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Orient dans une phrase (en anglais)

She tried to orient herself.
He tried to orient himself.
In the Orient, religion and.
Exotic butterflies of the orient.
It originated in the Orient and was.
There was a flavor of the Orient about it.
Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio.

It is said that Manila is the pearl of the Orient.
Orient, and the East to validate this information.
Left? Right? She looked both ways to orient herself.
One last thing they delivered to the Orient was Wong.
As they did this they started a real crisis in the Orient.
The young monk struggled to orient himself to time and place.
His perfectly round face hints Orient Express and beautiful spies.
Why not try it again with the new immigration from the old Orient?
Cabin lights flickered, the turbines whined and Northwest Orient flight.
The old Orient had something fairy-like (about it), but nothing burlesque.
Northwest Orient 727 soaring above the terminal and climbing rapidly into.
There was no land in sight, and with no stars, no means to orient ourselves.
You can orient your greenhouse so that you can save money on heating system.
Some of them are from the Orient or Arabia, and are indeed quite exotic looking.
Puller looked through the feed initially to orient himself to the spatial parameters.
Just as at one time the martial arts were developed in the Orient and today they are.
I try to relax against the wall, but it’s difficult without my vision to orient me.
Along with a rather thick file on Japan there seem to be plans for most of the Orient.
Orient and elsewhere develop to their normal physical growth and healthy adulthood on a.
He listened to music from the Middle East, the Orient, India and anything else he could.
This might be a good spot to orient a radio telescope in search of an intelligent signal.
As in the Orient, we fall and take our killer with us, using all his weight for his defeat.
Thus the prevalence of Athenian coins in the Orient is accounted for by these circumstances.
We were all trying to orient ourselves with what we had seen from the air--but it wasn't easy.
Behind, in the occident, lies death and sorrow; ahead, in the orient, emptiness and purposelessness.
Sinks and sewers played a great part in the Middle Ages, in the Lower Empire and in the Orient of old.
O Fantine, maid worthy of being called Marguerite or Pearl, you are a woman from the beauteous Orient.
He then looked around him to orient himself in the dark, the quay being poorly lit by a few rare oil lamps.
For tourists who see Hong Kong and do not know Manila, Hong Kong is, without doubt, the pearl of the Orient.
Convinced that the transoceanic trip to the Orient was suitably short, he set sail under the Spanish flag in 1492.
When she returned to England from the Orient, mother offered her hearth and home while she 'assembled her memoirs.
Before beginning the actual task of printing, it is necessary to orient the worksheet to the specifics of a printer.
G——, at this solemn moment, resembled the king in that tale of the Orient who was flesh above and marble below.
Smelling the bait, the shark swam toward Phil, orienting itself so that its tail was under Louie.
Nonetheless, this construction is typical as orienting one wall to the south enables the greenhouse to receive maximum solar energy exposure.
He cut off small portions of line, tied them to the large fishhooks, and then tied three hooks to the fingers of one hand, one on his pinkie, one on his middle finger, one on his thumb, orienting them as if they were claws.
Above the floating mist Florentino Ariza saw the dome of the Cathedral, gilded by the first light of dawn, he saw the dovecotes on the flat roofs, and orienting himself by them, he located the balcony of the palace of the Marquis de Casalduero, where he supposed that the lady of his misfortune was still dozing, her head on the shoulder of her satiated husband.
It oriented itself towards them.
And that which you are oriented.
You are also very family oriented.
Oriented toward the financial advisor.
It is completely member oriented with a.
Not oriented graph: 2*E edges to examine.
Most of them are caste or religion oriented.
Today’s liberal is also oriented to change.
It is oriented to the past and to the present.
Health care would no longer be crisis oriented.
Fos oriented towards Hades, kneeling before him.
A variety of my historically oriented books can.
What are the signs a business is customer oriented?
They are oriented toward making money, not losing it.
I then oriented myself with the videos I’d reviewed.
This is called the object oriented programming paradigm.
Health care would no longer be dominantly profit oriented.
I was career oriented, had my retirement planned, everything.
I found Brian Carter to be completely oriented and rational.
She was shyer than average and more detail oriented than average.
Some of the best CEOs are collegial, team oriented, and soft spoken.
And indeed, unlike western cosmogony that has been always oriented.
I have tried to ingrain an action oriented consciousness in you by.
He imagined most of the house was oriented to the water view in back.
It did not make us exceedingly clever and 100% criminal law oriented.
The mind which is earnestly and firmly oriented to selfless action is.
Definitely not the concerns of a self sufficient career oriented woman.
But to a woman feelings were everything—her life oriented around them.
When you are giving love, you are oriented toward the energy of love and.
I hope this project is a little more chemistry oriented than the last.
Classes and objects are the two main aspecs of object oriented programming.
Like all great adventurers, we’ll start by getting oriented for the trip.
We’re all oriented the same way, that’s why we’re staying in a gay.
Carefully, he oriented the barrel away from himself and dragged the gun out.
Traders are typically short-term oriented and have no problem using leverage.
To dream of having ideals indicate that you are ambitious and goal oriented.
The dwarves relied on their mining experience to remain oriented to their path.
He lay there for a moment listening as he oriented himself to his surroundings.
San Francisco had basically been a pass oriented team during the last few years.
Astray was already sunning himself in the prow by the time Jai got up and oriented.
Migration occurred with the descendants of the Orients heading.
Glancing up at the street signs, she orients herself and begins walking.
Since everything about their approach orients them toward companies that are not in rapidly changing industries in which technological innovation may undermine value in weeks if not days, they can afford to sit back and wait.

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