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Persist dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He continued to persist and.
  2. You persist in the hearts of men.
  3. Why did these people persist in.
  4. Have patience and persist with a.
  5. To persist without exception means to.
  6. They just persist, persist, and persist.
  7. That is, such performance does not persist.
  8. If I persist, I doubt not that he will use.
  9. His apostles persist in this classification.
  10. I will persist until I have the answer I seek.
  11. But the wrongdoers persist in denying the truth.
  12. Should the problem persist, it's time to see a.
  13. The officer did not persist, and retired speedily.
  14. Why do you persist in asking questions about her?
  15. The more you resist something the more it will persist.
  16. However, sometimes they will persist in trying to goad.
  17. The definition of perseverance is to persist in anything.
  18. A trend that moves on steady volume is likely to persist.
  19. Skin erupts over the swelling and festering sores persist.
  20. Persist with your pointless bickering, I’ll share one.
  21. Colling debated whether he should persist in the masquerade.
  22. The remnants of their people that persist are hard and bitter.
  23. So many so-called scholars persist in being blind and ignorant.
  24. Illuminati that the Khiltoi persist in hiding in that accursed.
  25. In the absence of general confidence that it will persist, the.
  26. That is he wants his spirit to persist in the same state it lives.
  27. If they persist then you have the right to be a bit more assertive.
  28. If she was sincere, why didn’t she persist? Roger wondered.
  29. These myths persist because most people invest in real estate using.
  30. You cannot come with ME if you persist in following the wide path of.
  31. You should persist highlighting the benefits and offer proof of the.
  32. But now justice cries out and we persist, we cannot repudiate anything.
  33. She couldn’t, that was the stumbling block but she decided to persist.
  34. One violent impulse cannot persist, it has a gap doing the larger kill.
  35. I must warn you that if you persist in these efforts I will be forced to.
  36. Because winds move and persist, the symbolism of having the wind in your.
  37. Other trends, such as growth of the asset management industry, will persist.
  38. A new low in NH-NL shows that the downtrend is well led and likely to persist.
  39. But, if they persist, you ’ll have to come to some arrangement with William.
  40. When tradable market cycles are observed, they tend to persist for a short while.
  41. Transcending space and time because patterns are formed that persist beyond their.
  42. If you persist long enough, you will succeed at anything… as long as it makes money.
  43. Remember: that which you insistently resist, continues to persist in a greater degree.
  44. Mutual fund manager performance does not persist and the return of stock picking is zero.
  45. If you persist in regarding the desired thing as if it belonged to another, instead of to.
  46. Stress persist so long the state of child mind continue; only death will provide the ending.
  47. For his own sake he hoped the uninviting rain and cloud cover would persist a while longer.
  48. But a psychotic state may result from its use and persist even after the drug is withdrawn.
  49. I persist in dreaming it, although it has often seemed to me that it could never come true.
  50. And these purposeful strides have continued to persist well after they were first identified.
  51. To persist in a project you know seems crazy: Did this mean you were crazy, or the opposite?
  52. To survive, to persist, to be the last man standing on the battlefield, was the key to victory.
  53. Suicide is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on ones mind.
  54. Will they not all rise in judgment and condemn you, if you persist in saying it cannot be done?
  55. But we yet persist in asserting that all the worldly business in which men are engaged is action.
  56. Created–Conceived through inspiration and thought and caused to come into existence and persist.
  57. We have circulated it among them, that they may reflect, but most people persist in thanklessness.
  58. And even if the rest try to play down the suspicions, with no solid grounds I might add, they persist.
  59. Most of this strategy’s profits come from the tendency of recent multi-month performance to persist.
  60. If you can persist and remain patient and watching, withdrawal symptoms will disappear sooner or later.
  61. Our reality is formed by points of agreement and reinforced patterns that persist within the collective.
  62. If you persist pass the fifth exercise session, your body will adjust and you will be thrilled to exercise.
