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Picket dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was lean as a picket.
  2. There was a white, picket.
  3. Mostly, the big picket line was a bust.
  4. You run your fingers along a picket fence.
  5. We leaned nonchalantly on the picket fence.

  6. One time he got that jaw broke in a picket line.
  7. Two picket ship tenders were damaged beyond repair.
  8. Half of the picket ships would need to be replaced.
  9. The white picket fence at the next mansion was charred.
  10. We had a beautiful white picket fence on the peripheral.
  11. Anyhow, Frank escorted me to his white picket fence then.
  12. The battle subsided into a desultory picket fire at sunset.
  13. Although there was a white picket fence on the periphery of.
  14. The only sound on the air came from the trailing picket pin.
  15. He believes his men killed or captured the entire picket.

  16. Rachel regrouped her squadron close to the picket mother ship.
  17. Both Joe and his friend Liam Brosnan were on the picket lines.
  18. They had picked up four picket ships with their pilots at New St.
  19. I did join fraternities, picket, pass petitions, take it to court.
  20. Ah, that’s the way to talk French, said the picket soldiers.
  21. And evidence suggests there were 2 shooters behind the picket fence.
  22. And if they close the plant what can you do? Picket an empty factory?
  23. Small picket ships were stationed in a textbook pattern around the system.
  24. It can be fired from any of our P I and picket ships without modification.
  25. What were you feeling when you attacked the patrol picket mother ship?

