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Pair dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We are a good pair.
  2. He wore a pair of.
  3. We made a good pair.
  4. I had a good pair.
  5. The two were a pair.

  6. I never seen a pair.
  7. A pair of huge doors.
  8. We both have a pair.
  9. I have a pair of.
  10. You can 'ave a pair.
  11. He grabbed a pair of.
  12. He was wearing a pair.
  13. The pair came to land.
  14. Hardly a pair of crooks.
  15. What a pair we are ….

  16. I dressed in a pair of.
  17. A pair of small wooden.
  18. He had a pair of Queens.
  19. A pair of football boots.
  20. What a pair of knockers!.
  21. She took a pair of beads.
  22. She felt a thousand pair.
  23. She felt as if a pair of.
  24. She wore a pair of tight.
  25. I suggest you find a pair.

  26. The pair entered the club.
  27. Below those sat a pair of.
  28. She marched up to the pair.
  29. Stolen another pair of my.
  30. The au pair, I was thinking.
  31. A pair of eye’s watching.
  32. The second pair were better.
  33. And one pair of new shoes.
  34. The pair continued to argue.
  35. They seemed an unlikely pair.
  36. I selected a pair of brown.
  37. They made a remarkable pair.
  38. Or just a fine pair of dice.
  39. Laurence a pair of slippers.
  40. She clacked a pair of tongs.
  41. As an au pair, I thought I.
  42. That fancy pair of shoes is.
  43. He tugged on a pair of shorts.
  44. I mistook her for an au pair.
  45. That pair were in the centre.
  46. I see a pair of humpbacks.
  47. She hurried over to the pair.
  48. I always keep a pair handy.
  49. I can use every pair of hands.
  50. The pair seemed to hit it off.
  51. The pair played cards, sewed.
  52. A pair of them came up to her.
  53. Had reconciled the pair anew!.
  54. It tore off to reveal a pair.
  55. Pair 8: Red Hat and Brown Shoe.
  56. Without a pair of poles, just.
  57. Steve will grow a pair of balls.
  58. Don't be satisfied with a pair.
  59. She has a pair of smooth hands.
  60. I need a new pair of dreams.
  61. He noticed the pair of bloody.
  62. They're a rotten pair of shoes.
  63. What a pair of stony-faced men!.
  64. A pair of gloves sat beside him.
  65. She had a lovely pair of -.
  66. Had a pair of scales in his hand.
  67. One of the pair performs in the.
  68. He hands me a pair of lab gloves.
  69. As the pair of them moved along.
  70. Cal handed me a pair of moccasins.
  71. If you do have a mated pair and.
  72. Thanks to a $15 pair of glasses!.
  73. The pair promised to meet up soon.
  74. I roll my eyes at the pair of them.
  75. They barely looked up at the pair.
  76. I got out an extra pair for Janet.
  77. The two brothers made an odd pair.
  78. Inside was a pair of her old sun.
  79. It will produce a pair of sensors.
  80. It would be second pair in a week.
  81. A pair from each species makes 90.
  82. Getting the pair is the hard part.
  83. Ah, a pair of stinkin’ squirrels.
  84. What a sweet pair of men I have.
  85. Have you a pair of silent shoes?
  86. Our home is a pair of lonely tents.
  87. In one corner sat a pair of lovers.
  88. I wanted to get away from the pair.
  89. Ariel fell in love with a pair of.
  90. A pair of black horses with black.
  91. They didn’t pair off or anything.
  92. Ashi the use of a pair of snowshoes.
  93. There's a pair of slippers of mine.
  94. I don a pair of sweat pants and a.
  95. A pair of boots protruded from the.
  96. He was dressed in a pair of casual.
  97. That matched a pair of jeweled shoes.
  98. Do we have a pair of pliers?
  99. Like a full house over two pair….
  100. He handed her a fresh pair of gloves.
  1. Very rare pairing.
  2. It was pairing time.
  3. A pairing cage is a large.
  4. It was a pairing of circumstance.
  5. Pairing is the result of the male bird using a.
  6. A random pairing of the pupils’ selected worlds.
  7. This could only be a physical pairing between them.
  8. Not at all, but the pairing will soon begin, you know.
  9. Their parting had not been easy, as stormy as their pairing.
  10. Such CS-induced effects were demonstrated after pairing of.
  11. God Boy watched the carefully written pairing appear on his.
  12. The Construct Chain or Word Pairing to indicate relationships.
  13. The female, then the male, each pairing couple matched perfectly.
  14. The alternatives would involve pairing a long position in the 27.
  15. Zack’s final pairing with Mary Pardini never resulted in marriage.
  16. After repeated pairing with a stimulus that predicts reward, dopamine.
  17. He even mentioned possibly pairing me up with Toby next, at his request.