  63. This, as others, is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on one’s mind.
  64. You persist in thinking that it's the same as it was at Touchard's, and that I'm as stupid as at Touchard's.
  65. Suicide is a physical action manifested from the negative thoughts and stress that persist on a persons mind.
  66. I’ve given you how many warnings, and yet you persist – no more warnings from now on, just the bullet!….
  67. A positive trend, or momentum, does tend to persist in most asset classes, but the historical window matters.
  68. It was all very well, it was charming to be like a boy for a little while, but to persist in it was tiresome.
  69. He feared that, in her expressed desire to have twelve children, she might now persist in achieving that goal.
  70. This, as others, is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on a person's mind.
  71. Even if We had mercy on them, and relieved their problems, they would still blindly persist in their defiance.
  72. When fasting was followed by a 12-month vegetarian diet, however, the benefits of fasting appeared to persist.
  73. If these charges persist from year to year, it means that the company is understating its true operating costs.
  74. But to persist in staying here would only cause Appoyas to suspect that I am about to take some decisive steps.
  75. The irony in all this is that the initial conflict may well remain unresolved if my impatience and anger persist.
  76. At last, those who persist in the course of evil must answer to the demands of justice, and that penalty is death.
  77. Or who is this that will provide for you, if He withholds His provision? Yet they persist in defiance and aversion.
  78. But this does not stop guilty people even after they are proven guilty, to persist in protesting their own innocence.
  79. If you persist you will only waste time and this will not be good for the girl and the others who are still in danger.
  80. Some people just won’t accept this as an answer and they always persist with this one question and the answer is yes.
  81. When Force Index falls to a new low, it shows that the force of bears is intense and the downtrend is likely to persist.
  82. You do not even offer an apology, but persist in asserting that' you are ready to answer for it when and how he pleases.
  83. Then, they have to correct this negligence and change what intentions their spirit keeps to persist with such negligence.
  84. Toby stared at the floor helplessly, wondering what kind of god could make such a world and let it persist in such misery.
  85. Many of us are unwilling to allow the threat of survival to persist when even our ministry or calling or legacy are at stake.
  86. In time, society at large rose above animal sacrifices, but there are still a few that persist in the ways of evil ignorance.
  87. When we concentrate and put our hearts on any project and as we persist it will be accomplish and will be for our own benefit.
  88. That is, many investors expect past multi-year trends to persist more than they do, while they also underreact to recent news.
  89. And many of these special Christian groups, or religious families, still persist at the time of the making of this presentation.
  90. If you do not desire this position you should not persist in doing what is cruel, false, and contemptible in order to retain it.
  91. I will continue to represent you, but as usual, you persist in alienating and slandering the people who try hardest to assist you.
  92. Why, then, will gentlemen persist in that course where danger is almost unavoidable, and shun that where safety is almost certain?
  93. They will not have the strength to struggle, to persist, and develop virtues of patience, hope, enthusiasm, and loyalty for a cause.
  94. If this dereliction is allowed to persist, it is predictable that more Americans will die, both on foreign battlefields and at home.
  95. When Elizabeth told him she did not want to discuss it further, Colling decided it was useless to persist in trying to convince her.
  96. I feel a sort of shame when you make so much of me, when you persist in telling me that the outer conditions of my life are unworthy.
  97. And, if anyone is familiar with loan sharks, if you persist in not paying them, you may sustain some physical injuries, or even death.
  98. All these calculations assume that the franchise is durable and that the spread between cost of capital and return on capital will persist.
  99. But if you persist and your motives are honourable, you will gradually be allowed into a Scorpio’s inner chambers of the mind and heart.
  100. But such attitudes of spiritual nonprogression cannot long persist because of the presence and influence of the indwelling Thought Adjusters.
