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Parry dans une phrase (en anglais)

The goalkeeper could only parry.
Poor Miss Parry, thought Rafferty.
Thrust and parry, thrust and parry.
Unknown to him the parry had done more.
Ellen Parry; or, Trials of the Heart, 63.
As Joseph spun with the parry he heard a.
Keep the blade close to you when you parry.

Maldynado’s attempt to parry came too late.
Kyol swings as ordered, forcing the rebel to parry.
The crow tried to parry the budgie’s next attack.
Two of the other soldiers managed to parry the blows of Black.
And during that time a pattern of hunt and parry has developed.
It was clearly his turn to land a few punches in the verbal parry.
The Making of Homeric Verse: The Collected Papers of Milman Parry.
Ring on his right hand to parry and used his left hand to receive it.
Cloud blocked the strike, his triceps burning as he fought to parry.
Ralph’s head, but Ralph raised his sword just in time to parry the stroke.
Now Jason was fencing with him, thrust, a question, parry with an unhelpful answer.
These were not hard to parry with our shields, but weariness was telling on the men.
The parry stopped the blow that would have easily split the magician’s head in two.
The merfolk were forced to parry the strikes of the longer weapons with their curved daggers.
One was that it would be no longer possible to parry the question of pumping apparatus with Mr.
Rafferty wondered about his relationship with Gwen Parry as he gazed at the now bent greying head.
Thrust, thrust, parry, thrust, thrust, and then the tip of Ben’s sword hit Zirnen’s sword hand.
Hooting with laughter, Tucker stumbled back, grabbing another rod on the fly and bringing it up to parry.
The momentum of the attack and his parry forced me toward his right side and he tried to stab me with the knife.
He wondered whether Miss Parry had found her last chance in Dr Whittaker and if she was prepared to fight for it.
They were desperate to defeat the Maegar Dwarves but could not summon the strength to parry their berserker attacks.
She must, like Miss Parry, have been in her early forties: "Miss Robinson's last chance", the affair had been dubbed.
Her sword darted past a blade that sought to parry, and sheathed six inches of its point in a leather-guarded midriff.
But I was also trained with these fuller motions required to use and to parry heavy weapons and to strike through armor.
He covered the ground with remarkable speed to the first man, who barely had time to bring up his blade in time to parry.
Like a martial artist, we must move with these changes and use them to our advantage; not stand rigid and try to parry them.
He couldn't believe the elegant, if slightly repressed, Miss Parry, would be anything but extremely put out in similar circumstances.
Ben countered in time to keep from losing the match, but his parry wasn’t enough to keep Zirnen’s sword from hitting his shoulder.
They came to, this time Sophie moved correctly and there was the attack, parry, attack, parry, with the clacking rhythm of a violent dance.
But they were closer to him than he was to the door, and with one foot on the sill he had to wheel and parry the swipe of a yard-long blade.
The creature snarled and raised the lance for an attack, Galahad tried to parry, but his sword arm was still numb from contact with such a deadly.
Here’s another cool testimony from a great friend of mine, Chuck Parry, who had a visitation of the Lord one day where He was taken to heaven:.
He caught the sword of the first man on his ax-head and crushed in the wielder's breast with a murderous counterstroke before he could step back or parry.
He had his knives, but they were no use for parrying.
He had hit on a more ingenious mode of parrying than he was aware of.
Liam poked his head out of the fray while still parrying the rain of blows effortlessly.
She stepped back coolly, parrying the strokes and watching for her chance to thrust home.
We danced betwixt the swaying Hammocks, feinting, thrusting, parrying, and playing Hide and Seek.
Lezura whirled her spear with an artistic grace, parrying repeated attacks from three Cyries at once.
For the past two hours she had sat glaring at the No Smoking sign on the dashboard and parrying his chat-up banter.
To the amazement of the watching Knot each of Karlov's blows were met by Eugenie's parrying sword or thin air as she side stepped.
Grindel and Brokin fought near the entrance to the chamber, both lost to the depths of their rage, thrusting and parrying with flashing claws as they tried to kill each other.
As the sun was sinking, Hazel brought them all together, under close cheerful, he could feel that they were on edge, and after parrying one or two cover, to chew pellets and rest.
The remaining Nemedian, missing a savage swipe, had his brains dashed out before he could recover his balance, and an instant later the Aquilonian was backed into a corner, desperately parrying the crashing strokes that rained about him, lacking opportunity even to scream for help.
I lunged for him and he parried.
But the elder parried his attacks with ease.
I verbally parried with him for a while before I.
Hero confidently parried each attack with his sword.
The prince parried the blow before bringing his own blade.
Ariella parried and stepped backwards as Karlov came again.
In that instant Onn got up to his feet and parried the blows.
As Josef parried remark for remark with the Duke he caught a.
When he parried I used my left hand to punch him in the face.
