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Peasant dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He is a wise peasant.
  3. They took the first peasant.
  4. The peasant burst into tears.

  6. This was said by a peasant woman.
  7. It’s a lot to a peasant girl.
  8. In this same month the peasant, T.
  9. I ’ll deal with this peasant.
  10. And I'm very glad for the peasant.
  11. They give the peasant fresh wants.
  12. The peasant blessed his happy fate.
  13. Winter! The peasant blithely goes.
  14. I'm not quite like a peasant woman.
  15. A thin peasant with one eye responded.

  16. Whose hours the peasant best advantages.
  17. I had a fight with a peasant bastard.
  18. A peasant called Dushkin, who keeps a.
  19. Near the dam, a peasant frightened you.
  20. She didn’t look like a peasant at all.
  21. The peasant stroked his beard importantly.
  22. Peasant girls weren't just big and buxom.
  23. The peasant told him how he was situated.
  24. The peasant sat watching him and grinning.
  25. And the drunken peasant still lay snoring.

  26. The Peasant struck the Horse with his whip.
  27. He begs even a base peasant to forgive him.
  28. There's many a peasant couldn't tug as hard.
  29. What wouldn't a peasant do with such a sum!.
  30. A Peasant saw the Hunter running, and said:.
  31. Take care of the peasant and guard his heart.
  32. The peasant is heating the stove for her, too.
  33. He would scowl like a Greek peasant every time.
  34. That insolent peasant is afraid of me, at last.
  35. A ragged peasant roams the Krapivensky district.
  36. Hartzenbusch; and he says that the peasant folk.
  37. He had not expected to be attacked by a peasant.
  38. Nearest to Pierre stood the pockmarked peasant.
  39. The pistol, dagger, and peasant coat were ready.
  40. The potato crop sustained the peasant population.
  41. We have just called him a poor peasant of Picardy.
  42. I saw so many of those peasant carts in your yard.
  43. The whole testing thing is just peasant behaviour.
  44. Some old peasant women were already weeping aloud.
  45. This is not my land: it belongs to a peasant here.
  46. And he related how a peasant had stolen some flour.
  47. A peasant who is kept in prison, though innocent.
  48. At last the peasant reappeared, and said to me—.
  49. I drew my sabre and struck the peasant of the head.
  50. She went on, and kept thinking about the Peasant:.
  51. I have seen once a peasant flogged in the town hall.
  52. I drew my sword, and struck the peasant on the head.
  53. So you actually feel something for the peasant girl.
  54. Jean Valjean came from a poor peasant family of Brie.
  55. She was a peasant child, the daughter of a cottager.
  56. The peasant women too tell us they have seen goblins.
  57. I will refer to the peasant question, too; yes, and.
  58. Grossman (searches excitedly round the THIRD PEASANT).
  59. Third Peasant (fumbling with the packet of banknotes).
  60. He was a peasant from Pokrovsk, near the river Gzhat.
  61. The devil just spit out and ran away from the peasant.
  62. But the peasant had not, however, pulled up the horse.
  63. Then addressing the peasant, who was already pale—.
  64. The same is asserted by a peasant in Tver, in Támbov.
  65. He was a peasant from Pokróvsk, near the river Gzhat.
  66. Much grander than just being a peasant, he had said.
  67. A Peasant went to town to fetch some oats for his Horse.
  68. A peasant and a woman, cela commence à être rassurant.
  69. Don’t see no ladies here, just some mouthy peasant.
  70. The cart reached him; it was a fairly solid peasant cart.
  71. Any peasant caught riding a horse was punished or killed.
  72. A peasant once went to the gardener's, to steal cucumbers.
  73. He visits princes, though he is only a peasant corrupted.
  74. She was wearing a peasant blouse with a knee length skirt.
  75. Levin still kept between the young peasant and the old man.
  76. The peasant sold his last sheep or cow in order to pay it.
  77. A peasant was short of corn; he had not enough to live on.
  78. You haven’t observed the peasant areas, Elmore said.
  79. My father was born in a remote village to a peasant family.
  80. As we raced by I saw that the peasant farmer had died the.
  81. A peasant was heating the stove which warmed my son's room.
  82. I once did see how they flogged a peasant in the village.
  83. While the peasant spoke, the ship came nearer to the island.
  84. One or more icóns hang in the hut of each Orthodox peasant.
  85. That's a lie! said the peasant, calmly and confidently.
  86. All I did was to see that the peasant had more corn than he.
  87. At this moment the leaves of the door parted, and a peasant.
  88. There was no moon; peasant huts rose dimly in the starlight.
  89. The Peasant went to the shop, bought the oats, and drove home.
  90. And the peasant drove him smartly, he had a fair, long beard.
  91. How came a beauty like you to marry a peasant? he asked.
  92. Another peasant in Iver or in Tambov makes the same statement.
  93. Anna Pávlovna (while listening to him looks at THIRD PEASANT).
  94. The peasant drivers, shouting and lashing their horses, kept.
  95. He recalled with horror his dreams of marrying a peasant girl.
  96. For him the prince and the peasant were not of the same blood.
  97. I entered the "izbá," or the palace, as the peasant called it.
  98. A peasant was here who had his arm torn by a tree and amputated.
  99. Hearing the barking, the peasant jumped out of bed and, taking.
  100. The peasant went home, then drove into the town to the merchant.

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