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Partake dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. To partake of his crown.
  2. Partake of My fullness, for I have.
  3. Partake of Me! Lo, My mouth is open also.
  4. He want us to partake in His Glory as family.
  5. We partake of the same root, but that does not mean.

  6. Please come here quickly and partake of this offering.
  7. Come here please and partake of this offering and torma.
  8. My rationale was that since you and I will not partake.
  10. Blessed are those who partake of Me and of the food I offer.
  12. Proud to be a member of is an oath to partake of a Blood Libel.
  13. These are custom designed for those with enough money to partake.
  14. The same way you connect to and browse or partake in the Internet.
  15. Nevertheless, Brontes knew this was a fight they had to partake in.

  16. Such a one therefore will not partake of the spirit which is Christ.
  17. Only full members of the congregation could partake of this sacrament.
  18. They who partake of restricted food offer as oblation their breath to.
  19. He is not! An elevation to shrillness seemed to partake of itself.
  20. This is exactly what you must do when you partake of the Holy Communion.
  21. You desecrate the Name of your Creator when you partake in these rituals.
  22. Moving from ignorance to understanding is to partake of the divine mind.
  23. Sage, I don’t fault you for something you were forced to partake in.
  24. That the count has never been willing to partake of food under the roof of M.
  25. The feast to which the rest of the Earth's inhabitants are invited to partake.

  26. I have not bathed today; let us partake of the wonderful accommodations upstairs.
  27. As I partake of it this morning/afternoon/evening, I partake of the covenant of life.
  28. Not only did Noureddin's friends constantly partake of his hospitality, but in every.
  29. Accordingly you are not to partake in this quarrel between Lord Chandra and the others.
  30. It is so important that you all partake in this venture, that I am making it compulsory.
  31. But let us all now go into the house and partake of nourishment for these physical bodies.
  32. Jose's face maintained a stoicism that resembled a man who wanted to partake in this fantasy.
  33. I was suddenly tired and knew that my only cure was to partake of Adrian’s blood once more.
  34. They will therefore partake of the modelling of the sphere and not be the same tone all across.
  35. By using the spirits of the dead, the ancient Aztec rulers could partake in this bountiful floodlight.
  36. Agreeing with His promises enables us to partake of His diving nature, by manifesting His nature in us.
  37. Now that Ankharet has been destroyed the vampires may again partake of the trade routes in the highlands.
  38. Next day she received a box containing the Sacred Host, which was left at her house for her to partake of.
  39. In fact, in its nature it does not in the smallest degree partake of the derivative, incidental character.
  40. Lucas--it seems--was putting on a recital at the edge of town and he wanted Adrian to partake of his glory.
  41. There are still many residents that don't like to partake in certain events, and many have to work during them.
  42. There were added to the church ten souls, who were that day with us permitted to partake of the Lord’s Supper.
  43. Very soon his morning meditations began to partake of the nature of those of the night, but they were more bitter.
  44. He would have our vessels wholly American, or they should not at all partake of the character of American vessels.
  45. I mean, I’m hoping after about fifteen minutes I can call and invite you to partake in a reunion of the happy trio.
  46. Only the most unprejudiced of men like Stubb, nowadays partake of cooked whales; but the Esquimaux are not so fastidious.
  47. True he got no chance to partake in fleshly pleasures, but his med panel was capable of dialing that need out of his life.
  48. It is said in Revelation 20 that the Millennial Kingdom is called for we that will partake of it the first resurrection.
  49. There was always lovely fruit on the buffet table at the hotel, but employees were not allowed to partake of that offering.
  50. Dealing with them would be a lot cheaper because they believed in spirituality and that you must give if you want to partake.
  51. It was expected of the citizen to not only partake in the democracy, but also to attend the dramatic performances of the theater.
  52. I hope that it has helped you to gain a better understanding of how to partake and benefit of the blessings of the Holy Communion.
