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Photograph dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He held up the photograph.
2. The photograph told him that.
3. A photograph of the 2004 MSO.
5. It was really a nice photograph.
6. It was a functional photograph.
7. Photograph, failure of the, 72.

8. It was a photograph of herself.
9. Yes, we saw the photograph.
10. We have seen your photograph.
11. Tom pushed the photograph to Bill.
12. As he glanced at the photograph.
13. Kirke give you the photograph?
15. Christine pulled up the photograph.
16. He looked at the photograph again.
17. She looked at the photograph again.
18. This photograph was taken in 1939.
19. I tossed the photograph back at him.
20. Then I back up, photograph in hand.
21. Her eyes returned to the photograph.
22. Above: This photograph depicts the.
23. Claire stared at the photograph, too.
24. He was about four in the photograph.
26. He lovingly gazed at her photograph.
27. This photograph is also very special.
28. A photograph was pushed under my nose.
29. The old man looked at the photograph.
30. The second photograph is less posed.
31. He pointed at the photograph of Cross.
32. He took another look at the photograph.
33. The text beneath the photograph read:.
34. The photograph was captioned: Ben S.
35. The photograph seemed X-rated and dark.
36. Do I know that photograph? No, I don't.
37. He held out a crumpled glossy photograph.
38. This photograph includes members of the.
39. He knew her at once from her photograph.
40. He returned to examining the photograph.
41. The photograph was cracked and fragile.
42. JPGs most of the time - are a photograph.
43. She then pointed to one more photograph.
44. Ming bowed and gave Andrew a photograph.
45. There was an enlarged photograph of Mrs.
46. It was not an especially good photograph.
47. In the lift Jimmy gave him a photograph.
48. Her photograph stood before the pierglass.
49. He was holding a photograph of his father.
50. That’s why I keep the photograph around.
51. He handed a sepia-toned photograph to Eve.
52. It was from a photograph of the back yard.
53. This panoramic photograph of The Amarillo.
54. My photograph was taken in the Tokyo Metro.
55. And what a wonderful photograph it was.
56. It was as if trying to photograph a spook.
57. She showed her a photograph of Roxy Jones.
58. Claire returned the photograph to its spot.
59. Nobody managed to take a photograph though.
60. I need a photograph of your daughter, Mr.
61. The man tapped a photograph with his finger.
62. He smiled at his close-up photograph on TV.
63. A magnesium flashlight photograph is taken.
64. He handed the photograph to Owen as he spoke.
65. They’d considered a photograph, but that.
66. Colonel Golyakov heard about the photograph.
67. Below the headline was a photograph of James.
68. It was the latest photograph of her children.
69. I had seen the outfit before in a photograph.
70. Nolan had fewer gray hairs in the photograph.
71. She was wearing green sari in her photograph.
72. I got a photograph of this town took in 1905.
73. You could send down an eye to photograph it.
74. Underneath the photograph of Proud was a name.
76. I had a photograph of my grandpa Arlan at home.
77. Let me try, as he stared at the photograph.
78. A photograph of a young soldier lay on the side.
79. Why had he married the eyes in the photograph?
80. One would photograph the critical quadrant at 20.
81. The last photograph shows a formal receiving line.
82. Then she asked me if I wanted another photograph.
83. I saw a photograph in this month's issue of Vogue.
84. A fifth photograph of the Duluth USLSS Station (ca.
85. How vexing it is that I have no photograph of him.
