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Parallel dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The case is not parallel.
  2. There is a parallel happening.
  3. But the cases were not parallel.
  4. The trendline and the parallel.
  5. In parallel to Build & Test you.

  6. It ran parallel to the shoreline.
  7. Par it's Greek: parallel, parallax.
  8. But the parallel passages are in Ezek.
  9. Was there some kind of parallel there?
  10. They again become straight and parallel.
  11. The Fry lot sits parallel to the highway.
  12. And then follows the parallel in Christ.
  13. Grave (sheol) and pit (bohr) are parallel.
  14. Grave [sheol] and pit [bohr] are parallel.
  15. This account has a parallel message to us.

  16. But a better parallel would be Singapore's.
  17. It is a parallel to the New Testament and.
  18. Bones in a row, some parallel, some crossed.
  19. This self-appreciation runs parallel to my.
  20. The KST placed his patrol car parallel to me.
  21. Get your cabin with beds that are parallel.
  22. There is no such thing as parallel universes.
  23. Electricity is imagined as a parallel to life.
  24. The two parallel account of this says phantom.
  25. Nolan said, He’s been living a parallel life.

  26. This base can be contained within parallel lines.
  27. This parallel life gives me an idea for a plot.
  28. When the patrol car was parallel to the station.
  29. This is one part of the army and media parallel.
  30. This column is riding parallel with the border.
  31. This parallel disturbed his usual politeness, the.
  32. Short lines in a row… some parallel, some crossed.
  33. In exception, also, the parallel is quite as close.
  34. Or parallel universes, the same but different times.
  35. It’s like another universe parallel with this one.
  36. This base cannot be contained within parallel lines.
  37. Her course was parallel to the shoreline at 50 knots.
  38. The tops were linked by beams in two parallel lines.
  39. A whole street parallel with the river was in flames.
  40. Look at the parallel between the description of the.
  41. Suspenders crossed in the back, parallel in the front.
  42. Fox, this may lead you to think of parallel universes.
  43. Testing of the product is planned in parallel with a.
  44. The answer is to use trendlines and lines parallel to.
  45. There are lots of universes, none of them are parallel.
  46. Yet this case seems to me a true parallel to the other.
  47. They should move synchronously, parallel to each other.
  48. Moreover, the parallel expression "born of God," in St.
  49. In the parallel passage Mark used "kill," not apollumi.
  50. In perfect health these lines are separate and parallel.
  52. When it was about parallel to them, Limpy growled again.
  53. As soon as the boy was parallel to me, we stopped walking.
  54. This one ran parallel to the Hospital and wound gently up.
  55. They are like two parallel straight lines that never meet.
  56. The entablature was mathematically parallel with the base.
  57. Prices need to exceed the parallel line and the high of a.
  58. Indeed, so close is the parallel between the character and.
  59. Anchor the parallel line to the opposite side of the trend.
  60. Francisco, and heading southerly, cruising parallel to the.
  61. A correct swing plane will run a path parallel to the glass.
  62. As the Toyota Pickup was about to be positioned parallel to.
  63. Row after row of them, connected by parallel runs of conduit.
  64. The ATV bounced along the uneven ground parallel to the city.
  65. God’s healing of diseases is parallel to the return of life.
  66. The line hugged the side of the outside wall in parallel to a.
  67. There’s no such thing as a parallel universe, Brendan said.
  68. These are real pleasant safe parallel turns, and the steepness.
  69. These could have been manifestations of such a parallel timeline.
  70. Yet, alongside and in parallel, he was also being self-motivated.
  71. These built-in one to another spaces are called "parallel worlds".
  72. That night the moons of Gaea shone brightly as parallel crescents.
  73. Blackberry, sheltering behind a parallel row, kept level with it.
  74. I sometimes think there is a parallel world but then I dismiss.
  75. In less than a fortnight we shall be parallel with the government.
  76. When you are parallel to that pole, stop walking, and don’t try.
  77. I was almost convinced he might actually live in a parallel world.
  78. In parallel, the science of psychology gets its subject of research.
  79. These two great Adepts stand parallel with the Mahachohan on Their.
  80. Max knew this, but prayed he was closing on a near parallel course.
  81. The halflings and Maegar Dwarves moved in a united, parallel attack.
  82. Another parallel between the Exodus story and the prophecies found.
  83. I found it by the 9th parallel off the northwestern shores of Ceylon.
  84. It was near the city entrance and ran parallel to the access tunnels.
  85. They would ride along roughly parallel to the endless mass of hssswwx.
  86. We've been twisted into a parallel universe where anything can happen.
  87. People living in other times faced and still face parallel situations.
