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Pawn dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. And the 7 same color pawn.
  2. It is the pawn who goes to.
  3. Satan is nothing but a pawn.
  4. Joey waited near a pawn shop.
  5. I drove to a pawn shop near-by.
  6. The Castigator was another pawn.
  7. How she would use him as a pawn.
  8. He knew she was a mere pawn in Mr.
  9. With his own pawn alas! his rook!.
  10. Your weak mortal pawn told us that.
  11. The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.
  12. Unless a pawn who assumes the role of.
  13. Raedwald is Octha’s pawn all right.
  14. Are you saying that I’m a pawn?
  15. Do not be a pawn of the Olympians, my dear.
  16. Who’s using whom, here? Who’s the pawn?
  17. Nothing more than a pawn in a much bigger game.
  18. They spotted a gold-buying pawn shop on the right.
  19. Come save your friend, the Pawn calls out to me.
  20. I was done being the pawn in Cooper’s little game.
  21. It was clear Alice had been as much a pawn as Diane.
  22. Faustine, as menacing as he appears, may just be a pawn.
  23. One gentleman founded three pawn shops with this method.
  24. I started with a Ruy Lopez opening, moving the pawn to e4.
  25. We entered the pawn shop and found random items on display.
  26. He pulls out a long sword and starts cutting his black pawn.
  27. Who knows? I’ll pawn him off as an eccentric hipster type.
  28. He hobbled by a pawn shop with large selections of blades and.
  29. The boy was but a vessel, a pawn to be played with and discarded.
  30. So I really have been nothing but a pawn this whole time?
  31. It meant the Syndicate could pawn off its dirty work on the feds.
  32. Marshawn thought about it for a moment and then pointed to a pawn.
  33. Carla did not want Amy ending up as some sort of pawn in the game.
  34. In the end Terry was forced to pawn his earrings and to buy a pub.
  35. In desperation, Wendy took a favorite piece of jewelry to a pawn shop.
  36. It took me about fifteen minutes to reach the pawn shop that I had in mind.
  37. I understand your frustrations, but I was just a pawn in a huge machine.
  38. Jess obligingly pushed a pawn forward and waited for Thomas to do the same.
  39. The pawn represents a commoner, and is limited and predictable, but can do.
  40. She was just a pawn, every bit as worthless and expendable as the Shumkarja.
  41. Some had taken their Sunday clothes out of pawn especially for the occasion.
  42. When a pawn does not have the support of family and friends, it is abandoned.
  43. We’ll try to, replied Berg, touching a pawn and then removing his hand.
  44. You’re a pawn in this war, but with me, you might just come through it okay.
  45. Fat Sal's pawn shop had been the cornerstone of Flushing Avenue for many years.
  46. Maiorescu could take the hit, not the young man who was also a pawn in the game.
  47. And, aside from his medals, he was just another pawn in the Imperial war-machine.
  48. She told me she’d met Kiki when she went to Tavernier to pawn some things with.
  49. I hadn’t reckoned on two clever men, each making me the pawn in a game he played.
  50. It is the pawn who survives, is freely charitable, lives with realistic goals, and.
  51. But a pawn in a larger power struggle amid arcane Entities is the Daemon Lord, Guardon.
  52. The Pawn at the front of the line shouted something and launched at us with a metal rod.
  53. I did check New London pawn shop later to see if any of my stolen jewelry was still there.
  54. The fact that my first thought was not how much I could pawn it for, demonstrates how much I.
  55. Don’t call your army now, you told the bishop he can beat the pawn because he was bigger.
  56. Do you all think that I'm just a pawn in your ambitions? She banged her hand on the dashboard.
  57. The street was lined with pawn shops and flimsy houses, barely a decade old and already sagging.
  58. He was known to live mostly on debt and pawn tickets, and was of a most quarrelsome disposition.
  59. For that, I'm sorry, but you were merely a pawn in this crazy game that I'm still not done with.
  60. Tools are expensive, but there was a pawn shop not too far away called, very aptly, Captain Pawn.
  61. In addition, he knows how I feel about you, so he probably thinks that he could use you as a pawn.