  18. The pairing group(s) should discuss the feelings that come from recognizing this reality.
  19. He could see that this was the pairing place for the randier of the neighborhood singles.
  20. I would think Ava especially would nose around, he was her most serious pairing since Herndon.
  21. It had been an odd pairing, the biggest of the Hunters paired with the most petite of all the women.
  22. After creating a hydration trail, it is beneficial to find a new pairing partner you can share it with.
  23. Linking begins with preparing your pairing group(s) for the conclusion of their time in the new environment.
  24. It was crossing over that self-same Moon/Neptune pairing in Scorpio that made her such a fool about men and sex.
  25. Mary was beginning to feel the first effects of a cold, along with a chilly regret at pairing herself with Johnny.
  26. He found he could split the group into pairs, and by keeping rotating the pairing he kept the game of discovery alive.
  27. The sun was setting and he’d only just finished pairing up the big round bails of straw for collection in the morning.
  28. Thus reassured, Fox set about finding scripts to showcase her obvious charms, pairing her with more established leading men.
  29. The reason for this is that the JY futures chart is based on a pairing of JPYUSD, whereas the cash market is based on USDJPY.
  30. KKZP sold several stories over your lost time, Ren’s arrest and the pairing of her and Dorece Mc in camp Orial brought headlines.
  31. Pairing them with the black heels wouldn’t have been my first choice, but beggars couldn’t be choosers — it was either that or boots.
  32. By pairing that same winning mind-set with a very effective weight loss program, I am sure I will rapidly become as slim as I would love to be.
  33. Jack had brought him in as an investigator last year and was still floating him, pairing him with other investigators until he found him a partner.
  34. Thrusting a wad of goat cheese and crackers into her mouth, Maureen managed to say: It’s not easy, pairing yourself off with someone forever.
  35. Then he saw Syd and Rebecca pairing off, and from the look on their faces recognized their feelings for each other, and contemplated the collapse of his dream.
  36. And what is this impossible thing that humans are incapable of doing? GO queried the dimension scaffolding pairing mirrors generating the next instructions.
  37. They sent unmanned ships to those destinations and when a successful pairing was made they dropped beacon devices into the deeper parts of the oceans of those worlds.
  38. I could see calligraphic engraving embossed all over the ship’s sides in a harmonious pairing with the geometric patterns that decorated the outer panels of the ship.
  39. Helen asked if she could join him for old time’s sake she said, but Greg suspected it had to with the fact that when the pairing was done, she had been left out.
  40. What do they tell you about what’s to come in the pages that follow? How does Strayed’s pairing of, say, Adrienne Rich and Joni Mitchell (this page) provide insight into her way of thinking?
  41. They started pairing off on their evening strolls on the keys of the small village port with the luxurious yachts and fashionable cafés, at the beach in the mornings and when lounging at the lavish villa.
  42. F-wurd, startled, lost his footing and fell onto the j-wirding of Igger the pothead potter, youngest and most rebellious of the tradition bound ruling n-wird t-wirds, who was making a Union vase for the W-werd's non-sanctioned pairing to a non n-wird t-wird – Z-wurd the smoking C-wird.
  43. Even the more contemporary and supposedly scientific version of hedging-the idea that certain positions can be counted upon to converge in price over time and that money can be made by pairing long and short positions as a bet on that convergence-has proved vulnerable to the point of a Federal Reserve intervention.
  44. Off the walls in sorts of animal suspicions, hang tameable tricks and tears, visors of haughty expressions, made happy with drinks and beers; and pairing with a pinking shears, the pieces off his customers, a butcher-barber-cut-off-ears, wets his comb and precedes yes, to style yet another outpatient from The Home.
  45. The clearing up of this situation, and the pairing off of congenial couples with various striking episodes, among them the death of Zeus Gildersledge, and his denunciation of his daughter, and the final reconciliation of Gabriel with his father, by whom he has been disinherited, make up a tale in which interest is sustained to the very end.
