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Pinch dans une phrase (en anglais)

I feel a pinch of.
Pinch off early beds to.
Pinch the tops for heavy.
Let’s go pinch a griffin.
So, so; it does pinch some.
He didn’t pinch your nose.
I pinch the bridge of my nose.

She leaned in to pinch his arm.
Pinch this in with the first.
In retaliation, I would pinch.
But the pinch has not yet come.
Baba snorted a pinch of his snuff.
Ashley’s a good man in a pinch.
My shoes are starting to pinch.
Now pinch, slowly, he cried.
Having not felt the pinch, having.
One more pinch, I'm not comin' out.
He hurriedly took a pinch of snuff.
And the staff pinch our chocolates.
Don't pinch, lad! I won't let you go.
The throw in a pinch of salt saying:.
He wriggled loose and gave her a pinch.
Pinch the top and then roll it down.
And a lot of LUCK! (More than a pinch).
Like if I pinch myself, it won’t hurt.
Are you sure that you felt that pinch?
I can’t wait to pinch her pretty flesh.
We've had the pinch and have got over it.
Pinch together the middle with your right.
The women take a pinch of snuff, and sneeze.
Sellers of the 140 calls barely felt a pinch.
She would have to pinch herself to wake up!.
Somehow, the FBI got them in a financial pinch.
I gave Andrei’s arm a fierce, endorsing pinch.
Pinch wanton on your cheek; call you his mouse;.
Don’t try to pinch pennies on this aspect of.
Once upon a time, Euther had possessed a pinch.
As her teacher continued to pinch, which really.
Season with a pinch or two of salt and some pepper.
Two were out cold, thanks to the Vulcan nerve pinch.
Pinching my cheek this time, Mrs.
She was so tired of poverty and pinching.
Pinching off the stream where she needed to.
Maybe the cinch is pinching him, there is a.
The slight pinching in her arm let her know.
It smells yucky, he said pinching his nose.
Pinching his nose, he picked up old newspapers.
Galimoto dropped to his shoulder, pinching his nose.
Pinching her nose closed he pushed a big breath into.
Sadly though, her hand left his, a pang pinching his.
He inspected me, touching, poking and pinching everywhere.
Close the meat mixture around it, pinching edges together.
By pinching from both sides, we should have him by tomorrow.
Ow! she said, pinching her nose as tears started to form.
She was pinching the gold college ring that hung with the beads.
But, it certainly wasn't the pinching issue that set it off either.
She groaned, pinching a little harder, her hips moving with their.
They swarmed like piranha; nipping, tearing, pinching, and scratching.
All the way to her house, she repeatedly apologized for pinching boys.
Gehring had lavished upon the twins: cheek pinching and chin squishing.
May we come aboard? She waited in the darkness pinching out the candle.
Hauptmann goes past, his gloved fingers pinching his collar around his throat.
Bill grabbed my wrist, pinching the skin between his fingers and swung me out.
What’s that smell? Heather asked pinching her fingers against her nose.
It would be like the pinching the old wound; I couldn’t resist anymore throe.
Oh, hush! she hissed at him, pinching his hand and not even looking at him.
Seal the perforations in the crescent rolls by pinching closed with your fingers.
I felt like pinching myself to make sure he was real and not just a hallucination.
And I've still got the bruises on my arse where that bastard Miguel kept pinching me.
Pinching his nose, the imp turned, a look of sudden realization covering his features.
Pinching her cheeks and biting upon her lips she was rewarded with a touch of colour.
I wasn't pinching her behind, was I? He punched his pillow twice more and rolled over.
The fire was snuffed out of the sky with a loud hiss, wet fingers pinching a candle out.
The angle of her face meant that her nose sort of folded in half, pinching her nostrils.
Give me just a second, Mimi said, pinching his arm and heading into the powder room.
Ow! she said, pinching her nose as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes.
He was soaked and his windcheater clung to him, his trousers pinching his crotch uncomfortably.
Inside the moving box, she pressed herself hard against him, her hands on his hips, pinching hard.
He picks at a muffin, pinching small pieces off and sometimes eating them, sometimes forgetting to.
And Boo is your baby too? she is still pinching your nose, you give up trying to shake it off.
He pinched 'em off me.
He pinched my tail then.
And his heart was pinched.
The shoes pinched his feet.
He pinched his oversized cap.
I pinched myself, hard, on.
She gave him a pinched smile.
She pinched his butt again.
The cold air pinched her skin.
He smiled and pinched her nose.
Not only have they pinched the.
He pinched the bridge of his nose.
She pinched a strip of her shirt.
Guo Ming stood and pinched his chin.
Janet’s face was pale and pinched.
Silas pinched the bridge of his nose.
He was numbed, pinched hard by life.
The latter gave him a pinched smile.
