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Parcel dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was carrying a parcel.
  2. He handed me a small parcel.
  3. She zoomed in on the parcel.
  4. He had a parcel in his hands.
  5. My parcel of land is worth.

  6. Shape, size, box, and parcel them.
  7. Motivation is part and parcel of.
  8. The parcel had sailed out of sight.
  9. There's a parcel in the front room.
  10. Now it's people that I parcel out!.
  11. In the past, the parcel of land was.
  12. Oh,’ he said, holding out a parcel.
  13. Now it’s people that I parcel out!.
  14. Then the parcel grabbed her attention.
  15. Months later a parcel arrived in the post.

  16. Give me that little parcel and your gloves.
  17. Everything is part and parcel of the ―All.
  18. Willie unwrapped the parcel and gave a start.
  19. My parcel arrived a week after Keith had said.
  20. She found him in his shop, doing up a parcel.
  21. My company was not formed merely to parcel 49.
  22. As they saw the parcel he realized my meaning.
  23. Petr a parcel of clothes held together by twine.
  24. I then dug up a small parcel of the pupae of F.
  25. The parcel she was carrying fell from her hands.

  26. Aiden looked at Liam and then at a parcel on the.
  27. Her hand reached out and lifted a parcel of fabric.
  28. Once upon a time, there was a parcel called George.
  29. It was the delivery man, with a parcel for the boy.
  30. These things are very important if you are a parcel.
  31. Based on a trip to the parcel depot with James and Sam.
  32. I still need the password before I release the parcel.
  33. The good news is that the parcel from Cabela's has arrived.
  34. When I return, he’s staring at the brown parcel of books.
  35. The process by which a parcel of land is measured and its.
  36. Now I can manage the other parcel and the basket very well.
  37. He placed the parcel on his desk and tore the wrapping away.
  38. Clutching the parcel tighter, I hurried on to the bookshop.
  39. Going back to her spot on the sofa Tracey noticed the parcel.
  40. Maybe he says he has a parcel for them? Riley suggested.
  41. Throws a parcel on the table and puts the others into her box.
  42. A deed of trust secured by more than one lot or parcel of land.
  43. Singling out an older man, he waved the parcel while trying to.
  44. On the side of the plate, a perfect little aluminium foil parcel.
  45. The man who carries a parcel is anxious not to lose it — he is.
  46. He definitely gave me a ‘look’ when he handed the parcel over.
  47. As I see from your notes you have received the parcel with perfume.
  48. I took her down to the real estate office and she bought the parcel.
  49. A few days later he received a parcel containing his books and music.
  50. But all of this would be tolerable if only I could send you a parcel.
  51. She bowed and handed Pon a small parcel, bowed again and left the room.
  52. Candice tries everything, but, for now, the parcel is staying in Alaska.
  53. The parcel contained nothing of value and they’d given themselves away.
  54. Then bending to one side he presses a parcel against his ribs and groans.
  55. You must separate the parcel stamps with steam because there are always 2.
  56. Neville hurried to the bridge of the Titan with a bulky parcel in his hands.
  57. I had no choice but to open the parcel there and then in front of everybody.
  58. Because of his work he was granted thousands of acres including this parcel.
  59. Knead love into the bread you bake; wrap strength and courage in the parcel.
  60. It concerns that fifteen acre parcel out front of Eph's farmhouse; the one he.
  61. The receptionist handed the parcel over with all the dignity she could muster.
  62. The woman, whose name was Magnon, sent him another parcel in the following year.
  63. We found a real nice five acre parcel on the outskirts of Hollister, California.
  64. And still he was looking for some tiny, precious parcel of the globe to care for.
  65. Once they became connected to this small parcel of land, they identified with it.
  66. The gold is somewhere on that lot – somewhere on that eighth-of-an-acre parcel.
  67. They, too, sent us a parcel, but our American relatives were somewhat more modest.
  68. He never received a parcel or letter, but still was always the life of our company.
  69. Tom stopped at the butchers to pick up a parcel of meat for Cook then we drove on.
  70. What makes it even worse, is that tomorrow a huge parcel will arrive from Cabela's.
  71. Did you still receive the four-pound parcel? It contained sausage, lard and smokes.
  72. This parcel contains your graduation degree, as is clearly scribed on the envelope.
  73. SKIN INFECTIONS are part and parcel of the types of diseases seen by family doctors.
  74. Oh we’re already in negotiations for a parcel of land on the outskirts of town.
  75. Pon put the parcel in his old cloth bag along with the other items he would be using.
  76. It was a Thursday I remember and Dulcie had bought a a huge parcel of cotton Nappies.
  77. Veterinary Nembutal goes out by parcel service, and high-end clients come in by train.
  78. Tom, meanwhile, took a large parcel out of the cupboard and placed it in front of him.
  79. During my last days there I sent you a little parcel with soap powder and shoe polish.
  80. He unrolls one parcel and goes to dump the crubeen softly but holds back and feels the.
  81. Max sealed around the door with wide parcel tape, to keep the mist out and buy more time.
  82. I opened my parcel with great care to find another box, which had protective strips on it.
  83. The last resort said Pon smiling at everyone as he puts the small parcel into his bag.
  84. Well, look at this, he said, a parcel with stamps, an address and a pet rat inside.
  85. At the same time I laid on the same place a small parcel of the pupae of another species, F.
  86. Tarzan folded the sheets into a small parcel which he tucked into the quiver with his arrows.
  87. A man came out of the shop with a small parcel, and gave it to the lady, who then drove off.
  88. One was how he’d screwed up when he went to collect the parcel from his old rooming house.
  89. And Priscilla, giving the parcel to her breathless new help, hurried back to Creeper Cottage.
  90. The shopman made the doll, the tea-set and the needlecase into one parcel and gave it to Elsie.
  91. Say you bought a 10-acre parcel at $5,000 an acre because of its beautiful meadows and stream.
  92. Stef is not so convinced; �Let's see how the parcel pick up goes first and what happens after.
  93. If a parcel of kegs, in those days, alarmed them so much, what will Fulton's torpedoes do now?
  94. Two years later, another 10-acre parcel adjacent to yours goes on sale for only $2,000 an acre.
  95. A day later, Julia received a parcel in the mail from her aunty and Monica was there to join her.
  96. He took my parcel so I could hold up my skirts with one hand and keep the other hand on the rail.
  97. If a parcel was not accepted, the sight-Holder was no longer invited to these dealer sales.
  98. But scarcely had he stepped out of his carriage when the porter met him with a parcel in his hand.
  99. The special use permit for the proposed parcel of land is approved by a margin of three to two.
  100. Seal all joints with parcel tape, including the bottom, and put it into its original cardboard box.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. Still got yer parcels, Mr.
