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Picnic dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. And we had a picnic.
2. Make a picnic of it.
3. We could have a picnic.
4. It was a picnic area now.
5. This is a picnic, silly.
6. And it was a picnic he got.
7. It wasn’t a picnic anyway.

8. She still lay on the picnic.
9. Next to it was a picnic area.
10. Bradshaw had packed a picnic.
11. She pulled out a picnic basket.
12. The site of our picnic was ideal.
13. Time for a picnic, she said.
14. But what awaits them isn`t a picnic.
15. Well, mine were no picnic either.
16. We had to cancel our threesome picnic.
17. She: will u go on with me on picnic?
18. Going outside was not exactly a picnic.
19. How about a picnic? Henry gasped.
20. It was no picnic for him, but he was.
21. Poopsie had organised a small picnic.
22. The crash in 1929 was no picnic, either.
23. There were a dozen stone picnic tables.
24. How about a picnic at the beach?
25. You want to have a picnic out here?
26. A clown picnic on the grass by the river.
27. He was also trying to balance the picnic.
28. An icebox was produced as if for a picnic.
29. A Walk in the Park (with picnic optional).
30. Many children have had a picnic by the sea.
31. Heather produced a blanket from her picnic.
32. They had the hotel pack a picnic lunch and.
33. Everybody was going to the picnic except her.
34. We will have a picnic whether it rains or not.
35. There was a picnic style table on either side.
36. She was tossing a salad as part of the picnic.
37. We passed ten picnic spots within the next ten.
38. Madame suggested we picnic on the table in her.
39. I conjured her family waiting at a picnic table.
40. We had our picnic lunch in the gondola on the way.
41. They were huddled around one of the stone picnic.
42. Trust me, it’s no picnic on the inside either.
43. Bear was even addicted to picnic baskets so….
44. Finally the summer outdoor picnic concerts came to.
45. The picnic table was set with birthday decorations.
46. The children fed the fire and finished their picnic.
47. NOW to return to Tom and Becky's share in the picnic.
48. I remember a picnic by the Yarra when I was a child.
49. There should be a picnic area overlooking the water.
50. Che told me you had him fix a nice picnic lunch.
51. He released her hand and slipped off the picnic table.
52. I guess she’s really excited for the picnic!.
53. Mother took the picnic lunch and father put the beach.
54. Dad, I think she is two sandwiches short of a picnic.
55. Vincent sat on the dilapidated picnic table and smoked.
56. She then allowed us to sit at the picnic table and eat.
57. She took a direct path towards the infamous picnic area.
58. Bobby set the waters on the picnic table and tossed the.
59. The five of them stood on the picnic benches for a while.
60. We had a pleasant picnic on a rise overlooking acres of.
61. And tomorrow we'll have a picnic lunch at Electric Park.
62. According to her, it would be a Kodak moment to picnic.
63. Well, the guys think this is a kind of a picnic, Dakin.
64. I could carry that picnic basket for you, Alledrial.
65. After the picnic Catwhiskers laid back and closed his eyes.
66. Of course! A picnic! Tom had laughed and rubbed his hands.
67. We are going on the picnic today weren’t we? I forgot.
68. There was a picnic basket in her hand and smile on her face.
69. I suddenly imagined the picnic taking place at a nudist camp.
70. Cole and I are going to have a picnic together this afternoon.
71. Their picnic spot was set on a bend in the road where a small.
72. Women with picnic boxes, men with straw hats, in shirt sleeves.
73. I dreamt again about the picnic in the field and the little girl.
74. Sees an empty gravel lot, picnic tables under a lone streetlight.
75. Their breathing got louder, but before the picnic escalated any.
76. He could not keep his mind on the picnic between him and Samantha.
77. It was where Molly was setting up her techie stuff on the picnic.
78. Near the fireplace and the picnic table at Grandpa Walter’s farm.
79. She had an awkward morning, but she helped prepare the picnic lunch.
80. Ling Ling appeared beside our picnic table twice to hurry us along.
81. We’re going on a picnic in the park! You can come with us!.
82. Everything you could want, plus a few steel picnic tables out front.
83. He moved to the next campsite and sat down on top of the picnic table.
84. They’d had a picnic on a blanket with chocolate cake and champagne.
85. The small card read: I’ve never been on a picnic with a beautiful.
