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Pedestal dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I had him on a pedestal.
  2. On a pedestal, the famous.
  3. He held Angela on a pedestal.
  4. Now theres only the pedestal.
  5. The foot would be the pedestal.

  6. The gunner sat on his pedestal.
  7. Lets, see, we also need a pedestal.
  8. What caught the eye was the pedestal.
  9. And on the pedestal these words appear:.
  10. Looming above them on a high pedestal was.
  11. There it sat, on a pedestal of white marble.
  12. Statue of two men on a pedestal in a city setting.
  13. The Palladium beamed on its marble pedestal in the.
  14. I next saw an urn on a pedestal in the room where I.
  15. I went to the canteen and removed it from its pedestal.

  16. I repressed standing up to the man on the pedestal in.
  17. Taking the bowl from the pedestal, he offered it to Kaya.
  18. Johnny just wants to stay high on his pedestal that’s.
  19. A pedestal base is convenient if you are working on the.
  20. At the very center is a wide pedestal with hologram panels.
  21. She allowed him to help her up onto the table-like pedestal.
  22. Annabeth grabbed a green gazing ball from a nearby pedestal.
  23. When the casket was secured on its pedestal, we all sat down.
  24. He sat on the lid of the pedestal and removed his spectacles.
  25. There was a tiny pedestal marked by gold footprints, as if an.