  53. However, the Lord loves you and wants you to partake of the Lord’s Supper provided you have confessed and have asked for cleansing.
  54. He never, for instance, permitted himself to partake of the whole dinner, provided daily by Ustinya Fyodorovna for the other boarders.
  55. Each and every year, the account will be either flat, because I am guaranteed not to partake in market losses, or the account will be up.
  56. When the Hebrew people were about to leave Egypt, we read these words in Exodus 12:48f as to those who could partake of the Passover meal.
  57. He explained that I'd be more than honored as no other female had been allowed to partake in the ritual without undue harm befalling them.
  58. Judas did not return to the camp until midafternoon, a short time before Jesus led the twelve into Jerusalem to partake of the Last Supper.
  59. We are trying to grow a sharing community by creating a Free Food For All table, and so we invite you to partake of its Creation Table; 273.
  60. Who of us is competent to judge his brother? It is not the Father's will that his children should partake only of the serious things of life.
  61. Nor do they partake of any hot caffeine-containing beverages made from roasted ground seeds of a tropical tree as they were instructed to do.
  62. The Maker had decided to abandon Anon for reasons he yet failed to comprehend, leaving him with no choice but to partake of the Dead God’s plan.
  63. The arm now beckoned him toward the abode, and then stepping to one side, it waved again as if in invitation to all to partake of his hospitality.
  64. These bodies do not have circulating blood, and such beings do not partake of ordinary material food; nevertheless, these morontia forms are real.
  65. This is the new epoch we have entered, or I should say have a sacred invitation to partake in: becoming healers, not wounders, of each other and all.
  66. These people partake of all the local facilities, the hospitals, the schools, police protection, welfare programs, and so far they do not pay taxes.
  67. Nervous negotiators may often be tempted to partake in a drop of Dutch Courage before entering what they anticipate will be difficult negotiations.
  68. In all cases where incidental powers are acted upon, the principal and incidental ought to be congenial with each other, and partake of a common nature.
  69. Becky, who was not expected to partake of refreshments, had the indiscretion to linger a moment to look at these beauties—it really was an indiscretion.
  70. The third and the quarter, and in fact any equal proportions, are others that are easily grasped and partake in a lesser degree of the same qualities as the half.
  71. They had agreed that except for ceremonial occasions as appropriate to their faiths, neither would partake of alcohol and they found other ways to occupy their time.
  72. It should be that you teach them that because they have learnt to handle themselves well in an adult environment them they will be able to enjoy and partake in other.
  73. Romans and Italians (with Roman citizenship) flocked to Rome seeking work, or failing that, to partake of the free bread rations provided by the state for indigent citizens.
  74. Then she was alerted by her Yelkai leaning close to her ear and whispered, Are you certain that you wish to partake in such a rebellious feat, my lady? the woman said.
  75. Janice had one of the penthouse’s staff prepare some tea and refreshments for the three of them to partake in, while they waited for Joel and the others to finish their interview.
  76. Any who partake of it without my giving it freely in love and in our holy spirit of sharing, shall be dealt justice by it; any who violate the sanctity of my loved ones violate mine.
  77. But if you listen you will partake of the sin of him who speaks evil if you believe the slander which you hear; for believing it you will also have something to say against your brother.
  78. The men involved (I think women have more sense) partake in these dangerous undertakings – I like that word here – including skiing down 800 mountains that should only be photographed.
  79. He felt forgiven, loved, and full of life everlasting! Just then his father fell to one knee and began to partake of this heavenly creation that could only be made by the true Lord of Lords.
  80. A great number of the people whose labour had produced that vast store were now living in want, but the System said that they could not be permitted to partake of the things they had created.
  81. He had never really been religiously inclined; the only time he ever did anything remotely ‘religious’ was when he visited the Temple to partake in Sacred Communion with the Queen of Heaven.
  82. Thus in the closing passage of Revelation we have a prayer of the bride and the spirit for the hastening of these things, along with an invitation for all who would to come and partake of them:.
