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Peasant dans une phrase (en anglais)

He is a wise peasant.
They took the first peasant.
The peasant burst into tears.
This was said by a peasant woman.
It’s a lot to a peasant girl.

In this same month the peasant, T.
And I'm very glad for the peasant.
Winter! The peasant blithely goes.
The peasant blessed his happy fate.
I ’ll deal with this peasant.
They give the peasant fresh wants.
I'm not quite like a peasant woman.
A thin peasant with one eye responded.
I had a fight with a peasant bastard.
A peasant called Dushkin, who keeps a.
Near the dam, a peasant frightened you.
Whose hours the peasant best advantages.
She didn’t look like a peasant at all.
The peasant told him how he was situated.
The peasant sat watching him and grinning.
The peasant stroked his beard importantly.
Peasant girls weren't just big and buxom.
And the drunken peasant still lay snoring.
He begs even a base peasant to forgive him.
The Peasant struck the Horse with his whip.
There's many a peasant couldn't tug as hard.
What wouldn't a peasant do with such a sum!.
A Peasant saw the Hunter running, and said:.
Take care of the peasant and guard his heart.
The peasant is heating the stove for her, too.
That insolent peasant is afraid of me, at last.
A ragged peasant roams the Krapivensky district.
He would scowl like a Greek peasant every time.
Hartzenbusch; and he says that the peasant folk.
The pistol, dagger, and peasant coat were ready.
He had not expected to be attacked by a peasant.
Nearest to Pierre stood the pockmarked peasant.
The potato crop sustained the peasant population.

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