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Permit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I can not permit that.
  2. God would not permit it.
  3. Permit me here, said Mr.
  4. Permit me to seek another.
  5. If clients did not permit.

  6. If you will permit it?
  7. But I still have this permit.
  8. He will not permit her to win.
  9. Permit me to introduce myself.
  10. Permit me to return it to you.
  11. I will permit it to pass over.
  12. Permit me to know your name!'.
  13. Permit me to create a context for.
  14. He does not have a residence permit.
  15. We won’t permit it, he said.

  16. Arch Coal already had a permit to dig.
  17. You really need a breeders permit.
  18. Their insurance wouldn’t permit it.
  19. Permit me here to read a passage of Mr.
  20. It still may not permit this adoption.
  21. Miss Shirley, permit me to introduce Mr.
  22. They don't permit themselves to succeed.
  23. We killed twenty humans without a permit.
  24. They don’t permit themselves to succeed.
  25. He would not permit the Catskinner to win.

  26. You permit torture and you violate the law.
  27. I need to see your permit for this shoot.
  28. My health would not permit it, Miss Shirley.
  29. How could God permit such things to happen?
  30. Something… inside you?… will not permit it.
  31. We can overturn the special use permit?
  32. When you permit yourself to be influenced from.
  33. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
  34. Since she had a valid permit, I had no recourse.
  35. Permit the graph of life's lessons to come forward.
  36. I am a little fatigued, permit me to take a chair.
  37. I would not permit her to tell you, quoth he.
  38. You don’t have a Victorian permit for those guns.
  39. But this the Indians would not permit on any account.
  40. He told me: It’s your universal parking permit.
  41. Permit me to introduce to you her Majesty, the Queen.
  42. I will permit nothing to interfere with my objective.
  43. Why does God permit His Son and our Lord, when he is.
  44. And Scarlett Rhett permit the child to sleep with her.
  45. Selecting a related topic will permit you to discuss.
  46. Our congress has passed laws that permit (encourage?).
  47. Permit me to recur to the calculation of the last year.
  48. This would permit the Vatican and its aristocratic and.
  49. That's impossible! My grandfather would never permit it.
  50. This hectic pace of the poultry industry doesn't permit.
  51. He said: Father Godwyn refuses to permit this election.
  52. Mumford) will permit me, I will protest against this idea.
  53. I looked into getting a permit to have a protest, and it.
  54. Hold this picture tenaciously and never permit it to fade.
  55. When you don’t permit this, you have everything to fear.
  56. Tobias did not permit the guards upstairs, except when he.
  57. Your aunt will permit it, although she has a right to you.
  58. If you would permit, I would like to speak to your parents.
  59. Some algorithms will not permit this calculation, but the.
  60. Permit me to tel you of a case with which I am personal y.
  61. I have no papers that will permit the border to be crossed.
  62. Her family had problems in spite of their aboriginal permit.
  63. Accompany you I would, but alas my age will not permit me.
  64. It’s bad enough having human heroes that you permit to do.
  65. They specifically represent the key concepts that permit the.
  66. So let’s start with this: Lester does not have a gun permit.
  67. In January, 1911 the EPA revoked the permit for the Spruce No.
  68. She substituted herself for Elizabeth to permit her to escape.
  69. If I had a child I wouldn’t permit a television in the house.
  70. So even though he has to buy a city permit, he doesn’t have.
  71. Jesus saw this, He was indignant and said to them, Permit the.
  72. Their application for a strip-mining permit is nearing approval.
  73. He could’ve pulled the permit anytime up to a year before that.
  74. To my surprise, I find that it contains a permit to shoot a wolf.
  75. Under these special circumstances I will permit the use of troops.
  76. This illness didn’t permit him to sleep on any side of his body.
  77. I’m afraid they won’t permit you much in the way of free time.
  78. Permit yourself to be in the shoes of the undertaker for awhile….
  79. Lope wasable in this drama, as in his others, to permit the action.
  80. To permit such a method is fatal to faith in Revelation altogether.
  81. Permit me, he said bending over and disentangling the flounce.
  82. We have obtained a permit for clearing the ground and starting over.
  83. Still they permit themselves to be atheists in their blind state of.
  84. Er, would you permit the production of alcohol as well, sire?