  83. Through faith in Yeshua, the ‘Seed’ of Abraham, we receive of that promised blessing for the Gentiles and we partake of that life giving sap, so that we can produce fruit to the glory of God.
  84. The Universal Energy in which all motion, light, heat, and color have their origin, does not partake of the limitation of the many effects of which it is the cause, but it is supreme over them all.
  85. Now therefore listen to me and be at peace one with another and visit each other and bear each other's burdens and do not partake of God's creatures alone but give abundantly of them to the needy.
  86. The development of the mammary glands would have been of no service, and could not have been affected through natural selection, unless the young at the same time were able to partake of the secretion.
  87. For I said in my last visitation to this earth that I would not drink of it again until I partake at the Great Wedding Feast in Heaven along with the eleven men who walked the roads of Galilee with me.
  88. In the Garden of Eden when the couple decided to eat of the fruit and chose their independence, the trouble started and has been going on ever since, at least to those that still partake of that fruit.
  89. While also gratifying their egos, and their greed: with all kinds of expensive, once-physically gratifying sacrifices, as the only way left to them anymore to partake in any of their baser urges vicariously.
  90. I stood behind a silkscreen for protection and heard a small grunt as blood splattered all over the room; only when all thirteen monks were dead could I partake of what was rightfully and so righteously mine.
  91. They seem to me to partake little of the character of demonstration, and to have little weight in comparison with those in favour of the power of natural selection, aided by the other agencies often specified.
  92. I have seen, says Doctor Pocock, an Arabian chief dine in the streets of a town where he had come to sell his cattle, and invite all passengers, even common beggars, to sit down with him and partake of his banquet.
  93. There were also Picknicks and Pleasure Parties upon the River, gorgeous Barges fill’d with Fiddlers, Lutanists and Sweet Singers, Feast Tables and Bow’rs, and Fine Ladies and Gents to partake of all this Delectable Fare.
  94. At this point Jordan and I tried to go but Tom and Gatsby insisted with competitive firmness that we remain—as though neither of them had anything to conceal and it would be a privilege to partake vicariously of their emo-.
  95. They made the pastor and his wife, with the teachers, gather together and partake of the delicacies so generously provided, and then attacked them (the delicacies, not the teachers) on their own account, with right good will.
  96. Don Quixote explained his wish, and begged him to ask his ape at once to tell him whether certain things which had happened to him in the cave of Montesinos were dreams or realities, for to him they appeared to partake of both.
  97. Darkest West Africa indeed is no ideal spot; and as to those would-be journalists, sitting in the snug security of their Fleet Street attics, and writing on the Ashanti Picnic - well, they ought to be made to partake of a similar picnic.
  98. This evokes many inquiries and questions marks?? How did the Iron-transferor (which has protein construction) get out with the cupping blood after it had unloaded its iron which remained in the body to partake of forming new blood corpuscles??
  99. A preacher which is worth his salt, will resign and sever all ties with church, no matter what the dogma is, and a preacher who is only worth half his salt, will refuse point blank to partake in any action whatsoever related to any form of cremation.
  100. But there are other rays, which Herschel, who some years since discovered them, calls invisible rays, which are still more refrangible, are next beyond the violet, when refracted, and partake of most of its properties, except that they are invisible.
