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Percent dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Ten percent faith.
2. Ninety percent of.
3. Only 65 percent.
4. One hundred percent.
5. A 50 percent return.
6. The 60 Percent Solution.
7. Six percent said it.

8. We agreed on ten percent.
9. Fewer than one percent.
10. It’s fifty percent now.
11. He said, Ninety percent.
12. Sixty-eight percent said.
13. But fewer than 1 percent.
14. I improved by fifty percent.
15. A ten percent increase in.
16. Call it 99 percent certain.
17. Larry Williams Percent Rate.
18. Another 7 percent remained.
19. That's 600 percent leverage.
20. It’s at thirty percent.
21. Thirteen percent of the land.
22. In one poll, 81 percent of.
23. In less than two percent of.
24. The remaining ten percent is.
25. Seventy percent of Americans.
26. It attributed two percent of U.
27. It is one hundred percent valid.
28. I get the other fifty percent.
29. GMan: That is 100 percent correct.
30. This is one hundred percent true.
31. Short Percent of Float is 1.
32. I endorse this as hundred percent.
33. Down to 15 percent, said Carl.
34. I had 100 percent confidence in her.
35. As you can see, 53 percent were in.
36. They hate ninety-nine percent of us.
37. It’s down 36 percent for the year.
38. It now stood thirty percent occupied.
39. Burners at five percent and holding.
40. Compared to yesterday’s 97 percent.
41. Thirty-two percent said Washington.
42. You have to be like that ten percent.
43. Car accidents account for 31 percent.
44. Only 3 percent had such written goals.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

1. So, tell me, who the fuck wants to be part of the 99%, when some of those percents will always rot in every ghetto hell in every slave CW where there are US's – the Z Majority, and the Thems – the ~Z.

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