  88. A bit of clarification is called for, by way of parallel construction.
  89. It's nice to have some sections so flat that they can be parallel and.
  90. The Russian general immediately moved parallel to Napoleon upon Kaluga.
  91. The parallel line must not cut prices between those two initial points.
  92. The hidden reality: parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos.
  93. Part of the problem was that some of the phases had to run in parallel.
  94. Each core can simultaneously execute processor instructions in parallel.
  95. Roman was on top of her, his arms and hands lying parallel on hers, his.
  96. The term "parallel worlds" is most consonant with the concept of "Plans".
  97. Unless a tree is tormented, there is no close parallel to the teaching.
  98. In a parallel way, Gentiles are justified in Yeshua without circumcision.
  99. Alfred Marshall translates it "Unto the ages of the ages," "Parallel New.
  100. We tried to move parallel to the road, but there was too much underbrush.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. This story will show you the parallels.
  2. Here are a few parallels that we can learn.
  3. He could not help but note the parallels to.
  4. This roughly parallels the story of Daniel in.
  5. This also closely parallels burning candle and.
  6. Let us note here a few of the parallels to be met with.
  7. The symbolism parallels that of feet, stand and tread.
  8. The parallels and the psychology here cannot be ignored.
  9. However, the parallels between the two companies stop here.
  10. Historical parallels are remarkably efficient in this way.
  11. As I sit in English class trying to avoid any parallels of.
  12. Sometimes the parallels are both overwhelming and instructive.
  13. Look at the many parallels of their lives: both suffered exile.
  14. Parallels to the performance of fallen angel bonds are very close.
  15. Notice how this directly parallels the sex scandals of the Papacy?
  16. Parallels as far as time sequences, he replied a little testily.
  17. I think that the problem of schooling for us as a society parallels the.
  18. Consider what you are organizing and how it parallels an issue in your waking life.
  19. The parallels between this and the American War Between the States are frightening.
  20. The franticness and speed of the tapping parallels how chaotic or calm your life is.
  21. Perhaps the dream parallels a waking situation where it has put you on the defensive.
  22. Daniel is another book that openly parallels the themes of Revelation, but with certain.
  23. The Shenandoah remained between these parallels for several days but did not see one sail.
  24. Baal Hammon may also be spelled Baal Ammon or Amun, and parallels the Egyptian god Amun-Ra.
  25. Notice the parallels to the creation and structure of Freemasonry here? From my research and.
  26. The Doctrine of Two Spirits also purposely parallels and models the actual structure of this.
  27. While Wadhwa lamented thus, Suresh couldn’t help but recall the parallels in his parental story.
  28. Those interested in various ancient mysteries should notice some parallels between the stories of.
  29. Finding parallels between our daughters, I listened even more carefully as they spoke of Maggie Rose.
  30. What other option parallels exist? I can’t wrap my brain around what other option twins are out there.
  31. Parallels runs Windows inside an application, similar to opening a workspace inside your trading platform.
  32. She sketched out the parallels before finally handing Margolis the letter she had found on the windshield.
  33. If you’ve watched the movie then perhaps you see the parallels between my character Benaiah and the El Cid.
  34. Deep concern for his daughter's safety parallels this thought and he turns quickly and walks out of the trees.
  35. There are several ways to do this, with the most popular being Apple’s Boot Camp software or Parallels Desktop.
  36. He wrote literary and mythological essays in which he draws parallels between Greek myths and other mythologies.
  37. Was it passionate? Was it slow? Was it wild? The sex act parallels aspects of yourself that you wish to express.
  38. The mixed Arab – Berber race stole the Spanish artists for creating Islamic art in parallels, then poisoned them.
  39. The philosophy of investment in growth stocks parallels in part and in part contravenes the margin-of-safety principle.
  40. She saw the parallels with the founders of the Kassikan and wondered if she saw Alan’s fingerprints here once again.
  41. The symbolism parallels that of feet, stand and tread because it places the walking symbol above the walked-upon symbol.
  42. He is a committed student of the defensive martial art of Aikido, where he draws many analogies and parallels to trading.
  43. Consider the condition and designs of the carpet and how it parallels the foundation that you have laid for yourself in life.
  44. In spite of the many parallels in his life and mine, it came as a surprise when those we loved began to confuse our identities.
  45. Launched beyond the physical into infinite parallels, the endless experience dulled us to the stimuli we twitched, typed and twittered.