  85. Permit me to watch two lovely young people in the joys of procreation.
  86. Once things started getting glitchy, Arthur would certainly permit it.
  87. Permit me, then, sir, to call your attention first to the letter of Mr.
  88. She would not permit in-school detention, then riding home on his bus.
  89. What do you expect me to do? The Council will never permit you and Rain.
  90. Cabinets permit one to categorize items to be stored and used routinely.
  91. Suffer–To permit something to occur or to exist that should be opposed.
  92. This arrangement would permit the illusion, in every life form that it.
  93. I am in love with her now, Jorma said, as much as she can permit.
  94. Permit me to remind you that you are not in the Chamber, my dear Viscount.
  95. Perhaps this place would not permit anything but the slightest of injuries.
  96. I finally received a joint permit with Armstrong, and we rode in at midday.
  97. In my opinion, they never will permit it to be wholly taken away from them.
  98. Wade’s code did not permit his guests to be insulted by his subordinates.
  99. A single-parent home feels incomplete only if you permit it to be incomplete.
  100. Permit me to provide you with a brief sketch of each of the seven Churches:.
  1. In permitting this, I have.
  2. Permitting evil to continue is cooperation with evil.
  3. Weather permitting, they will fly in tomorrow morning.
  4. The Impulse system has turned blue, permitting buying.
  5. For permitting myself such absurd degrees of nostalgia.
  6. Some leaders are now permitting disunity between house Church networks.
  7. Exactly where is the justice in permitting bankers, who created the money they.
  8. There was no point in permitting others to see her entering in the company of a young boy.
  9. Not a step in any direction had he taken without permitting her to make the necessary arrangements.
  10. Jameson and Titania walked hand in hand on the promenade, weather permitting, at every opportunity.
  11. Olive–A bitter, oil bearing fruit that symbolizes the harvest (results) of permitting religions to.
  12. Later, she knew that she had done the correct thing in permitting the boys to watch the dog take her.
  13. As the trip wore on there was a group that hung out on this deck during the waking hours, weather permitting.
  14. We’ll have to get prepared to climb one of the peaks and, weather permitting, stay away for two or more days.
  15. Nor can piety itself, at such a shameful sight, completely stifle her upbraidings against the permitting stars.
  16. With the crash of thunder, the enormous chains plunged into their respective causeways, permitting free passage.
  17. At the inn at Yankovo he respectfully took leave of her, for the first time permitting himself to kiss her hand.
  18. What did you find out about the possible ways of permitting the enrolment of women in the Army Air Corps?’’.
  19. At the inn at Yankóvo he respectfully took leave of her, for the first time permitting himself to kiss her hand.
  20. In 2008 the Democratic Congress passed a bill permitting drilling for oil and claimed they had solved the problem.
  21. Margaret sent a brief reply saying that health permitting she would be delighted to come and arrangements were made.
  22. Time permitting, I had allowed that they could be painted with an ivy vine, but for the moment they hung as bare stone.
  23. Then there’s the long wait time, sometimes more than a couple of years, for environmental assessments and permitting.
  24. Permitting himself another mechanical smile of satisfaction he can now see a way of travelling on this planet undetected.
  25. The clerk, Vasilieff, took the chamberman's part, saying that there was no law permitting an official to beat prisoners.
  26. Yoga is an elegant and subtle way to become aware of your true Self, thereby permitting happiness to flow into your life.
  27. He never failed, weather permitting, to take his brothers and sisters out on Sabbath afternoons for their nature strolls.
  28. But they should be less inflexible, permitting a considerable plus in one factor to offset a small black mark in another.
  29. He that possesses her must keep her within bounds, not permitting her to break out in ribald satires or soulless sonnets.
  30. Mitchell nodded with a smile, permitting himself to relax, knowing that Jose had just vowed loyalty over the sacred Bible.
  31. Almost every day, weather and circumstances permitting, he comes to the cave to sit and meditate, if only for a short while.
  32. You can specify two types of passwords, one authorising the user to open the file, another permitting him to modify the same.
  33. Her goal in permitting such photos was to impress on the Soviets in particular how outclassed they were in the air in Indochina.