  1. Nor is this rift a persisting relic.
  2. Yet the figure is persisting right there.
  3. Sandini was no longer interested, but was only persisting.
  4. I cock the pistol and stay persisting with my cool attitude.
  5. I understood that dully and felt ashamed, but I could not help persisting.
  6. Really I don't think I can let you go on persisting that they feel nothing.
  7. These impressions are such that we can believe that physical objects have a persisting.
  8. The abomination is for a judge to declare innocent a wicked mail persisting in his crimes.
  9. Anyone persisting in such activities after reading this information will have a very, very.
  10. Crawford, and avoid both his looks and inquiries; and he, unrepulsable, was persisting in both.
  11. It inhibits the addressee from keeping on his error and prevents him from persisting in his shunning.
  12. Persisting, refusing to concede defeat, I’d somehow managed to rise up and carry on singing anyway.
  13. Stepan Trofimovitch took his seat in the lecturer's chair in the midst of the still persisting disorder.
  14. We used to have that often, it seems as if we have a telepathic connection that even keeps persisting overseas.
  15. But when that was of no use, he advised him, while persisting in prayer and fasting, to take a special medicine.
  16. Once again, Hag Abdullah, please forgive my persisting to express an opinion, which in the end will change nothing.
  17. In the mean time, still persisting in the principle of taxing our exports, a right denied even to us by the constitution.
  18. She would let go of persisting that he was a demi-god and she a sort of humble pew-opener or its equivalent in his temple.
  19. I was never meant to be happy but I kept on persisting stubbornly, trying to keep something that was maybe never mine to have.
  20. So when he realised that she was persisting in her lies he ordered his men to dress her in trousers and tie her ready to be whipped.
  21. Investing is not a smooth process to begin with and that makes persisting tough work, especially if there is a bear market along the way.
  22. Wherefore he had no fancy for lowering for whales after sun-down; nor for persisting in fighting a fish that too much persisted in fighting him.
  23. I’ve told you I don’t know anything! Why do you keep persisting in this? He stood and started to pace, hands shoved deep in his pockets.
  24. And forgive me, Hag Abdullah, for persisting because I cannot understand how a man of your caliber can be so thoughtless and lacking in humanity.
  26. As it was, the battle now went on nearly all between father and children, he persisting in his dirty and disgusting ways, just to assert his independence.
  27. Scott had in mind the various security procedures he would have to endure to get beyond the entrance, thoughts of simply persisting in his demands to be let in.
  28. Discussion: What is the trend of the general market? ‘Local’ trends have less chance of persisting than ‘general’ trends that have multi-market participation.
  29. When the perpetrator is not willing to acknowledge his/her sin as a sin and/or not willing to be changed by God, that closes the door to reconciliation and is to be considered as persisting in sin.
  30. At first when we heard this we had dismissed it as bullshit but the rumours kept persisting and began to get more credible so that by today we knew they were true and even which beaches they would land on and that was V Beach and our very own W Beach.
  31. Although both are now discouraged, their continued existence in psychological forms demonstrates that civilization has achieved great success in moving from the concrete and physical to the abstract and psychological, while persisting in the same purposes.
  32. They gave him to understand that the attack was an exceptional one, the fits persisting and recurring several times, so that the patient's life was positively in danger, and it was only now, after they had applied remedies, that they could assert with confidence that the patient would survive.
  33. However, Starbuck, who had the ordering of affairs, hung on to it to the last; hung on to it so resolutely, indeed, that when at length the ship would have been capsized, if still persisting in locking arms with the body; then, when the command was given to break clear from it, such was the immovable strain upon the timber-heads to which the fluke-chains and cables were fastened, that it was impossible to cast them off.
  34. Yet we are not satisfied with that; persisting, in the face of the most positive and conclusive testimony to the contrary, to affect to believe that he has performed his promise, we are going beyond our contract; and, lest some doubts should arise of the Emperor's want of faith, lest our courts should decide, as they must decide, that the decrees being still in force, the act of the first of May is a mere dead letter, we are about to volunteer our services, and, by the section of the bill now under consideration, to revive those sections of the old non-intercourse law which were intended in a certain event to have been revived by the act of the first of May; to revive them against Great Britain, and that without exacting any conditions on the part of France.