86. Devil’s Bend, huh? It seemed a fairly odious name for a picnic spot.
87. It was the best day for a picnic, but not the place Luke wanted to be.
88. It will be fun to have a picnic round the fire in this dark old room.
89. Then she asked Lu to arrange a lunchtime picnic for tomorrow with her.
90. Being in the same room as a very angry vampire wasn't exactly a picnic.
91. There was actually some torrock going on but it was a very picnic game.
92. I sat at one of the nearby picnic tables waiting for the mail to arrive.
93. He saw the picnic table in the middle of the road, exactly where he had.
94. This remembered me the first experience of my picnic with Mitali and Munmi.
95. Like the picnic table was the best place I’d ever been or would ever be.
96. He put his left hand over the cygnet’s body and ran back to picnic table.
97. Here was a photograph, for example, of a family at a picnic table by a lake.
98. Haven stopped fussing with the picnic and motioned for her mother to sit down.
99. My colleagues came up with the idea of a picnic at Gandipet to felicitate us.
100. The nearest he had come was a picnic by a rock pool easily accessible by car.
1. All the accoutrements of picnicking had.
2. She and Elfi were picnicking in the courtyard of the Institute where Simla, as Remo, had her ass kicked by.
3. Cristian arrived at Central Park and sat on a bench looking out at the people walking, playing, and picnicking.
4. For there in the grass, not fifty yards away, sat Hvitserk, Sigurd and Bjorn, picnicking upon roasted wolf meat.
5. It was the happiness of the child escaped from its lessons and picnicking gloriously in freedom and unrebukedness.
6. She helped Mister into the car’s boot and laid the hazel stick on the car’s backseat; all thoughts of a day spent picnicking banished.
7. Their leader barked a command in a language that Simon didn’t understand and the soldiers stopped, wheeled, and faced the picnicking quartet.
8. As she looked more carefully at the golden skin of the boy, his blond highlights made brighter by the sun, she realized it was Cam, picnicking with another girl.
9. We'd been picnicking at the local beach, watching the surfers and water-skiers riding the long, rolling waves, waiting for their perfect moment, and uncle was applauding their commitment and patience.
10. They had spent the day picnicking, and for supper he had prepared a filet mignon which she didn’t like because it was too rare, so he broiled it some more and it was too much broiled or fried or something.
11. The tide had turned and the sea smells and the swish of the receding waves on the darkened foreshore brought back memories of swimming and picnicking and sailing on the bay, throwing out bait for pollock and mackerel.
1. We picnicked on the lakeshore at four in the morning with champagne and biscuits from the gatekeeper's lodge.
2. We picnicked on the lake shore at four in the morning with champagne and biscuits from the gatekeeper’s lodge.
3. In spring and summer you got out, walked, picnicked; these were desperate solutions to the desperate problem of a hated man.
1. Dad used to take me on picnics.
2. For Lindy and me, picnics have always been an.
3. It is warm weather in July and good for picnics and games.
4. We’ll have to cancel all plans for picnics, said Ben.
5. We'd have picnics, he would hold my hand in public again and.
6. During the mild weather months people come here to have picnics.
7. The boys loved the beach, the sea, the outdoors and the picnics.
8. It was not the custom for elderly people to mar the picnics with their presence.
9. After Rose married Webster, we would go there for family picnics and gatherings.
10. Tea parties didn't amount to much neither did picnics unless very well conducted.
11. Fields and trees, women in flowing dresses on swing sets and men in suits having picnics.
12. She was the belle of the balls and picnics, and they got up tableaux vivants in aid of distressed governesses.
13. It is also excellent if the community offers trips to cultural sites like museums, concerts, as well as picnics.
14. She sits on the side of the bed and hands me the cold, blue plastic block used to keep sandwiches cool on picnics.
15. The Holy Spirit is no more needed to run bazaars, social clubs, institutions, and picnics, than He is to run a circus.
16. It was simply a man and his girlfriend enjoying each other’s companionship on the weekends with dancing and picnics.
17. I have admired you for so many years and yet, when we have danced or shared picnics at the lake, I have been unable to speak.
