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Phase dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I try not to phase.
  2. Of using a 180 phase.
  3. End of Phase the Third.
  4. End of Phase the First.
  5. End of Phase the Fifth.

  6. End of Phase the Sixth.
  8. End of Phase the Fourth.
  9. End of Phase the Second.
  10. His tough phase had left.
  11. Austanite is a SOFT PHASE.
  12. I’m in a deviant phase.
  13. I walk back and phase out.
  14. That was phase, not face.
  15. The phase we would change.

  16. Phase 2 – The Interview.
  17. Phase III: Toward the goal.
  18. Phase 4: The Calming Storm.
  19. This first phase is critical.
  20. In the second phase of its.
  21. Phase me out of this reality.
  22. This phase lasts only about.
  23. There was a phase which had.
  24. That had been a passing phase.
  25. Phase 2: Calm Before the Storm.

  26. Now tell me about Phase Two.
  27. This Austenite is a STEEL Phase.
  28. A Special Phase: Three Examples.
  29. The oedipal phase is a problem.
  30. The sun entered a new phase of.
  31. Strange is over the acute phase.
  32. At the same time, in that phase.
  33. Then the second phase will begin.
  34. It drops them right out of phase.
  35. It is a state, a phase of inner.
  36. In this phase you will be asked.
  37. I automatically phase in this time.
  38. I saw the fight enter a new phase.
  39. This phase of the evaluation 149.
  40. Nucleation is Birth of a New Phase.
  41. This phase is to determine if the.
  42. The last but one phase of our love.
  43. That’s a normal phase of life.
  44. Getting the Most Out of This Phase.
  45. The phase technology must have.
  46. At the end of this phase the data.
  47. Then I phase back out of the Quiet.
  48. This second phase will emphasis on:.
  49. She was in the last phase of cancer.
  50. I phase in, and everything gets quiet.
  51. Thought is the dynamic phase of mind.
  52. Phase called ,Gama or Austenite phase.
  53. When we complete the first phase, we.
  54. They target 1952 for the final phase.
  55. The phase three study five years ago.
  56. This was the third phase of his ascent.
  57. The kingdom was taking on a new phase.
  58. The world is entering into a new phase.
  59. Phase 3 is one of the most demanding.
  60. This phase of life is another chapter.
  61. Their phase of the operation was ready.
  62. The first phase would involve the Sheik.
  63. Once a firm enters phase C, corporate.
  64. Phase 4: The power of positive thinking.
  65. The final phase of your test involves.
  66. The relationship now entered a new phase.
  67. The most important key with this phase.
  68. Why can we phase into the Quiet?
  69. It might have just been a passing phase.
  70. This is the final phase of collectivism.
  71. That put a seal to the phase of planning.
  72. The phase two study was very encouraging.
  73. This phase is the starting point of all.
  74. Our life, inevitably, entered a new phase.
  75. Help phase out this exploitative sport.
  76. Next phase of operation was to start then.
  77. You’re a phase expert, Garcia said.
  78. The child tax credit starts to phase out.
  79. It was the same with our congestion phase.
  80. Victor Chaldeon In and Out of Phase.
  81. The dream represents a transitional phase.
  82. And for the second phase of the moon, the.
  83. At this phase, we plan, initiate and then.
  84. Other symptoms of this phase may include:.
  85. The Early Oedipal Phase (early childhood).
  86. He went through a Buddhism phase last year.
  87. And the third phase is the most important.
  88. Ted, what do you think Phase Four is?
  89. The first campaign is the accumulation phase.
  90. What Phase 3’s High Volume Training is Not.
  91. But keep your mind on some phase of the book.
  92. I phase in, and pull everyone else in with me.
  93. Puntificate until you’re blue in the phase.
  94. Below are pointers for navigating this phase.
  96. In this phase, the coach only asks questions.
  97. Here we have the end of the distribution phase.
  98. Moreover, the economy may be in a phase when.
  99. I think that this phase of our young marriage.
  100. I’m almost ready to phase into the Quiet again.
  1. What about the phasing cloak?
  2. You can slowly start phasing it out.
  3. You’re phasing, but don’t panic.
  4. We have a functioning phasing cloak.
  5. Tufts University Study – The Economics of Phasing Out.
  6. That’s what I call the process: phasing into the Quiet.
  7. The android nodded and threw the switch on the phasing device.
  8. I’m still so much on edge that phasing into the Quiet is easy.
  9. Not as ill as she was made by the phasing cloak, but still….
  10. I feel that now-almost-imperceptible fear that accompanies the phasing.
  11. I realize I should’ve done this phasing business at the last intersection.