  34. Olive–A bitter, oil bearing fruit that symbolizes the harvest (results) of permitting religions to control knowledge and leaders.
  35. Thus permitting coordinated attacks on the battleships moored in battleship row by dive bombers, level bombers and torpedo planes.
  36. Somehow I seem to be afraid of any SERIOUS book—afraid of permitting any SERIOUS preoccupation to break the spell of the passing moment.
  37. Time permitting she might even call in at the hairdressers to make an appointment ‘I could do with a change of style’ thought Lucy….
  38. Section 15(d) has language similar to Section 12(g)(4), permitting deregistration when an issuer has fewer than 300 shareholders of record.
  39. The evening was approaching too soon for either of their tastes and they agreed to continue their intercourse, mutual schedules permitting.
  40. They bolstered the pressure that their enormous cousins had exerted upon the Kinnaras, permitting those Danavas to demolish Indra’s battery.
  41. It stopped just above the bottom cushion of the pilot’s seat, permitting Ingrid to safely step down from the platform and into her cockpit.
  42. A fundamental principle of magic, both black and white, is being completely non-reactive emotionally; not permitting any dart of desire to escape.
  43. All of this occurs for the benefit of shareholders, while still permitting the money manager to prosper mightily from the receipt of management fees.
  44. Euphoria at the prospect becoming a real actor with real roles is my sole excuse for permitting Edgar to conduct a physical as well as verbal audition.
  45. Then, permitting his looks to wander over the silent throng that crowded around the elevated seat of Tamenund, he first perceived Hawkeye in his bonds.
  46. Weather permitting he would normally be on the golf course, then onto the clubhouse for lunch, or working from the office in his flat in Knightsbridge.
  47. I’d always thought that people living near the sea had an advantage over most, for their next meal was only a short distance away, weather permitting.
  48. The County Council chief illegally (as was later declared by the court) decided the case in favour of the proprietor, by permitting him to raise the water.
  49. There seems to be something puerile about enacting a long list of rules and then permitting an administrative body to waive as many of them as it sees fit.
  50. The Commissioner of Police did not intend permitting anybody to do anything that would disrupt the proceedings of the Legislative Council on October the seventh.
  51. In a squadron, aloof is not what one should be unless one has some great aerial reputation that has preceded one's arrival, thereby permitting such eccentricities.
  52. Then he sanctioned the sale of brandy by the Crown in various parts of the country, and signed a decree permitting the sale of alcohol in villages having markets.
  53. The advent of Buddhism affected this shift, as well as an equitable climate permitting a variety of fruit, vegetables, and grains to be grown throughout the year.
  54. In our previous chapters we have considered a number of cases in which relative prices were clearly out of line, permitting authoritative recommendations of exchange.
  55. True self-esteem is a matter of permitting yourself to be happy now, of being able to truthfully say to yourself: What’s happening right this minute is okay by me.
  56. It was indeed quite pleasant and relaxing, allowing her to quickly forget her astute critiquing process for the performance and permitting her to listen for pure enjoyment.
  57. Nothing then was altered in the plan, and orders were given to get under weigh next night, and, wind and weather permitting, to make the neutral island by the following day.
  58. This means respecting the native, and also respecting yourself; it means giving the person emotional space, and at the same time, not permitting him or her to encroach upon yours.
  59. Where undertaken, existing shareholders are given transferable rights permitting them to subscribe to the new issue on a pro-rata basis, usually with an oversubscription privilege.
  60. I’m feeling like a spare wheel most of the time, and therefore would love you to come for a visit so that I can show you my country and even, time permitting, the rest of Europe.
  61. These facts, thus briefly stated, illustrate the vicious possibilities inherent in permitting managements to exercise discretionary powers to purchase shares with the company’s funds.
  62. And the Baroness went in and wrote at once to her son Hildebrand in Berlin, who had introduced Ingram to Glambeck, and told him she did not intend permitting Herr Ingram to visit her again.
  63. Once you have decided on a fixed distance, a BATS distance, a multiple of ATR, or a MAE-based distance, you could – broker permitting – place a trailing stop order at the specified distance.
  64. When this is so there is not much the shareholders can say about it—except perhaps to criticize the management for permitting the company to fall into such an unsatisfactory financial position.
