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Pat dans une phrase (en anglais)

Pat the 2 tb of.
He gave me a pat.
A pat on the back.
Roll it and pat it.
Pat gets back after 8.
I am so sorry, Pat.
Pat: That was very good.

I pat myself on the back.
I give Pat the bad news.
You pat her on the back.
You could depend on Pat.
I told Pat that was fine.
Pat the tofu dry and mash.
I gave him a friendly pat.
Pat was in tremendous pain.
Pat just stared at Marilyn.
Nor are you, Pat said.
Pat began his real estate.
It was Pat Farrell shoved.
Peter Harry Brown and Pat H.
Maggie sat down next to Pat.
He gave me a pat on the back.
Bald Pat at a sign drew nigh.
He gave her a pat on the arm.
Oh, Pat said, I see.
Pat is not the guide for me.
I only gave her a love pat.
And I think Pat enjoyed that.
I awoke dreaming of Pat Sajak.
His name was Pat Blankenship.
Pat the remaining crumbs on.
Holy shit, Pat, he said.
Pat and Suwanee aimed their.
Gloria could only pat her hand.
Pat was only sixteen, and he.
She and Pat waited in silence.
He told me, Pat Delaney, the.
Bald Pat carried two diners'.
I swear, Chuck, Pat said.
I figured that, Pat said.
Nixon is still patting her legs.
So he’s pat, pat, patting her.
Harold began patting me on the.
Yaf calmed her by patting her hand.
Ghost, he said, patting the.
I stepped back, patting his shoulder.
Patting her pockets, she feels nothing.
Heya! he said, patting my shoulder.
Jordon kept on patting the pony’s neck.
Thanks, said Sound, patting her hand.
Yes, she said, patting her pocket.
Minutes later he reappeared; patting his.
And he starts patting her on the bare legs.
Garcia turned and saw her patting the couch.
Precisely, Nole said, patting his arm.
I stopped coughing and Jacob stopped patting.
With you, yes, he said, patting my rear.
My mum wiped my face, patting me on the back.
Hi, Clifford, Than said, patting the dog.
Thank you, I say, patting her on the back.
Okay, Garcia said, patting her on the back.
Chevalier, patting the stout man on his epaulet.
This boy (patting a little boy sulking near her).
I don’t know either, she said, patting it.
Richard burst out laughing, patting Aiden on the.
Maria, Maria, he whispered, patting her face.
Janice was patting her chest and breathing rapidly.
So what? he laughed, patting her on the back.
Yes, he said, patting the boy on the shoulder.
I suggested that gentle stroking and patting could.
Have one, Cecil said, patting his pants pocket.
Um, well, yes, he said, patting her on the back.
He stood up and smiled, too, patting her on the head.
How have you been? I asked, patting his shoulder.
He sat there patting her hair and kissing the top of.
You okay? Jen asked, patting Therese on the back.
That’s the spirit, he said, patting my shoulder.
There’s no need to add, he says, patting the air.
Hang in there, Pratt said, patting the other shoulder.
Come on, just drink it, Manda said, patting her leg.
He patted my back and.
She patted my head as.
I patted him on his head.
Ma patted her on the back.
I patted him on his back.
Patted the bed next to me.
He patted him on the back.
The man patted him kindly.
She patted his leg gently.
He patted my arm this time.
He patted her and held her.
Zem then patted me on the.
Sati patted him on the head.
Tim patted him on the head.
Stan patted him on the back.
She patted them into place.
She patted him on the head.
Wille patted me on the head.
Amigo patted me on the head.
I patted her on the shoulder.
He patted me on the shoulder.
He patted the bulge in his.
I patted myself on the back.
Mac patted his mound flatter.
She patted his leg and stood.
He patted the knob tenderly.
Trini patted her on the knee.
I patted Nico on the shoulder.
She patted my arm and laughed.
Miranda patted him on the arm.
He again patted the briefcase.
He patted her on the shoulder.
He then patted Junya on the.
Nancy patted his arm instead.
Slinks patted the cygnet head.
Somebody patted me on my back.
He patted the dog on the head.
I patted the mayor on the back.
She patted his back awkwardly.
She smiled and patted her head.
He pats the two loaded syringes.
Two pats of butter 12 grams 120.
Marshall pats his armored torso.
He pats me on the arm as they leave.
He pats Cass’ shoulder and takes off.
Ricci hugs Ahmed, pats his back soothingly.
He stands back up and pats Skeevy on the back.
Unks pats Cass’ back once before turning away.
Brink touches and gently pats her thinning scalp.
He pats his palm on the podium and shakes his head.
Janie shrugs and pats each of her palms on the table.
He won’t be able to leave this alone, she pats.
He pats Loki on the shoulder and offers him a hand up.
Or your pats on your back after a correct prediction.
She pats the bed next to her as she takes another swig.
Walt pats the brown leather bag slung over his shoulder.
Unks runs over to him, and then softly pats Cass’ cheek.
Love is the love of a mate, who pats one on the shoulder.
Loco pats out a small fire on the unconcerned Medicine Man.
On the way out, he smiles at Laura and pats me on the back.
The consultant pats Billy on the shoulder once and turns away.
He pats me gently on the back and passes me some orange juice.
He reaches up and pats Aaron on the shoulder as if they’re.
Pats on the back and the punters get to mingle for half an hour.
She pats him on the back and adds, It was like your signature.
He removes his hands and pats my head, a big goofy smile on his face.
David pulls a chair over, letting it screech on the tile, and pats it.
God speed, offered hugs, pats and affirmation of their prayers.
Avery pats Brink on the back, as far around his back as he can reach.
And, Aaron says as he swings his backpack around and pats it on the.
Brink reaches across the desk and pats her hand, No, I'm counting on you.
He pats Justin down and feels something in the front pocket of his trousers.
Mentally, I was giving myself high fives and congratulatory pats on the back.
ZOE: And more's mother? (She pats him offhandedly with velvet paws) Are you.
Uriah stares at his reflection in the elevator doors and pats his hair down.
Evelyn straightens, pats her hair, wipes her face, and says, Come in!.
The Professor pats his back, and then passes by him to help the rest of the crew.
Your brain’s all fired up for the day, Kira smiles and pats Dizzie’s head.

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