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Piling dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Your absences are piling up.
  2. The peculiarities were piling up.
  3. The shutoff notices were piling up.
  4. Piling dead stones upon dead stones.
  5. She ignored him, piling on her speed.

  6. Piling dead shit on top of dead shit.
  7. Other garbage is piling up everywhere.
  8. We’ve mounted them on a piling where.
  9. Things were really piling up on Mayor King.
  10. Piling what upon what? Piling death upon death.
  11. Coins and notes started piling up on the table.
  12. What? The surprises kept piling up for Alex.
  13. Larc and the others below were piling into the SUV.
  14. And when will that be? The mail is piling up here.
  15. But in Lee’s packing case the frogs were piling up too.

  16. She was tired of the mountain of lies that were piling up.
  17. Evidence seemed to be slowly piling up onto itself, and as.
  18. You are the reason they are piling up in me at a frantic pace.
  19. On the highway the old cars piling in, drawn by the handbills.
  20. Rave reached over and grabbed her plates, piling them atop his.
  21. Funny thing though: after all I've just said about not piling.
  22. Knowledge is a process of piling up facts: wisdom lies in their.
  23. If he meant to crush her slowly, by piling small stones into a.
  24. Directly outside was an angry mob of Voth were piling up boxes.
  25. Health issues contribute to the litter piling up within a nation.