  65. He felt that everyone disapproved of Scarlett and was husband should not permit, according to his views, but if he ordered her to stop them, contemptuous of him for permitting her to unsex herself.
  66. We can consider permitting ourselves to believe that any judgment in the next world is not one where we are banished to isolation, to suffer forever in the fires of a Hell, with a devil, called Satan.
  67. Moreover, he kept insisting that he should take this and that item for such and such a member of his government for permitting him to travel, and to predispose them to allow him to travel in the future.
  68. In fact, it was just a few years earlier, at the University of Chicago’s Center for Research in Security Prices, that daily stock prices since 1926 had been digitized, permitting calculation of the 9.
  69. A more fiendish dogma than this is inconceivable,—the consummation of theological hardness of heart, and a fitting revenge on the people of Europe forever permitting the sin of enforced clerical celibacy.
  70. And it was because he detected the danger of permitting the suggestions of even his affectionate and loyal friends to dissuade him, that he turned upon Peter and the other apostles, saying: Get you behind me.
  71. With his traditional black attire permitting him to blend into the shadows, Preacher Cooper stood next to a wing-backed chair in which Elizabeth Bascomb sat quietly listening to that which unfolded before her.
  72. Tranquilly permitting these irregular cursings to evaporate, Stubb then in a plain, business-like, but still half humorous manner, cursed Pip officially; and that done, unofficially gave him much wholesome advice.
  73. Selling new issues of common stock is quite important, however, in that equity funds provide a borrowing base permitting more senior borrowings on more favorable terms for an issuer than would otherwise be the case.
  74. The argument against the report of the committee, that this Hall was exclusively devoted to legislation, it was said, would operate with equal force against permitting Divine service to be performed there on Sundays.
  75. Newton offered a resolution to instruct the Committee of Commerce and Manufactures to inquire into and report on the expediency of permitting vessels of those nations with whom intercourse was permitted, to take cargoes, &c.
  76. Such is the avowed purpose of a Government which is in the practice of naturalizing, by thousands, citizens of other countries, and not only of permitting, but compelling, them to fight its battles against their native country.
  77. On May 18, however, Herod did agree to the plan of permitting the Sanhedrin authorities to seize Jesus and carry him to Jerusalem to be tried on religious charges, provided the Roman ruler of Judea concurred in such an arrangement.
  78. Further, if the Island people had been broken what would have been the consequences for the world? The British army on the Nile would be cut off without supplies permitting the Italians to dominate the Mediterranean and Suez region.
  79. Bertelli, I should tell you, is taking a keen interest in the operations of Arrington Hotels in Rome, and especially in the building and permitting process, and a keen interest in you, personally, and in your operations and personnel.
  80. But after very long intervals of time, and after great geographical changes, permitting much intermigration, the feebler will yield to the more dominant forms, and there will be nothing immutable in the distribution of organic beings.
  81. But, much to the disappointment of the crowd, this latter business was broken off by the interposition of the town beadle, who had no idea of permitting the majesty of the law to be violated by such an abuse of one of its consecrated places.
  82. With a handshake for Barretson, Zinsmann promised that he would have a work party on site by the end of the following week, and that if the materials were made available, and weather permitting, the repairs should be completed by mid-December.
  83. But even suppose it did come to planking down the needful and breaking Boyd's heart it was not so dear, purse permitting, a few guineas at the outside considering the fare to Mullingar where he figured on going was five and six, there and back.
  84. Broker permitting, the order can be trailed automatically, but beware that an automatically-adjusted stop level will not correspond with any established resistance levels and will trigger simply when the price turns upwards by a specified amount.
  85. He will find himself thinking about his plans for later in the day, or about some difficulty in a job he has to do, or where to go in the evening, or about any number of things that will fill his mind—rather than permitting it to empty itself.
  86. You can start with a network that is completely secured in every way and open up portals permitting the passage of specific types of traffic, or you can start with a completely open network and block the types of traffic considered to be intrusive.
  87. You’re still a remarkably beautiful woman, he said as if captivated by her facial features which he admired before permitting his eyes to fall first to the Star of Mysore lying delicately against her soft neckline then to her small shoulders.
