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Payoff dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But Fauna had a payoff.
  2. This is just a payoff.
  3. But a payoff ratio of 1.
  4. She wants the big payoff.
  5. The payoff profile is asymmetric.
  6. Let’s look at the payoff chart.
  7. She then collects her secret payoff.
  8. You can see this payoff in Figure 6.
  9. They then collect their secret payoff.
  10. The payoff function shown in Figure A.
  11. A payoff to Heaven for a secular crime.
  12. You can see the payoff chart in Figure 12.
  13. Your payoff ratio was a little over 2:1.
  14. The payoff function PF(B,S,x) in equation 2.
  15. Or not, because Regan had taken the payoff.
  16. Constant Thinking: The Payoff and the Price.
  17. The payoff function of options is not linear.
  18. You can see that the payoff line in Figure 3.
  19. The at-the-money put’s payoff is different.
  20. Let’s see how this payoff chart would look.
  21. However, only A has a positive payoff overall.
  22. There has to be a personal or emotional payoff.
  23. The payoff would be more certain and based on.
  24. But, believe me, the payoff will blow your mind.
  25. Payoff functions of short and long calendar spreads.
  26. A stronger payoff is the feeling that others fear you.
  27. The strike prices are inflection points for our payoff.
  28. Thus, the payoff for your efforts is more immediately seen.
  29. With the odds reaching that high a payoff, at a hundred to.
  30. This is because options have an asymmetric payoff function.
  31. Then, for each price outcome the option payoff is estimated.
  32. That payoff table looks different as you can see in Table 3.
  33. Whoever owned this sucker was waiting on some kind of a payoff.
  34. The resulting changes in the payoff form can be very different.
  35. The payoff diagram for this combined trade appears in Figure 5.
  36. What does this payoff chart look like? We see that in Figure 12.
  37. Was that money a payoff for some kind of services rendered to.
  38. The payoff charts for the two combinations are also very similar.
  39. But if there were any surprises, the payoff would be substantial.
  40. Payoff functions of long and short strangles are shown in Figure A.
  41. Averaging 148 values of the payoff function (74 values from Table 2.
  42. Jimmy Carter created it in 1979 as a payoff to the teachers’ unions.
  43. Let’s look at the payoff chart for this covered strangle (Figure 8.
  44. It’s difficult to be a successful trader with a payoff ratio under 1.
  45. So, either six or eight with a payoff of seven chips for every six bet.
  46. The feeling that others respect and revere you is a very common payoff.
  47. That’s not the only way our payoff chart would look slightly different.
  48. Sounds like a payoff to me, and the President seems to have a stake in Mr.
  49. But he’s absolutely right about the payoff if he can pull it off, Cayleb.
  50. It is a lot of work, but if it is done properly, the payoff is exceptional.
  51. Let’s connect the dots again to see the payoff chart for our long BBRY 9.
  52. Let’s look at a payoff chart for buying this September 33 strike put at 2.
  53. Payoff functions of different option strategies may appear in different forms.
  54. Thin lines show payoff functions of separate options forming the combinations.
  55. Then we compute all forecast prices and payoff function values related to them.
  56. Payoff functions of short options are opposite to that of long options (Figure A.
  57. But the general shape of the two payoff charts is very similar, as we’d expect.
  58. Each option combination can be characterized by the shape of its payoff function.
  59. It was to no avail as far as Sonia was concerned; and now it was about to payoff.
  60. Cash Payoff - opposite of annuity, the prize is paid out at one time, instead of.
  61. He was proud of the recognition but did not want the honor to look like a payoff.
  62. The big payoff came as soon as I rested myself and my carcass onto a chosen branch.
  63. The call-to-put ratio strongly influences the shape of the portfolio payoff function.
  64. This indicator expresses the skewness of the payoff function of the option portfolio.
  65. Payoff functions of two short straddles created using options on AMZN and ADBE stocks.
  66. They cut her from the inner circles and slandered her success as the payoff of adultery.
  67. The payoff profile for this stock covered vertical call spread can be seen in Figure 4.
  68. Let’s look at the same sort of payoff lines prior to expiration for some butterflies.
  69. However if you do not keep consistent position sizes you will distort your payoff ratio.
  70. In the McDonald’s verdict, the payoff was less than a quarter of the court settlement.
  71. Payoff functions of short options are the opposite of those of long options (see Figure A.
  72. The payoff for this iron condor at expiration for a variety of prices appears in Table 16.
  73. Mike added, I think you could devote an entire study to payoff as opposed to investment.
  74. And the payoff is less reactivity, less rumination, and—who knows?—maybe stream-entry.
  75. That is, people on average need about a 2 to 1 payoff on an even odds bet to take the bet.
  76. His payoff, together with cash for entertaining the others, must be returning in tuna cans.
  77. Payoff functions of bull and bear spreads corresponding to the expiration date (bold lines).
  78. Because of this, we won’t use as many of the type of payoff charts we’ve used elsewhere.
  79. The way to buy is more than dollars and cents; it really is what the payoff is in terms of:.
  80. We can depend on them because they know that if they get through there’ll be a big payoff.
  81. Half of the outcomes are unfavorable and of the other two, the payoff is reduced in one case.
  82. If it does, the casino will lose $70,000 (the $72,000 payoff less the $2,000 cost of the bet).
  83. Payoff functions of long and short straddles corresponding to the expiration date (bold lines).
  84. In this example there are two price ranges for which the payoff function is positive—from $87.
  85. Payoff functions of long and short strangles corresponding to the expiration date (bold lines).
  86. What we have is a payoff with the promise of the payee keeping his mouth shut and not suing, ever.
  87. What does the payoff chart for this calendar spread look like at expiration? That’s tough to say.
  88. Her payoff would have taken care of that debt and left her a lot of extra to get back on her feet.
  89. I experienced that compromise again with a much bigger payoff and much more effort not that long ago.
  90. Let’s connect the dots again and see the traditional payoff chart for this long put condor in AAPL.
  91. The general payoff for this put condor and the call condor that used the same strikes are very similar.
  92. Unifying such combinations results in an almost symmetrical payoff function (black line in the chart).
  93. More complicated forms of payoff functions can be obtained when several different options are combined.
  94. You should always take the time to verify the information, including numbers such as payoff amounts, etc.
  95. Raises, bonuses, promotions, recognition, and stock options are all examples of types of personal payoff.
  96. Arguably the strategy’s payoff profile resembles that of writing put options on a systemic catastrophe.
  97. Integrating the product of the payoff function by the lognormal probability density function (equation 2.
  98. The payoff function of the portfolio (black line) consisting of these two combinations has a similar shape.
  99. The fourth column contains values of the combination payoff function PFj estimated for the expiration time.
  100. Their payoff profiles can be calculated by assessing the individual ‘legs’ of the strategy and summing.

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