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Part dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Let him be part of.
  2. Not just part of it.
  3. All part of the plan.
  4. It is part of terror.
  5. It was a part of her.

  6. But he is part of the.
  7. Rubbed part of it away.
  8. They were part of the.
  9. Wynne had done his part.
  10. It's part of his story.
  11. Part, but not the end).
  12. All part of the service.
  13. I already did that part.
  14. In the greater part of.
  15. Now I turned to our part.

  16. I wanted to do my part.
  17. It’s all part of you.
  18. This part was a cakewalk.
  19. Lovers for the most part.
  20. Now came the tricky part.
  21. I knew there was a part.
  22. They all have a part to.
  23. That was the easy part.
  24. In the greatest part of.
  25. Like a part of me swung.

  26. That is not the hard part.
  27. It is a part of your soul.
  28. It's all part of the game.
  29. It’s all part of the job.
  30. And that was the kind part.
  31. Part of her hated this act.
  32. They were part of the hack.
  34. Be part of the Trumpet Call.
  35. A part of me, the logical.
  36. This was the part he loved.
  37. I remember the part where.
  38. Ye have no part in the LORD.
  39. I know Im a part of God.
  40. ClickBank, for the most part.
  41. This was part of my destiny.
  42. Each is a part of the other.
  43. And then came the hard part.
  44. Part of her wanted him dead.
  45. Even so, a key part of the.
  46. Now they could part friends.
  47. For his part, the Dean had.
  48. The me part was a bit strange.
  49. The only part of his face I.
  50. It is not, for the most part.
  51. Rather, one part of his body.
  52. For the most part Archibald.
  53. This wasn't part of the plan.
  54. But this is all part of war.
  55. Nice try on your part, though.
  56. And it is part of the temple.
  57. It’s all part of the plan.
  58. That part was all so confusing.
  59. For her part, Helen, who was.
  60. We can be part of what He is.
  61. Now it is part of Mexico City.
  62. In fact, the first part is to.
  63. I wasn't part of that movement.
  64. In the nether part of the bear.
  65. She was just part of the image.
  66. That was a small part of it.
  67. Each part of it is a separate.
  68. She hadn’t dreamed that part.
  69. The revelation is the easy part.
  70. A funny part is also the parents.
  71. We are indeed part of ‘One’.
  72. It’s the unknown part of you.
  73. Part of that reason is coaching.
  74. That is a major part of my point.
  75. Wormwood can’t stand that part.
  76. Was he part of the mission?
  77. He had a closed part where was.
  78. Part of him welcomed such chaos.
  79. No, that was the part I made up.
  80. I don’t know that part yet.
  81. Her hair had a part on the side.
  82. It was all just part of the game.
  83. We don't want any part of them.
  84. The sincere part, the love and.
  85. The ball broke the webbed part.
  86. Perhaps the most important part.
  87. Mahapuja with part of that money.
  88. This transformation is part of.
  89. It was just a part of my mission.
  90. A part of defeating the lack of.
  91. Except the part about being jani.
  92. But are part of it themselves—.
  93. Those Warhol types were part of.
  94. She thought Terese was part wolf.
  95. All part of the plan, I supposed.
  96. Part of the project preparation.
  97. That was the easy part completed.
  98. If it is part water by composi-.
  99. Part of that plan is scheduling.
  100. I had become a part of this family.
  1. They all wept at parting.
  2. Her parting was my pain;.
  3. Charly took a parting shot.
  4. It was an emotional parting.
  5. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
  6. We’re parting on good terms.
  7. Death: the parting of the ways.
  8. Our parting was that of friends.
  10. These were his parting words to.
  11. It was a very polite parting shot.
  12. She reappeared for a parting shot.
  13. Hospital, through the parting doors.
  14. Bilbo gave to him as a parting gift.
  15. Elrond gave it to me at our parting.
  16. Still, she had cried at the parting.
  17. Most stuck to it as parting ways was.
  18. Bernard and I had a parting of ways.
  19. After parting, I looked at Sue lovingly.
  20. And He realizes that it is the parting.
  21. On parting they had one last comment:.
  22. In the evening there was another parting.