  88. Hester Prynne was now fully sensible of the deep injury for which she was responsible to this unhappy man, in permitting him to lie for so many years, or, indeed, for a single moment, at the mercy of one whose purposes could not be other than malevolent.
  89. It seemed to her that the principal was key to the atmosphere in a school; most tried to put all the burden on individual teachers, which only worked if kids knew that in the end the principal would back the teacher up in not permitting disruptive behavior.
  90. It is not governmental but a private institution and I smile whenever I hear of student and professors strikes in Greece against permitting private institutions to operate in the country for fear of downgrading the sky-high standards of Greek universities!!!.
  91. In fact, he was certain his head was coming off until he exploded his come into her mouth, shooting it between her parted lips with great force, down over her fast-working tongue and permitting her to greedily swallow it and then to suck still more of it from him.
  92. If we were at war with these nations, our products would reach them through the same circuitous channels into which they will be forced by this law, but certainly that consideration would not be deemed a good argument for permitting direct intercourse with our enemies.
  93. I’m not too hot on legal jargon, but it looks as though there is a clause permitting Mum to sign the whole caboodle over should she want to re-marry … the Trust would then cease and the whole lot become mine, but I’d need to talk to a solicitor about that, I think.
  94. Are we running special risks by permitting its establishment? As far as lighting currents of fifty or one hundred volts are concerned, it certainly matters little or nothing whether they are direct or alternate, for neither will produce any serious injury on the human frame.
  95. I was sad and crying when it was time to be real sad! The thing that should be taken into account is, neither of them lasted long… And neither had any considerable impact either in stopping something least expected to happen or permitting something I always longed for to happen!.
  96. I was actually permitting myself to experience a sickening sense of disappointment; but rallying my wits, and recollecting my principles, I at once called my sensations to order; and it was wonderful how I got over the temporary blunder—how I cleared up the mistake of supposing Mr.
  97. With sorrowing heart she reprimanded him in what appeared to be a casual question in the midst of other trivial remarks: Why do you insist on talking about what does not exist? Later she reproached him for his fruitless insistence on not permitting himself to grow old in a natural way.
  98. As he recounted several previous battles in which he had been either directly or indirectly involved, the words flowed naturally from within, freeing his mind from the duty of assembling and consciously communicating the information and thus permitting him to carefully study the lounge and its occupants.
  99. The fact was that Touchard inwardly considered her visit, and his permitting me to see her, an act of great condescension on his part, so that the cup of coffee sent her was, comparatively speaking, a signal proof of humanity which did the utmost credit to hia civilization, feelings, and European ideas.
  100. He was, as I afterwards learned in the course of the intimacy which this little accident gave birth to, an old bachelor, turned of sixty, but of a fresh vigorous complexion, insomuch that he scarce marked five and forty, having never racked his constitution by permitting his desires to over-tax his ability.
