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Partially dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. This is only partially true.
2. But you are — partially.
3. The door was partially open.
4. Cover the pan partially and.
5. His penis became partially erect.
6. Not just partially gone, but gone.
7. This was partially to carry the.

8. Partially cover the pan with a lid.
9. In truth he was partially correct.
10. We were only partially successful.
11. Ken was only partially successful.
12. Well, partially right, he added.
13. It is only partially true, and it.
14. Partially denuding the islands as.
15. The glider was partially submerged.
16. Furthermore, they are partially in.
17. This leaves partially digested meat.
18. But it was only partially successful.
19. It was partially open at the time.
20. Science is partially unified knowledge.
21. This broader skepticism partially an-.
22. This may partially explain the student.
23. It was as though he was partially blind.
24. Both statements are only partially true.
25. His strategy works, at least partially.
26. I’ve only partially reconstructed above.
27. He partially understood what was going on.
28. Medicare is partially funded through taxes.
29. I’m partially responsible for you dying.
30. She was only partially successful, however.
31. The boundaries of the yard were partially.
32. They are only partially correct, may just.
33. The walls did partially collapse, but not.
34. Does it happen now? Partially, yes, but ….
35. But she wasn't partially a vegetable either.
36. The tiny dirt road was partially hidden by.
37. That’s partially true, Sage replied.
38. It should be very cold and partially frozen.
39. Not easy when the handbrake was partially on.
40. The flat screen television was now partially.
41. Once again, this is only partially successful.
42. Leesa guessed that was true, at least partially.
43. The part which was closer still lay partially.
44. Even partially opened, they exuded searing hate.
45. Other propositions are recognized as partially.
46. To his surprise, something partially blocked it.
47. With the mask partially removed, Alex began to.
48. Being partially bald made him interrogate others.
49. I got the nickname partially because back when I.
50. I, whether they be partially good ones or bad ones.
51. He then partially turned from the podium to point.
52. It’s overloaded with partially processed metals.
53. It was dark grey and only partially lit by the star.
54. It was a presence in the room, something partially.
55. She decided to tell the hawk the truth… partially.
56. To copy only partially a cell, follow these steps:.
57. It was partially his fault that she was in this mess.
58. If she partially succumbs and partially rebels, she.
59. That secret may be already out, at least partially.
60. Alex and Thomas partially stood as she left the table.
61. Tina stared at his eye patch which was partially askew.
62. The top of one barrel was pushed partially to the side.
63. A couple cups sat on the counter, one partially filled.
64. I mean, if anyone says that you were partially in the.
65. Because Corey hadn't even partially recovered from the.
66. The choice is partially inspired by Stallman's recent.
67. They said you are now only partially what you once were.
68. I fell in and out of a sleep state, dreaming, partially.
69. He looked toward the bedroom door, which was partially.
70. I stopped at the overpass and there it was, a partially.
71. It was partially hidden behind a plinth on the far side.
72. His view was partially obscured by several cars between.
73. He wiped his face partially clean and looked over at Mr.
74. The fence reared back up partially, but not all the way.
75. Jacqueline spoke, suppressing partially her irritation:.
76. Household goods may be partially covered while in transit.
77. You don’t think your ankle will be partially recovered.
78. Adam was partially in shock and looked as white as a ghost.
79. However, these effects may be partially mediated by the PL.
80. This is it, he said through the partially opened door.
81. As soon as I partially recovered from my brutal run and the.
82. Later, Corey partially composed himself then walked over to.
83. It was standing partially open, and Maggie could hear voices.
84. It is partially responsible for regulating sleep-wake cycles.
85. Cookshops and taverns were opened in partially burned houses.
86. It’s alright if your identity has been partially shattered.
87. As soon as she let me in I noticed that there were partially.
88. She straightened back up and I began to partially think again.
89. I entered a large apartment building that was partially empty.
90. Though there was a dead one that I could partially see laying.
91. It was covered partially in rocks and partially in smooth sand.
92. Neil was gone, and he knew that it was partially because of him.
93. His face, though partially covered with a graying goatee, was.
94. In front of him was a cement bunker partially buried in the sand.
95. It was deep in the forest and partially obscured by thick vines.
96. The very construction of the symbolism, which relies partially.
97. The man was partially blocked out by the woman on the screen but.
98. Corresponding communication stereotype is formed partially in an.
99. Mother partially dismantled it, and one of the pieces fell on me.
100. Stacy’s hair was short and brown, partially obscuring her eyes.

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