  23. Her heart was completely sad at parting.
  24. As with every parting, this one was hard.
  25. Chapter Fourteen: The parting of the ways.
  26. My parting gift to you before I kill you.
  27. After parting, we leaned the sides of our.
  28. Rushworth's parting attentions as she ought.
  29. Rushworth’s parting attentions as she ought.
  30. I had come upon them at the moment of parting.
  31. GIANT snot was now pasted on the parting doors.
  32. Not one tear of parting welled up within them.
  33. But the god Wotan objects to parting with Freia.
  34. It wasn’t the kind of parting gift you would.
  35. So, my parting shot to you is: don’t overdo it.
  36. You know, I can still remember our final parting.
  37. The farmer makes his profit by parting with them.
  38. He said, This is the parting between you and me.
  39. It was a hard parting, though it was not for long.
  40. Holly didn't feel like parting from Caleb just yet.
  41. In the moment of parting, Edmund was invited by Dr.
  42. And we really may be parting for seven years or ten.
  43. So conduct research, before parting with your hard.
  44. A word of tenderness, even a parting talked of honor.
  45. He had challenged me to such a parting scene himself.
  46. No one was willing to start the topic of parting first.
  47. He was glad when they came to the parting of the ways.
  48. A short while later we entered the parting doors then.
  49. Without a parting farewell, he and Brittney parted ways.
  50. Does make one hell of a parting shot! David added.
  51. But Caris realized that his parting remark had been true.
  52. The man’s eyes grow wide for a moment, his lips parting.
  53. Although it was a sad parting of ways, it had to be that.
  54. The parting between Munro and his young friend was more.
  55. But for Bridget it was a time of parting and uncertainty.
  56. He pulled a tarp down, lighting parting of the warehouse.
  57. Prove to me there was a flood, a parting of a sea or 26.
  58. Undoubtedly, the parting places of Ireland are among the.
  59. There came a shriek of parting steel as the Buster Sword.
  60. Then, parting from Alyosha, Mitya had rushed to Grushenka.
  61. The worst part for her, however, was parting with her pets.
  62. Despite the pain of their parting, Elowen was glad to see.
  63. Farebrother, parting from Lydgate in the street, supposed.
  64. Parting line, taken, should not lead to any casting problem.
  65. That makes the radius parting the Universe infinitely small.
  66. The happy child at parting thanked him for all his goodness.
  67. Their parting had not been easy, as stormy as their pairing.
  68. He was pleased with that parting speech for he had never said.
  69. With one parting shot, Cecily said, Jeff’s the plant boss.
  70. She asked one parting question of Kulai as she climbed inside.
  71. Glad to part again, Estella? To me, parting is a painful thing.
  72. The Cap lays on the ship’s horn, sending his parting gesture.
  73. His nose brushes mine, and I fail to stop my lips from parting.
  74. With another coarse chuckle, he gave me a parting shot, The.
  75. With those parting words, she skipped out the open patio doors.
  76. Until that moment, she had had no idea of parting with the mills.
  77. That was when Dunk recalled Osgrey’s parting words in the wood.
  78. He moved in close and kissed me, parting my lips with his tongue.
  79. I’ll be back in the morning, the surgeon said in parting.
  80. The women crowded around the fighters, parting them and shouting.
  81. Ten years of parting and now this familiar face is seen again.
  82. Cass takes his parting insult to heart with vengeance in his eyes.
  83. And as a parting gift, he had left Albert Gray with a broken nose.
  84. The old knight had pressed it on him once again, as a parting gift.
  85. Sesemann then arrived, and a few last parting words were exchanged.
  86. Behold He saw the heavens parting and the heavens were opened to Him.
  87. Nevertheless, NASA confirms the moon and earth is parting in a way.
  88. When the ewe collapsed, Tragus added three vicious kicks in parting.
  89. I was felting for a moment; I felt that my heart was parting from me.
  90. Someday I will tell you about our parting and all that was said then.
  91. Some turned their backs on me, and made no reply to my parting words.
  92. Theresa stood up and left the saloon with a monosyllabic parting word.
