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Pale dans une phrase (en anglais)

It is pale blue in.
He was pale and thin.
But he was very pale.
He was thin and pale.
I am not pale at all.
And then he went pale.
I was pale, I felt it.

It was pale and clear.
He did not turn pale.
She was pale and cold.
He was still very pale.
He went home pale and.
Dawn came as pale light.
Every wall was a pale.
She was pale, and she.
His face was very pale.
His face pale as death.
She was pale and shaky.
He was pale and shaking.
This is beyond the pale.
Such are the pale faces.
He was pale with horror.
The horse is pale from.
She looked so very pale.
His face went pale and.
The tall pale man was I.
He looked pale and weak.
They are pale and grave.
He came in pale and tired.
Her pale face, on which.
Pale skin, deep red hair.
Pale in a charring wood.
You seem a little pale.
She was as pale as death.
The walls were pale gray.
In her turn she grew pale.
She looked thin and pale.
Walter was pale no longer.
The boy’s face was pale.
He was very pale and thin.
The stars were paling in the east.
Multars eyes went wide, his face visibly paling.
Antipova to the now slightly paling Maria Alexandrovna.
And again as I walk'd the beach under the paling stars of the morning.
The noise followed Conan as he rode westward beneath the paling stars.
Tess felt her cheek paling; Izz was right; of course there must be three.
Will eyed the door, the tents, the dark, the sky with new light paling it.
It was a considerable paling but nevertheless it wasn't a fierce reaction.
Do you think— she began, paling as she thought of the mills and store.
He stood across from Sophie, whose face was already paling with the hint of exhaustion.
I could never help it, even when you were married to Phil,’ Len said, his face paling.
She leaned with her shoulder against the paling and vainly tried to light a match on it.
They stood alone at the foot of the great wall, the paling stars overhead and the naked desert about them.
Nicolas saw the look of horror on her face and looked up with her, his face paling beneath bright red scratches.
As the circumstances of my fall came back into my confused brain, I looked up in terror, expecting to see that dreadful head silhouetted against the paling sky.
There was no reply from the tourist, and when the wizard craned around he was horrified to see Twoflower looking up at the paling stars with an odd smile on his face.
By a lamp, which stood not far from the gate of my house, she stopped again, leaned back against the paling, and began to seek for something among her petticoats with awkward, frozen hands.
A slight tremble passed through her body, moving the feathers on her hat, and a sudden paling of her face indicated her surprise at the revelation and its implications for her reluctance to answer the questions.
Amanda and Irma had no trouble squirming under the broken paling of a fence and creeping through bushes to the roadside a few hundred metres away, but Violet was neither so flexible nor slim, and became wedged between two stout wooden planks.
Last all the way—eh, Miss Allys? Adair said, leaning across Billy, who would have given back but that Allys clung to him in silence, her eyes glued to the glass, flushing and paling, her breath coming quicker even thus early in the race.
Then quite a group of boys and girls—playmates of Tom's and Joe's—came by, and stood looking over the paling fence and talking in reverent tones of how Tom did so-and-so the last time they saw him, and how Joe said this and that small trifle (pregnant with awful prophecy, as they could easily see now!)—and each speaker pointed out the exact spot where the lost lads stood at the time, and then added something like "and I was a-standing just so—just as I am now, and as if you was him—I was as close as that—and he smiled, just this way—and then something seemed to go all over me, like—awful, you know—and I never thought what it meant, of course, but I can see now!".
His face paled and smiled.
Max paled and said nothing.
He certainly paled a little.
She paled and almost fainted.
Bateman paled at that sight.
As it was, she simply paled.
Len paled and shook his head.
But his face was very paled.
Neva and Colette paled with.
It paled the lanterns a little.
She paled behind her foundation.
Kathy paled, and gasped in horror.
Ingrid paled and lowered her head.
Paul instantly paled and he gasped.
Cynthia's face reddened then paled.
Several of them paled at the news.
Dewey paled on hearing those numbers.
Chins face reddened and then paled.
The flashes around him paled to pink.
The young man kicked and his face paled.
Nancy paled at the mention of that name.
He clapped his hands, and Octavia paled.