  46. Of the smell of apples and lemons, of the pairing of birds,.
  47. To summarize, the seven steps of the Cultural Rehydration Process are: Pairing,.
  1. When the souls are paired.
  2. We who are paired with a.
  3. Frank paired up with Dick Jones.
  4. Bud, you are paired up with Frank.
  5. At first the children were paired up.
  6. Katrin saw he was paired with Agnieska.
  7. Each infusion may also be paired with.
  8. Max paired up with Bill, Carla with Ben.
  9. Maiorescu had paired him with VCR this.
  10. He paired me up with Flint and Galloway.
  11. Tom found himself paired with Ifor, about.
  12. Grey Eyes, mischievous, paired me with Macho.
  13. Paired off couples will build a nest and may.
  14. It should be paired up with blush on the cheeks.
  15. The two of them, paired together, were striking.
  16. We would be paired off into three groups of two.
  17. Almost as exhilarating when you have them paired.
  18. The other girls and the Hunters had all paired up.
  19. The Official Messengers were part of those paired.
  20. Paired with the Jack of Spades reversed--I get the.
  21. He wondered how these paired signalling towers had.
  22. The two paired off to explore their friendship again.
  23. However, everyone in the neighborhood instantly paired.
  24. In most cases, they were paired normally with Brennan’s.
  25. If gray, the paired device is off, asleep, or out of range.
  26. I’d been paired with a sniper I’d met during BUD/S, Ray.
  27. Kelly was paired with Dyslexia, who didn’t like the combo.
  28. Ever been paired with the obligatory US holidaymakers on an.
  29. Lori hadn’t paired off with anyone yet, but she was way to.
  30. I was paired with a young man who in some ways was my opposite.
  31. Eventually, Thomas was paired up with the small, brunette woman.
  32. Fear of poverty paired with the lures of wealth and materialism.
  33. I’d been paired with a sniper I’d met during BUD/S, Ray.
  34. Hendrix and Janis Joplin, paired together in a corner near the bar.
  35. As we can see, the paired conscious and subconscious minds give a.
  36. Jack nodded his agreement; he was paired off with Specialist Carlson.
  37. This is often paired with grilled or fried meat and especially those.
  38. Most of them were paired up in foster care, but Grace ended up alone.
  39. According to Jung, sensation and thinking, when they’re paired with.
  40. In fact, the trader is paired with the mentor most likely to help them.
  41. Over the past year, Coombs was paired with four different cell mates.
  42. That is a new girl starting at our school today and they paired her.
  43. And trust me those two looked as if they were paired together in heaven.
  44. It can even be more effective when paired up with a supplementary method.
  45. She paired it with Christian Louboutin booties bridge back spiked silver.
  46. If the observations were made in pairs, the paired t-test should be used.
  47. God has sent down the best of narrations: a Scripture consistent and paired.
  48. Over the long side of five years, Duval had kept LanCoste paired with Ravan.
  49. The others paired off as before, and this arrangement left Jo companionless.
  50. Last but not least, while you are in Cavalry training, you will be paired.
  51. Then, during training, one context is consistently paired with the subjective.
  52. The young man was paired with an older drummer that night, and they played the.
  53. Harry did as instructed and the lower paired ‘organs’ took on a rusty brown.
  54. She was not yet paired and several young men had been competing for her favours.
  55. He was paired with a successful fashion designer and they were expecting a child.
  56. It is obvious that you would be paired with the person sharing the same interests.
  57. The man Darren was paired up with that day was an old stager called Steve Hartland.
  58. The learned relaxation state and scenes are systematically paired in the treatment.
  59. The Lord paired light and darkness as symbols of the two opposites, heaven and hell.
  60. This place was primeval though and the man I had been paired up with was fully primal.
  61. Paired with your Wordpress command center blog, your funnel is what will allow you to.
  62. Upholstered Victorian footstools paired with crude imitations of Stickley-style chairs.
  63. If a bearish Risk Reversal is paired with a long stock position, it is called a Collar.
  64. Foltin RW, Haney M (2000) Conditioned effects of environmental stimuli paired with smoked.
  65. Some of the boys were already paired but their girls also took turns with the unattached males.
  66. Decks are often paired with retractable deck awnings, as they are the ideal items to block away.
