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Pathetic dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was pathetic to watch.
I felt stupid and pathetic.
He looked weak and pathetic.
I gave it one last pathetic.
He's kind of pathetic, really.
What a pathetic friend he was.
Very sad and rather pathetic!.

I told him how pathetic he was.
I'm the world's most pathetic.
You are nowhere near pathetic.
Thomas forced out a pathetic laugh.
The count is pathetic, they say.
Heterosexuals are pathetic like that.
Even to my ears, that sounds pathetic.
And pathetic, added his comrade.
I was as pathetic as she was with men.
This pathetic weapon would have to do.
In real life he’s pathetic and messy.
The security of this place was pathetic.
Such is the pathetic nature of Exhibit A.
Those found on the internet are pathetic.
We are pathetic creatures to some extent.
This pathetic girl is still your problem.
It was pretty pathetic actually, Kent.
Damn it! This pathetic self-imposed exile.
She looked so pathetic I almost felt sorry.
He is just a pathetic Huldu-Darkálfar mix.
You’re pathetic Brea, this is a new low.
It is pathetic in its complete dream-fantasy.
The whole scene was absolutely pathetic Mitch.
Pathetic and heartrending incidents were many.
Her aloof attitude for attention was pathetic.
Ah, but they're still pathetic savages, sir.
He flushed red, embarrassed at this pathetic.
Oh! What a grim and pathetic day it was for us.
He had never felt more pathetic in his life.
I hate myself for crying, it’s so pathetic.
I don’t want to listen to pathetic excuses.
His condition looked like a poor, pathetic man.
For once in your pathetic life, face the truth.

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