Her face paled and she lowered her head.
Nangong Ping paled and continued to read.
The Gestapo man paled and nodded his head.
Jessica paled and Sebastian frowned at me.
General Nazimoff's wife paled perceptibly.
His face turned red and then it paled out.
Both visitors paled visibly at those words.
I shuddered and paled, sweating instantly.
Tacitus face paled, then flushed, That is.
The little girl paled on hearing the voice.
She instantly paled and looked at his hand.
Medraut paled and stared back at his cousin.
Then it paled under Barbara’s cold glance.
Becky's face paled, but she thought she could.
The woman’s eyes widened and her face paled.
Soren’s face paled, but he spoke not a work.
She sniffed the vapours and immediately paled.
Hart paled, realizing the magnitude of his gaffe.
Her face pales.
Her face pales as she clings to the seat.
But even that pales in comparison with Italy.
Prudence’s face pales as if lit by too much sun.
Even if she were still around, she pales in comparison to you.
The understanding of the physical universe pales in comparison.
Don Juan, the hero of the play, while he pales somewhat before.
Each of these options pales in comparison with mounting one covered with ice.
That’s a big number, yet it pales in comparison to the more than $8 trillion U.
Plastic pales and wooden broom handles scraped along the floor, then tomb silence.
Smack dab after, and I have to say, Trent so pales in comparison in the kissing department.
My disaster, which resulted in some compensation to me, pales in comparison to his efforts.
After having lived through the losses I have suffered, losing a boyfriend pales in comparison.
It pales compared to the WILL HE ? This is because people value the results more than the way.
Even your own highest concept of love on the human level pales in comparison to the Divine love.
Colin pales, helplessly looking over at Andy who’s still waiting at the other side of the portico.
What to do with him now? His head lolls, his mouth opens, his eyelids loosen, his eyes stare, his skin pales.
Aesop’s tale of the dog in the manger pales in comparison to the selfish self-destructiveness of the Romans.
My feeling certainly pales in comparison to the families and friends of the soldiers, even if the latter 135.
What on earth should I say? As I stand in the doorway, they look up and, seeing something in my face, Abi pales.
That may be true, but the small increase in profits pales when weighed against the costs of cleanup incurred from Katrina.
After it’s in operation, no emissions are produced and the cost of energy pales in comparison to fossil fuel energy generation.
Maryanka with bowed head, striking the pales of the fences with a switch, was walking with rapid regular strides straight towards him.
Like those in the main chamber the colours had pales and the outlines were indistinct, but it was still possible to identify the subjects of the drawings.
He had just beheld, yonder, in the street, society, in the person of a freeholder and an elector, insulted and attacked by a creature who was outside all pales.
How interesting—I would have to agree with you, though, this young lady is much more desirable than Her Royal Highness Lucia, who pales in comparison to this beauty.
If the punishment of Hell awaited all those who drown in the flood, the punishment given to them utterly pales into insignificance when it compared to an eternal life of torment in Hell, yet absolutely nothing is said about it.
Those who don’t have physical contact with kidnappers may read and understand what the cause of the capture is, but that pales in comparison to the changes that are taking place in the minds of the victims who are being held hostage.
But if you look around the board, you will see that there are tens of thousands of larger markers, and some that are hundreds of times larger, and that even the total worth of the wealthy few still pales beside the total worth of the prosperous multitudes.
All of this, however, pales in comparison with one contribution in particular: the countless hours she spent sitting with me in her living room, telling me her father’s story, sometimes tearfully, sometimes joyfully, but always with unbounded pride and love.
If the punishment of Hell awaited the souls that were in all those who drown in the flood, the punishment of drowning that was given to them utterly pales into insignificance when it compared to an eternal life of torment for the souls in Hell, yet absolutely nothing is said to them about eternal punishment after death.
Phoebus rising pales the sky around her,.
Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason,.

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