  26. The wind has blown the sand away, piling it up in low-lying areas.
  27. Piling all the containers onto the table, I scrub down the shelves.
  28. She hunkered behind a piling and waited for the others to catch up.
  29. Phil was scarfing down his PB&J and piling Cheez-its into his mouth.
  30. Self-expression contributes to the litter piling up within the nation.
  31. Safety concerns contributes to the litter piling up within the nation.
  32. Therese nodded, more tears piling up in the corners of her eyes again.
  33. That’s cool, Phil said, piling a handful of chips into his mouth.
  34. Nangong Ping was very relieved as the pressure that were piling upon him.
  35. Nothing, he answered, and immediately went to piling the coins again.
  36. Him and the missus bought a big house back when the overtime was piling in.
  37. Some of the flakes gather on the windowsill outside, piling at the corners.
  38. It’s lived for so long, piling up here, that it’s gained intelligence.
  39. After piling out with my M-4 rifle, and hitting the ground, I crabbed back under.
  40. And it’s a real double risk since she’s piling onto calls she’s already short.
  41. Papa took a big knife and cut slices off the ham, piling it on their bread trenchers.
  42. Seeing them piling into the keep alongside children and cripples filled her with shame.
  43. With nothing to do he sat and worried just how much evidence was piling up against him.
  44. The Preceptor might even resurrect the ancient rite of Rock Piling, especially for him!.
  45. In other words, when the small buyers start piling in it is time to sell, and vice versa.
  46. Anne walked agonizingly behind her mistress, large sobs piling within her throat, but she.
  47. To kill time, I pick through some of this mail that’s always piling up in the station.
  49. Work is piling up, and I’m hearing whispers that more people are thinking about leaving.
  50. It was one of the last things we did before piling into our MDV and heading to the surface.
  51. Yet as previously mentioned, it’s really the companies piling on debt that you should avoid.
  52. The snow was piling up in such packed layers, it had to be chipped loose with blows from picks.
  53. Put these in here, she said as she started piling the little stones into Clarene’s dress.
  54. All accumulation, all building: is trying to hide the truth by piling other stories on top of it.
  55. She spun away, heading to the entry where the Magi were piling the stone chairs with their Oneness.
  56. After throwing the rope around the piling, the crewman on the beach turned and surveyed the harbor.
  57. The brisk north wind carried them easily against the river's flow, piling water over any shallows.
  58. Schnottweiper knew they were done for, that the whole of the Rabid Band would be piling in upon them.
  59. Outside, the guys were piling into a truck and peeling out in loose, showy loops across the parking lot.
  60. Science is mostly a piled-up accumulation of facts that has been piling up for over two thousand years.
  61. The benefits of dark chocolate keep piling up: mental clarity, lowered blood pressure, decreased appetite.
  62. What is modern civilization doing; that ancient civilizations have not done? Piling new shit upon old shit.
  63. As the men continue to pile up the cart, Christine shouts, "HOLD IT FOR A MINUTE GUYS!" The men stop piling.
  64. If there’s a faction left after all this is over, Lynn says, piling her mashed potatoes onto a roll.
  65. Piling paper and sticks in the grate, I set them alight and when they were well caught, threw some coal on top.
  66. Now that he was back in the office again, he was literally swamped by routine matters that had been piling up.
  67. Piling up every possible charge in one year is sometimes called “big bath” or “kitchen sink” accounting.
  68. Under water and several meters into the sand, there is a box attached to piling number one hundred thirty-nine.
  69. The clouds weren’t coming on all that rapidly, but they were turning steadily darker and piling steadily higher.
  70. Well, he is piling it on now, isn’t he? said the president with a smile, bending towards the serious member.
  71. Richard spent many hours with his hobbies: he dearly loved piling up bottles with French wine labels, in the garden.
  72. He couldn’t get a good grip, as Adu was piling up more pressure on his knife hand, trying to wrestle the knife away.
  73. After piling their luggage on to the platform, they looked around for a moment at the brown and cream coloured building.
  74. A technical pattern has emerged, with rallies driven by amateurs piling in and sharp declines as they panic and bail out.
  75. It was just one more in the string of mysteries piling up at their doorstep the further they ventured toward the frontier.
  76. A Japanese professor has just won a Nobel Prize for Medicine and biotechs are rocking! Pity the private investors piling in.
  77. They then hurried to cover again the jute bag containing the two small bodies, piling up even more stone rubble on top of it.
  78. Cave-ins, and mining disasters, explosions… Rich owners greedily piling up their fortunes while starving their workers….
  79. Instead of piling up dead pieces of chipped stone: they began piling themselves up into concentrated areas of Overpopulation.
  80. Both bikies were laid to the ground, with other bikes piling up on Nutter and Porky, or running off the road into the culvert.
  81. The harder Samantha fought, the more the dead came after her; piling on top of her one by one, biting and chewing at her bones.
  82. And each warm day saw more and more cotton piling up in the empty slave quarters, the only storage place left on the plantation.
  83. Modern Western civilization is mostly a piled-up accumulation of mental shit that has been piling up for over two thousand years.
  84. Tom felt this loneliness very clearly as he started collecting the bodies and piling them up on a hay wagon he had found in the barn.
  85. While Emma obtains our refreshments, I tidy up the cups and saucers on the table, piling them onto the tray left beside one of the chairs.
  86. As this was happening more and more Fusiliers were piling into the village and the sound of barked out orders reverberated around the place.
  87. The tailwind had stiffened further, slicing up the length of the lake now, piling more rough water into heaps of whitecaps at the north end.
  88. Even though the business seems to be piling up cash, even though sales are healthy, the management is accentuating the negative at every turn.
  89. For thousands of years, a significant part of its human resources was devoted to the piling up of stone segments into pyramids of dead stone.
  90. She also saw the nearly awed looks the policewomen kept throwing at Sarah, who was acting as if piling dead bodies was an old routine for her.
  91. Necessary evil piling compiling a large city filled with information that kills all sanity if not logic spiraling to a climax just out of reach.
  92. If you prefer not to invest money in store-bought beds, you can also have a free-form bed by quite simply piling up the soil several inches high.
  93. They pulled at her rags until she played puppy games with them, free-for-alls that included lots of pulling and fetching and piling on top of her.
  94. That groaning supper-table, that piling up as the end of the visit drew near of more food and more and more, and the refreshment of bed in the middle.
