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Outburst dans une phrase (en anglais)

My mad outburst was over.
She probably had an outburst.
His outburst took her by surprise.
Leblanc with a fresh outburst of.
Sim was undeterred by the outburst.
Hiro was surprised by her outburst.
Her outburst was surely justified.

Apart from his outburst, that.
She jumped suddenly at the outburst.
This outburst only confused him more.
He had good grounds for an outburst.
After her first outburst against-Mr.
I immediately regretted the outburst.
My outburst created a perfect furore.
Jamie watched his controlled outburst.
The outburst went over Margery's head.
My mouth fell open in a loud outburst.
Outburst Demotes Cooper to Second Line.
He looked shocked by her sudden outburst.
Adams’ Four Goal Outburst Carries.
Then she said in an outburst of tears:.
Our initial verbal outburst only lasted.
He hasn’t had an outburst in ten months.
We came in during your little outburst.
Loretta dear stop this outburst at once.
Steam Punk held back an outburst of laughter.
Andrew, unruffled by his friend’s outburst.
I heard about her outburst at the restaurant.
If he was surprised by my outburst, he hid it.
Lucy was terribly embarrassed by her outburst.
Amanda stepped back, startled at the outburst.
Katie stared at him, startled by his outburst.
He seemed unperturbed by Manfred’s outburst.
Marie was taken aback by this violent outburst.
Choad went on, ignoring the wizard’s outburst.
The outburst he feared from her did not come out.
There was a pause of silence and then an outburst.
The days following Caesar's outburst hung heavily.
May Ling seemed to be confused about her outburst.

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outburst blowup ebullition effusion gush burst

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