  26. It had a high mansard roof with a picket fence on top and a tower made them.
  27. They enter through the white picket gate as Rico asks, Who lives here?
  28. The two dozen picket ships that guarded them were no match for the destroyers.
  29. Each had its own little yard, surrounded and separated by white picket fences.
  30. What would you have done if the picket ship had come within missile range?
  31. Robinson, I notice that you live in a yard with a white picket fence around it.
  32. There was but one sharp post in the picket fence, and it was higher than the rest.
  33. It was Scargill who devised the strike-winning strategy of the Flying Picket.
  34. As they reach the picket gate, Cass tells him, I have a proposition to offer you.
  35. The man strode purposefully to the low picket fence that separated their properties.
  36. There are no flower boxes hanging on windows, or flower gardens behind picket fences.
  37. The invaders would soon reach the picket line bordering their region with Mystic Down.
  38. Rachel’s sensors detected the picket ships moving closer to take positions behind her.
  39. Wed live in a white mansion with a white picket fence enclosing a large manicured lawn.
  40. I followed Ben through the gate in the white picket fence and admired his childhood home.
  41. It had been solid and had taken quite a few raps with a small picket for it to be cracked.
  42. The sad display was surrounded by a dilapidated picket fence that may have once been white.
  43. They also put a picket out front to try and keep any deliveries being made to the job site.
  44. He headed for the opening in the picket fence that appeared to be a perimeter for the fair.
  45. Wendy and Rachel initiated jumps to positions perpendicular to the approaching picket ships.
  46. Cass closes the picket gate before replying, You’d never guess the adventure I had today.
  47. Only a high steel picket fence stood between them and all the wonders of an authentic wilderness.
  48. Rauros, our scouts have reported similar situations all along the picket line with Mystic Down.
  49. The small rotation would allow her to fire her engines without toasting the picket ships behind her.
  50. Rachel, I was especially impressed with your skill in dispatching the Swordsman picket mother ship.
  51. If this ship was a Trojan Horse, the picket ships would not stand a chance against what it might be.
  52. Careful to keep her footing on the uneven bricks, she stopped at the kitchen garden’s picket fence.
  53. Behind the guns were their limbers and still farther back picket ropes and artillerymen’s bonfires.
  54. The wagons escorted by the hussars drew up to the picket ropes and a crowd of hussars surrounded them.
  55. It was perfect and clean, with a lovely stereotypical picket fence that bordered the cemetery grounds.
  56. It hit the ground and rolled all the way in-between two wooden slats in Meanie’s white picket fence.
  57. A guy with a star on to him gets up on top an’ he says, ‘It’s unlawful to picket in this county.
  58. Our forefathers have long contended with the oppressive borders and picket lines of the troll folk of Gaea.
  59. A star picket from a nearby telecom sign gave him enough leverage to slide the first slab back onto solid ground.
  60. Reports remain of Denizens of Chaos lingering in the wilderness beyond the picket line bordering my region with Arkadia.
  61. Presently the picket at the end of the wharf began to challenge in undertones single figures approaching from the plain.
  62. There were some pretty homes with neat lawns and white picket fences, but the neighbors were usually not as prosperous.
  63. One morning the picket discovered that "Jerry" was missing, and concluded that he must have broken away during the night.
  64. There’s a small family cemetery under an old oak not far from the house, a little white picket fence around the graves.
  65. The Puritan followers lined the streets with picket signs, marching in front of every Outsider owned shop on main street.
  66. The property stood behind a white picket fence across from the beach yet close to Orange Avenue, the heartbeat of the town.
  67. But who are they? Where is their power-base? They are invisible… they have no corporate offices that you can even picket.
  68. Through the trees they could see Anderson’s little white house, and its picket fence, and the burning geraniums in the yard.
  69. Over a hundred years old, he was known by the locals as a shut-in, who kept a perfect yard with a beautiful white picket fence.
  70. The superintendent fell across the fence and a very sharp picket pierced his stomach, when Michael fell unconscious to the ground.
  71. A smile tugged at his face, then he said, There are some Jesus freaks who picket in front of the metaphysical bookstore every Saturday.
  72. As he reached the familiar wooden picket fence that surrounded the Cross property, he heard something that turned his stomach inside out.
  73. When the mare had pulled and eaten the last of the grass on the side of the house near the white picket fence, she inched toward Daphne.
  74. In other systems, the patrol ships were lightly armed highly maneuverable picket ships that operated within a short range of a mother ship.
  75. The squadron of light destroyers watched as the picket mopped up the remains of the drones and turned their attention to whatever would follow.
  76. The village was small and poor, composed of perhaps twenty houses, most of them made of logs, each cottage surrounded by a rough picket fence.
  77. It was the perfect hiding place: a sweet little house on Central Avenue, with a white picket fence and a stone walkway bisecting the front lawn.
  78. A deaf man witnessed two men behind the picket fence and a rifle torn down quickly after the shooting and stuffed into a railroad workers tool bag.
  79. Rachel bid the commander of the picket squadron, Commodore Steve Reece, a fond farewell and headed for the relative safety of Nuclear Power School.
  80. They let them fly to Taliesin’s Tower with numbers reporting the movements of the Stalactite Forces from the picket line along the Arkadian Border.
  81. A squadron of picket ships was no match for a single interdiction craft and six interdiction ships had just entered the system along with two destroyers.
  82. Here and there a picket had, indeed, raised a song, or mingled in a dance, which had drawn the dusky savages around them, from their lairs in the forest.
  83. Their jabbering, and the attempt of Toral's staff officers to stay the retreat, broke the stillness as our worn-out troops were aroused by the picket fire.
  84. Wil appeared less stressed as they moved their horses to the picket lines where mortal men in Wolf Rohjor livery moved to take the reins as they dismounted.
  85. A block of homes that all look the same, grass cut to precision height, regulation picket fences, mirrored windows, one way glass, detached breakfast nooks.
  86. That night, all three of the major TV stations played the picket of the shelter on the news and within ten minutes of it playing the phones at the shelter lit up.
  87. In less than a minute of concentrated force from forty-eight lasers, they had severed both of the picket ships’ cable bundles and rendered the ships inoperable.
  88. The mother ship launched more picket ships, and soon the ten ships who had traveled from Homestead were opposed by two dozen pickets and a well armed mother ship.
  89. Reuben was going to the space ship evaluation center adjacent to Nuclear Power School in Mars orbit to assist in the field tests of the newly redesigned picket ship.
  90. The house itself was surrounded by a low picket fence, behind which geraniums grew big and red, and a Virginia creeper, dropping its red leaves, hung over the porch.
  91. Besides the soldiers who formed the picket line on either side, there were many curious onlookers who, jesting and laughing, stared at their strange foreign enemies.
  92. Whatever small front lawns these homes once had were now so overgrown with weeds that they looked like a series of miniature forests separated by short picket fences.
  93. Since the picket mother ship had a brig and Marines to guard it, Rachel transferred Denny to them along with a copy of the relevant ships’ logs so he could be prosecuted.
  94. Their progress, like their late dialogue, was guarded, and without noise; for none knew at what moment a passing patrol, or a crouching picket of the enemy, might rise upon their path.
  95. As the boy entertained himself along the breaking surf, plucking up half-buried shells to add to his collection, we stood seaward of the picket fence that separated yard grass from sand.
  96. This agreement called for release of all political prisoners; restore confiscated property of farmers, repeal salt tax, and right of people to picket liquor, opium, and foreign cloth shops.
  97. The Eretz defensive plan had its compliment of pickets, but primarily used the larger, more heavily armed P I which, due to its monstrous reactor, could match the picket for maneuverability.
  98. There were no iron picket fences, iron summerhouses, iron gates or even iron statuary on the lawns of Atlanta now, for they had early found their way into the melting pots of the rolling mills.
  99. More ominous for Yamamoto was the fact that, this time, the destroyers holding his outer picket line were attacked as well, being copiously strafed by P-40s and ending up being severely damaged.
  100. There’s a soldier on leave who felt two shots whiz by his head on the knoll during the assassination, shot from behind the picket fence, who gave up his film and got out of town quickly out of fear.

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