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Particular dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Here is a particular design.
  2. In the particular case of Dr.
  3. The nakwach is a particular.
  4. Yes, yes, that in particular.
  5. Navy was a particular threat.

  6. One stands out in particular.
  7. If there is a particular book.
  8. One in Damascus in particular.
  9. The Caliph in particular could.
  10. I have nothing particular to do.
  11. At least on that particular try.
  12. A there was no particular hurry.
  13. These are in no particular order.
  14. It was a local particular place.
  15. The king, in particular, had not.

  16. There are particular aspects of.
  17. In no particular order, here are.
  18. But now, this one particular man.
  19. He was always just that particular.
  20. But the particular field of this.
  21. Thus, in a particular country, 5s.
  22. On war and peace in particular, Ms.
  23. Whilst in this particular lifetime.
  24. To which particular boosing shed?
  25. If there is a need for particular.

  26. This particular warp was boring him.
  27. Rodgers on this particular morning.
  28. In particular she asked each fair.
  29. This particular example (Figure 10.
  30. She held a particular fondness for.
  31. At least, from this particular spot.
  32. He had mentioned Tony in particular.
  33. Ravan nodded to no one in particular.
  34. He writes of the particular way in.
  35. It happened to me one particular day.
  36. Her story is quite particular indeed.
  37. As there may be something particular.
  38. Not studying to know the particular.
  39. This particular day was no exception.
  40. As he in his particular act and place.
  41. He has no particular desire to travel.
  42. The Mistress is particular that way.
  43. It’s not your particular investment.
  44. One in particular is interesting ….
  45. One in particular caught Fred’s eye.
  46. I have plans for that particular boar.
  47. But one in particular got my attention.
  48. I asked her if she had any particular.
  49. In particular, through the example of.
  50. But shooting with this particular gun.
  51. If you are searching for a particular.
  52. I vividly recall one case in particular.
  53. During that particular cabin time, the.
  54. In particular, he noticed Karit smiling.
  55. One in particular captured her interest.
  56. But in this particular case, I was the.
  57. Ghantapa to the city on a particular day.
  58. There was one in particular that I had.
  59. I took particular care to observe that.
  60. That's a particular individual situation.
  61. In particular, daughters often begin to.
  62. Very particular attention is needed here.
  63. This was particular hurtful, because we.
  64. This particular year, my father stopped.
  65. She wondered about one man in particular.
  66. Jacques, in particular, was feeling the.
  67. A particular big print went through of 1.
  68. Susan in particular was highly gratified.
  69. One in particular caught their attention.
  70. One exception in particular, he says.
  71. She spoke out loud to no one in particular.
  72. It had no particular reason to be natural.
  73. This particular trip during the summer of.
  74. One prisoner in particular caught her eye.
  75. One in particular loathed it - Mrs Astley.
  76. In particular, as was pointed out in Chap.
  77. Some patients were very particular about.
  78. Hell… two can play that particular game.
  79. A couple should be of particular interest.
  80. One shop in particular caught his attention.
  81. Now let us return to your particular world.
  82. But this particular issue was an exception.
  83. And in this particular case it was better.
  84. Or at least that particular battle was over.
  85. The rest of southerners had no particular.
  86. It depends on that particular stock's chart.
  87. What I mean is, not one girl in particular.
  88. Concerns of the particular hearth and home:.
  89. Occam’s Razor to this particular situation.
  90. The Church in particular is quite obstinate.
  91. Have you anything particular against him?
  92. The root cause of that particular situation.
  93. But that particular day it was hazy, and I.
  94. There was one woman in particular with whom.
  95. In particular, patching up of holes in.
  96. The patch was small, no shape in particular.
  97. And maybe these particular aliens do, too.
  98. That particular wild goose has been chased.
  99. This particular style of spear is ancient.
  100. Nevertheless only this particular truth can.

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