Venkat pinched the bridge of his nose.
Murphy pinched the bridge of his nose.
She pinched a piece of Jimmy’s toast.
She then gave him a pinched expression.
At the same time he pinched her sore hand.
I smiled and pinched my fingers together.
Stop it, I pinched his side, smiling.
Elsa kneeled down and then pinched my nose.
Mickey was pale, his face pinched with cold.
Burned with cigarettes, pinched with pliers.
His face pinched in as he puzzled through it.
Wade’s pinched face rose up before her eyes.
Henry’s mouth was pinched as though in pain.
Linda stood up and pinched her nose with one.
He pinched Sohrab's earlobe between his teeth.
Robyn pinched her lips closed and looked cross.
The cheap boots pinched the arches of her feet.
The wildmen laughed and pinched Emry’s bottom.
Uriah pulls his own jacket on, his mouth pinched.
Thinking about the answer, Locke pinched his lips.
He pinched the bridge of his nose in exasperation.
He pinched the pencil and yanked it from her mouth.
Pinches of cinnamon.
Her mouth pinches for a second.
I'm- It just- pinches a little.
Peter pinches his lips together and says nothing.
He pinches a cupcake and puts the bit on his lips.
She pinches her nose to stop the bleeding and nods.
He’s dirty and mean-mouthed, and he pinches me.
He pinches the bridge of his nose and addresses Bella.
For the first time since I beat Molly, guilt pinches my gut.
He closes his eyes and pinches his nose, because, God, his head hurts.
She pinches so hard I can barely breathe and I can hear her sob softly.
She pinches the arm of my uniform and rubs the cloth between her fingers.
There’s a guy, probably a white male, who pinches the hot dog buns, and the hamburger buns.
Pinches (1973)* compared the financial ratios of solvent and financially distressed insurance firms.
It pinches her skin six times—one for each leg—and extends its wings, opening the eyes Clarice has never had.
An insect pinches your hand and you ball your fists, shoving them into pockets, but your ears are vulnerable within the hood.
Chian went back to her house and made lunch, just some mashed lorvs and nut crumbs with a few pinches of spice and some dried leshin to scoop it with.
Mine? The question was whispered between gentle pinches of the ear’s edge between his lips, sending her chilling sensations from her head to toe.
Directly in front of her, was a plump woman trying not to make obvious the pinches she was distributing to two boys, one on either of her sides who looked to be twins.
He stood there thoughtfully for a moment, mechanically taking pinches of powdered wood for blotting ink from the wooden bowl which stood on the table, and he added:—.
Granted that you wear the shoe and certainly knows where it pinches, I can’t shirk my responsibilities which include sincere advice on the type of relationships you should keep.
When her father heard, he came and pinched her all over—he doesn't beat her; he always pinches her like that,—then he went out and got drunk somewhere, and came back and frightened her.
She’s dressed in a disheveled periwinkle day dress, with a notched collar and front-closing, princess seam bodice that pinches at her waist above a gathered skirt that looks it was slept in.
The embraces, the friendly pinches, and the demonstrations of warm brotherly affection that Pinocchio received from the excited crowd of actors and actresses of the puppet dramatic company are beyond description.
Ho, officials of this house, high and low, great and small, make haste hither one and all, and print on Sancho's face four-and-twenty smacks, and give him twelve pinches and six pin thrusts in the back and arms; for upon this ceremony depends the restoration of Altisidora.
At last I could bear it no longer, and uttered a shriek—that was all she was waiting for! Instantly she let me go, and turned away as though nothing had happened, as though it was not she who had played the trick but some one else, exactly like some schoolboy who, as soon as the master's back is turned, plays some trick on some one near him, pinches some small weak boy, gives him a flip, a kick, or a nudge with his elbows, and instantly turns again, buries himself in his book and begins repeating his lesson, and so makes a fool of the infuriated teacher who flies down like a hawk at the noise.
Sancho went along anything but cheerful, for it grieved him that Altisidora had not kept her promise of giving him the smocks; and turning this over in his mind he said to his master, Surely, senor, I'm the most unlucky doctor in the world; there's many a physician that, after killing the sick man he had to cure, requires to be paid for his work, though it is only signing a bit of a list of medicines, that the apothecary and not he makes up, and, there, his labour is over; but with me though to cure somebody else costs me drops of blood, smacks, pinches, pinproddings, and whippings, nobody gives me a farthing.

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