  1. She persisted in her denial.
  2. She persisted and I phoned a.
  3. Those that persisted in their.
  4. Alby persisted with the questions.
  5. But who is it? she persisted.
  6. Shamir persisted with his question.
  7. Elowen persisted with the questions.
  8. So how can you tell, I persisted.
  9. What are you wearing? he persisted.
  10. But against all odds they had persisted.
  11. Who’s on it anyway? he persisted.
  12. That situation persisted in 1936 and 1937.
  13. He persisted in observing it and flew back.
  14. Why are you doing this? he persisted.
  15. When he persisted, I asked him to drop it.
  16. Why wouldn’t they? Merthin persisted.
  17. It undermined him quickly; yet he persisted.
  18. I have a further price Thane persisted.
  19. But what about the goats? Hal persisted.
  20. A walk in the garden then? he persisted.
  21. And what other time? persisted the child.
  22. Since the odor and the fatigue persisted, my.
  23. The mystery has persisted because the actual.
  24. Loss persisted in Eridu for thousands of years.
  25. Carrie persisted, alarmed at the fear she saw.
  26. But Mitya persisted and sent his name up again.
  27. And the guys in the alley? persisted Knox.
  28. It’s rather urgent persisted the visitor.
  29. Arid places without food or water persisted, so.
  30. Who told you about it? his father persisted.
  31. A sorrow came to me then that has persisted since.
  32. He got over the sniffles, but the cough persisted.
  33. But the slave persisted so strongly that he knew.
  34. He persisted, asking if I’d consider a transfer.
  35. He persisted, giving me a private telephone number.
  36. The old woman was at first cautious, but persisted.
  37. He persisted, asking whether his friend was guarded.
  38. The slight shivering still persisted, but that too.
  39. Okay, but what did he say? Daughtrey persisted.
  40. Truly, these feelings of Anne’s persisted so that.
  41. Her urgency was not lost on the boy, but he persisted.
  42. But I persisted with my design, because I know that -.
  43. Wopsle; but they were too hopeless to be persisted in.
  44. The young fairy tried to dismiss it, but it persisted.
  45. Hunter? You think she’s ready? James persisted.
  46. But a great town with a treasury? Henry persisted.
  47. It seems he was like a Vietnam vet, she persisted.
  48. But why is it? Why? foolish Mitya still persisted.
  49. Unfortunately, Jack persisted in his quest to open the.
  50. However, he persisted and other owners came to copy him.
  51. I persisted in drinking, and my wife finally divorced me.
  52. I can’t get a tenant for the land, Nate persisted.
  53. Is that all? What about her character? persisted Mrs.
  54. But the condition persisted and I decided to check it out.
  55. Everyone laughed, but Betty persisted with her questioning.
  56. Tiamat persisted for ages before the planets, as they are.
  57. Down, but he persisted, insisting that he must find a way.
  58. Unfortunately, Marjie’s fibro has persisted to this day.
  59. So I persisted in hiding the secrets of our past from them.
  60. For the next two months Tahiras withdrawal pains persisted.
  61. Where is the race to take place? persisted the bishop.
  62. Isn’t that so?’ persisted Svidrigaïlov with a sly smile.
  63. But Davey had nerve as well as brains, and he had persisted.
  64. She had not wanted to go, but he had persisted, driven her.
  65. Rudolph persisted with what he knew was a pointless approach.
  66. Cosette persisted, and added in a voice rendered hoarse with.
  67. I was prepared to leave the school in the event he persisted.
  68. Have you ever seen the water this high? Moshe persisted.
  69. The more I persisted though, the more revelation I would get.
  70. Where’s the wizard anyway, Arthur? the woman persisted.
  71. Though he persisted with his query, she left him in a quandary.
  72. The Jewish believers persisted in regarding him as the Messiah.
  73. However, he persisted in saying nothing, and that infuriated me.
  74. How silly, she feeling persisted, stealthily pervading her mind.
  75. It was a controversy, and a bitter one, that persisted for years.
  76. When they have, they seem to have prospered or at least persisted.
  77. Josef persisted, Did I not say earlier that I would reserve my.
  78. Whatever are you talking about? The nurse persisted in her.
  79. Dorothea quietly persisted in spite of remonstrance and persuasion.
  80. But thou hast not told me what is Christmas!' persisted the child.
  81. He persisted with questions, but to his frustration she ignored him.
  82. Though he failed his driving test several times, he persisted until.
  83. But he persisted, so five of his ships with 400 German sailors were.
  84. The smile still persisted, but from time to time it seemed tremulous.