  1. Cynthia and I permitted Dr.
  2. No, that is not permitted.
  3. Such things are not permitted.
  4. I was permitted to say so much.
  5. Teller permitted himself a laugh.
  6. I was not permitted to use money.
  7. They are not permitted in our land.
  8. It is permitted for a man and wife.
  9. The project was permitted in 2007.
  10. It is not permitted, he mutters.
  11. Few indeed are permitted even to set.
  12. Hometown heroes were permitted tres-.
  13. Only the novices were permitted to lend.
  14. Members would not be permitted to lead.
  15. Everything was permitted to Gian' Battista.
  16. Painful, that untimely interval permitted.
  17. Merthin permitted himself a moment of triumph.
  18. They said, Moses permitted a man to write a.
  19. Yes, he said, and it ought not to be permitted.
  20. You said no one was permitted into her room.
  21. He permitted his followers to call him Master.
  22. The dog, though, was permitted to go bug-fuck.
  23. Few of his followers were permitted to see him.
  24. Only he is permitted to discuss such questions.
  25. This has at least permitted them to correctly I.
  26. Cornering her when the situation permitted, Sam.
  27. All acts of war are permitted in the Dar al-Harb.
  28. It cannot be permitted to fall into alien hands.
  29. Not one of the mixed bloods was permitted to live.
  30. I had not been permitted to bring anything to read.
  31. This morning I was permitted to telephone my mother.
  32. I am the only one of my siblings not permitted to.
  33. This was the sole luxury which the Bishop permitted.
  34. And remember you are permitted to one-step once in.
  35. School shall be permitted to wear the official head-.
  36. This permitted the creation of narratives with both.
  37. Nevertheless, I permitted him to get me aroused with.
  38. The word sex was not permitted in his household.
  39. Inventions start when lies stops and wisdom permitted.
  40. Barnes, with as extreme a cordiality as awe permitted.
  41. He permitted the large man to lift the boy in his arms.
  42. May we be permitted to dispense with it for the future.
  43. She had to be permitted to avenge her parents’ death.
  44. Only a select few individuals are permitted to find this.
  45. The only object of worship permitted is God and the only.
  46. About the only permitted sugars are the lactose found in.
  47. You are permitted to operate within this creation and to.
  48. Exceptions to these prohibitions shall be permitted only:.
  49. It was also decided that the weak would not be permitted to.
  50. Phil was permitted to send brief messages home on postcards.
  51. The staircase of paving-stones which permitted one to mount.
  52. Any pertinent questions were permitted and would be answered.
  53. However, he permitted her to first finish changing the child.
  54. Perhaps it may yet be permitted me to embrace and bless them.
  55. A Muslim is usually not permitted to marry more than one woman.
  56. The amount of the Child Tax Credit is not permitted to exceed.
  57. Mutt would be permitted to attend the funeral of his daughter.
  58. There will be no vehicles permitted on the night of the event.
  59. Hallal is an Arabic word that means permitted, pure, and clean.
  60. Lyil, in her ever-calm manner, permitted herself a small laugh.
  61. Only souls that are ready to cross over are permitted to do so.
  62. The three then got into the car and Alex was permitted to drive.
  63. Fever and dehydration barely permitted him to remain conscious.
  64. Her tattered gown permitted a view of her thin shoulder-blades.
  65. Mary Magdalene, only, was permitted to return to Joseph's house.
  66. Systems and Database staff are not permitted in Operations areas.
  67. The priest alone, walking by the side, is permitted to touch it.
  68. But Ioreth was not permitted to continue the instruction of her.
  69. Questioner: Are we permitted to request you to tell us the man-.
  70. Widowmarriage: Widow‐marriage is freely permitted by the sanga.
  71. It would have also permitted the great evil that controlled the.
  72. He wanted me to weed out the stories that exceeded the permitted.
  73. To this day, he still regretted not being permitted to save Edith.
  74. All livestock are permitted to you, except what is recited to you.
  75. As permitted by OSHA, each MSDS may apply to a class of products.
  76. Lala Ji, the over aged unmarried groom was not permitted to leave.
  77. Unfortunately, I was not permitted to linger long over my new fears.
  78. What is permitted in one region might well be forbidden in another.
  79. I believe that it was his ghost, permitted to see me one last time.
  80. The conditions are such that he is not permitted to follow the law.
  81. This was permitted, provided he submitted to the very humiliating.
  82. Donations are tax-deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.
  83. Still, Alan would not be permitted to make much of an investigation.
  84. It is not permitted; my touch could have an effect on you, physically.
  85. No person other than those permitted by the Manager or the Principal.
  86. Only Aazuria and her sisters were permitted to enter Trevain’s room.
  87. My only permitted path was to use human activity and the karma that.
  88. Lucia wasn’t permitted to accompany him to the top-secret facility.
  89. I have stayed in my time and place and permitted them peace in theirs.
