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Pat dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was Pat.
Pat and Mrs.
(Just a pat).
It was Pat.
pat on the back.
pat on the head.
Pat to and fro.

Thank you, Pat.
So Pat gave in.
Pat on the back.
I’m worse, Pat.
Pat the mixture.
Pat the 2 tb of.
Pat! Doesn't hear.
A pat on the back.
He gave me a pat.
Pat froze on the.
Pat out the meat.
Pat followed suit.
Pat shook his head.
She then saw Pat.
Roll it and pat it.
Maggie, Pat, and Mrs.
Pat was relieved.
Pat down with your.
Pat read the notes:.
Pat, waiter, waited.
Patting her backside.
patting her on the back.
’ said he patting him.
Lorry, patting her hand.
her patting her on the knee.
towards her, patting his head.
patting her shoulder soothingly.
Harold began patting me on the.
So he’s pat, pat, patting her.
Nixon is still patting her legs.
patting the child on his shoulder.
I said while patting his neck.
teased, patting me on the shoulder.
Yaf calmed her by patting her hand.
'Two!' said Gimli, patting his axe.
He said playfully patting the.
wait, she said, patting his hand.
Ghost, he said, patting the.
, Jasper, I said, patting his neck.
Byia said while patting Desa's hand.
I stepped back, patting his shoulder.
He ended with patting her shoulder.
Patting her pockets, she feels nothing.
‘Sit,’ he commanded, patting the bed.
Jordon kept on patting the pony’s neck.
Heya! he said, patting my shoulder.
patting snow on his newly acquired wounds.
but not the children climbing and patting.
I patted her.
I patted his.
I patted him.
He patted it.
She patted her.
She patted the.
Patted her hair.
I patted the bed.
she patted it dry.
I patted his hand.
’ He patted her.
He patted my hand.
Tom patted her leg.
He patted her back.
He patted her 30.
She patted my hand.
I patted his head.
She patted his arm.
He patted her knee.
He patted my legs.
He patted his ribs.
She patted his head.
Jack patted the bed.
Then he patted her.
I patted the couch.
He patted the ledge.
He patted her softly.
(She pats him).
He pats his leg.
Unks pats his arm.
(pats TK on the back).
Lucas pats my shoulder.
gave me encouraging pats.
(pats Xzavier on the back).
Pats Amanda on the back side.
He pats the two loaded syringes.
Two pats of butter 12 grams 120.
Marshall pats his armored torso.
He pats me on the arm as they leave.
listen and pats and hugs the creature.
He pats Cass’ shoulder and takes off.
Ricci hugs Ahmed, pats his back soothingly.
the cow pats), I waved for Lindy to follow.
(He pats divers pockets) This moving kidney.
pats and caresses of our parents and teachers.
He stands back up and pats Skeevy on the back.
comes out, pats the boy’s shoulder and bows.
few pats of butter and a few teaspoons of flour.
Unks pats Cass’ back once before turning away.
beaver pats the mud with his paddle-shaped tall;.
pats on the back of a trembling hand, forgave him.
Brink touches and gently pats her thinning scalp.
He pats his palm on the podium and shakes his head.
Janie shrugs and pats each of her palms on the table.

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dab pat tap rap chuck glib slick