  12. This was one of the most memorable trips I have made while phasing or OBE'ing.
  13. Speaking of which, has Elfi come up with any results on your phasing thing?
  14. Are you telling me that he didn’t tell you about the prototype phasing cloak he.
  15. Worrying about my sanity has always facilitated phasing; fear seems helpful in this process.
  16. Over the last few years, the SEs have been gradually phasing out their paid inclusion programs.
  17. Take special note that it has a functional phasing cloak, which is in violation of Treaty of Algeron.
  18. The phasing out makes this process play out slowly, like a frame-by-frame sequence in a one-second-long movie stunt.
  19. P&G’s strategy required phasing out all the other product lines, and included on the hit list were the Duncan Hines guidebooks.
  20. He chose his phasing cautiously, Kaitlyn there is nothing which I have done, or do, that is outside your own reach, should you truly wish to grasp it for your own.
  21. For these ―reasons‖ school administrators are gradually phasing out games considered intimidating or harmful to the self-esteem of ―underachieving‖ children.
  22. Their phasing ability had saved them the first time, but there was no dimension that Sygoss couldn’t go, no place they would be safe had he decided to pursue them.
  23. The reason for this phasing is not clear, especially since Corporation was obligated to pay the entire $106 million purchase price to the Brewing shareholders by July 15, 1969.
  1. C3: This will have to be a phased plan.
  2. I wasn't at all phased by their presence.
  3. Rose and Lucy did not seem too phased either.
  4. That was Herb for you, nothing phased the guy.
  5. It phased out until it was outlawed again by.
  6. His parents didn't seemed phased by this at all.
  7. Mira must’ve phased in after the shots went down.
  8. This process takes time and money and thus a phased.
  9. His form phased in and out of existence with each step.
  10. From Gowr's perspective, Tammas phased out of existence.
  11. The spirit of Nancy Tucker phased into existence on the.
  12. Thankfully, branding is being phased out through the use.
  13. Yet, the Marines didn’t seemed to be phased out one bit.
  14. The credit is phased out for taxpayers with incomes greater.
  15. No-one seemed to be phased by this, though, save for Georgia.
  16. A number of them were struck but were phased only temporarily.
  17. The rolling prairies phased in and out of focus; she felt her.
  18. A small scout ship phased back into the present space and time.
  19. But Shinaé, never to be phased by anything said, You won't.
  20. She wasn’t phased by the threat, too lost in elevated hormones.
  21. The Path Finder phased out of sync with normal matter and passed through the.
  22. Again my voice took on an edge on its own, but nothing phased my relative it.
  23. And they don't get phased if they end up in some place that has no standards at all.
  24. It phased into space-time like a colossal ghost ship right from old Taelrok folklore.
  25. Only a phased gamma-ray microburst could read the locking codes without being detected.
  26. The Gorn wasn’t phased by the kick and in the process was able to grab Garcia’s foot.
  27. The flames burned searing white, and the resulting ashes promptly phased out of existence.
  28. This feed of course was old, over forty hours now despite its phased tachyon transmission.
  29. The science ship phased out and through the huge ship’s thick hull at the tip of the nearest appendage.
  30. The careful attention to practical construction development, phased and processed as seen here, is inspired.
  31. The masked being telepathed to me that I had been ‘selected’ and then they phased out from my field of vision.
  32. As I’m trying to come to grips with his threat, he leaves the car, and in a minute I’m forcefully phased out of the Quiet.
  33. Within the shadows of the nearby asteroid field, a familiar scout ship became visible as it phased back into present space-time.
  34. At three point six seconds they phased back into normal space and at that precise moment, every Klingon on the ship fell unconscious.
  35. The savings in gas use, with these types of vehicles will reduce, and then eliminate US dependency on foreign oil as they are phased in.
  36. Both crafts then separated, each taking a different course toward the rear of the armada, and both simultaneously phased into invisibility.
  37. It says that the Three Hour Meditation will be phased so that people can come and go at half hourly intervals … that looks to be my best bet.
  38. The institutional investors would not lend any funds before January 15, 1969, and their investment was to be phased in over 18 months, according to the following schedule:.