  62. Naturally we do, inspector, but my client insists, to use his own words, he is a pawn in the game.
  63. What was Tiffany planning? And how did she miss the fact that she was being used as Tiffany's pawn?!.
  64. I thought for a minute and thought of one last pawn shop to try, but it was on the other side of town.
  65. He looked down over the chessboard, and took the white Pawn with the black Knight before sitting down.
  66. After all, she too was only a child, and before she was even aware of it she became a pawn in the game.
  67. Certainly I was angry that Theodore Roosevelt had used me as a pawn in one of his electoral chess games.
  68. Dont you think? I mean, perhaps Telly was a part of it, a pawn of this experiment, this vast evolution.
  69. What did I do to deserve this? The pawn asks while he falls to the ground in pain and begins bleeding.
  70. You're just a pawn! The whole reason that voice told me to watch you and to rape your whore mother was to.
  71. Once you become a spectator, you become a passive pawn to whatever they decide to show you or let you watch.
  72. I pretty much told him that he was a pawn I was using and he still treated me like I was something precious.
  73. A private was a mere pawn in an institution where shit ran downhill so he was constantly covered in the stuff.
  74. They simply saw him as a convenient pawn to be used for their purposes of getting rid of the Proclamation Line.
  75. Mitya, without stopping to think, went straight to him, and offered to pawn his pistols to him for ten roubles.
  76. Jaden looks at the chess game, and sees his king lying on the ground being kicked by the white knight, king and pawn.
  77. Escape would always be on his mind, but until he knew what he was up against, he was the pawn of his alien overlords.
  78. I’ve printed out a list, Smith said, There’s a couple of pawn shops on WalmGate and a few more on Foss Bank.
  79. Straightaway, he was painfully reminded of his purpose, that he was a pawn performing for the sake of this evil sovereign.
  80. Value investors right now might be tempted by Albemarle and Bond, the pawn brokers who have crashed in the last days by 80%.
  81. He had been merely a pawn in a very long standing game of emotional chess between the super sophisticated Tatania and David.
  82. I paid a bit extra for same day delivery and the vans from the pawn shop and the supply store showed up not five minutes apart.
  83. By the time the whole ordeal was over, Emmy had watched her friend get killed by a Pawn and there was nothing she could have done.
  84. Honour’s like a Badge of Merit: worthless at Pawn, useless to warm the Bones, inedible, and sooner to tarnish than a silver Watch.
  85. I went back home and while I waited for the van from Captain Pawn I went online on my laptop and ordered from a building supply store.
  86. They’d stolen his wealth, his thunder, his pride, yet showed no satisfaction, like his priceless gem was just another trinket to pawn.
  87. The alternative Sabrina was not pretty and I could not let that happen, I can no longer sit by and be a pawn to Menendez and his dog pound.
  88. That pawn is tea bagging the queen into the lava, Jaden chuckles while the pawn loses balance and falls in, Oh my, that was hilarious.
  89. More likely, it had been purchased in the same way that most of Adlivun’s royal fortune was now up for sale in various Alaskan pawn shops.
  90. He mentally cursed the vainglorious extravagance which had put him in debt to the money-lenders and made him a pawn of scheming politicians.
  91. It’s about an underpaid actor lying on a slab in the morgue because you chose to use him as an expendable pawn in your war with the Russian Mafia.
  92. And what else could I have done, going all the way to the tip of the Daynens? I shall try not to pawn it unless starvation proves the only other road.
  93. Mitchell shook his head, impatiently realizing the little boy was simply an innocent pawn, designed to buffer a potential bust, for a paranoid dealer.
  94. With the movement of my pawn forward he has an instant probability rating for each piece on the board like the computer does, but he goes deeper than that.
  95. Reagan was used as a pawn of the right wing and his ignorance in economic theories had him start the trickle down economy which has never worked for the US.