  26. In the center of the walls is a cross—25 feet high on a pedestal.
  27. Barron had always hating being put on a pedestal, and it never got.
  28. In the middle of the chamber, on a coffin-shaped pedestal, stood a.
  29. Sam climbed up on the foot of the pedestal and leaned over the basin.
  30. Jacob paused, took the ring off again, and set it back on the pedestal.
  31. To dream that you are on a pedestal indicates recognition and honor.
  32. He touched it with his finger and the ship spun slowly on its pedestal.
  33. He shook off his uneasiness, and returned to the conductor’s pedestal.
  34. She wasn’t up on some pedestal, like a statue of the Nike Aphrodisiac.
  35. It was just a bronze saucer on a stone pedestal, sitting on the balcony.
  36. She crossed over to the pedestal, because that was the coldest water around.
  37. They took a woman, ripped the clothes from her and placed her on a pedestal.
  38. The fifth pedestal was in the middle and its book was larger than the others.
  39. After a few minutes, Emerson goes back to the pedestal and hits the red button.
  40. Five pedestals stood alone in the space, with each pedestal displaying a book.
  41. Joey turned around and walked along the path out of caution towards the pedestal.
  42. Heather who through her entire school life was on a pedestal so high that no one.
  43. Behind Raven, Khan jumped down from his pedestal and made his way through the crowd.
  44. In my soul you are as a Madonna on a pedestal, in a place lofty, secure, immaculate.
  45. The towel rack was brass, and there was a basket of toiletries on the pedestal sink.
  46. She feels her heart’s being lifted up to Heaven to meet him on his godly pedestal.
  47. Looking at the lavatory I thought I could see a fine crack running down the pedestal.
  48. I nodded, and started past the pedestal towards the golden pillars, as Flint followed.
  49. The pedestal appeared to be a human hand, which was reaching up and out from the shelf.
  50. In the center of the platform, a small pedestal supported a wide, shallow bowl of water.
  51. Justice Hugo Black surely deserves a pedestal as the patron Saint Hugo of the new order.
  52. At the bottom, upon a low pedestal carved like a branching tree, stood a basin of silver.
  53. The silver-haired boy falls off his pedestal, et cetera, et cetera, so there’s a coverup.
  54. She led him inside the narrow inner room, and began touching glowing crystal on a pedestal.
  55. Jacob looked on as Andrew dropped the ring on the pedestal and wrapped his arms around her.
  56. In his room was a bed, a single, put on a pedestal that would force him to climb up into it.
  57. The pedestal was cracked and the fissures were filled with mastiha the chewing gum from Hios.
  58. The Joseph swabbing the deck to look busy was the same Joseph they had placed on the pedestal.
  59. From the ends of the opening of the arches were smooth paths that lead straight to the pedestal.
  60. He held the big book up that he had somehow taken from the central pedestal without me noticing.
  61. Four successive revolutions had built and cemented the pedestal upon which his fortune was based.
  62. Penelope Hastings the mayor's wife, has asked that I mold for her a sundial upon a concrete pedestal.
  63. Shadow walks over to the dead beast by the turned over pedestal and removes her dagger from its head.
  64. He unwrapped it and hung it on the front of the pedestal that the three legged replica of Limpy stood.
  65. Halon stepped forward and reclaimed the Globe on the key and the pedestal lowered itself into the floor.
  66. On a central pedestal that was the only apparent architecture in the room there hung a scroll in mid air.
  67. It appeared to be a very low and large pedestal with a disc shape and made from a single bright blue rock.
  68. Each and all said his say, made his pun, and looked at the heiress mounted on her millions as on a pedestal.
  69. There was a silver-plated ice bucket on a pedestal near the foot of the bed chilling a bottle of Chardonnay.
  70. Loving imitates love, it does not adore, worship or place it upon a romantic, idealistic, altruistic pedestal.
  71. But the same masses set these criminals on a pedestal in the next generation and worship them (more or less).
  72. Should she have put her father on such a high pedestal where she thought he could do no wrong? No—her fault.
  73. All was quiet with him, save that a long inscription had appeared that morning upon the pedestal of the sun-dial.
  74. Raise them up on a pedestal as an icon, instead of as before: when you treated them as if they were not even human.
  75. To put with one hand a pedestal under the feet of the two faithful ones, and with the other to exalt the unfaithful.
  76. Kent took Julie by the hips and lifted her off the pedestal and leaned her against the display case being careful not to.
  77. I think it must be the same one which was at the Bartholdi Pedestal Fund Exhibition some years ago, when it belonged to Mr.
  78. She felt like the biggest part of her self, the part she’d praised and polished regularly on its mighty pedestal, had died.
  79. She was used to being in the limelight…she thought she had what it takes to stay there in the pedestal where she was in.
  80. A black belt coiled up on the pedestal was all that was visible, but I approached it with a reverence for what it represented.
  81. Without a word I stepped forward and took the box off the pedestal and then I quickly left the forest Chapel not looking back.
  82. He sat on his elevation- the pedestal of the cannon- still agitated as before by the thought of the Emperor and by his love for him.
  83. Behind an altar of clear green jade, unstained with sacrifice, stood the pedestal whereon sat the material manifestation of the deity.
  84. He sat on his elevation—the pedestal of the cannon—still agitated as before by the thought of the Emperor and by his love for him.
  85. With this warning the tri-sided building reversed its construction and all that was left was the pedestal, again a beautiful rich blue.
  86. In the center of the room, supported by a low pedestal, was a long rectangular glass box which reminded Sharon of Snow White’s coffin.
  87. I placed it on the small table beside my chair, where it appeared to float on its slender golden stem above a lustrous hardwood pedestal.
  88. She had for some time known that her girls had insisted, against all protestation, on placing her on a high pedestal of adoration.
  89. I feel very privileged and honored that this village, of which I have sung many of its praises in verse, has put me on this dream pedestal.
  90. Woodward Cambridge, the conductor of all the madness, was still waving his baton from some hellish pedestal in his castle on Coldfrock Lake.
  91. The base of this dome was a gigantic pedestal of marble rising from what had once been a terraced eminence on the banks of the ancient river.
  92. Harry had been placed on her own personal pedestal but it seemed like he had taken a step down from it and greeted her in a more personal way.
  93. He did not support it in any way, nor place it on anything, but it hung motionless in midair, as solidly as if it rested on an iron pedestal.
  94. When he was atop his pedestal, Simian gave the throttle rope a good yank and sent the ship flying crewless back in the direction of the City.