  85. As usual, she persisted in only picking a few grains of rice, and I.
  86. The magician persisted for quite some time, but still nothing changed.
  87. Maybe after you finally catch Smith, he persisted with his point.
  88. I am sure that there is some allegory about it, Colia persisted.
  89. Isn't that so? Isn't that so? persisted Svidrigailov with a sly smile.
  90. When Midge persisted despite her protests, Jillian gave in reluctantly.
  91. The same situation persisted when Kennedy gave his speech accepting the.
  92. If she persisted, they warned her, she would be put into a straitjacket.
  93. Isn't that so? Isn't that so? persisted Svidrigaïlov with a sly smile.
  94. The face of the bizarre creature persisted in reappearing in his vision.
  95. Don't answer me," persisted Murtha, raising a hand, "just--think it over.
  96. It was very aggravating; but, throughout the interview, Joe persisted in.
  97. From the times of Adam the teaching of the Paradise Trinity has persisted.
  98. The sound of water being thrown against a rocky shore, however, persisted.
  99. The feeling that I was with David and the prophets persisted for many days.
  100. What about the dead pilot and his stolen helicopter? persisted Steel.
  1. In the end, what we resist persists.
  2. Whether that protective effect persists.
  3. Therefore the rector persists in his denial.
  4. If the employer persists bat the question back.
  5. That's what what you resist persists means.
  6. Blackness persists even after the train has stopped.
  7. Thisvalue still persists, but is confined to rather.
  8. Perhaps this idealization persists because we are apart.
  9. Life which is, as it were, suspended there, persists there.
  10. But that’s everything I’ve ever wanted, he persists.
  11. It never sees the means of escape at the top, but persists in.
  12. A key point about resistance: What you resist persists.
  13. A remnant of this group persists in Mesopotamia even to this day.
  14. Everything in this universe exists, persists and changes because of.
  15. In fact, in parts of the world today such condemnation still persists.
  16. Behavior that persists does so because it is being rewarded in some way.
  17. But that’s where you were all afternoon yesterday! she persists.
  18. The feeling of attachment still persists in men who have got over their.
  19. This, I submit, is simply more evidence that the Great Illusion persists.
  20. This refers to the rules that persists and operate through time, not to.
  21. A fool who persists in his or her folly may eventually recognize it as folly.
  22. Just because the prisoner still persists in these absurdities to this moment.
  23. It is for someone you have already asked to stop but who persists in bothering you.
  24. Even the blissful visionary experiences tend to change sign if it persists too long.
  25. He persists in not taking the oath and openly refuses to perform any military duties.
  26. Resistance is a huge topic, and you have heard the phrase what resists persists.
  27. I treated and treated him, but the man persists! Meanwhile, there's his hole, unfilled.
  28. No, he still persists in looking upon you as the most incomprehensible and mysterious of.
  29. He persists, too, in keeping all the provisions up stairs in his room, and serving them out.
  30. The self-object persists for multiple reasons, and we do not completely neglect the material.
  31. If drought persists, especially over more than a year, desert conditions may begin to develop.
  32. However, if it persists and is not cleared up by antibiotics then further tests may be needed.
  33. She has been warned by her doctor to give up smoking, but she persists because she knows that.
  34. But the faint worry persists in her sky-colored eyes in the early hours and the darkest moments.
  35. The bhavanga is not a true vacuum because precognitive conceptual structuring of awareness still persists.
  36. In the Mohammedan countries this relation of the rudiments and religion still persists in its full force.
  37. But the superstition that things should be able to be measured precisely with absolute accuracy persists.
  38. The result, of course, was more skin cancer and more death; and we‘re back to What you Resist Persists.
  39. Who hears God's revelations being recited to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them.
  40. He still persists in his refusal, and quotes a certain passage in the Bible that forbids men to take an oath.
  41. For one thing, the notion of mean reversion in volatility persists no matter what happens in the options marts.
  42. As long as the first war persists, the latter one will be divided into soup kitchen graveyards and guarded bio-domes.