  96. The only flaw to our plan is if it is Vlad using Daniel as a pawn would he know that we are planning against him and would he set the meeting place on his terms.
  97. Ze same demon prinz that abducted you vaile you vere figure-zkating in Montreal, vaiped your mind using reruns of Bonanza, and turned you into his unvilling pawn.
  98. When they find out that they’ve become insignificant others while abroad, they hock these items in the plethora of pawn shops that dot this town like chicken pox.
  99. Sometimes it seems to Maggie that he cares more for his Glaswegian protégés than he does for her, but she lets it go, preferring to move another pawn into position.
  100. But by the time of the Civil War, the mansions and shops had disappeared, replaced by low-brow concert halls, brothels, German beer gardens, pawn shops, and flophouses.
  1. Setting up house for her time after time and then pawning the furniture on him every Saturday almost.
  2. Call it happiness, success, ghigh self esteem I still wanted the goods my mascquarading frinds were pawning.
  3. The man had been without employment for many weeks and they had been living by pawning or selling their furniture and other possessions.
  4. Don Quixote next set about getting some money; and selling one thing and pawning another, and making a bad bargain in every case, he got together a fair sum.
  5. But it is a wonder that his necessity did not put him upon selling or pawning some of his jewels, that he might have wherewith to relieve himself in his journey.
  6. This was Elizabeth Ivanovna, or simple Elizabeth, as all called her, the younger sister of the old woman, Alena Ivanovna, to whose rooms Raskolnikoff went the day before for the purpose of pawning his watch to make his REHEARSAL.
  1. Pawned it for some cash.
  2. Believe me if it had been worth anything, I’d have pawned it already.
  3. He killed an old woman, a pawnbroker, with whom he had pawned things himself.
  4. They secretly sold or pawned their clothing and their furniture and lived in semi-.
  5. The woman took Cosette's outfit to Paris, and pawned it at the pawnbroker's for sixty francs.
  6. He was without an overcoat, it was pawned in London, and he had not yet been able to redeem it.
  7. To buy more drugs, he pawned his instruments and in the early 1960s spent prison time in Italy.
  8. Her first thought was that he must have gotten his hands on one of the rings that Visola pawned.
  9. I began taking our clothes one by one to the pawnbroker's ; we have been living on what we have pawned.
  10. It’s even been pawned on occasion, our diamond engagement ring, but its only glass and nine carat gold.
  11. He had done for himself in the office, pawned his watch, spent all his money; and he had not even got drunk.
  12. Well, and what do you think, friend? I went and pawned the linen she herself had woven, and gave him the money.
  13. Indeed, it is time now to have warm clothing, dear man! But yesterday I pawned my last kerchief for twenty kopeks.
  14. He chose not to disclose the information that he had been pawned off on Sarek by Spock because Spock had not wanted him.
  15. Nevertheless, my mind was all white and pawned in retaining its valued findings, if there was any, I did not understand it!.
  16. He pawned his fine clothes, sold his gold wristwatch and hocked his patent leather shoes, until he had nothing left but his old army clothes.
  17. Both Easton and Ruth - whose best clothes had all been pawned to raise the money to pay the poor rate - felt very mean and shabby before them.
  18. The idea of parents spending time with children is pawned off to baby sitters, and nannies, and schools, and extra curricular activities, and TV, and movies, and computers, and shopping.
  19. Six weeks ago he had remembered the address; he had two articles that could be pawned: his father's old silver watch and a little gold ring with three red stones, a present from his sister at parting.
  20. He walked the streets day after day; pawned or sold all his clothes save those he stood in, and stayed in London for six months, sometimes starving and only occasionally obtaining a few days or weeks work.
  21. That afternoon she pawned an emerald bracelet she had been given a week earlier by an infatuated insurance executive with a wife and three children, and bought some new summer outfits at Lord & Taylor and a round-trip ticket to Nassau.