  95. Exactly where Nathaniel and the scholars had spent the afternoon piling up a six-foot high line of dry brush and covering it with diesel and gasoline.
  96. We did actually try a car one later with my children and except for getting a wet bottom due to snow piling up in the tyre hole, it worked rather well.
  97. He sat down as well, the Captain fidgeting on the chair, trying to feel the waft of the ceiling fan; the intolerable heat had sweat piling up on his brow.
  98. I’m contacting you because you offered to help with travel expenses for the transplant, something I know the Gradys need with the other bills piling up.
  99. They wind up either ignoring a great long-term strategy that has recently underperformed or piling into a mediocre strategy that has recently been on fire.
  100. More and more extra troops were piling into the area for the forthcoming offensive and I knew that pretty soon we would be packed tighter than sardines in a can.
  1. He piled them over me.
  2. He piled wood on the.
  3. They piled in, off he went.
  4. The water piled up behind.
  5. They lay piled and tangled.
  6. The guards had piled palm.
  7. Of course, we piled on the.
  8. Blond hair piled on her head.
  9. There are many, piled thick.
  10. The Hunters piled into the van.
  11. The snow was piled up to the roof.
  12. The water piled against the tree.
  13. They all piled back into Chris’.
  14. Ma piled the washed dishes on a box.
  15. So we all piled into the cars and.
  16. Everyone was piled on top of Garcia.
  17. Roger, Liz and I piled into the car.
  18. They piled out and ran down to the.
  19. Her desk was piled high with briefs.
  20. The stones were piled up in his palm.
  21. A number of books were piled upon it.
  22. Her hair was piled high atop her head.
  23. They piled in, soon winding down the.
  24. Four men, armed with rifles, piled out.
  25. We rented two twelve-foot boats, piled.
  26. And a bunch of rocks piled up by humans.
  27. Her arms and legs were piled in a corner.
  28. We piled on the bus and drove to Valencia.
  29. I piled on more wood, trying to look busy.
  30. The family piled on top of the truck again.
  31. We piled into the car with me riding solo.
  32. Not on the sides, which were piled in filth.
  33. Piled up in cities, worn away age after age.
  34. One table was piled high with mugs for mead.
  35. Her shoes were piled where she’d left them.
  36. The benches were piled high with papers and.
  37. As the last zombies piled up, the fence tilted.
  38. Force had been piled on more and more impotent.
  39. Her hair was blonde and piled high on her head.
  40. Their carcasses piled deep on the forest floor.
  41. The shop was piled high with rolls of materials.
  42. Cindy gave me the keys and we piled into her car.
  43. They had reached a low ashen hill piled at the.
  44. The melons were piled high in the scummy gutter.
  45. The dead were piled upon one another several deep.
  46. The Doc had piled several large logs on the fire.
  47. The rest of them all piled out the door, down the.
  48. She retreated behind a table piled with wet sheets.
  49. There were more clothes piled high all around her.
  50. If he piled the blanket and heavy coats on her---.
  51. Lucia?’ We all piled out of our cars (Lucia was.
  52. One law piled on top of another, on top of another.
  53. As the layers of patronage shrank: secrets piled up.
  54. He brought a plate piled up with slices of ham and.
  55. Often, on weekends, he piled the children into the.
  56. The place was its usual mess with clothes piled or.
  57. We unloaded the car, left it there, piled into the.
  58. Banks of snow, piled high by the snowplow, hem us in.
  59. His boots and outer clothing were piled on the floor.
  60. When she turned around, there were more bodies piled.
  61. The plate was piled high with food, including a steak.
  62. He stared at them proudly, piled stone mammoth skulls.
  63. The bacon, too, piled up on the counter, revolted her.
  64. Grabbing some fleeces and closing the door she piled.
  65. They piled into Chris’ friend’s station wagon and.
  66. We all piled out and ran around to the back of the van.