86. The thing is, I never had a photograph of the vest.
87. Bridget caressed the photograph with her thumb and.
88. The 6X4 inch photograph was covered in fingerprints.
89. On one wall he sees a framed photograph of a smiling.
90. Its only decor is a small photograph of a Bald Eagle.
91. That was the photograph; that was the way he knew her.
92. It had a glass barrel with a photograph cast into it.
93. I recalled the photograph very well; in fact, I had.
94. Half-way down the stairs he stopped at the photograph.
95. Front cover gun photograph courtesy of the author.
96. He examined the photograph and slipped it in his pocket.
97. Attested copies of the photograph of the blind person.
98. The photograph of Pete was still sealed in the envelope.
99. I was holding the flowers when the photograph was taken.
100. Surinder even gets the credit for the jacket photograph.
1. By photographing samples of water and then freezing.
2. They’d both seen Sam photographing their early-December bombing runs.
3. Conklin nodded at the tech who was photographing one of the grave markers.
4. Experience gained in photographing racing cars led to contracts with the 'Car' and.
5. Billy and Doyle had heard Callie accuse me of photographing hellspawn in Pete’s earlier.
6. The picture, as seen above and on Friday, was done by first photographing a girl in the location.
7. I will have to keep you at the station, in temporary custody but without fingerprinting or photographing.
8. This is why any attempt to scientifically prove the existence of entities by photographing their auras will never succeed.
9. CSU was working fast and well, photographing scrapes on car doors, marking blood spatter, bagging found objects on the asphalt.
10. As you try to compose a picture, it is sometimes hard to align the object you are photographing within the frame of the picture.
11. Once more at the entrance the man took a camera from his carryall and began photographing the searches being carried out just inside the doorway.
12. A couple of her pictures even caught O’Malley as he briefly played with the boys’ penis to make it erect before photographing it from close by.
13. It wasn’t crowded, but there were enough people around for him to get what he needed, and he spent an hour photographing people from various distances.
14. Greg twisted around in his seat to see that Abraham had twisted around in his seat enough to be able to look out the front view port and was photographing the approaching ships.
15. While she obeyed Ingrid’s directive about not photographing the inside of her cockpit, she examined visually the instruments around her, impressed by the technological level evident in the cockpit.
16. Routine printing on remaining fingers had predictably proved fruitless, therefore, after photographing the bar, it had been sent to Vancouver for further police checks and confirmation that it was indeed gold.
17. The shore house was now full of MPs and his investigation specialists were already at work photographing and documenting in detail the crime scene, as crime was definitely what had happened here in his opinion.
18. Telling herself that this had to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity, Margaret took photo after photo, both through her window and inside the cabin, photographing the two female gunners and the cargo master, standing ready.
19. Since the days when, as a schoolboy, I used to bicycle round the neighbouring parishes, rubbing brasses and photographing fonts, I had nursed a love of architecture, but, though in opinion I had made that easy leap, characteristic of my generation, from the puritanism of Ruskin to the puritanism of Roger Fry, my sentiments at heart were insular and medieval.