  39. That’s another reason why society should staff material recovery facilities (MRFs, pronounced like smurfs) with workers from entitlement programs that are to be phased out.
  40. Once phased through the hull of the alien ark, Dave made it a point to put several kilometres between the two ships, and waited for Xin’s return, which should be very soon.
  41. The accent, along with the mental thoughts of the man and his associates, gave his origin away to Nancy, who replied in a calm voice in Russian, apparently not phased one bit.
  42. The flat surfaces of phased array radar antennas were visible on the sides of the pyramid, while what had to be beam directors for heavy lasers sat on the truncated top of the structure.
  43. All the institutions Dickens had scrooge giving money to… to uphold the misery and degradation of the poor: were eventually, very slowly phased out and shut down, covered up and whitewashed.
  44. They perched on the bodies of the slain sentient beings; both Orderrans and Nycarmans, and phased into their bodies and emerged with a heartwarming blue ball of light within the clutches of their six legs.
  45. Once a civilization started using digital technology, like cable, and satellites that beamed signals directly to planet side receivers, radio transmissions were slowly phased out and a planet could virtually disappear from detection.
  46. If your income goes beyond a certain level, then your child tax credit would be phased out, which means that you won't be able to claim it since you are no longer eligible for it since your modified adjusted gross income has exceeded its limit.
  47. This eloping image is consequently being distorted out by means of the past tense along with the future sphere that makes us all believe that `here and nowìs in fact what had been phased out a moment ago over `there and thenàcross a lateral sphere.
  48. This eloping image is consequently being distorted out by means of the past tense along with the future sphere that makes us all believe that `here and now` is in fact what had been phased out a moment ago over `there and then` across a lateral sphere.
  49. With everything the Jewish people have endured over the course of their history, I don’t imagine those actually in touch with their heritage and simply not as cover to hide their liberal posturing will be too phased by cookies, punch, and verbalized good tidings of great joy.
  50. But one could observe his resignation to fate and reservations (pessimism) over the future identity of our people in the event our culture is gradually but completely phased out, to be replaced by alien cultural norms quite different and in sharp contrast with our background, our ways of life, our foundation, our ancestral legacies.
  51. As to the specific point which has been raised, current thinking is that the new State of Ireland would become an automatic member of the EU, and that, for a specified period of time, probably ten years, both the US dollar and the Euro would be regarded as legal tender, with the Pound Sterling being phased out of circulation as the Dollar is phased in.