  43. This is not true! It is related to time only in that the longer the habit persists the greater the damage that occurs.
  44. However, the cost to all of us and to the World if this conflict persists or even worsens is simply too great to accept.
  45. Most people start smoking in their teenage and end up with a strong nicotine dependency that persists even in adulthood.
  46. Another Law which many people can attest to is The Law of Resistance which basically states that - What we resist, persists.
  47. Nevertheless, Wall Street persists in thinking in these irrational terms, and it does so in part with practical justification.
  48. The Assyrians complete the downfall of northern Israel and carry them all away into captivity, while Judah persists on for a while.
  49. But your party persists in regarding them as rational beings, and that's where you make a mistake - you're simply wasting your time.
  50. As long as the human tendency to march in herds persists, there will be opportunities for contrarians who are unafraid to stand alone.
  51. A wife who is not a wife and who yet persists in looking as if she were one, can be nothing but a goad and a burden for an honest man.
  52. But still Stephen doesn’t call … after two days, I hardly expect him to though a tiny flame of hope persists in driving me crackers.
  53. Stephen Clark of Carmody persists in being most grateful to me for a suggestion which somebody else would probably have made if I hadn't.
  54. If the price is falling and everything you liked about the company still persists, you just stumbled onto a great company at a bargain price.
  55. It will necessarily change, but by accepting change, persists through a continuous, natural transformation rather than through abrupt trauma.
  56. Even though the way Sirens were represented in folklore changed as time went by, the fascinating mix of temptation and charm persists to this day.
  57. If it persists or becomes uncontrollable then it can create a lot of problems as seen in the lives of some prominent and not so prominent people.
  58. My point here is that a lot of misinformation about this topic persists, and you need to be armed with the correct figures to be a successful investor.
  59. When you continuously think of what you don’t want, you resist that, and because the mind doesn’t process not, that what you don’t want, persists.
  60. If Ho Chi Minh persists in continuing this war, then he will risk finding himself without allies, and with the full might of the United States against him.
  61. Away with caskets, and settings, and frames! I am not a picture, or a jewel, whatever your poetic eye, misled by a sly and tricky Muse, persists in seeing.
  62. The worst, a drop of 86 percent, was between February 2000 and September 2002, and still persists as of this writing; they have yet to recover from that drop.
  63. Six months later, the popularity of QID and SDS options persists, with QID + SDS options now accounting for approximately one third of the volume in VIX options.
  64. If any officer demonstrates self interest or district bias, he shall be reprimanded, removed if the behavior persists, and face criminal prosecution for any harm done.
  65. Nevertheless, the Great Illusion persists, maybe because, like Woody Allen’s film character Zelig, the market is a chameleon that changes its appearance to suit the times.
  66. Bid them, then, listen to the awful voice within, the utterance of a Will above the will, which persists in denouncing wrong and sin, and inspires an expectation of judgment.
  67. If the current situation persists, we will continue fighting one form of Iraqi insurgency after another – with too little legitimacy, too little will and too few resources.
  68. See what he endures! They tell him that as long as he persists in refusing to serve, he will either remain where he is or be sent to the fortress; but his reply is always the same.
  69. The self-object persists also through adaptation, by choosing to become different in form so as to become compatible with outside objects that would otherwise strain the self-object.
  70. What signs did I miss on London’s streets? When was I marked out? Why was I here? And always that last question, one that persists even now that I am safe and at home here in Beirut.