  90. And altars are set up to him after his death, and so all is permitted.
  91. But that is only one remark out of hundreds, which I permitted myself.
  92. It also symbolizes that the only permitted sacrifice is that of self.
  93. You cannot be permitted to jest in this fashion in a respectable house.
  94. He must be permitted to speak of that Paris as though it still existed.
  95. In our country, we are permitted and encouraged to express our feelings.
  96. Thus, mendione is no longer permitted in over-the-counter preparations.
  97. The Leafie was gagged at all times except when he was permitted to eat.
  98. When he was pleased with himself, he permitted himself a pinch of snuff.
  99. The second RCMP officer investigating the case was not permitted to lay.
  100. Other institutes/ bank’s own training colleges are also permitted to.
  1. They get two permits a year.
  2. This wisdom permits everyone to.
  3. Yes, he said, he had the permits.
  4. About 180 permits await approval.
  5. We've seen how it permits travel.
  6. His EPA has refused to issue permits.
  7. As a bridge permits the traffic be-.
  8. That which his fellow does, God permits.
  9. In addition, the temporary permits will.
  10. It instead permits greed, falsehood, and.
  11. The primary concept that permits evil and.
  12. We've seen how it permits travel into the future.
  13. Knowledge that the world is unknown permits us to say.
  14. Our guys were shoving the requests for permits at the.
  15. I rush into a grocery store where the permits are sold.
  16. Our permits allow us to shoot three birds each per day.
  17. Without the permits, Henry would have to take his busi-.
  18. He could have had the permits months ago, he said.
  19. I said the government issued permits that allowed you to.
  20. You work for the agency that issues the killing permits.
  21. I have shot my deer, and have no permits for anything else.
  22. We will then see each other at intervals, as history permits.
  23. It permits greed, falsehood, and injustice, through the hero.
  24. Worksheet protection still permits the viewing of the formulae.
  25. On 10/1/2009 the EPA said it had held up 79 permits to extract.
  26. The new world is here, the new world that permits no sacrifice.
  27. Each is willing that you should pass by the way which he permits.
  28. I've never heard of a hunter getting more permits than he paid for.
  29. It permits all that is useful, and suppresses all that is annoying.
  30. The only form of love which permits anything that we cannot do to a.
  31. This permits shadowy, hidden entities to manipulate entire economies.
  32. It permits the actor to use his entire body, not just face and voice.
  33. Such a model permits determining the optimal threshold value unambiguously.
  34. All permits to see the prisoner had been revoked at sundown, the fellow said.
  35. No permits are needed, anyone can shoot as many as they want, or are able to.
  36. With her new license, permits and serum kit, Jaycee drove home to her apartment.
  37. MIND that contains the lesser minds) which permits the Wisdom mind to be heard.
  38. Ares will see a better fight if he permits them one more meal and night of rest.
  39. There is no news or comments from China on the permits for Jack’s visit there.
  40. Not to mention government safety inspections and permits to operate explosives!.
  41. We can not get a bill through the Senate that permits drilling for oil in Alaska.
  42. Green clause : A clause in an LC (letter of credit) which permits the exporter to.
  43. For a bit more money extra permits can be bought, usually from the Native Americans.
  44. My father, however, has a home here and I try to visit him when my schedule permits.
  45. There is a law relating to visits, and whatever that law permits, that is permitted.
  46. The book of Revelation is replete with the reality that it is God who permits satan to.
  47. Applications for permits to build bridges and warehouses but nothing that could help me.
  48. Congress could help by reducing the licensing and permits required by various levels of.
  49. Be here to-morrow night, with permits for yourself and Lady Barbara to see Lord Farquhart.
  50. To obtain the most accurate estimate of the fair value, Vince permits looking into the future.
  51. Being aware of this phenomenon permits it to be used in the trader’s decision making process.
  52. A trade to Sweden would not be war with Great Britain; that nation is her ally, and she permits it.
  53. The worst thing is that she can get two permits a year and I’m stuck with her for six more years.
  54. We've travelled about 2500 ft when Greg turns and asks me if I have all my different permits on me.
  55. You could then see her in the common reception-room, or, if the inspector permits it, in the office.
  56. The Interborough Rapid Transit example permits a more precise line of reasoning than any of the others.
  57. This principle usually prevents sudden large losses, and at times it permits a large profit to be taken.
  58. Then there would have to be seismic surveys and federal air permits obtained before drilling could start.
  59. Empathy is in society's enlightened self-interest, but only to the extent that the basest gravity permits.
  60. Jesus Christ permits and al ows pain to come for a time into the life of man, and it is He who removes it.