1. In the meantime, I have photographed the.
2. You were photographed with a known hit man.
3. A meal meant to be photographed, above all else.
4. The plundered room is photographed, as in this case.
5. In this location are being photographed many many orbs.
6. Iditarod trained dogs have been photographed chained or.
7. I photographed the grave of Rimbaud when I was twenty-six.
8. I wondered whether he had just photographed me in action.
9. Taking out his phone, he photographed each page, noting a.
10. One board I photographed during that trip foreshadowed doom.
11. Searched Dante’s room, photographed it, dusted for prints.
12. I agree, but only if they will let me be photographed with them.
13. Observe! This is the community photographed at noon, local time.
14. And because she had been photographed by the press, and because Mr.
15. No one has ever successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree.
16. Conklin stood beside Claire as she photographed the body and the wound.
17. In 1970, the situation worsened: Onassis and Callas were photographed in.
18. Three of them have been photographed by Brogi, who gives no attributions.
19. His death was documented, photographed, and he was filed away in the morgue.
20. After that, locate that Brotherhood bastard Roberto who you photographed at.
21. So far I have photographed over fifty flowers without really looking too hard.
22. The toasts, the dancing, the schmoozing, the photographed kisses over the cake.
23. At Prato the monuments of this class have been photographed, and are well known.
24. I know that this is being photographed, but my eyes may be able to tell us more.
25. Photographed in stop-motion animation with miniatures created by John Terwilliger.
26. One glimpse of a natural landscape is worth a million painted or photographed ones.
27. Then, one page at a time, he photographed every sheet, constantly monitoring for clarity.
28. His present hobby is photography which he does well and has photographed several weddings.
29. That was why he had photographed this spot, so he would know where the animal was buried.
30. The rational man—like the Loch Ness monster—is sighted often, but photographed rarely.
31. It can't hurt the island to be landed on, and it can't hurt the castle to be photographed.
32. She watched those screens and had recognition run on all the humans that were photographed.
33. Once it’s been appreciated and photographed, that’s fine—cake is meant to be eaten.
34. Everyone is more interested in being given a designation and being photographed by the media.
35. Constable [18] has photographed many aerial objects using fast infrared film which he claims.
36. That he had been photographed was a certainty; as was the deduction of the fare from his account.
37. He has refused to appear in public with Gerald Ford or even to be photographed with the president.
38. Sheila stood terrified in the kitchen as officers photographed and scanned her details into the system.
39. He had recorded her last night and he had shamelessly photographed her when he had first come to her house.
40. After that, one ray is reflected from a photographed object and the other ray mixes with its reflected light.
41. Some cultures think that taking pictures is like stealing a part of the soul of the person being photographed.
42. Two of these medallions by the elder Luca had never been photographed before, but have now been taken by Alinari.
43. He told them that in order to be involved in politics, his children would be photographed and their names published.
44. Jong in the mid 1970s, photographed by science-fiction author and future husband Jonathan Fast, who had a matching hat.
45. The children had all been photographed, and the teacher was trying to persuade them each to buy a copy of the group picture.
46. He called over the tech to shoot pictures of the contents of the box, then pulled out two items that were photographed as well.
47. All 39 recognized species of birds of paradise were photographed by Dr Tim Laman (Japan), in a quest that lasted eight years.
48. And then the last photo, her head turned from the camera, her hand raised in a stop gesture, as if she didn’t want to be photographed.
49. She was photographed in color for an Esquire pictorial and the polka dots turned out to be red, not black as they appeared in the film.
50. What about the parade of hired guns Cory photographed going into Cerise Records on Monday? It could have been a couple of those guys.
51. William becomes one of LA's most eligible bachelors, photographed with dozens of starlets attending many of Hollywood's luxurious parties.
52. The umbrella man near the Stemmons sign on the sidewalk was accompanied by a cohort who had their radio phone which was photographed.
53. At Perugia I photographed the monuments of Benedetto Buglione, thus laying the basis for a study of his works, a number of which may now be identified.
54. An FBI agent Robert Barrett was reported by FBI agent Robert Gemberling to be the agent who removed a bullet from this scene and was photographed doing it.
55. Elmira smiled warmly at that, and Orion took several photos after Adem had photographed the two kings and queens for some time and showed them the pictures.
56. A second sequel to Mary O’Hara’s beloved story My Friend Flicka—a boy, a girl, and a wild white stallion, photographed in the lush Wyoming countryside.
57. The fact that O’Malley let the light on at first was a boon for her, as it allowed her to take clear pictures of his face as he photographed the naked boy.
58. Photographed and filmed by dozens of lenses, Bill Clinton exchanged a kiss on the cheek with Nancy, then shook hands with Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani.
59. As the cameramen photographed her repeatedly, she looked at the crowd of journalists and spoke in French, letting Marion Dietrich translate her words in English.
60. The patrol car stopped at Whittier Police Department, where she was searched, relieved of all personal possessions, photographed, and electronically fingerprinted.
61. But would she, herself, presently be photographed too and enlarged and hung there? There was room next to Vera, room for just one more before the sideboard began.
62. Faye Farmer had been photographed with Kennedy frequently over the last couple of years and had been quoted saying that she was going to be married–to someone.
63. He visited every holding my father had, questioned the managers, saying he was my father’s relative and emissary and photographed the buildings for the purported documentary.
