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Percentage dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A tiny percentage of U.
  2. The percentage shares of the.
  3. The percentage equivalent of 2.
  4. The percentage equivalent of 1.
  5. Percentage of the Curve Covered.

  6. Yet only a very small percentage.
  7. As a percentage of sales, average.
  8. What counts here is what percentage.
  9. Studies show that a large percentage.
  10. Which is the largest percentage of us.
  11. The percentage of profitable trades (i.
  12. But the percentage of shysters is high.
  13. Copper Consumption (Percentage of Total).
  14. It is often given as a percentage number.
  15. This is the Percentage Bid-Ask Spread.

  16. I don't believe the percentage of expert.
  17. Resume blasting is a low percentage effort.
  18. This cost will be uniform, in percentage.
  19. The 170 put option shows a percentage of 54.
  20. Both are based on a percentage of the sale.
  21. Sadly, percentage of gruff old cowboys are.
  22. I made sure there was a high percentage of.
  23. The percentage commission that you can earn.
  24. We are made up of a large percentage of water.
  25. The percentage stop-loss is the easiest to set.

  26. I encourage you to join this small percentage.
  27. What is interesting is that the percentage of.
  28. A small percentage of the graduates were from.
  29. The greater the percentage increase, the better.
  30. What percentage of their income are they saving?
  31. Raj expressed, as he was upset with my percentage.
  32. A large percentage (35% – 50%) of the exam is.
  33. He considered the percentage of interviews which.
  34. However, the Percentage Bid-Ask Spread drops to 0.
  35. More leverage would have increased the percentage.
  36. In the coastline area, the percentage of the women.
  37. Less water will increase the percentage of body fat.
  38. State Percentage of votes secured by BJP on its own.
  39. Historic volatility is stated as an annual percentage.
  40. The new percentage cost of debt is much lower.
  41. They too are ranked by percentage increase in volume.
  43. Do the Insiders Own a High Percentage of the Company?
  44. The winning percentage: wins divided by total trades.
  45. Historical volatility is expressed in percentage terms.
  46. A certain percentage, they tell us, must every year go.
  47. The credit is equal to a percentage as reflected in an.
  48. Many falsely believe that the percentage not covered (0.
  49. In this case, John would get a percentage of the profit.
  50. If we assume an allowable percentage of rejects of 4% (i.
  51. What percentage of the website visitors become customers.
  52. A percentage probably will, that is why there were so.
  53. Click Through Rate (CTR) — The percentage of users who.
  54. I’ll revisit these percentage claims about family later.
  55. The monthly charge is usually a percentage of your income.
  56. We're only a small percentage of the lost Obotron crew.
  57. Naturally the percentage was largest during the depression.
  58. Always work out what percentage of the price the spread is.
  59. The high percentage of children that experience migraines.
  60. Year 1 Percentage Cost of Equity as determined by the CAPM.
  61. A huge percentage of their resources were mined and stolen.
  62. Machine Whey uses a VERY HIGH PERCENTAGE (80%) Whey Protein.
  63. A high percentage of advanced skiers in-fact are afraid of.
  64. A reasonable percentage of interest expenses is acceptable.
  65. I also use a small percentage of my account to speculate.
  66. So, this is why I never pushed for a percentage in this case.
  67. Their percentage risks are substantially different, however.
  68. The result is then multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage.
  69. The simplest exit strategy is to use a percentage profit exit.
  70. The APR signifies the annual percentage rate of the interest.
  71. A high percentage of intermediate skiers have no concept of.
  72. Therefore if there is a percentage increase in calories then.
  73. The allowed percentage of repeated keyword is only at 3-4% of.
  74. It was expressed as a percentage of the total number of cases.
  75. The percentage of winning trades is given as Win% in the table.
  76. A high percentage of students were from so-called lower castes.
  77. Now in the end the differences in time at each percentage of C.
  78. Individual investors own a percentage of the value of the fund.
  79. I used to watch the biggest percentage fallers page on Sky Text.
  80. In basketball he drained three-pointers at the percentage most.
  81. What is the percentage of stock owned by the primary officers?
  82. Powers-That-Ski continue to fail a high percentage of dedicated.
  83. Yes, price will be important for a percentage of customers, but.
  84. But theoretical pricing models measure change in percentage terms.
  85. The 170 call option has a probability of expiring percentage of 45.
  86. Nevertheless, with experience, you can create your own percentage.
  87. You then multiply that by 100 to express the term as a percentage.
  88. Most investors spend the greatest percentage of their time asking.
  89. Some or all of the thirteen had forgotten that a large percentage.
  90. The ideal percentage of fat in the human body is between 1% and 19%.
  91. Self-motivation requires a small percentage of conscious attention.
  92. Total body fat percentage consists of essential fat and storage fat.
  93. What percentage of the Alliance stations does that represent?
  94. The percentage shares of the end uses covered are shown in Chart 10.
  95. As always, the higher the percentage of uniqueness, the better the.
  96. Here is the formula to calculate the gross profit margin percentage:.
  97. Does the Company Have a Small Percentage of Institutional Ownership?
  98. In 2009, the difference between the two was of two percentage points.
  99. A high percentage of skiers will never reach this climax; but that's.
  100. Interest is usually expressed as a percentage of the amount borrowed.

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