  1. And as partaking.
  2. Partaking of bread and wine was.
  3. Join with us in partaking of the fruits of your labor.
  4. This is true for the individuals partaking of the educational.
  5. Unfortunately, partaking in my addictions really turned around.
  6. There are others who insist on partaking from the prey that swim here.
  7. We got to the residence hall and saw a few Jesuits partaking in dessert.
  8. Specifically, the date was um, 2270, and Spock was here partaking of the Kolinahr.
  9. And from the mouths of the people partaking of this tide came the sound of a river.
  10. One realizing he is at total choice of his experience after partaking of death can.
  11. The guys were clearly bored and only partaking in this tourist activity for my sake.
  12. But even so it is to find joy in partaking of the same humanity that has soared so high.
  13. It is quite plain that by partaking of this fruit (heretical truth) one is made 'as gods' but.
  14. It is quite plain that by partaking of this fruit (truth) one is made ‘as gods’ but we are.
  15. Nevertheless, many whalemen have a method of absorbing it into some other substance, and then partaking of it.
  16. This is why the mind speaks the blessing to both the body it is partaking of and its own body which is about to 489.
  17. Award-winning filmmaker Hurt grew up partaking of the soul food cuisine – his mother prepared it for him and their family.
  18. Gentile believers of this current ‘Church Age’ are partaking of the blessings that were promised in the Abrahamic covenant.
  19. Some mornings he would, after partaking of coffee, sit down to write his composition, or read references bearing on the subject.
  20. Partaking in a degree in this feeling, we listened with some reluctance to a very pressing application on this subject during the last summer.
  21. The Gentiles have entered into the covenants of promise by faith and are partaking of the nourishing sap that comes from the root of the good olive tree.
  22. Nostromo recognized that noise partaking of a hiss and a rustle which spreads out on all sides of a steamer making her way through a smooth water on a quiet night.
  23. For example if a child behaves well in a situation where he is amongst a group of adults partaking in a special activity then his reward should not be something unrelated like sweets.
  24. Which one is it he asked himself although he had been assured of the answer as recently as now, by Eileen Cauldron? The dead man might easily have been dozing, or partaking of an afternoon nap.
  25. I panicked, how did Adrinius know, was he in my head? Only vampires highly skilled could infiltrate the heads of others, partaking and changing their dreams, and in extreme cases their physical actions.
  26. From our lips to your lungs and your mouths to our hearts, let us revive, resuscitate, resurrect each other with breaths of love, each partaking in the personal inhale of gift that exhales as communal sharing.
  27. The overbearing snide attitude wasn’t in attendance today, as he thanked the officers for coming and insisted upon them partaking in light refreshments which had always been part of Sir Alex Clegg’s routine in the event of visitors.
  28. This is not an end, but rather it is the beginning of something that will go on into eternity without end, an eternity where I want to have you right by my side, seeing and partaking in all that has been prepared for those who are faithful to believe.
  29. For his part, instinctridden as he was, the expressions of his animal passion, partaking something of ferocity, were rather worrying than kisses, intermixed with ravenous love-bites on her cheeks and necks, the prints of which did not wear out for some days after.
  30. Together in this age the believing Jews and Gentiles partaking of the one root form a new hybrid variety called the Ecclesia, the New Testament Church, the Bride of Yeshua, which was a mystery locked away in the heart of God but revealed to the New Testament apostles and prophets.
  31. Such conduct would not only render them ceremonially unclean and thereby debar them from partaking of the afternoon feast of thanksgiving but would also necessitate their subjection to purification ceremonies after sundown, before they would be eligible to partake of the Passover supper.
  32. Besides, it is our duty to return fire if being shot at by anyone, including your terrorist clients who were committing a crime in our presence…like attempting to murder members of the police (us), and having unlicensed assault rifles with ammunition and partaking in terrorist activities.
  33. It presented itself to his fifty-years' old eyes in the shape of a little woman in a soft dress with a long train, with a head attractively overweighted by a great mass of fair hair and the delicate preciousness of her inner worth, partaking of a gem and a flower, revealed in every attitude of her person.
  34. Although usually referred to in speech as a male being, Mayan priests, if pressed, will aver that Kawa Tzul Taka has no sex; or perhaps is a dual deity partaking in nature of two of the nine Mayan gods of the earth (namely the Creators-Formers Gucumatz, the feathered serpent; and his consort Tepeu, the Conquerer).