  2. Neat way she carries parcels too.
  3. Their adjacent parcels would be.
  4. Those food parcels made a huge 745.
  5. David said one of the parcels had arrived.
  6. I got parcels though, and cards and this.
  7. He couldn’t get the parcels out of his mind.
  8. She opened one of the Fed Ex parcels in the bag.
  9. A man came to the door and left several parcels.
  10. These are the biggest property parcels in the area.
  11. Later on, some small parcels of land were sold for.
  12. The parcels? I've brought mine, the rest's in the sledge.
  13. Now, there were parcels all over the room in which I slept.
  14. In addition to the parcels there were seven birthday cards.
  15. Robyn went over to one of the parcels and pulled out the map.
  16. Nicky eyed the sack of Fed Ex parcels on the floor of the boat.
  17. She flung her parcels on the floor and snatched the child from.
  18. Tom took the cards and parcels, together with the basket, indoors.
  19. Our driver was busily dividing the mail into parcels and envelopes.
  20. Once again laden with parcels, I returned to the safe house and to.
  21. The greatest sorrow is the fact that we cannot send any more parcels.
  22. To overcome this hesitation, he recommends buying and selling in parcels.
  23. There was the serious incident off Montague Island and there were the parcels.
  24. To mess up matters, he bid and won almost two million dollars worth of parcels.
  25. He placed the book carefully to one side and continued to open the other parcels.
  26. They were still big parcels of land by native standards, ten to a hundred acres.
  27. Blimey, I could have disappeared just then while you were buried in your parcels.
  28. Miss Minchin came to her side and looked at the parcels with an excited expression.
  29. Mansfield broke out, stole sixteen more parcels, and snuck them back into his cell.
  30. He and Joe carried out the boxes and parcels and placed them in the boot of the car.
  31. She didn’t point out that the parcels wouldn’t leave until the first post on Monday.
  32. After he concluded the agreement with me, I noticed some of these parcels were being sold.
  33. Also, McDonald’s collected rent over the years while its many land parcels appreciated.
  34. I was once more the innocent overwhelmed by parcels with the coming of a new year of life.
  35. She was always her best so--triumphant, tired, laden with parcels, feeling rich in spirit.
  36. Eloise frowned at him, then proceeded to take out all of the bags and parcels, rolling her.
  37. I sent you a soapbox for Mrs Thade - have you received it? I believe many parcels get lost.
  38. Stepanída's? What's Stepanída's compared to this? (Brightening up and undoing the parcels.
  39. She was juggling in vain with a pile of parcels and bags that seemed have a life of its own.
  40. Each man had his bunch of evening papers, some carried parcels from the city for suburban use.
  41. But as the food supplies began to dwindle, or parcels become less selective, quarrels broke out.
  42. How cold it is! Is it not? Have you got the parcels? said Schonbock, turning to the isvostchik.
  43. Recognising the rumblings of hunger on the prowl, she offered me one of the little parcels and nodded.
  44. In fact most of these parcels of land didn’t exist or else were in the middle of the Florida swamps.
  45. They were packages of regurgitated animals, fur and bone crushed and formed into tiny macabre parcels.
  46. Wrench did not neglect sending the usual white parcels, which this time had black and drastic contents.
  47. In the center stood a jam jar with flowers in it, and surrounding Willie's place were parcels and envelopes.
  48. Alpatych collected his parcels, handed them to the coachman who had come in, and settled up with the innkeeper.
  49. Alpátych collected his parcels, handed them to the coachman who had come in, and settled up with the innkeeper.
  50. At last a lot of mysterious little parcels and boxes were packed, things that Clara had gathered together for Heidi.
  51. He paid by cheque - on the new personal account, - and arranged to have the mountain of parcels delivered next Monday.
  52. One July day she came in with her hands full, and went about the house leaving letters and parcels like the penny post.
  53. Steve smiles as the young driver goes to the back of his van, opening the door he throws the parcels in and slams the doors.