  67. Paul was nowhere to be seen at first, but I could hear his distinct voice paired with someone else's.
  68. It had been an odd pairing, the biggest of the Hunters paired with the most petite of all the women.
  69. Clothes can be paired in order that you can create and wear several looks with four or five basic items.
  70. The younger appeared to carry a silent respect for the giant, and so it was good security to keep them paired.
  71. Sleepers are usually paired up during training, but this is an odd couple in my experience, I have to admit.
  72. He would see that I was paired against his friend the Fiddler next, and he wanted me to swear that I would lose.
  73. The bandages and chamomile that Lisa commanded would be useless, ridiculous even, when paired against such power.
  74. Sebastian had been paired up with five Lead Arrows, including Rogan, five Golden Arrows, eight Guardians, and Hans.
  75. The EHG they’d extracted from Jared’s DNA and Donna’s temporary vector had paired, with a success rate of 83.
  76. Since the data is from same process, and checked after a period of time from same project, we go for paired T test.
  77. I paired it with black Louboutins that were 2 inches out of my comfort zone, but hey, I’m feeling ambitious lately.
  78. Specifically, when animals are trained to respond to a reward that is paired with a predictive cue and responding is.
  79. My eyes went over his body; his athletic torso was dressed in a tee and a black leather jacket, paired with blue jeans.
  80. They had unsuccessfully paired her off with the son of a wealthy San Francisco family who annually frequented their Inn.
  81. Each of these two options should be examined separately, paired with another option that successfully passed the parity test.
  82. When the special particle in one machine was moved, the paired particle in the other machine instantaneously moved in unison.
  83. She could have sat quite happily in the dining-room while the suitably paired young people dallied delicately together overhead.
  84. Ever acute Carius noticed this, paired with what he thought was the faintest hint of an unsettling smirk that was quickly suppressed.
  85. At the end of half an hour of exercises, the instructor, a heavily tattooed female Marine, paired the class for practice of the combat moves.
  86. Traumatically! Hearing JY whimper, Sam looked up and the paired lights bouncing across the pasture to the south deepened his sense of urgency.
  87. Based on data sent from where the wave originated; pulses of light in code that meant nothing until paired with the right mathematical theorem.
  88. He did what he had seen the others do, and slid paired fingers around on the touchpad to make the picture move, and un-pinched it to make it bigger.
  89. Peering cautiously outside, Mitchell detected the lime-green colored figure paired with Travis, as they hovered three feet above his tunnel opening.
  90. He knew he should be trying to figure out what other females on this boat weren’t paired off, but still hoped that this incident would soon blow over.
  91. This incredibly delicate balance of paired molecules found a way of spreading and disseminating itself throughout the Dynamically Balanced medium of water.
  92. I have no idea what I ate, but there was salty fish paired with some sort of fruit, curried goat and steamed cabbage with carrots and it was Goddamned amazing.
  93. That worked, but it also meant that each slinger had to be paired with someone to light—and, if necessary, cut—the fuses before they were slung at the enemy.
  94. All faction clothing is represented in the group before me: black Candor pants paired with black Dauntless shirts, yellow dresses with blue sweatshirts over them.
  95. The excitement I felt, facing that ocean, paired with the increasing awareness that my presence in that resort town had sentenced my sister to a much different fate.
  96. The American officers quickly found themselves paired with their French equivalent from the reception committee as they went on to inspect the thirty-man honor guard.
  97. One bright winter day a local schoolboy and a vacationing online columnist happened to be paired up on a chairlift at Teton Village ski resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  98. Hazel and Marion and Rosamond encouraged only a moderate number of beaux, and them only until they naturally paired off with the right ones and could scat the rest off.
  99. Each side of the paired row of molecules found other molecules to match with and bond-to on the other side until there were 4 chains of bonded DNA molecules instead of 2….
  100. Massie rifled through her clothing rod, eventually pulling out a pristine pair of True Religion jeans, which she instantly paired with a royal purple strapless Tory Burch tunic.