  35. What would be our condition if we were to take the interpretations given to that sacred book, which is or ought to be the criterion of our faith, for the book itself? We should find the Holy Bible buried beneath the interpretations, glosses, and comments of councils, synods, and learned divines, which have produced swarms of intolerant and furious sects, partaking less of the mildness and meekness of their origin than of a vindictive spirit of hostility towards each other.
  36. The chief difference in this respect between the view of the peasants and that of the County Council is this: the peasants, according to the more or less favourable local conditions, introduce schools of a better or worse quality, but always in such a way that there is not a single locality where some kind of instruction is not offered; while with the arrangement of the County Council a large half of the population is left outside every possibility of partaking of that education even in the distant future.
  37. If it can be shown, as perhaps it can, that some of these words had been occasionally used, in highly emotional passages of the poets, in a strained and tropical sense, in which the idea of misery and pain leading to death is the prominent thought, such a reader would at once decide that in a grave philosophical or religious treatise these words must be taken in their proper and obvious meaning; especially in sacred writings partaking of the duality of public legislative documents, in which important words are to be always taken in their strictest and most direct definition.
  38. If Horace thought that man almost impiously daring who first adventured upon the open sea, what shall we say of the hardihood of the attempt to visit THE POLE?—the pole, which it is impossible to contemplate without awe—which, in all probability, has never been visited by any living being—where the dreary solitude has never been broken by human voice—where the sound of war has never been heard, and darkness and cold exert an almost undisputed dominion! What must be the emotions of that man who first stands upon the point of the earth's axis! Who, no longer partaking of the revolution, in circles of latitude, slowly revolves on the axis of his own body, once in twenty-four hours—to whom the sun does not rise or set, but, moving in a course very oblique to the horizon, makes scarcely a perceptible progress in twenty-four hours, and at the end of three months, when he has attained his noon, is only 23° 28′, on the arc of a vertical circle, above the horizon—to whom longitude is extinct, and who can move in no possible direction but south—to whom the stars are a blank, and to whom the polar star, could he see it, would appear in the zenith.
  39. The ski areas partaking in the prohibition,.
  40. Thus, instead of adoring the one true God and partaking of his divinity,.
  1. She had partaken in her share of sexual escapades.
  2. Alvin was the only Cauctrasian to have partaken of the bounty.
  3. Alvin was the only Caucasian to have partaken of the bounty of the Well thus far.
  4. And on this account will they be transferred because they have partaken of the righteous Word.
  5. Wopsle had not succeeded in reviving the Drama, but, on the contrary, had rather partaken of its decline.
  6. He had many times partaken of the paschal lamb as a guest, but always, when he was the host, no lamb was served.
  7. At supper he had partaken freely of the strongest wines, and was plainly showing the effect of them by this time.
  8. He then guessed that Jacques had partaken at an early hour of his father's moonshine in a premature start to the celebration.
  9. Coke was great! Ruth had even rubbed a little bit onto the end of his penis and they had partaken in sex for over an hour that time.
  10. The good humour of the company was general, old Zachlebnikoff was in high spirits, having partaken of an extra glass of wine this evening.
  11. Pickman hoped that he should be excused for making a few observations at this stage of the bill, not having before partaken of the debate.
  12. For those of you fortunate enough never to have partaken of a ‘Big Breakfast’, for everyone favourite fast food restaurant, may I say at this point well done and keep it that way.
  13. Therefore, it was God’s wish that the wells that rose up from the center of the Earth could supply the body of whatever had partaken of it with a change in its genetics on a molecular scale.
  14. Tess soon perceived as she walked in the flock, sometimes with this one, sometimes with that, that the fresh night air was producing staggerings and serpentine courses among the men who had partaken.
  15. In the Eucharist, the true body and blood of Christ are substantially present, and the elements are changed into the substance of Christ, whose body and blood are corporeally partaken of by communicants.
  16. This trip then, while it was partaken on my own and thus seemingly still cocooned in safe isolation, the independence that came with this meant I would have to engage in some of the more practical, at times scary elements of being an older person.