64. Gradually the crystals appear and they can be studied and photographed in the usual way--not only the shapes of the crystals, but also the relation that their angles bear to each other.
65. Before he could say more, one of Julie’s screens emitted a beeping signal, while a second image appeared beside that of the unknown woman photographed by Erik at the Puertobahia Hotel.
66. The photograph that Mohammed had been given was of Dam, photographed entering *Angkor Wat, an ancient temple City in Cambodia, dressed in monks robes, clutching a phony, home-made relic.
67. The men involved (I think women have more sense) partake in these dangerous undertakings – I like that word here – including skiing down 800 mountains that should only be photographed.
68. From what Carl had said to Emory back at the fence between the orchard and Blue Sky Ranch, the cult had secretly photographed Lauren and the twins, perhaps at a distance, with a telephoto lens.
69. Before leaving Victoria, Roger and Lucille visited some nearby museums and had dinner at the elegant and historic Empress Hotel, one of the most attractive and photographed buildings in Victoria.
70. Each group had a specific task and building to take care of and the deployment had been worked out after a daytime flyover by an aircraft that had photographed every part of the island in fine detail.
71. The name of the ill-fated jet had special meaning for Tanganyika Greeks who were photographed regularly, every seven years by John ‘The Comet’ whose return was as regular as any in the night sky.
72. Together with two local entrepreneurs who also investigated development potentials in the country, we did a business census, photographed and videotaped all the council, business, and state properties.
73. Until they can show pictures of parts of the body good people keep hidden away in shame, while those same parts of our littlest ones are being looked at, photographed, poked, played with and tortured.
74. Some drawbacks to trying to use landscaping pictures as a visualization and design aid is that you must carefully take into account key differences between your situation and that of the house being photographed.
75. The war correspondent could also see in the light of dawn that more women were taking defensive positions between the firefight and the installations of the 99th Air Group, something that Tregaskis also photographed.
76. The public toilet has inside and outside some colorful columns, mosaics, tiles, and inlays, and is frequently visited and photographed by tourists, who actually will come on a scheduled stop to see this unusual place.
77. Quite a few people dwelling in meta-physics believe that, when we are residing in a human form, part of our true selves could be photographed by way of the Kirlian process (named after Seymon Kirlian, the Russian inventor.
78. While Josie was taking pictures of the Moroccan women with their beautiful costumes at the crossing of the border, those women being photographed were making hostile signs to them and calling them names, such as bad Christians.
79. Jenny Kawena was working frantically with her radar and radio operators onboard ‘Fox One’, flying high above Seoul, receiving and collating the in-flight reports coming from the RP-38Ns as they photographed their various objectives.
80. Though the picture was photographed with 35–millimeter film, studio head Daryl Zanuck ordered the Diamonds production number to be reshot later in CinemaScope for use in a demonstration of the new process, held on the Fox lot in March 1953.
81. So I sailed for Italy on the 6th of last May, taking with me a good camera and a sufficient number of celluloid films, knowing beforehand that there were many of these monuments which had never been photographed and were consequently imperfectly known.
82. Step by step, frame by frame of film, stop motion by stop motion, he, Terwilliger, had run his beasts through their postures, moved each a fraction of an inch, photographed them, moved them another hair, photographed them, for hours and days and months.
83. The ceremony was well conducted by a pleasant and professional celebrant and Scarlett (my great granddaughter, the most photographed baby in the whole world) was very patient with us and she didn’t complain once, in fact I think she enjoyed it immensely.
84. What a scene! We stood dumbstruck, hearts pounding, before this shipwreck caught in the act, as if it had been photographed in its final moments, so to speak! And already I could see enormous sharks moving in, eyes ablaze, drawn by the lure of human flesh!.
85. Spicer, whose dahabiyeh accompanied mine, photographed the inscriptions in which Mentuhotep-Ra-neb-kher of the XI dynasty is mentioned, as well as the one which enumerates the names of three kings of the XVIII dynasty, Amenophis I, Thothmes I, and Thothmes II.