  67. It was messily piled on the rear of Wave-Jumper's deck.
  68. Nancy looked at the assorted gifts piled throughout the.
  69. They got out and the scouts piled in, Jozef at the wheel.
  70. When she piled them all on the counter, Mabel turned a.
  71. So I wonder how much a one-star would have piled up?
  72. The life jackets would simply have piled up on the beach.
  73. The couple finished their lunch and piled into their LIMO.
  74. There were twenty bags piled on the floor of the cockpit.
  75. He piled wood from the chests on top of the burning wool.
  76. The dishes had mounds of shredded stuff piled quite high.
  77. The pots and other cooking utensils piled up in the sink.
  78. What looked like heavy rope fishing net was piled on top.
  79. They piled up against it outside, covered the steps, and.
  80. The Besotted Wretch now sailed in and speedily piled up 37.
  81. The dynamic of humans piled upon other humans is the same.
  82. There were floor to ceiling shelves and those were piled.
  83. All of the underbrush had already been cut and piled into.
  84. Bodies piled in the streets, the French sailors told me.
  85. Logs had already been piled there, awaiting a cold evening.
  86. And coming up we piled into a cart to be drawn up the hill.
  87. Papers were piled neatly on the desk held by a stone weight.
  88. A little while later, we all piled back in and resumed work.
  89. The Caddy's seats and trunk were piled high with lotsa stuff.
  90. That I was hoping on my return to find her letters piled up.
  91. Behind him, a throng of ragged children piled into the city.
  92. The girls piled back into the minibus and immediately lit up.
  93. One by one he took the stones and piled them up in a corner.
  94. The plates were piled so high, his chin was resting on the.
  95. The children piled into the cart, and watched as it took off.
  96. She piled it on pretty thick, I gather, at your last meeting.
  97. Night-time, the other cats piled onto my side of the bed too.
  98. She’d seen wood shavings piled on the end of the workbench.
  99. The unconscious soldier was piled amongst the garbage of the.
  100. Her hair freshly dyed orange was curled and piled on her head.
  1. He has huge piles of chips.
  2. Piles of tires and an old.
  3. There were piles of fluffy.
  4. He was busy making two piles.
  5. He put four piles to one side.
  6. Shit around here comes in piles.
  7. These are our composting piles.
  8. Piles of dirt grew around the edges.
  9. Piles of shadows covered the horizon.
  10. Miller asked, looking over the piles.
  11. Huge piles from earth his mighty hand.
  12. At the back, in untidy piles, were c.
  13. There were piles of refuse everywhere.
  14. Piles of dirty dishes filled the sink.
  15. SHELLS gather in piles along the shore.
  16. He hadn’t moved her piles of research.
  17. Proper ones, not just piles of furniture.
  18. The lake shook against the rotting piles.
  19. There are piles of ash all over out there.
  20. She gestured toward the piles of presents.
  21. Hope it's not too big bring on piles again.
  22. Even if it did leave her with piles of work.
  23. From Jake Lorrent's manure piles at his livery.
  24. Piles of metal and junk along with tools were.
  25. She piles my plate up with bacon and I tuck in.
  26. Piles of church magazines lined the sofa table.
  27. We had to navigate over piles of giant boulders.
  28. I doubt that it would be in any of these piles.
  29. Though it did give me piles for twenty three.
  30. They were now charred remains and piles of bones.
  31. The kitchen half-hidden by piles of dirty dishes.
  32. Of course you don't have the piles of gold they.
  33. Several stacks of hay sat in neat piles along the.
  34. Four new piles of research were stacked around the.
  35. He noted several arrows resting in the piles of ash.
  36. Entire buildings had collapsed into piles of rubble.
  37. There are piles of laundry on the sofa and love seat.
  38. The bodies on the path looked like old piles of rags.
  39. There could be piles of gold plated latinum in there.
  40. In the piles of their dirt, skeletal remains appeared.
  41. I gestured over the piles of props which surrounded us.