  17. The remodeled lunch being gaily partaken of, the studio and garden visited, and art discussed with enthusiasm, Amy ordered a buggy (alas for the elegant cherry-bounce), and drove her friend quietly about the neighborhood till sunset, when `the party went out'.
  18. Since the apostles knew that their Master never observed these rites of ceremonial hand washing, they were very curious to know what he intended to do when, after they had partaken of this first cup, he arose from the table and silently made his way over to near the door, where the water pitchers, basins, and towels had been placed.
  19. But, sir, there are a thousand chances to one that the reports, which conveyed the information to that country, greatly exaggerated the facts—that the picture was drawn in much stronger colors than were consistent with the real truth—that the instances of discontent were stated not only to have been deeper in their nature than they really were, but that a much larger number of persons had partaken of it than really did—that a spirit of disaffection had spread itself far and wide.
  1. It partakes of both the real and.
  2. Then the art of war partakes of them?
  3. The one who partakes of what is generated.
  4. Lying between the earth and the heavens, it partakes of the color of both.
  5. A more useful brush (Class C) partakes of the qualities of both flat and round.
  6. Each transition from absence to presence, whether the first or the fifth, partakes of newness.
  7. Any philosophical theory of error that partakes of the illusory relation does nothing but repeat.
  8. But we are told, sir, that this question partakes of the character of a self-evident proposition.
  9. All imitative art is subject to certain limitations, and therefore necessarily partakes of the nature of a compromise.
  10. Each person does not have their own separate Internet; instead, each person connects and partakes in the Internet with everyone else.
  11. Begin this system of abstract legislation, and where are you to stop? Sir, it partakes too much of the character of disturbed, revolutionary times.
  12. The Two House theory teaches that Christianity simply partakes of the promises made to the 12 tribes of Israel by assuming the identity of the Northern ten tribes.
  13. This spirit of the Father partakes of the love of the Father, and as it dominates man, it unfailingly leads in the directions of divine worship and loving regard for one's fellows.
  14. The theory is that the departed also partakes in the festivities and at the same time witnesses how the living still loves the departed by having a birthday party, at the grave.
  15. Admitting, with strong reservation and protest against the exaggerated notion of Asiatic tendency to metaphor, that the Hebrew of the Old Testament partakes in some degree of the poetic indefiniteness of a primitive tongue, it cannot be pretended that this is a weakness of the Greek speech.
  16. But a hybrid partakes of only half of the nature and constitution of its mother; it may therefore, before birth, as long as it is nourished within its mother's womb, or within the egg or seed produced by the mother, be exposed to conditions in some degree unsuitable, and consequently be liable to perish at an early period; more especially as all very young beings are eminently sensitive to injurious or unnatural conditions of life.
  17. Who but a Woman can speak of pressing her Cheak to the tender pink Cheak of her own Child and her Breasts running with Milk at its very Touch, squirting fine Streams heavenward like the sprinkl’d Stars of the Milky Way? Who but a Woman knows the joy of Feasting her Eyes upon Eyes that cannot focus, of clasping tiny Fingers that can only grasp without knowing what they touch, of kissing tiny Toes that cannot walk and know not whither they shall go or whence they have come? O no Matter how lacking in Reason the Newborn Babe seems to the Masculine Philosopher, ’tis Reason itself to its Mother, so besotted is she with its Charms! Who but a Woman could love a Creature that cries all Night when she would sleep, who wakes up ravenous to eat only when a Plate is set before its Mother and she would eat, who partakes of no Polite Conversation but only pushes its Tongue in and out of its Mouth like a very stupid Puppy, and drools and pukes and shits all the livelong Day and Night!.