Donovan turned and parried a sword thrust that had been aimed.
The gaunt humanoids parried and lunged with their steel weapons.
They parried and evaded the swinging claws of the wolf creatures.
Jalhi glanced at the small dragons as she parried against an orc.
The man parried their attacks and said, What do you guys think.
And a very good morning to you too, Mr Scully, parried Rudolph.
Nord parried the blow, deflecting the ax head towards the rock floor.
She was easily avoided them and parried them by striking Joey’s arm.
Nangong Ping parried it in time with his hand again but his head had a.
Nangong Ping parried the tables away to the walls behind his back as he.
He swung his scimitar at Gnoll who parried the attack with his longsword.
In between the echoes, Guo Yuxia had parried several attacks, and beads of.
They parried for a bit and then Altera increased the strength of her blows.
Michael parried it with the shield but it was ripped from his grasp by the.
He stepped back, parried the thrust with a counter thrust and ended the match.
At last, said the Captain, as he parried yet another thrust from Boglehob.
I barely parried it and then quickly retaliated back with several thrusts of my own.
Yeltsa reached for her knuckledusters and parried the first attack while on her back.
Salic parried them easily and laughed as they stuck in the side of the boat in a neat row.
The soldier parried S’us two strikes and knocked her with the butt of his gun in the head.
They parried the slashing claws and fangs of the dragon and countered with their broadswords.
A Hunter came out of nowhere and slashed at me with her knife, but I parried and kept running.
After scrabbling with it for a horrifying millisecond, she brought it up and parried his blow.
But I thought at the time that you quite guessed, Smerdyakov parried with the simplest air.
Llewellyn and his Qualinesti Elves were experienced fighters and parried the blows of the Nozroth.
He had parried with his great bowie knife, and at first I thought that he too had come through in safety.
The Knights of Coermantyr parried the thrusting blades of the orcs tactfully and counter-attacked a number of them.
Torvald and Satvinder parried the rapid strikes of their adversaries and the other fighters in the group followed suit.
If he did not avoid it, how could he have endured it? In his anger, he made a yell and parried the kick with his left hand.
Len parried the thrust but the sudden changing of hands threw him off balance, which gave Ben the opening he was looking for.
Reoren parried the flurry of strikes from the minotaurs and counter-attacked with a studded mace, similar to the one Bors used.
All of Ben's feints, thrusts, and parries were deft and accurate.
Now even his parries were slower a lot and he was slowly unable to hold on.
She felt how all of her parries fell one by one when she looked into his eyes.
Severus gritted his teeth and engaged Otho in a series of strikes and parries.
So I only learned these standard strikes and parries, and the basics of tactics, mostly as it applies to duels.
The female forms were designed to accommodate for the fact that women would usually have less force behind their strikes and parries.
Ben started with a series of parries and half thrusts, which were meant to fool the antagonist into believing an offensive move was coming.
A furious exchange of blows and parries followed, with Elizabeth putting to good use her souvenirs of combat from her previous life as a Zulu warrior.
He pretended a mock adversary and did a few feints, a few parries, a few thrusts, and then, with his sword by his side, he stood waiting for Doog to come out of the tunnel.
This is where the large payoffs started, and then it became larger depending on how accurately the gambler predicted the number of hits, feints, thrusts, parries, and so on.
Another, even more intricate exchange of passes and parries followed for a good minute, an eternity in professional fencing, with the movement of their blades so quick that one could barely follow them visually.
They had obviously wagered on a short match, and now, those who wagered most accurately, within the fifteen-second window, and on the number of thrusts, feints, parries, and rare maneuvers would be the big winners.
Her eyes of white never leaving those of Solo Ki, she hopped, leaving the blade of the female guard to slice the air below her feet, while she fended off the attack of the other with a series of lightning quick parries, both her blades flashing out to redirect the powerful blow of his long sword.
The way this is been performed is many years of training hard in all defense and attacks in as many art as possible including to finally create your own common sense own art for example you learn things such as all punches kicks knees elbows so on and defense like blocks parries ducks moving out the way in constant movements, so on so ones you perfect these you have to make the hands body legs think for themselves the way you do that is you don't say this is the best thing to do like blocking or punching or peering or this or that by the time you think to which punch to use and which defense to use and by the time you react to when you strike are 4 thought away from just one responding in letting it go to strike for itself now that is faster just one thought just strike nor do you say today I think I use this technique you must be dead to thought and have a plan to react intently without one reacting with your reflexes in.

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