  22. He possessed, it was said, a set of false teeth, and one day when he wanted money for a drinking orgy, he pawned them, and was never able to reclaim them! The officer appeared to be a rival of the gentleman who was so proud of his fists.
  23. In this way the fact was established that three or four hours before a certain event, of which I shall speak later on, Mitya had not a farthing, and pawned for ten roubles a possession he valued, though, three hours later, he was in possession of thousands.
  24. Many middle-class people, as it appeared afterwards, had pawned everything they had for that day, even the family linen, even the sheets, and possibly the mattresses, to the Jews, who had been settling in our town in great numbers during the previous two years and who became more and more numerous as time went on.
  25. Tránsito Ariza knew that world, although this was the only time it caused her suffering in her own person, and she knew that her clients always reappeared on the eve of great parties to ask her please to dig down into her jars and lend them their pawned jewels for only twenty-four hours in exchange for the payment of additional interest.
  26. In a word he had been driven about from office to office for five months and had spent every farthing he had; his wife’s last rags had just been pawned; and meanwhile a child had been born to them and—and today I have a final refusal to my petition, and I have hardly a crumb of bread left—I have nothing left; my wife has had a baby lately—and I—I—’.
  27. Nearly everything of any value had been parted with for the same reason - the furniture, the pictures, the bedclothes, the carpet and the oilcloth, piece by piece, nearly everything that had once constituted the home - had been either pawned or sold to buy food or to pay rent during the times when Newman was out of work - periods that had recurred during the last few years with constantly increasing frequency and duration.
  28. Would you believe, said the mistress of the house, suddenly addressing the prince, would you believe that that man has not even spared my orphan children? He has stolen everything I possessed, sold everything, pawned everything; he has left me nothing—nothing! What am I to do with your IOU’s, you cunning, unscrupulous rogue? Answer, devourer! answer, heart of stone! How shall I feed my orphans? with what shall I nourish them? And now he has come, he is drunk! He can scarcely stand.
  1. We all begin as pawns.
  2. His brother used men as pawns.
  3. A F pawns who led the formation.
  4. Pawns on a2, b2, c2, d2, e2 and f2.
  5. Pawns on a7, b7, c7, d7, e7 and f7.
  6. The pawns were proceeding forward.
  7. The pawns are fighting each other.
  8. They were the expendable pawns, if.
  9. I’ve fought Akons, Runners and Pawns.
  10. They became pawns of Greek homosexuality.
  11. We could be merely someone's actual pawns.
  12. Saeed used him and Cristal as pawns ever again.
  13. Are they all Pawns? Miku asked her brother.
  14. Pawns on a2, b2, c2, d2, e2, f2, g2, h2, i2 and j2.
  15. We are just pawns on a chessboard that are expendable.
  16. Thats when they agreed to use us as their pawns?
  17. Chess players don’t fall in love with the pawns, Jesse.
  18. I realized that Victor and I were both pawns in Pallas’s game.
  19. My pawns had actually done something useful with their pathetic lives.
  20. It was true that Kyrosed had used many women, and many people as pawns.
  21. She can kill Runners, Pawns and humans (that is, if we were allowed to).
  22. Nations were moved like pawns on a chess board to fulfill the Master Plan.
  23. I'll sit here and drink, for I look upon you as so many pawns, as inanimate pawns.
  24. How could he be so careless? The thugs he attacked first were obviously just pawns.
  25. Pawns for whom; distraction and entertainment replace love and excitement and living.
  26. They treated their daughters as pawns, marrying them off as soon as they became nubile.
  27. And pawns are likely to see as much of it as any, Peregrin son of Paladin, soldier of Gondor.
  28. If men realised they are but pawns in the game of sex and procreation they‘d slit their veins.
  29. Pawns and bishops from both sides are being pushed or knocked into the hot lava circling the area.
  30. If only the soldiers would learn they are simply pawns in the profit-making intrigues of big business.
  31. The history of the huge majority of humans is ignored and untold: except as pawns and victims of this elite.
  32. It has turned spectators into alienated, uninvolved pawns; who are exploited and manipulated on a mass level.
  33. We are pawns to be manipulated in the manner the powers that be require us to be manipulated—puppets on strings.
  34. That is all this is about after all, the Kassikan and its forty billion mortal subjects are pawns in Moamar's game.
  35. The undead are tried to destroy all evidence of their existence and the existence of the evil their evil pawns committed.