  1. Even though neither of them partook of that habit before this mess hit them, he.
  2. But she already partook of the pervading spirit of neglect which encompassed her.
  3. Prouder mothers I never saw than those who then partook of their daughter's cookery.
  4. The elf happily partook as the Breton looked on, that trademark smile broad once more.
  5. It seems as though man's lodging partook of his ephemeral character, and God's house of his eternity.
  6. And this was the first time that Jesus and all of the twelve partook of the bloodless Passover feast.
  7. From this time on human affection for Jesus partook more of the nature of worshipful and adoring regard.
  8. The other travelers partook of the baked goods and complimented the baker as he lumbered through the group.
  9. Between his influence online, and the popularity of the individuals that partook in the writing, publicity.
  10. The night that Elliot was to meet John and Michelle, Denny brought some drugs over and they partook of them.
  11. They seldom, it would appear, partook of the religious zeal that brought other emigrants across the Atlantic.
  12. The space interposed between myself and them partook of that expansion, and our marshes were any distance off.
  13. During the French war, which began in 1755, their arms partook of the general good fortune of those of Great Britain.
  14. Anne felt that life partook of the nature of an anticlimax during the first few weeks after her return to Green Gables.
  15. But her lover consoled her and brought her a bright casket of gold in which lay some oval sugarplums which she partook.
  16. These partook of the dangers, and shared in the glory, of that expedition which terminated with the surrender of Louisburg.
  17. He turned round on their coming in, and his countenance showed that he strongly partook of the emotion which overpowered Marianne.
  18. He turned round on their coming in, and his countenance shewed that he strongly partook of the emotion which over-powered Marianne.
  19. And as the prasadam they partook expended itself to energize their interaction, they got up to go to Shanti Sadan for rejuvenation.
  20. The music stayed and did not crash in ruin when it was over, but partook of a series of white clouds and was carried away among other lands.
  21. Ingrid partook in this exercise without indulgence, not liking the feel of the cold water on her skin, or the slimy mud of the bed on her feet.
  22. What Adrian partook of last night is a dangerous brew, meant to polarize Nancy’s brainwaves to one signal, that being from her father, of course.
  23. Servers with trays of food and drink danced smoothly through it all, and those who partook of their offerings did so without interrupting the flow.
  24. And I partook of the infinite calm in which she lay: my mind was never in a holier frame than while I gazed on that untroubled image of Divine rest.
  25. The diverse forms assumed by thought in the realm of slang, even song, even raillery, even menace, all partook of this powerless and dejected character.
  26. The Ivar Kreuger frauds, revealed in 1932, partook of this character, but these were quite unique in the baldness as well as in the extent of the deception.
  27. Afterwards, people conversed and partook of refreshments and it was agreed that each neighborhood needed to enlist more men, women and children in this endeavor.
  28. While the diligent woodsmen were employed in this manner, Cora and Alice partook of that refreshment which duty required much more than inclination prompted them to accept.
  29. He partook of a drink and a light supper, read a little without really understanding what he was looking at, then sat pondering the information he had been given that day.
  30. Perhaps there was, said Joan, but those who partook of it were poor deranged Souls, doom’d to imitate the Things of which they stood accus’d by their Inquisitors.
  31. Do you know what gave him strength?—do you know what consoled him? It was, that another partook of his punishment—that another partook of his anguish—that another was to die before him.
  32. Now that it was cooked, was it just meat that the diners partook in? Was there some essence of fishiness that survived death and was transmitted to them in their food? It wouldn't surprise me.
  33. The author of Hebrews says of Christ, who was immortal from all eternity, Since then the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He.
  34. Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15.
  35. North America formerly partook strongly of the present character of the southern half of the continent; and the southern half was formerly more closely allied, than it is at present, to the northern half.
  36. US were either stayed faithful to their wives, partook of the numerous prostitutes that followed Union armies, or found more than a few willing southern women, both prostitutes and simply willing girlfriends.
  37. Her visits partook of the character of adventures; and though sometimes Sara looked rather pale, and it was not to be denied that she had grown very thin, her proud little spirit would not admit of complaints.
  38. Captain Peleg's bruited reason for this thing appeared by no means adequate; though, indeed, as touching all Ahab's deeper part, every revelation partook more of significant darkness than of explanatory light.