  42. Dry-wood termites leave piles of sawdust like pellets.
  43. Piles of clothing and school books need to be put away.
  44. The Barbegs had gathered piles of weapons: bundles of.
  45. The piles and piles of neatly packed Euros dazzled him.
  46. The refuse would be put in large piles and set on fire.
  47. She pointed at the ash piles on the floor, The Valle.
  48. The roads were clear but lined with piles of dirty snow.
  49. But in one or two places there are piles of much softer.
  50. He looked at the piles of dirty laundry he had accumulated.
  51. Throw the oil around the bottom of the piles of timber.
  52. Piles of discarded books lay stacked on the floor of the.
  53. Charly began to pick at the beans and toss them into piles.
  54. The piles at stables have been the source through the ages.
  55. The piles of dirt were casting shadows over the pachysandra.
  56. Bones of man and animal littered the floor in numerous piles.
  57. We ask ourselves often, when the stress piles on and things.
  58. His shoes smoked as he pushed through piles of fuming litter.
  59. The piles of stones were an essential part of the design.
  60. Piles of wet leaves have an irresistible attraction to kids.
  61. The bed is a mess, the sheets tangled and twisted, piles of.
  62. Knowledge is the civilizer of man after adding piles of facts.
  63. On the way they saw several piles of leaves starting to move.
  64. Light pooled on piles of prospecti and spiked phone messages.
  65. A puppy is scavenging through rubbish piles in the metropolis.
  66. Are there piles of jewels and gold lying about here still? '.
  67. How many men decompose in the piles of stone before them? Nine.
  68. The great politician nodded approvingly at the piles of papers.
  69. Kelly, a friend visiting from Madrid, pointed at the piles and.
  70. There were piles as far as the eye could make out in the gloom.
  71. The house was filled with tons and tons of piles of paper from.
  72. After a few hours of trekking over the piles of filth, the two.
  73. Jack placed piles of palm leaves next to each of the three fires.
  74. And farm fields and piles of stored grains, added Columbia.
  75. Lindsey ran to her table and tore into the neat piles of evidence.
  76. Some of the guys had reported movement among the piles of leaves.
  77. From time to time, he kicked piles of debris and rock as he went.
  78. The piles of materials, the mortar on the mortar-boards, and the.
  79. As he watched, the plastic bags were divided up into three piles.
  80. He had piles of paper before him, with which he seemed very busy.
  81. I can’t see what the piles are until I am a foot away from them.
  82. His boots kicked through piles of charred snake dust along the way.
  83. Georgi Zhukov was sitting at his desk, surrounded by piles of paper.
  84. So the junk of these problems gathers and piles up in subconscious.
  85. There could be descried piles of guns, moving bayonets, and troops.
  86. Piles of cash and miscellaneous receipts cluttered the kitchen floor.
  87. Behind him, sitting on piles of scrap and rubble, was the blue kite.
  88. Fountains spurted from between the piles and splashed into the basin.
  89. Piles of staves, wands and crystals towered behind Maeve on the table.
  90. So as Bob piles on even more pounds what is happening to his health?
  91. The stew was hot and tasty, and served with piles of boiled potatoes.
  92. Stagnant piles of loot stacked up in a warehouse are not riches, any.
  93. And little piles of Post Toasties, corn flakes, stacked up in designs.
  94. The sewage overflowing, and piles and piles of rubbish lay everywhere.
  95. All that was left of them was mounded piles of rubble covered in snow.
  96. He walked over to the trench and began scrutinizing the piles of earth.
  97. All around her were bundles and boxes and piles of toys and games, and.
  98. There were piles of jewels, sparkling in all the colours of the rainbow.
  99. Paul dared not go forward, for fear of treading on piles of white stuff.
  100. Every man, woman, child, and animal would be killed and heaped in piles.

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1. With a huge pile of.