  54. He could manage a good many parcels at once: some in each hand and some tied together with string and slung over his shoulders.
  55. Doctor Keiko Miramoto has already gone through the manifest and has made a suggested list of items for individual food parcels.
  56. He bargained for parcels of open land that could be developed or become sites for the billboard company he later sold to his son.
  57. The delivery of the food parcels was not done by the packing company – which appeared to be totally above board and legitimate.
  58. Along with the outdoor companies, my father originally bought several parcels of land occupied by billboards belonging to the sellers.
  59. She laid the two largest parcels on the hall table, and was looking at the address, when Miss Minchin came down the stairs and saw her.
  60. By purchasing surrounding parcels, Monsanto would buy the farmer's farm after it became too expensive for the farmer to run it anymore.
  61. Olin set the wrapped food, which Judy had correctly observed was enough for two people, upon a small table and let Holnami open the parcels.
  62. Two others, who were watching the ship and monitoring communications, confirmed no parcels or anything large enough to be the statuette had left the ship.
  63. A pallet that will be unloaded last has boxes full of heavy-duty plastic bags of various sizes that you will be able to use to make the individual parcels.
  64. Once the Louisiana Territory, the Northwest Territory, and other such land parcels were developed into states, they fell under normal congressional regulation.
  65. Atoms have no weight but feel heavy because of the electromagnetic energy between the larger planet earth attracting smaller parcels of electromagnetic energy.
  66. I couldn't, because I was so breathlessly pulling, and Vicki marched by my side in indignant silence, with a jealous eye divided between the parcels and the boy.
  67. This was done primarily through the parcel office of the International Mail Centre, which serves as a Post/Clearing Office for parcels coming from 50 warehouses.
  68. Without any delay, he began filling up the pockets of his trousers and overcoat without examining or undoing the parcels and cases; but he had not time to take many.
  69. When I entered the room, the man, who had entered but a moment before me, and was still unpacking his parcels, was saying something to his wife in an excited manner.
  70. Previously approved leasing was halted on the Outer Continental Shelf, oil and gas leases were halted in Utah and lease sales of eight parcels were stopped in Wyoming.
  71. The countess was sitting with her companion Belóva, playing grand-patience as usual, when Pierre and Natásha came into the drawing room with parcels under their arms.
  72. Without any delay, he began filling up the pockets of his trousers and overcoat without examining or undoing the parcels and cases; but he had not time to take many….
  73. The year passes, the newspapers are everywhere folded up and put away in cupboards, or are torn up and become litter, or are used for making parcels or wrapping things.
  74. But Tatyana Pavlovna frowned ; she did not even turn round at his words, but went on untying the parcels and laying out the good tl ings on some plates which had been brought in.
  75. By then, dozens of Polish nuns and of Jewish women had volunteered to help the overwhelmed Time Patrol team preparing the individual food parcels given to each of the camp survivors.
  76. Some fifty parcels of land were purchased along with the billboards, and in some cases as many as six billboard structures were located on a single parcel of land my father then owned.
  77. He handed parcels to them cheerily, and immediately began to explain that this great train had stopped for his sake at such a small station as Sethley Bridge: it was not booked to stop.
  78. Most fan mail for a cat: Socks lived in the White House during Bill Clinton’s presidency from 1992 to 2000 and is said to have received 75,000 letters and parcels a week.
  79. These transfers allow parcels of energy to be released which re-couples ADP with inorganic phosphate to form more ATP – the ultimate source of energy to power biological reactions in the body.
  80. The Cuckoos' Rest! Why not? How many women had you, eh, following them up dark streets, flatfoot, exciting them by your smothered grunts, what, you male prostitute? Blameless dames with parcels of groceries.