  95. Surmounting this picturesque pedestal is an obelisk of black-veined marble on a granite base, the whole rising some seven feet from the ground.
  96. I’m not sure, but I think there’s an electrical connection of some kind between the pedestal and that node wire hanging down from the ceiling.
  97. Getting to his feet, he watched intently the teenage girl in black take her position at one side of the coffin and help pick it up from its pedestal.
  98. Ivan punched a spot on the wall behind his desk and a tile on the floor slid back as a pedestal rose from the floor not too far from where Orlov lay.
  99. He stepped in front of the platform near a pedestal and introduced himself to the group, saying, I am Elder Zid and I will be leading this ceremony.
  100. So, in his fancy, may he see himself sometimes, gracing the vacant pedestal in Trafalgar Square, and adding one more to the horrors of the London streets.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. Without their pedestals.
  2. There were few empty pedestals now.
  3. You put me on such pedestals I can never justify.
  4. He chose one, and then switched over to the menu for pedestals.
  5. And so they helped carry the gun pedestals and ammunition while.
  6. More urns sat on elaborate pedestals further out from the stairs.
  7. These would be the pedestals upon which the combatants would sit.
  8. Spirits open-mouthed insistence builds pedantic pedestals out of.
  9. Well, she idolized these people she'd never met, put them on pedestals.
  10. They were illuminated from below and most were resting on crystal pedestals.
  11. Five pedestals stood alone in the space, with each pedestal displaying a book.
  12. Perhaps you shouldn’t put people on such a high pedestals that you can’t.
  13. The pedestals sank back into the floor and the floor tiles clicked back into place.
  14. We each have an individual perspective, as if we each stand on individual pedestals.
  15. After all, men like Fishmael stand on their pedestals too, and we all look up and see them.
  16. They have not been heard of for some time, although their pedestals remain empty in the Avenue of Heroes.
  17. He saw great towering black walls, pedestals half hidden in the shadows upholding images of hideous, half-bestial gods.
  18. These are my favorite pedestals because it gives the illusion that your model is hovering in mid air, but it is really suspended in a magnetic field.
  19. There were balls of the glowing trinial element on pedestals throughout the room and while the furnishings were sparse what there was looked comfortable.
  20. For night, cast iron gas lamps topped with crouching angels were bolted to the vertical sides of the shelves and were also positioned on pedestals beside most of the chairs.
  21. Approaching it and looking through the transparent pane, Tina nearly jumped back and gasped audibly on seeing what looked like three robots of undefined functions moving around a double row of coffin-like metal boxes on pedestals.
  22. For ever since those inventive but unscrupulous times when on the marble panellings of temples, the pedestals of statues, and on shields, medallions, cups, and coins, the dolphin was drawn in scales of chain-armor like Saladin's, and a helmeted head like St.
  23. But, the fighting birds of Hubal were no where to be seen over the skies of Mecca as Muhammad pulled down the idols from their pedestals, and Islam sans the fighting angels could still spread its wings under the shadow of the swords where Muhammad said Paradise is beneath.
  24. The standard reached beneath the windows should at least be kept up, if it cannot be surpassed, right away through, and the German popular plan in this matter quite discarded of concentrating all the available splendour of the establishment into the supreme effort of carpet-bedding and glass balls on pedestals in front of the house, in the hope that the stranger, carefully kept in that part, and on no account allowed to wander, will infer an equal magnificence throughout the entire domain; whereas he knows very well all the time that the landscape round the corner consists of fowls and dust-bins.
  25. The old neglected palazzo, with its lofty carved ceilings and frescoes on the walls, with its floors of mosaic, with its heavy yellow stuff curtains on the windows, with its vases on pedestals, and its open fireplaces, its carved doors and gloomy reception rooms, hung with pictures—this palazzo did much, by its very appearance after they had moved into it, to confirm in Vronsky the agreeable illusion that he was not so much a Russian country gentleman, a retired army officer, as an enlightened amateur and patron of the arts, himself a modest artist who had renounced the world, his connections, and his ambition for the sake of.

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