2. WBL hat from the pile.
3. Pile on eggs and serve.
4. The effect of the pile.
5. Such as the huge pile.
6. A walking pile of rags.
7. We pass the pile in the.
8. I stare at the cake pile.
9. He had quite a pile of it.
10. They threw them in a pile.
11. I sat up on my pile of hay.
12. It’s all a pile of shit.
13. When he knew the pile was.
14. It too was a pile of rubble.
15. One pile of unchecked dirt.
16. Robot carcasses pile up as.
17. This creates a pile of waste.
18. The children pile on the bed.
19. The pile of dead eretics grew.
20. He's gotta be under that pile.
21. It’s a pile of dirty rags.
22. This held a pile of thick tomes.
23. The pile of meat was all theirs.
24. Zhilín fell on the manure pile.
25. Then I climbed into my moss pile.
26. Then he dug through the pile of.
27. And the tower was a pile of ash.
28. Johnny put more beans on the pile.
29. A pile of clothing sat beside it.
30. She was lying on a pile of sacks.
31. It was in a pile of dirty clothes.
32. She tapped the pile of newspapers.
33. I hated having the dishes pile up.
34. Add some more beans to the pile.
35. Cover the pile with clear plastic.
36. I think I can add that small pile.
37. He wished it were him in that pile.
38. Sitting on a small pile of sand, Mr.
39. There was a big pile of wood there.
40. Fortify your nerve with a pile of.
41. One pile of envelopes had already.
42. In her apron was a pile of silver.
43. The pile of clothes upon the floor.
44. There was a large pile of eggshells.
45. I can’t just pile them up outside.
46. He was looking at the pile of beans.
47. And a manure pile under the window.
48. He had ended up on top of a pile of.
49. His wife swayed over the huddled pile.
50. And we two boys will have this pile.
51. What an awe-inspiring pile of bricks.
52. Masons pile stones on one another.
53. Obviously the top of this pile would.
54. The pile of books, with carpet spread.
55. This creates a pyramidal pile of waste.
56. Aggie joined them behind the brush pile.
57. She looked at the pile of rubble that.
58. Johnny put a large pile of beans there.
59. We pile in, and Cara presses number 99.
60. Her test was at the bottom of the pile.
61. A pile of sticks was stacked beside it.
62. So the Laws of Moses begin to pile up!.
63. David clambered over a pile of beehives.
64. The packages were placed in a neat pile.
65. Fiona quickly picked one out of the pile.
66. He drew his hatchet from the pile, and.
67. This was in a little pile, he said.
68. He pointed to a small pile of stones a.
69. Observe the presence of the pile driver.
70. She stared at the pile of money in her.
71. I stared at the pile of paper and books.
72. Running in, she beheld a pile of books.
73. On the right cart was a pile of what I.
74. They gathered near a huge pile of iron.
75. And look here, at this pile of books.
76. And by the table was a pile of box files.
77. That in the tripod o'er the kindled pile.
78. There were dozens of letters in the pile.
79. He laid the finished fish in a neat pile.
80. Vladimir searched among the pile we’d.
81. This creates a waste pile of broken rocks.
82. It is NOT okay for a dog to pile on top.
83. This creates a waste pile of broken lives.
84. Among the pile of papers and books, the.
85. And only at the top of the pyramidal pile.
86. He stares at the pile of mags in his arms.
87. You put more and more in until the pile.
88. He set light to a pile of rubbish, David.
89. She helped the old woman off the pile of.
90. I placed those journals in a special pile.
91. Delve! mould! pile the words of the earth!.
92. Too small a pile, and too much heat is lost.
93. Within five minutes, they had a fourth pile.
94. She washed my face again with another pile.
95. He builds a small pile of kindling and fur.
96. He landed with a thud on a pile of refuse.
97. On the nearest table lay a pile of mouldy.
98. Otto pulled the pile of notes closer to him.
99. Will stuck the rake into the pile of leaves.
100. Man, that pile of poop was almost the size.

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