18. Mother finally agreed with me and a week later, we began to arrange family trips again, like the picnics, long drives and shopping.
19. There will be private theatricals, picnics, hunting, drinking, eating, piano-playing, singing, dancing,—in fact, incessant orgies.
20. The young people arranged picnics, and even parties, and sometimes went about the town in a regular cavalcade, in carriages and on horseback.
21. They did research together in the library, attended live shows and concerts, read interesting books and regularly went to the beach for picnics.
22. It began small but soon the collection went beyond Dining Services to the Turtle Mountain Cafe and at Homecoming, picnics and other major events.
23. If we did, from then on, like him, we would have only eaten hamburgers at picnics! Dixie co-wrote many published scientific papers with her boss, Dr.
24. He dreamed of being part of a happy family; picnics on the beach, presents under the Christmas tree, hugs and cuddles from his father, and kisses from his mother.
25. Their progress out of the city had been mildly hysterical, with cars shrieking and shoving them toward islands of wilderness praying for picnics that might not be found.
26. People went Khaled Hosseini The Kite Runner to work Saturday through Thursday and gathered for picnics on Fridays in parks, on the banks of Ghargha Lake, in the gardens of Paghman.
27. They they knew who made good matches and who did not, who drank secretly, who were to organized bazaars and presided over sewing circles, they chaperoned balls and picnics, have babies and when.
28. He’d never thought much of Doris Tadelis back when they were all going to company picnics together, but it bothered him now that she would just assume he was the one to blame for the separation.
29. The charity dinners, the harbor cruises, the corporate picnics where you plucked new business … he enjoyed them, didn’t he? He enjoyed having to turn on the charm, having had a little too much to drink.
30. They stopped by the house on Bagley when Harry and Thula were away, piled Joe’s half siblings into the Franklin, bought bologna and day-old bread and milk at a corner store, and had quick picnics at Green Lake.
31. While previously the Fernández family did everything together, traveling, picnics or vacation, early in 1981, Josie began to talk about a trip to the Holy Land that she wanted to make with Agatha because Roger did not understand her spirituality.
32. I saw her often at Richmond, I heard of her often in town, and I used often to take her and the Brandleys on the water; there were picnics, fête days, plays, operas, concerts, parties, all sorts of pleasures, through which I pursued her,—and they were all miseries to me.
33. The summer brings warmth and makes the grain ripen and we have picnics under the trees and watch the young lambs and calves play on the grass, and in the autumn, everyone works hard to reap the harvest, collect logs from the forest and gives thanks and prepares for the winter.
34. There was quite a bewildering succession of drives, dances, picnics and boating parties, all expressively lumped together by Phil under the head of "jamborees"; Alec and Alonzo were so constantly on hand that Anne wondered if they ever did anything but dance attendance on that will-o'-the-wisp of a Phil.
35. Besides, two or three Sunday-school May festivals and picnics had been previously arranged to take place the same week, and so many of the pupils were absent; but we did the best we could, under the circumstances, each teacher having in her own room reviews and examinations of her classes, which have borne abundant testimony to the earnest, faithful and kindly work they have done.
36. What if this species extolled the beauty of humans, and painted us, and took photos of us? And grew us, and had picnics under us? But never gave a thought to the possibility that we might have feelings, or feel pain, or might not like being killed? What if this species lopped off our limbs whenever they felt like it? And shaped us to grow as they wanted us to? All for their own benefit? What would we think of such a species? And…all of their behaviour was rationalized and justified by, and based-on the sacred idea-concept of a guaranteed return on their investment because they wanted to make a tidy profit without actually themselves working to earn it?
37. There were riding parties about the environs; excursions to the forest or the river; picnics, dinners in the open air; suppers on the great terrace of the house, bordered with three rows of gorgeous flowers that flooded with their fragrance the fresh night air, and illuminated the brilliant lights which made our ladies, who were almost every one of them pretty at all times, seem still more charming, with their faces excited by the impressions of the day, with their sparkling eyes, with their interchange of spritely conversation, their peals of ringing laughter; dancing, music, singing; if the sky were overcast tableaux vivants, charades, proverbs were arranged, private theatricals were got up.

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