  36. They had been unaware on October 7, 1987 that they had already been pawns in a potential catastrophe that had been avoided.
  37. These continued in obscurity used as pawns by the Chinese, Khitans, and Jurchens until they consolidated under Chingis in 1203.
  38. What are small-fry like me to big hitters like Fedoseyev Yemelyanovich Saveliy? We are merely pawns in their astral-chess games.
  39. But I don't waste it on the pawns in this chess game that's been set up with our lives—it's reserved for the players themselves.
  40. But I don't waste it on the pawns in this chess game that's been set up with our lives—it's reserved for the players, themselves.
  41. Get out of here, you little ants, Jaden yells while kicking black and white pawns into the pit of lava with his huge metal boot.
  42. It is with regret also that the pawns of this game, Luthie, Ragman, and Myrt, had to be eliminated to preserve the continuity of complete secrecy.
  43. I was angry that she wouldn’t tell me, and angry at my father for making her keep his secrets for so long, and using us as pawns, and not loving us.
  44. Noirtier, for whom France was a vast chess-board, from which pawns, rooks, knights, and queens were to disappear, so that the king was checkmated—M.
  45. Didn’t you feel it-the darkness gathering, the monsters growing stronger? Didn’t you realize how useless it all is? All the heroics-being pawns of the gods.
  46. All of you have someone, whom you can claim revenge for, from these pawns of our oppressor! The last phrase hissed through the clenched teeth of the anger that he sought to instill in them.
  47. He was shocked to find out there were literally thousands of shellworlds not very much different than his own, hosting games like the one that had been using everybody on his world as unwilling, unknowing pawns.
  48. Does that mean that I could be snubbed as well and relegated to the tail of the procession? The Overseer and I came here to pay our respects to a worthy monarch, not to be used like political pawns by your Church.
  49. The cultural subconscious goes back a billion years to when that evil was first created: when trees first created edible fruits so they could spread their seeds; using mammals as pawns and dupes to spread their seed.
  50. Until humans wake up, and realize this: they will continue to be the unwitting pawns and dupes of an alien intelligence that delights in destroying the humanity of every baby, every child, every living person born on Earth.
  51. The two brothers were long questioned by the Council and Ruwana and Viktor as well, but, in the end, it was concluded that Viktor and Ruwana were nothing more than just pawns of Elena and that the two brothers were innocent.
  52. Threats had to be answered, which meant he was going to have to take their guns away, because probing pawns had to be sent back beaten, and because folks in Mother’s Rest needed to know for sure the next time he came to town he would be armed.
  53. How many people had died as part of the process? Of that she wasn’t exactly sure, but all deaths were meant to be in this surreal game of reality chess that saw all its pawns, and most major players, fall by the wayside, until just the queen remained supreme.
  54. Jason wondered about the current intense propaganda push, for instance, the use of children as pawns in a tick-tick ad as though the bomb of global warming was about to go off, or the fierce attempts to force children (and parents!) to see the Gore film An Inconvenient Truth, without proper scientific counterpoint.
  55. As long as they can commit more evil: they are allowed to live because the undead love to use living pawns to worsen and blacken their souls until they die and have the shock of their undead lives when the laughing insane filth greet them and welcome them! And egg them on to commit more evil as undead filth instead of living-undead filth.
  56. Yes, replied Prince Andrew, but with this little difference, that in chess you may think over each move as long as you please and are not limited for time, and with this difference too, that a knight is always stronger than a pawn, and two pawns are always stronger than one, while in war a battalion is sometimes stronger than a division and sometimes weaker than a company.

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