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Picky dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I’m not picky.
2. He wasn't picky.
3. We’re not picky.
4. I wasn’t so picky.
5. Race? Again, not picky.
6. I'm not picky, I guess.
7. Yes, they’re that picky.

8. Be picky, but not too picky.
9. This species tends to be picky.
10. I was too desperate to be picky.
11. Many dogs are picky eaters these days.
12. Well, I’m quite picky but the men.
13. But I was in no mood to be picky or small.
14. I’m afraid she’s a bit picky in that.
15. Hermes isn’t picky about who he sponsors.
16. Suspicious as he was, he couldn’t afford to be picky.
17. My hatchets were not picky, and the pale ones cried out.
18. She was picky and moody and, yeah, okay, a tad bit bitchy.
19. Back in those days I was not very picky about my buy points.
20. When it comes to eating, they are not as picky as some other saltwater fish.
21. Who knows, maybe they’d ridicule me with their picky jokes, like my friends.
22. Since when are you so picky? The psychic entity we call the Mother Goddess.
23. But the aristocrats there are picky about weapons being made, after the revolts and all.
24. Magnificent Foxfaces are not very picky when it comes to fish food and should accept most.
25. They are not very picky when it comes to fish food and should accept most foods that you give.
26. Feeding wise, the Six Line Wrasse is not all that picky and they should eat standard marine fish.
27. The Raccoon Butterfly Fish is not as picky as some of the other butterfly fishes when it comes to.
28. I wasn’t sure if there was anything you couldn’t eat but Alastair said that you weren’t picky at all.
29. On a visit from her mother, the grandson, a "picky eater," would not eat the food in front of him: a hamburger.
30. Magazines sprang up and folded a couple of months later, and those that stayed around for awhile were becoming awfully picky.
31. Dar, once you get my age, you may still have the drive, but the interest tends to fade…And I’m rather picky about who I join with.
32. For a few dark, thumping hours, I let go of everything, my problems floating away like helium balloons: my awful job, my picky boss, my failure to move on.
33. Yet again, I am left with the definite feeling that Liz is popular … I wish I knew her properly … Stephen seems to like her and he is pretty picky when it comes to people generally, and especially women.
34. I conclude from my total experience thus far that a self righteous and exclusive organized faith forces the understanding of a picky God of mixed traits and the division of all people while my God of just love promotes love and goodness for all from the top and the nurturing of the brotherhood of mankind.

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