  61. They applied for work permits and were accepted by the Canadian authorities to take up residence in Toronto.
  62. We will help and protect any innocent person in need as long as the integrity of history permits it, miss.
  63. Rosenthal Chin, who had gotten the licenses and permits to build and open for business in the spring of 2014.
  64. The only agreement so far appears to be Mexico City, which, according to sources, issued the permits and visas.
  65. Although the permits were issued two weeks ago, no one ever expected a rally to balloon into something like this.
  66. Hence the limitation imposed, which permits monopolies only in an expressly-defined case, and for a limited time.
  67. He had visitors asking for him in plenty, some with permits and some without, but no one saw him save the guard.
  68. Be sure to price it into the repair costs, and remember that re-doing the plumbing in a house will require permits.
  69. Heaven is also symbolic of that state of mind and existence that permits access to the place where the thoughts of.
  70. They did that when they issued vampires permits to kill, you think anything’s going to change? Schultz asked.
  71. As I explained yesterday, two of Casselli’s building projects had permits for construction elevators on-site.
  72. We are dealing with a far more sinister type of activity because it permits the enemy to guide and shape our policy.
  73. But Earth has no profit, only an ecolibrium that supports and permits optimal reproduction, diversity, and evolution.
  74. Just tell the Rutledge I’ll be up as soon as the next shuttle permits, Tammas said, and stormed out of the room.
  75. But earlier in the same chapter (5:5) it permits a man to marry a chaste woman who follows one of the other two books.
  76. She’d played the leading role in the research and development of the drug, and had done so without the proper permits.
  77. As I left the hotel, Carlos handed me an envelope, saying that it contained the permits and the tag for my second caribou.
  78. Trademark law permits two companies to have the same name, as long as they are not directly competitive in the marketplace.
  79. In good times, Wall Street permits the raising of debt and thereby the retirement of stock, leading to an acquisition boom.
  80. It also lifts the veil between worlds and permits a human to see past the glamour worn by the Fae, to see their actual forms.
  81. Permits to mine that were previously granted have now been rescinded and Mountain Top Removal is being held up in West Virginia.
  82. There are inevitably tools, permits, supplies, and labor that were not counted on in the initial budget figures as well as the.
  83. This ability to renew attention permits people to pay attention to things that last for more than20 minutes, such as a football match.
  84. On 10/1/2009 the EPA said it had held up 79 permits to extract coal and the industry stated that thousands of jobs are now threatened.
  85. The above example permits us to pay our respects to the popular fallacy that goes under the sobriquet of a businessman’s investment.
  86. It would have the responsibility of coming up with a plan for the bay as well as being able to issue permits for all filling of the bay.
  87. It permits the holder to cash his profit from the speculative component of the issue and still maintain his original investment position.
  88. There has been talk about promoting nuclear energy but as of November 2010 there have been no permits or approvals issued to start anything.
  89. Assuming that’s correct, they’re obviously building towards an all-out push against Bishop Militant Bahrnabai as soon as weather permits.
  90. It is only the complexity of our contemporary social setting and its means of comformication that permits and necessitates hyper-connectivity.
  91. It contains all my permits, my tickets, my hotel confirmation, my itinerary, my camera, the HDDs with all I've recorded so far, and my netbook.
  92. It is in vain to say that a nation preserves a neutral attitude, when it permits one of the belligerents repeatedly to violate its sovereignty.
  93. Much of it decomposes when exposed to air and moisture, and forms a good mould, whenever the descent of ground permits an accumulation of earth.
  94. The Industrial Rayon First 4½s, due 1948, are unusual in that the indenture permits a two-thirds vote of bondholders to postpone interest payments.
  95. The permits bought by hunters, the taxes paid on equipment, and the money raised in general by hunting, have all contributed to saving these animals.
  96. The benefit of autonegotiation is that it permits administrators to upgrade a network gradually to 100Base Ethernet with a minimum of reconfiguration.
  97. Many players at roulette follow a similar system, which limits their losses at any one session and permits them at times to realize a substantial gain.
  98. It had, perhaps, even long before his time, acquired that full complement of riches which the nature of its laws and institutions permits it to acquire.
  99. Although this may stretch the philosophy of candle pattern recognition too far, it at least permits the use of data that does not contain the open price.
  100. It appears that when you applied for your permits, no one at that time was concerned about it, for it seemed innocent enough and it was approved for you.

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