  93. After parting our kiss, I said, It’s a wonderful way to start out.
  94. It was also the realization that they would be parting from a lot more.
  95. And with that parting reminder, Langdon was up and out of Crabby Bills.
  96. I thought at the time, 'She planned this parting before ever I came in.
  97. Nicole related the events of the afternoon but hesitated at the parting.
  98. But what does it mean, brother? Are we really parting for ever that you.
  99. After parting with a smile on our faces, Sue grabbed the lotion and our.
  100. The parting of the double ruby pout of his lips seemed to exhale an air.
  1. In that way they parted.
  2. With this vow we parted.
  3. The crowd parted for him.
  4. Then the two men parted.
  5. Then Sue parted from me.
  6. The crowd parted, and a.
  7. Then she parted her legs.
  8. The Keys That Parted Ways.
  9. I parted my kiss from Sue.
  10. At last the friends parted.
  11. At last her eyelids parted.
  12. We parted ways after this.
  13. Her lips parted in a smile.
  14. They had parted only when.
  15. Sue parted her kiss from me.
  16. Sue and I parted and stood up.
  17. We parted that night, after.
  18. Her coral lips parted into a.
  19. We parted ways in high spirits.
  20. We had parted best of friends.
  21. His lips were slightly parted.
  22. As if we parted on good terms.
  23. Her lips were slightly parted.
  24. It’s time that we parted.
  25. Her lips parted as if to speak.
  26. The leaves parted and Elowen.
  27. As they parted, he looked back.
  28. She was crying when you parted.
  29. The crowd parted and a single.
  30. We parted enough to look into.
  31. We then parted with big loving.
  32. Nidan, and Farah, parted company.
  33. He showed slightly parted teeth.
  34. The rain parted to let him pass.
  35. He laughed and they parted company.
  36. They parted to look at one another.
  37. They parted with a hug and a kiss.
  38. They both parted and became alert.
  39. Carrie’s lips parted in surprise.
  40. No, in truth; we parted at Hyeres.
  41. They parted their hands and slid.
  42. Sue and I parted and chuckled a bit.
  43. She did so a week before we parted.
  44. Then, with a roar, the dark parted.
  45. Her lips were parted so she could.
  46. I parted my face from Sue’s some.
  47. We should have parted much earlier.
  48. A low hedge parted the two estates.
  49. Then we parted a little more as I.
  50. But then the throng of trolls parted.
  51. The crowd parted to allow us through.
  52. My lips parted, drawing in a breath.
  53. Might be it’s time we parted ways.
  54. I parted from them in deep distress.
  55. That he could not bear to be parted.
  56. We said our goodbyes then parted ways.
  57. The bushes parted and a man appeared.
  58. Tam, parted from me, never parted.
  59. Afterwards, we slowly parted our kiss.
  60. They parted as he crawled to a spot.
  61. They parted and smiled at each other.
  62. After about a minute, Bev parted her.
  63. My lips parted as I contemplated them.
  64. And they parted his raiment, and cast.
  65. Then, with Sue on top, Sue parted her.
  66. I parted my lips and the next thing I.
  67. A short while later the two parted ways.
  68. Her lips parted, but no sound came out.
  69. After a few moments, they parted again.
  70. They parted already the best of friends.
  71. They parted, each man swimming in grief.
  72. After they parted, they smiled at each.
  73. Soon as we parted, she went in her own.
  74. But the cart moved and their hands parted.
  75. I'm sorry we parted on such angry terms.
  76. No need to go into detail, but we parted.
  77. Bev parted their kiss as Sue and I kissed.
  78. We said our goodbyes and then parted ways.
  79. The audience parted as the puddle spread.
  80. We parted ways and we returned to our car.
  81. I can't bear being parted from my cobwebs.
  82. We parted our kiss and moved onto the bed.
  83. But I want you to remember how we parted.
  84. Rosie nodded, and we parted ways for then.
  85. The doors parted, revealing an additional.
  86. The magicians parted, clearing the way to.
  87. We parted to let the women walk between us.
  88. Like the Red Sea: parted for passage and a.
  89. After a few moments we parted our hug and.
  90. Sue parted from Bev a little as they both.
  91. After a bit of this, Sue and I parted and.