86. Going through the pile of pictures with growing horror and disgust, he saw that the apparent priest had been photographed, probably secretly judging from the angle of the shots, while sexually abusing a boy and a girl, both preteens, on two separate occasions.
87. The scale of remuneration reflected society’s values; being photographed in sexy briefs paid twice as much as wearing a suit; naked and alone paid four times as much; and performing naked with others would have rewarded me with ten times as much as standing in pyjamas.
88. Ordained by happenstance or destiny, a beautiful woman, an innocent man newly released from prison, and his son are thrown together in a rough-and-tumble western adventure, photographed in CinemaScope on location in the Canadian Rockies and set in the era of the California gold rush.
89. She had already been able to take some sensational pictures of the raid from the cockpit of the YC-10 and had even photographed the huge cloud of smoke and dust caused by the bombardment, but had been ordered back to her seat after she had photographed two parachutes opening over the old Forbidden City.
90. After having visited and photographed the ruins of Dinâver, Kinghârer, Bisoutoun and several remains encountered on the route, I visited Tagh-é-Bostan, near Kirmanshahan; I took numerous photographs and squeezes of the more interesting fragments, like the pahlavi inscriptions of the smallest monument.
91. Early migrants to America and Australia were often photographed at weddings and in bars, raising a loving glass to the old country, showing great bravado, cigarettes drooping from their lips; young men sipping whisky in shirt sleeves and armbands, unbuttoned waistcoats and slackened ties, slicked back hair.
92. In the company of the cousin, they traveled, late one night, to the New Brunswick, New Jersey, Coroner’s Office, where, in a truly chilling experience, they were fingerprinted and officially photographed as corpses, laying on a cold slab with talcum-dusted faces, blue lipstick and with their jaws held slack.
93. The last veterans of whom he had word had appeared photographed in a newspaper with their faces shamelessly raised beside an anonymous president of the republic who gave them buttons with his likeness on them to wear in their lapels and returned to them a flag soiled with blood and gunpowder so that they could place it on their coffins.
94. Gomes smiled for a few moments but then his smile turned into a scowl because if this was blood on the end of the needle then the blood belonged to Vasquez then he was in his house… He took his camera and photographed the exact location of the needle and then got Gonzales to stand over the needle and point to it as he took several more pictures.
95. By now, Tregaskis knew that he had the materiel for a truly sensational article and he photographed Ingrid Dows’ women as they finally spread out and deployed in extended line on each side of the halftracks, to then advance and finish the Japanese soldiers, shooting from point blank and then poking with their bayonets each Japanese they encountered in the long grass.
96. Every contortion of the face, every move of the eyebrows, every flare of the nostrils, every motion of the lips, was there, as perfect as the sketches that Doré made when he came home from a long night’s prowl in the cinder-dark smokestack lanes of London, with all the grotesques stashed behind his eyelids, his empty fingers itching to grab pen, ink, paper, and begin! Even as Doré had, with total recall, scribbled faces, so Roy’s inner mind had photographed the Beast to remember the slightest hair moving in the nostrils, the merest eyelash in a blink, the flexed ear, and the eternally salivating infernal mouth.