  1. It is done in pairs.
  2. They were all in pairs.
  3. Even the pairs of other.
  4. Collect the data in pairs.
  5. And created you in pairs?
  6. Forms pairs and is an open.
  7. There were five pairs of piers.
  8. You showed me 3 pairs of things.
  9. We moved on to dueling in pairs.
  10. We’ll have to eat in pairs.
  11. Vinny was wearing two pairs of.
  12. Two pairs of boxer shorts, grey.
  13. Three pairs of eyes settled on him.
  14. We then access key/value pairs by.
  15. Five pairs of eyes stared up at her.
  16. You work in pairs, he told them.
  17. None of the other pairs will work.
  18. Do you want flankers in pairs?
  19. Three pairs of eyes looked up at him.
  20. These currency pairs appear in Table 8.
  21. Luckily the two pairs of shoes fit well.
  22. The kids gathered in groups or in pairs.
  23. Hundreds of pairs of eyes stared at her.
  24. Then they broke off into pairs as they.
  25. He raises two pairs of socks in the air.
  26. Two pairs of gears, floating in the dark.
  27. Spread out in pairs and be careful, men.
  28. Sixty pairs of eyes are better than one.
  29. Kate noticed that they hatched in pairs.
  30. They split into pairs and headed our way.
  31. Mick layered several pairs of his thick.
  32. A few other pairs of footsteps joined it.
  33. About two hundred pairs of eyes followed.
  34. Six pairs of shoes later we walk out again.
  35. The oxen were yoked in pairs to form a team.
  36. Then she wanted to sell in pairs for $3000.
  37. Place shrimp, in pairs, tails touching, to.
  38. There shall the pairs of faithful lovers be.
  39. Several of the pairs had a long stone that.
  40. Pairs of shoes haphazardly strewn in the sand.
  41. When we fly as pairs, we are less vulnerable.
  42. In the above (7, 7), (8,9) pairs are discarded.
  43. In pairs they mounted the five steps to inspect.
  44. He opened it up and pulled out three pairs of.
  45. And now he wants me to don two pairs of socks?
  46. Over his shoulders he had three pairs of braces.
  47. Concepts are always formed in pairs of opposites.
  48. Soon, two pairs of booted feet stood at her head.
  49. Yet the issues of relationships within the pairs.
  50. This seller bought 50 pairs of earrings in 9 days.
  51. I guessed he must have fifteen pairs of matching.
  52. The Law of Polarity: everything exists in pairs of.
  53. He tried several pairs, but they were all too small.
  54. I’ve ruined a couple of pairs of trousers….
  55. The same 11 criteria are utilized to form 55 pairs.
  56. Anne had seen him show three pairs to others, but.
  57. I only had two pairs of pants and they were the same.
  58. There were also several pairs of shoes on the floor.
  59. You have four other pairs of shoes to choose from.
  60. The instructor was making pairs and I was left alone.
  61. Jill had him with, Two pairs, Queens and Fours!.
  62. There were pairs of black shoes moving all around her.
  63. Two pairs of eyes swiveled to her with bright interest.
  64. I imagine it doesn't hurt to ski in pairs, to have a.
  65. Decide how you will manage the risk on correlated pairs.
  66. Three pairs of dark eyes stared back at him quizzically.
  67. They hang up their boot linings and two pairs of socks.
  68. In the bottom part of the cupboard, a few pairs of shoes.
  69. I prefer doing things in pairs, it saves a lot of time.
  70. Find a few pairs of trousers that are too loose for you.
  71. As a result of a pre-test subjects are sorted into pairs.
  72. Okay, let's get someone, break into pairs and then start.
  73. He shouted, Three pairs go that way, and two this way.
  74. Loofah became aware of three pairs of eyes focused on him.
  75. Kids were laughing, leaving the house in singles and pairs.
  76. Electrons normally travel around the nucleus in pairs - a.
  77. We have given you seven of the pairs, and the Grand Quran.
  78. All other pairs of functions demonstrate certain patterns.
  79. Dan and his wife are separated and she pairs up with Jeff.
  80. Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Forms pairs, egg guarder.
  81. I saw the shoes, Jazz; dozens of pairs, dozens of shirts.
  82. Some were in pairs, others in groups of four, a few waving.
  83. Thirty pairs of Filipino eyes followed her across the room.
  84. Leaving the Hab in pairs, they grouped up outside Airlock 1.
  85. As a result, we obtain L pairs of IV(S,B,t) and p(B,t) values.
  86. The wallscreen in front of them started displaying base pairs.
  87. Eight pairs of eyes then concentrated on the forward horizon.
  88. Hadaen stiffened subtly as five pairs of eyes narrowed on him.
  89. Several pairs of tracks appeared to be heading toward their.
  90. The correct order — ten pairs with three-inch heels — was.
  91. The gathering of the creatures in pairs (dual symbolism) into.
  92. A forex rate is always expressed in pairs, followed by a number.
  93. For each of 13 pairs of criteria we determine 20 Pareto layers.
  94. The closest birds come to human love is when they bond in pairs.
  95. The shock from 300 pairs is such as few will take a second time.
  96. It had four small shrines in pairs, on opposite sides of a court.
  97. Then he reached to a shelf and took down two pairs of spectacles.
  98. They left the bank with many pairs of inquisitive eyes following.
  99. The correct order, ten pairs with three-inch heels, was produced.
  100. The guests were trying to arrange themselves in pairs, but Zarek.

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