  92. Zem and Sue then parted and held onto each.
  93. Bearded lips parted but no sound came forth.
  94. Suddenly, the leaves parted and Ali came out.
  95. After we parted today, we may not meet again.
  96. We said our goodbyes, cried, then parted ways.
  97. When they parted at last, Heidi waved to him.
  98. Claire lips were still parted in silent shock.
  99. They all parted with promises to return the.
  100. Zem and Bev parted their hug and looked at us.
  1. Parts of it are in.
  2. Get to the good parts.
  3. In many parts of the.
  4. In some parts of the.
  5. Spirits in the parts of.
  6. The Talmud has two parts.
  7. One soul with five parts.
  8. One of the parts of the.
  9. Boxes of gears and parts.
  10. Some other parts of the.
  11. Other parts, not so much.
  12. Tell her the comic parts.
  13. The crowd parts and murmurs.
  14. The heading was: Parts List.
  15. All are parts of the whole.
  16. Or at least with new parts.
  17. The previous parts of this.
  18. Split off parts of the self.
  19. All of the parts of me are.
  20. All the bomb parts includ-.
  21. The parts only provide the.
  22. You know—in parts, sewn up.
  23. Five parts of the soul….
  24. Caverns in derelict parts of.
  25. I turned parts of that paper.
  26. But there are parts of these.
  27. A lot of bears in these parts.
  28. Then came the spare parts guy.
  29. Only an idiot in these parts.
  30. Looks like the parts are here.
  31. They might cut the wrong parts.
  32. Three parts of a working whole.
  33. In life, there are two parts.
  34. Defining the parts of an option.
  35. The Parts That Really Matter.
  36. And what parts are left?
  37. The parts that matter, I replied.
  38. Soak to remove the fleshy parts.
  39. However, parts of the business.
  40. They then re-grow damaged parts.
  41. It will cost $75-$100 plus parts.
  42. The shipyard itself had two parts.
  43. Parts of Mu are still seen today.
  44. The parts that keep me still alive.
  45. Exposed body parts were blackened.
  46. But her leaving stole parts of me.
  47. Romance in the private parts of it.
  48. The statue was made of five parts.
  49. Same procedure for the muti parts.
  50. As I looked at the parts of me I.
  51. Body parts of a heku were tossed.
  52. All parts of the plant can be used.
  53. There are 4 parts to this module:.
  54. The central parts of these spans.
  55. Some parts have had to be grafted.
  56. The nation separates into two parts.
  57. You'll have friends in these parts.
  58. I am more than the sum of my parts.
  59. Morrison ruling that parts of the.
  60. I left some parts of the story out.
  61. These mirrors were broken in parts.
  62. It explains the missing body parts.
  63. Parts of the transept and façade.
  64. But I don't know if the parts are.
  65. Parts of it are about finding out.
  66. Some parts of the town were vacant.
  67. Just as parts of the natural world.
  68. But the spare parts store was closed.
  69. Then all that exists is parts of me.
  70. Because it has a lot of moving parts.
  71. Alan had come here scavenging parts.
  72. It had been noisy too, loose parts.
  73. Not like the men around these parts.
  74. If the pipe is rusted out in parts.
  75. Credit is unknown in parts of Africa.
  76. To find the neverlosted hidden parts.
  77. They can reach all parts of the body.
  78. Parts of this book have been quite.
  79. This was the first legal auto parts.
  80. The inner parts of the clump form a.
  81. There are three parts to this Academy.
  82. But they come in several bulky parts.
  83. Especially ’round these here parts.
  84. Divide into 4 parts and roll out on.
  85. That will rejoin your separate parts.
  86. The prophets point the parts of the.
  87. His empire was split into four parts.
  88. Most parts that went in to cars had.
  89. Fires had started in some parts of Pyr.
  90. Parts of the placenta were still there.
  91. Parts can neither fragment nor accrete.
  92. You had a good look at those parts.
  93. In some parts it widens into a morass.
  94. He runs the parts store in my village.
  95. She illuminated the best parts of him.
  96. Parts of the body and related things:.
  97. Yeah, most of these parts are pretty.
  98. Other parts looked as if they sprang.
  99. There are parts in the Qur'an saying.
  100. Darker parts of the streets,.

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