1. There were photographs in it.
2. They have photographs of him.
3. Photographs of Panton and a.
4. And gave him photographs of me.
5. I had several photographs of the.
6. James and Thomas took photographs!.
7. A great number of photographs were.
8. However in the photographs we took.
9. Arranging photographs in your album.
10. Satellite photographs were not live.
11. It’s ten photographs of churches.
12. There was nothing in the photographs.
13. Do leave the photographs there, David.
14. Then it was time for media photographs.
15. Think: Photographs only tell the truth.
16. Olin laid the photographs on the table.
17. The walls were covered with photographs.
18. What did it amount to? Some photographs.
19. The photographs were a thousand grenades.
20. I’ve seen the photographs and maps.
21. His file included dozens of photographs.
22. Harold peered intently at the photographs.
23. He thumbed through the set of photographs.
24. Zion church when he took his photographs.
25. The ghoul looked at the photographs again.
26. Stock photographs and prints on the wall.
27. Some of those photographs, especially the.
28. It’s the photographs of you taken with.
29. One of his favorite kills and photographs.
30. Computer enhanced photographs that we see.
31. He started showing me some photographs of.
32. He was going over the photographs carefully.
33. With the details from the photographs as a.
34. She had seen the statue and the photographs.
35. Kirstin took two photographs from her handbag.
36. Still, he said nothing about the photographs.
37. There were only two photographs in the wallet.
38. You’ve seen the photographs in my office.
39. Enid asked to see the photographs of our villa.
40. Phineas took the box of photographs from Moody.
41. Andrew and started checking out the photographs.
42. Paintings and photographs, hanging sculptures.
43. She looked down at the photographs on the table.
44. They have photographs of a war caused by GPs.
45. The photographs appeared on his computer screen.
46. Online profiles and photographs of Latin singles.
47. The photographs on the Internet hadn’t done it.
48. After all, you’ve seen the photographs of Lucy.
49. Where else could you get hundreds of photographs.
50. I recognized him immediately from his photographs.
51. There were photographs of her in every single room.
52. Truscott pulled more photographs out of the folder.
53. Then he slid out the handful of photographs inside.
54. I gazed on and on the shown photographs of a victim.
55. Photographs of peoples’ faces from all over the.
56. Their passengers were furiously taking photographs.
57. Rafferty looked again at the photographs on the wall.
58. News had photographs of growling bears on the cover.
59. Do you have photographs of the others? he asked.
60. Polaroid photographs of the poor orphan girls upstairs.
61. Plenty of photographs, of course, but never a real one.
62. There were framed family photographs on top of the TV.
63. Jim Lugano turned up with some satellite photographs.
64. She had, too, an album of photographs of various sorts.
65. Tim stood on a bench and held up one of the photographs.
66. Gunvalson shared photographs of Todd Gunvalson at the U.
67. Framed photographs of ancestors were lovingly displayed.
68. But it’s still there and we have plenty of photographs.
69. Apparently there were photographs of me in the magazines.
70. The album contained photographs going back over 100 years.
71. All photographs courtesy the author, except as noted below.
72. Photographs," he added sententiously, "are like statistics.
73. My eldest brother was not in the above photographs (1954).
74. I looked at the maps and aerial photographs and told him.
75. Right underneath the headline were three color photographs.
76. A comparison of photographs has proved conclusively that M.
77. He took the paper from her and began eyeing the photographs.
78. The exhibit includes a number of photographs dating back to.
79. I copied her hairdos from whatever photographs I could find.
80. He had shown photographs, photographs he had carefully put.
81. The photographs would help tide him over during his downtime.
82. And she had framed photographs of herself all over the house.
83. On his dresser he had a collection of photographs all framed.
84. You must also ask permission when taking photographs of women.
85. There was one box full of nothing but photographs of lynchings.
86. The photographs used in this booklet are for illustration only.
87. You are sure that the only thing missing is the photographs?
88. My editor will never believe me until he sees my photographs.
89. There were only a few sheets of paper, but tons of photographs.
90. She recognized the house from the photographs in Paul’s files.
91. Archibald’s mother did not check the photographs properly and.
92. He returned the next day, photographs and identification in hand.
93. Fred took more photographs of the Jodechians all sitting around.
94. Paul must have thought the same thing when he saw the photographs.
95. I’d seen photographs of her wedding to Dad and this was a lot.
96. She started taking photographs as previously agreed by the Rabbi.
97. Family photographs crowded the mantelpiece above the roaring fire.
98. The Wilks's family photographs hadn't really captured the dead girl.
99. There are photographs of Gloria and Aiden in the hospital at birth.
100. A press clip was in the folder but the photographs weren’t clear.

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