  39. As a rule, they partook of this without stopping work: they had it on the floor beside them and ate and drank and worked at the same time - a paint-brushful of white lead in one hand, and a piece of bread and margarine in the other.
  40. Ganid had imbibed the idea, and rightly, that Jesus was a man of high ideals, and that he abhorred everything which partook of uncleanness or savored of evil; accordingly he spoke sharply to these women and rudely motioned them away.
  41. If the trap held pigs, the crusty old boar would lift the trap and go under, let it fall in place and dine on the smaller trapped pigs while ignoring the bigger ones; who partook of this serendipitous largess with ill-concealed gusto.
  42. What were those that characterized its progress and termination? I think it very easy to show that the conduct of the Minister himself, after he arrived, partook strictly of the same character as the conduct of the Ministry who sent him.
  43. Klowee had her first decade and was introduced to the privileges and responsibilities of a one decade in the native tradition with only a vedn cake frosted with whipped sugar froth to mark customs of Earth, a token of which only he and Beeta partook.
  44. There was a great fire, and that was all the light in the huge apartment, whose floor had grown a uniform grey; and the once brilliant pewter-dishes, which used to attract my gaze when I was a girl, partook of a similar obscurity, created by tarnish and dust.
  45. There was a great fire, and that was all the light in the huge apartment, whose floor had grown a uniform grey; and the once brilliant pewter dishes, which used to attract my gaze when I was a girl, partook of a similar obscurity, created by tarnish and dust.
  46. There was a pleasing inequality in the table, which produced many mishaps to cups and plates, acorns dropped in the milk, little black ants partook of the refreshments without being invited, and fuzzy caterpillars swung down from the tree to see what was going on.
  47. Kofi AwoonorWhen our tears are dry on the shoreand the fishermen carry their nets homeand the seagulls return to bird islandand the laughter of the children recedes at night,there shall still linger here the communion we forged,the feast of oneness which we partook of.
  48. The dinner cost half a rouble; Semyon Ivanovitch paid only twenty-five kopecks in copper, and never exceeded it, and so took either a plate of soup with pie, or a plate of beef; most frequently he ate neither soup nor beef, but he partook in moderation of white bread with onion, curd, salted cucumber, or something similar, which was a great deal cheaper, and he would only go back to his half rouble dinner when he could stand it no longer.
  49. Nathaniel Rounsavell, upon being interrogated, says he composed the paragraph which appeared in the Alexandria Herald of Friday last, containing a statement of the secret proceedings of the House of Representatives upon the subject of the embargo; that he on Wednesday night, after the adjournment of the House, derived a part of the information, on which he was enabled to give the detailed account, from the conversation of members of the House with whom he accidentally fell in company; that he was acquainted with the members, and they with him; they knew he was present; he partook in some degree in the conversation.
  50. The delegation partook of luncheon at the conclusion of which the dusky potentate, in the course of a happy speech, freely translated by the British chaplain, the reverend Ananias Praisegod Barebones, tendered his best thanks to Massa Walkup and emphasised the cordial relations existing between Abeakuta and the British empire, stating that he treasured as one of his dearest possessions an illuminated bible, the volume of the word of God and the secret of England's greatness, graciously presented to him by the white chief woman, the great squaw Victoria, with a personal dedication from the august hand of the Royal Donor.
  51. The letter disclaims any intention to have violated the respect due to the House by the publication which he had made; it declares that the conversation which the writer had was inadvertent, as he believes, on the part of the members who partook in it, and entirely without any intention on their part, as he believes, to violate the order of the House; that he had been refused by the committee an opportunity to explain his testimony; and that his only motive for refusing to answer was, that if he were to answer the question as propounded to him, it might have the effect of criminating those who had committed no crime, and from whose conversation, but for previous and subsequent knowledge, he could not have ascertained that an embargo had been the subject of discussion, &c.

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