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Pier dans une phrase (en anglais)

Once at the pier, Chevalier.
I sit on the bench of Pier 26.
There was a crowd on the pier.
Over down there by the pier.
Kyle met Chevalier at the pier.
Pierce was near the Steel Pier.
He spoke as he ran for the pier.

I pulled up outside of the pier.
That other smell, rotten? The pier.
We scrambled to the end of the pier.
Emily saw Chevalier off from the pier.
Also on the pier was Major Blanton, U.
The pier is the only way in and there.
As we were approaching the Pier Head in.
Venice pier drowned, trolley tracks sunk.
Shrank's shoes did a dog-dance on the pier.
Winn turned and led them back down the pier.
He was heading in the direction of the pier.
Then you build your pier on that foundation.
Over there, under that corner of the pier.
There was almost complete silence on the pier.
Travis began, Nothing new on the pier, Sir.
There was a disturbance up closer to the pier.
Someone, last night, was shooting on the pier.
We'd left the shopping center pier far behind.
The ship pulled up to a pier and dropped anchor.
She stepped onto the pier and Travis turned to.
To the pier, I heard there are some new rides.
A madman on the loose near the famous Steel Pier.
Jump off the pier if you want to, I don‘t care.
She opened her eyes as he reached the wooden pier.
Her tour group was waiting at the end of the pier.
I searched the waters under the pier and far out.
Chief Atkins left headed for the Third Street Pier.
In Puerto Cabezas, there is a kilometer-long pier.
She spun and looked at the pier, but Kyle was gone.
They protect the pier, only heku can get by them.
I’m not the one who followed him out to the pier.
They led me to one of the ships tied up to the pier.

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