  81. Every year the Sight-Holders (about 270 dealers) were invited to London and permitted to buy, sealed pre-sorted parcels of diamonds (with End-user Certificates) at fixed prices – thus sight-unseen.
  82. Often stakes were made and sold on without the land being properly surveyed, which meant that sometimes people could buy parcels of land for almost nothing, which only months later turned out to be hugely valuable.
  83. He had his arms full of boxes and parcels and arranged them on the bed, in a leisurely fashion, while I overwhelmed him with abuse and called upon him to take off his mask, if it covered the face of an honest man.
  84. She cleared the dishes, we lit cigars; and Dudley Stone strolled me over to his office-athome, a rolltop desk, its jaws propped wide with parcels and papers and ink bottles, a typewriter, documents, ledgers, indexes.
  85. The old man returned with something I didn't expect - a side plate with pieces of fish in batter, one of those dolmades vine-leaf parcels, some local bread, a few olives and a glass of something that didn't look like water to me.
  86. He insisted on taking all the parcels, and the crowd, having jumped to the conclusion that he was the young woman's husband began to dwindle away, one of the jokers remarking `It's all over!' in a loud voice as he took himself off.
  87. In some of the richest and best endowed universities, the tutors content themselves with teaching a few unconnected shreds and parcels of this corrupted course ; and even these they commonly teach very negligently and superficially.
  88. You were scandalized by the behaviour of the men in the local trains who sat and smoked in the faces of the standing women, and by those men who walked with their female relations in the streets and caused their parcels to be carried by them.
  89. With Hilderich displaying genuine culinary audacity mixing various fruit-stuffs together and roasting them in small leaf parcels, they had indeed made the best of what Amonas had come up with, which was surprisingly and thankfully, quite a lot.
  90. In the middle of the warm morning they drove out of town in a rented truck filled with great crates and boxes and parcels and packages, long ones, tall ones, short ones, flat ones, all numbered and neatly addressed to one Robert Prentiss, New Toledo, Mars.
  91. The state may wish to maintain a system where parcels of land are owned by a single person rather than a group of people; because such groups have a tendency to sue each other over property they all have an interest in and this creates a problems and expenses for the state itself.
  92. The cardboard had been cut from a Canadian Red Cross POW relief package; because the Red Cross didn’t know of Ofuna’s existence, the package had probably been brought from another camp by the Japanese, who routinely purloined the contents of such parcels for their own consumption.
  93. Unless a capital was employed in breaking and dividing certain portions either of the rude or manufactured produce into such small parcels as suit the occasional demands of those who want them, every man would be obliged to purchase a greater quantity of the goods he wanted than his immediate occasions required.
  94. Atoms, in essence, are but energies without mass (because measured in eV - electrical volts), weight (because electromagnetic energy between the earth attracts smaller parcels of electromagnetic energy giving gravity) and visibility (because we see the visible light wave–lengths that are reflected by particular atoms).
  95. Later on, he had sold in little parcels, for gardens and market gardens, the lots of ground adjoining the corridor, and the proprietors of these lots on both sides thought they had a party wall before their eyes, and did not even suspect the long, paved ribbon winding between two walls amid their flower-beds and their orchards.
  96. I tried to rearrange the packages and parcels into a nest where I could lie with my discomfort but it soon became clear I should have skipped the cheese pie and lemonade because before long my stomach was trying to settle on whether or not to surprise me by throwing up over American parcels, Australian parcels or the fragrant cabbage.
  97. He had had a varied career into the details of which I do not propose to go, had come three or four years before to live in the West of England because it was so far from all the other places he had lived in, had got work in Minehead, settled there respectably, married, and was a friend of that carrier who brought the bread and other parcels every day to the Symford store.
  98. He went to the shops and brought back rolls of leather for the shoemaker, old iron for the farrier, a barrel of herrings for his mistress, caps from the milliner's, locks from the hairdresser's and all along the road on his return journey he distributed his parcels, which he threw, standing upright on his seat and shouting at the top of his voice, over the enclosures of the yards.
  99. He went to the shops and brought back rolls of leather for the shoemaker, old iron for the farrier, a barrel of herrings for his mistress, caps from the milliner's, locks from the hair-dresser's and all along the road on his return journey he distributed his parcels, which he threw, standing upright on his seat and shouting at the top of his voice, over the enclosures of the yards.
  100. The Auschwitz camp for Jews had a movie theater, a post office where the prisoners could receive parcels and write letters back to their family, better food than the rest of rationed Germany was allowed, a swimming pool, an infirmary, a gynecological center, clean clothes, clean heated barracks, a kindergarten for the children, an orchestra, a soccer field… The prisoners were allowed to print their own money.

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