  46. In a way, his case parallels yours, Monica, in that he too was able to see at a point in his life, then an accident took away his sight.
  47. I was struck by the parallels between the stock market panic of 1907, which LeFevre discussed in detail, and what seemed to be happening in April 1962.
  48. With parallels to modern America, the excess and luxury that was Rome finally stretched the resources of the empire that the entitled class fought over too far.
  49. This would then drive her more convincingly to Calum, the true opposite of what Andy has become and would also create clearer parallels between her and Andy's stories.
  50. Those who are familiar with the practical politician, and his followers and their modern methods, will find few parallels in the characters and descriptions in these tales.
  51. It is also certain that they and their Hebrew parallels are often used to signify long but limited duration, as when the Mosaic institutions are said to be 'forever’ (Deut.
  52. Cochrane (1999) had the foresight to stress parallels among carry-oriented strategies in equity, bond, and foreign exchange markets as well as volatility selling and convergence trading.
  53. The solution used most often in industry parallels that used in academia, where articles submitted for publication in a print or online journal are first peer-reviewed by experts in the area.
  54. It has been quite rightly pointed out that this bears strong potential parallels to the role of the false prophet and Antichrist in establishing a world empire that makes war against the saints.
  55. Such an army will not trouble itself about geographical lines, in portioning out the divisions of its new empire; and will run the parallels of its power by other steel than that of the compass.
  56. Vincy's face, in which forty-five years had delved neither angles nor parallels; and pushing back her pink capstrings, she let her work rest on her lap, while she looked admiringly at her daughter.
  57. Thus, drawing too many parallels between the environmentalist movements of the late 19th century and their counterparts in the second half of the twentieth century - would probably prove misleading.
  58. All the lineaments which providence traces on the surface of a nation have their parallels, sombre but distinct, in their depths, and all convulsions of the depths produce ebullitions on the surface.
  59. This move parallels the general trend in corporate computing, where companies invest in information technologies despite the fact that conventional metrics fail to show an eventual improvement in the bottom line.
  60. Its western slope comprises 90 percent of the range, the peaks gradually descending to the fertile valleys that eventually give way to the California coast—which parallels the PCT roughly two hundred miles to the west for most of the way.
  61. When Marilyn’s psychological problems eventually became known, many overanalytical parallels would be made between her and her screen character, Nell Forbes; but these parallels are unwarranted, and unfairly diminish her talent as an actress.
  62. Casaubon himself was lost among small closets and winding stairs, and in an agitated dimness about the Cabeiri, or in an exposure of other mythologists' ill-considered parallels, easily lost sight of any purpose which had prompted him to these labors.
  63. There are beautiful parallels between Ed Seykota’s teachings and the teachings of those who are not necessarily focused in the world of investments, including notable authors like Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, and Wallace D.
  64. The accelerating feedback increase of extreme climatic change not only parallels the industrial/chemical revolution, but also the electrical/communication explosion – and their corresponding lack of foresight, which has co-generated our current lack of insight.
  65. Lang's Making of Religion was heavily influenced by the 18th century idea of the "noble savage": in it, he maintained the existence of high spiritual ideas among so-called "savage" races, drawing parallels with the contemporary interest in occult phenomena in England.
  66. While there’s no compelling evidence to lead to such conclusions, there is reason to note widespread social interaction and cultural diffusion, as Odyssey bears a number of parallels to the Mesopotamian adventures of Gilgamesh who also visited the land of the dead on his journey to the end of the earth.
  67. She had ripped her way through The Second Sex and Fear of Flying, followed up with The Female Eunuch, and after reading The Women’s Room had been so shocked at what she saw as the parallels to her own life that she had refused to cook for three days, until she had discovered Granddad was hoarding four-packs of stale doughnuts.
  68. Though Miller always denied the genesis of the play, if he thought of it at all, he must have acknowledged to his private self the parallels with events in his own life, not only concerning his women but also his personal experiences in the mid-1950s with HUAC’s spurious search for alleged Communists in the government, which he used as the inspiration for The Crucible.
  69. In good time, nevertheless, as the ardour of youth declines; as years and dumps increase; as reflection lends her solemn pauses; in short, as a general lassitude overtakes the sated Turk; then a love of ease and virtue supplants the love for maidens; our Ottoman enters upon the impotent, repentant, admonitory stage of life, forswears, disbands the harem, and grown to an exemplary, sulky old soul, goes about all alone among the meridians and parallels saying his prayers, and warning each young Leviathan from his amorous errors.

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