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Parenthood dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Single parenthood can be very complicated.
  2. Single parenthood began thousands of years ago.
  3. Growing into parenthood is the greatest expe-.
  4. Single parenthood can happen for different reasons.
  5. Transition to Parenthood: Current Theory and Research.
  6. Transition to Parenthood: Must We Blame the Baby? The.
  7. Not all single parents struggle with single parenthood.
  8. Parenthood is a serious business because we are dealing with precious souls.
  9. These numbers show that death is not a very likely cause of single parenthood.
  10. Single parenthood can change depending on the laws of the city, state or country.
  11. Planned Parenthood, a major recipient of Title X funding, is also a major abortion.
  12. Set a worthy example for them, and remain aware of the responsibilities of parenthood.
  13. From Planned Parenthood: The only kind of sex that has no consequences is masturbation.
  14. The use of the Law of Attractions will help you realize these other aspects of parenthood as well.
  15. You have to know more about the figures then determine if single parenthood is the right way to go.
  16. Some occurrences can also trigger single parenthood, such as the death of one parent or abandonment.
  17. The encyclical dealt with married love, responsible parenthood, natural law, and union / procreation.
  18. Many of the problems that come along with single parenthood are balanced out by what can be perceived as advantages.
  19. Planned Parenthood began promoting and performing abortions later when it was legalized in 1973 after King’s death.
  20. Sanger and Planned Parenthood recruited the support of theologically liberal clergy to promote its population control efforts.
  21. When he finally talked her in to it, he was the one who took her to a Planned Parenthood clinic and paid for the abortion himself.
  22. Under Title X funding of the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Planned Parenthood can use federal dollars to hand out.
  23. This novel will be followed up with Future Echoes, filled with stories of her children and the hair-pulling days of parenthood.
  24. Again, Sanger and Planned Parenthood won Dubois and King’s support when the issue was providing contraceptives to the poor, not abortion.
  25. The alignment of so many significant black leaders with Planned Parenthood forces the Democratic Party to include abortion in its platform.
  26. For instance, through liberal theology or politics, white-organized Planned Parenthood partnered with African-American leaders, including W.
  27. To this day, Planned Parenthood uses King’s support of providing contraceptives to imply that he put his stamp of approval on abortion as well.
  28. And while Planned Parenthood would disagree, probably a solid majority of Americans would agree that abortion is absolutely the worst possible form of birth control.
  29. Oh, Robert," she cried, flinging out her hands and letting go all the rest of the things she had learned to say, "don't you think this persistent parenthood might end now?".
  30. Ken found company difficult, preferring the routines of parenthood, work and horticulture to the efforts and strains inherent in the pursuit of conviviality and social exchange with his peers.
  31. The conservative line on crime and punishment suited her schemata, as did the conservative line on refugees, the homeless, public housing, single parenthood, and many other social concerns, not to mention environmentalism and medicine.
  32. What was common to one and all with whom I spoke was the language of parenthood, which was new to me, but in which I found myself comforted and enveloped, the conversations being a kind of mind game, an acting out where for hours I played to my heart’s content.
  33. When Planned Parenthood began performing abortions in 1973, and increased aggressively the number of new abortion clinics, it brought about a destructive change in the meaning of contraception that turned Dubois and King’s good intentions into black genocide.
  34. How can we celebrate racial equality and progress before God with clear consciences when a vote for President Obama was a vote to provide government funding to Planned Parenthood, which, in God’s eyes, murders by abortion unborn children? It was also a vote for our nation funding other international abortion providers who increase its genocide worldwide.
  35. Really, what else would you call forcing schools, and not parents, to feed children, and then inviting 41 million Americans to collect food stamps? And then, there is the not so little matter of spending tax dollars on Planned Parenthood (no friend of families), Public Broadcasting, and various United Nations activities too numerous to even attempt to make a list of.
  36. Did he? What was the good of saying he did if he didn't? Was everything with him, and perhaps with other husbands--she knew so little about husbands--bound up with parenthood? Was it true, what he said to her the day she begged him to be friends, that a husband and wife could never be friends? She felt so entirely able to love Robert, to love him tenderly and deeply, without perpetually being somebody's mother.
  37. Transitions to parenthood: His, hers,.

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