  1. Two phases of one being.
  2. Both these two phases also.
  3. Phases of entering the asana.
  4. The Three Phases of Forgiveness.
  5. Look at the order of the Phases.
  7. This system is based on three phases:.
  8. Once the above two phases are over the.
  9. Therefore, the two main phases or parts.
  10. The breakout strategy involves two phases.
  11. A woman who had seen life in all its phases.
  12. These phases can be summarised as follows:.
  13. The phases of Venus argued for motion of at.
  14. There are always phases to any big project.
  15. None of the other moon phases are quite right.
  16. The RSS campaign was divided into three phases.
  17. Knowing the four project phases, collectively.
  18. We are the three phases of what you are … woman.
  19. The final phases of the attack were problematical.
  20. Life of Reason: Phases of Human Progress, The, 95.
  21. Other phases are automatically followed with ease.
  22. Peter Hawkins sees five phases in a coaching process:.
  23. The phases of this change were numerous and successive.
  24. She might, in one of her phases, have been a prophetess.
  25. After a while you get used to it—nothing phases you.
  26. I'll split the rest by phases, it may be easier to follow.
  27. This brings us to the 5 major phases of volatility skew:.
  28. The normal growth cycle for hair consists of three phases.
  29. These are the phases of western civilization, structured.
  30. In the final phases of the book, when it became clear that.
  31. There are 6 phases to this process that can be implemented.
  32. Volume, during most phases of the market, will precede prices.
  33. They are called by different names because of different phases.
  34. The phases of the sun will dictate the Earth's climate, going.
  35. I am integral with you, I too am of one phase and of all phases.
  36. Her dad then talked about transitions, phases, and continuation.
  37. Management changes during growth phases are an interesting topic.
  38. Below I have three phases in which you can attempt to jump rope.
  39. Torture is common practice in the first phases of incarceration.
  40. Diversifi cation of phenomenological phases is also achieved by.
  41. Scientists have identified some essential phases that we have gone.
  42. Therefore, I postulate a process that has three phases, as follows:.
  43. As Goddess of the Sky she was the Moon, in her three phases of New.
  44. There are 6 phases designed to work together to produce the fastest.
  45. In a reversa} of the unresolved oedipal and antigonal phases, their.
  46. She found it interesting observing Tammas cycling through phases of.
  47. All mutations and all phases had been, or were about to be, exhausted.
  48. The earliest phases of the Big Bang are subject to much speculation.
  49. This message exchange consists of four phases, which are as follows:.
  50. The Rulers makes plain that all the abovementioned phases are.
  51. Part of the problem was that some of the phases had to run in parallel.
  52. Besides the phases I have described so far, there are also some others.
  53. But the MAGIC of STEEL does not lie in the PHASES shown in Fe-C diagram.
  54. Some words and phases have special meanings or functions in scripture I.
  55. The summary above shows the linear phases for re/organizing an enterprise.
  56. When my daughter and her playmates first started their hitting phases as.
  57. During the first phases of his voyage Ulysses lives according to a viver.
  58. If you followed all the phases above, you will have an extremely powerful.
  59. Indeed astrologists have noticed long time ago, that at certain phases of.
  60. A summary of the phases of development in Antigone psychology in-eludes the.
  61. He called attention to the following phases of the growth of the God idea:.
  62. Nothing phases this dog, Smith thought as he pressed down on the accelerator.
  63. Mantra or God-remembrance energizes man in four gradual or evolutionary phases.
  64. In Chapter 5: 3, Amos tries again to convoy this concept using different phases.
  65. Any given strategy may show different efficiency during different market phases.
  66. So who is this book for? We are all at different phases or stages in our lives.
  67. And the moon: We have disposed it in phases, until it returns like the old twig.
  68. We have now gone through the various phases in the process of writing a software.
  69. In the options market we should also consider phases of high and low volatility.
  70. Man’s principal occupation, the search for food, evolved through several phases.
  71. There are 3 phases of major trends that you should be aware of in your analysis;.
  72. The following list summarizes the phases of oedipal development within masculine.
  73. It is very interesting to see how they adapted to the different phases of the war.
  74. The primary trend has three phases: accumulation, run-up/run-down, and distribution.
  75. The reader should observe that economic risk is less in phases A and B and it is at.
  76. We shall keep our readers informed as to the successive phases of this remarkable cure.
  77. The conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with one mind.
  78. Seven-Headed Beasts–Conquering empires that represent phases of the Roman Empire as it.
  79. There was no question in his mind that America had had her imperialist historical phases.
  80. Chapter 13 of The Apocalypse specifically covers the identity and the primary phases of the.
  81. The Knowledge Management life cycle is perhaps best described as a web of interrelated phases.
  82. Don’t you see that it symbolizes the contrasting phases of my life? he said in remorse.
  83. Matthew was going through various childhood phases one of which was his obsession with climbing.
  84. But of all our tracks, Saratoga offers the most amusing phases to the observer of things social.
  85. The model used for the reengineering effort (phases 1 and 2 above) was the Language of Work(tm).
  86. First beast before him–Chapter 13 of The Apocalypse covers the identity and primary phases of.
  87. This is where accumulation and distribution phases occur, along with selling and buying climaxes.
  88. The two acting phrases make the no matters minds presented under physical phases of light and dark.
  89. The new phases of things leave my mind in a state of wonder which allows no room for active thought.
  90. Some of this technique has already been used in connection with related phases of security analysis.
  91. He was in one of his destructive phases, and everything I bought he either broke, gave away or was lost.
  92. Indeed, the preparatory phases are often longer and require more work than the actual events that happen.
  93. Ponder on its circulation round the earth, and its phases which it passes through within one full month!.
  94. Negotiation and the next two phases of the implementation process are covered in more detail in Chapter 8.
  95. Childbirth has different phases with different clues to tell you which one the woman is in at the time.
  96. Low cost, high profit operations are the safest around because they have an edge in all phases of the economy.
  97. This allows testing the strategies at various market phases (using data not involved in strategy optimization).
  98. And yet, these stages aren't a prescription, but simply a description of the phases or cycles of our spiritual life.
  99. If we took a 50 year chart of an instrument, there would be hundreds of accumulation phases within the 50 year trend.
  100. The fifth major phase of the implementation process is evaluating the results of the efforts in the first four phases.

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