  71. Once a Basic Movement (advance or decline) persists for longer than the extreme of that particular Standard Time Span, it should be assumed that it will continue until the next time span.
  72. Fortunately, the remaining basic advances and basic declines are much more straightforward and are characterized by the length of time (counted in days) for which the advance or decline persists.
  73. The state of Human Consciousness, which was typical for him during the life, persists by him as the managing, dominant and after death until, another, stronger Energy-Information will affect on him.
  74. Even in affluent countries today with an overabundance of food: the lack of variety in diet persists and is further degraded by the prevalence and preference of processed food over unprocessed food.
  75. This wishful thinking persists today; among mutual funds, “growth” portfolios describe their holdings as companies with “above-average growth potential” or “favorable prospects for earnings growth.
  76. Motorcycling remains a life-long passion (he enjoys teaching the occasional weekend safety class to bright-eyed newbies, both young and old), and he forever persists in being confounded by the acoustic guitar.
  77. Blacklock persists in his attention to Anita and finally becomes engaged to her, though it is perfectly understood by both that she does not love him and accepts him only because he is rich and her family is poor.
  78. But if the husband know that his wife has gone astray and if the woman does not repent but persists in her fornication and yet the husband continues to live with her he also is guilty of her crime and a sharer in her adultery.
  79. To this day, the Daily Mail persists with small-minded, prurient, xenophobic content to titillate and stoke the indignation of the impotent suburban petty fascist, but back in the 1930s it was even more overt in its sympathies.
  80. The clergyman who persists in using these illegal ceremonial acts, in defiance of his bishop's monitions, causes divisions, offences, strife, and controversy in the Church about things not essential, and is justly deserving of censure.
  81. Nevertheless, having now become hopelessly in love with Anita, he persists in his attentions and finally becomes engaged to her, though it is perfectly understood by both that she does not love him and accepts him only because he is rich and her family is poor.
  82. Nevertheless, at certain points and in certain places, in spite of philosophy, in spite of progress, the spirit of the cloister persists in the midst of the nineteenth century, and a singular ascetic recrudescence is, at this moment, astonishing the civilized world.
  83. But what will our attacker experience from generating anger and harming us? Because we provided an object for his anger, he will find unhappiness in this life and plant seeds for a future hellish rebirth [if, for example, his anger persists and even becomes uncontrollable rage].
  84. If most secondary issues tend normally to be undervalued, what reason has the investor to believe that he can profit from such a situation? For if it persists indefinitely, will he not always be in the same market position as when he bought the issue? The answer here is somewhat complicated.
  85. But if your brother will not hear you, if he persists in the error of his way, go again to him, taking with you one or two mutual friends that you may thus have two or even three witnesses to confirm your testimony and establish the fact that you have dealt justly and mercifully with your offending brother.
  86. He plays in the gutter, and straightens himself up with a revolt; his effrontery persists even in the presence of grape-shot; he was a scapegrace, he is a hero; like the little Theban, he shakes the skin from the lion; Barra the drummer-boy was a gamin of Paris; he Shouts: "Forward!" as the horse of Scripture says "Vah!" and in a moment he has passed from the small brat to the giant.
  87. But how excusable he feels it even while holding out against it! How he venerates it even while resisting it! This is one of those rare moments when, while doing that which it is one's duty to do, one feels something which disconcerts one, and which would dissuade one from proceeding further; one persists, it is necessary, but conscience, though satisfied, is sad, and the accomplishment of duty is complicated with a pain at the heart.
  88. Well then, if he be mad, as he is, and with a madness that mostly takes one thing for another, and white for black, and black for white, as was seen when he said the windmills were giants, and the monks' mules dromedaries, flocks of sheep armies of enemies, and much more to the same tune, it will not be very hard to make him believe that some country girl, the first I come across here, is the lady Dulcinea; and if he does not believe it, I'll swear it; and if he should swear, I'll swear again; and if he persists I'll persist still more, so as, come what may, to have my quoit always over the peg.

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