hand.
72. It seemed absurd that I’d lose the bracelet at this very moment, a clear omen of trouble ahead.
73. It was not a great omen to hear such noises at the start of the day; more so that which wakes one up.
74. The reflection of the red sky glows on the paintwork of the wall … yes, a very good omen for the future.
75. All the crew begins to superstitiously stare at one another; as if his bowl contains an omen to their fate.
76. Flocks of carrion rose up from the valleys and hovered in the air above them, uttering cries of ill omen.
77. If there had ever been an omen of destruction, it was the contrast of that white tooth against black armor.
78. Every cell in her body continued to hammer its death omen at Maria, drowning out the reality of the situation.
79. If the fire divides in two then it’s an omen that the present company will divide into factions and dispute.
80. His thoughts were, this could be an omen, if I overtake and leave this sign behind, would I be abandoning Jay.
81. Apparently, T’Pau considered it to be a good omen to have been chosen in such a manner and by such an animal.
82. The 1st of July that sounds like a good omen lets hope we get the luck, and so the bombardment continued.
83. The dying branch of the elm was just visible in the moonlight, and it pointed at her like an omen: You, Therese Mills!.
84. It’s a fucking omen, I whispered; and he laughed! As I recall; we planned on relentless communications discipline.
85. It seemed that a spiritual hand had thus emblazoned the heavens in omen of the flag so soon to float over that benighted land.
86. They will see an evil omen in their evil deeds for the misery, the torment and the unhappiness they will draw upon themselves.
87. In Pakistan we don’t have a culture of honouring people while they are alive, only the dead, so he thought it was a bad omen.
88. Those who had seen the omen flash across the night sky spoke excitedly to those who had been asleep during the heavenly display.
89. All that is a favorable omen, Roger thinks, of an intense, and perhaps irrevocable, eagerness for progress and eventual freedom.
90. But I wasn’t a teacher, so there was no reason why an omen couldn’t manifest when I, as a psychic, I met a potential student.
91. It's one of the first in the book and one of the only ones I can read, she said, not mentioning that she thought it was an omen.
92. If the fire swirls around in a counterclockwise vortex, then this is a good omen; but if it swirls clockwise then it’s a bad omen.
93. Although he had never thought of it as an omen, Colonel Aureliano Buendía had foreseen the tragic end of his sons in a certain way.
94. An omen for more downside if confirmed next week, it is supported in that vein by a falling RSI and an MACD that is running sideways.
95. Monkey Mother said the Giants took the cool shade as a good omen and sat there for many summers waiting for the Baobob fruit to appear.
96. At sundown I walked over to Omen, a Kyoto country-style restaurant and had a small bowl of red miso soup and complimentary spiced sake.
97. He said: Driving away birds or seeing a good omen in their voices or their names, feeling pessimism, and geomancy are all methods of jibt.
98. I would like to believe this could never happen again, but my heart tells me otherwise—I believe what happened is an omen of things to come.
99. We just thought she'd drifted on to the next stop in her life's journey--like maybe she took the call as an omen that it was time to move on.
100. The omen of the, dead father stirred up the last remnant of pride that was left in his heart, but he confused it with a sudden gust of strength.

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