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Piddling dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He’s just a piddling, the beau of her teen years.
  2. Dad is probably piddling around the house, doing simple projects to stay out of mom’s hair.
  3. The good news is that the account has now doubled in size - eat that Jupiter fund with your piddling 30% pa.
  4. And she had only a sick elderly husband and this dirty, piddling, little store between her and a hostile world.
  5. Fergus gulped in a huge draw from his cigarette and with the exhale said, Is that what this is all about – a few piddling sticks?

  6. Generally, Scarlett would not have cared whether she received at Melly’s piddling birthday party too, and Scarlett longed to stand by Ashley’s side and receive with him.
  7. Instead of piddling for the little prizes which are to be found in what may be called the paltry raffle of colony faction, they might then hope, from the presumption which men naturally have in their own ability and good fortune, to draw some of the great prizes which sometimes come from the wheel of the great state lottery of British politics.
  1. You pass through the gates again, Spencer Fry piddles around a group of young girls.

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