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Pine dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The smel of pine trees.
  2. Put him in a pine coffin.
  3. At least Pine hopes it will.
  4. Still, he saw no sign of Pine.
  5. Pine has been to prison before.
  6. On the bed, Pops, in his pine.
  7. I brought some pine needles.
  8. Inhabits flat, moist pine barren.
  9. Looks like it’s radiata pine.
  10. Oh, I probably did pine for her.
  11. He turned her into that pine tree.
  12. The goat is shielded by a pine tree.
  13. Thalia had pine needles in her hair.
  14. Pine is also very stable and durable.
  15. What makes you say that Pine?
  16. There was the hint of pine in the air.
  17. He looked deeper into the pine forest.
  18. The table was pine, as was most of the.
  19. In self-imposed penance there to pine;.
  20. She stared at Pine, trying to understand.
  21. On the ground lay a long, rough pine box.
  22. The pine needles were soft under her feet.
  23. He wanted it badly, and started to pine!.
  24. We found this in a trash barrel at Pine.
  25. Then he walked ahead, kicking a pine cone.
  26. It was the sound of breaking pine needles.
  27. Apply 324 Pine, between 6:30 and 7:30 $10.
  28. He went around the pine and punched in Dr.
  29. Nothing but silence and the scent of pine.
  30. Pine had quickly followed his instructions.
  31. We pine for those days when the world was.
  32. It wound through a pine forest and meadows.
  33. Strip some pine, cedar and other conifers.
  34. Selma brushed the pine needles off her pants.
  35. On my property there is an ancient pine tree.
  36. A few pieces of fat pine were a great treasure.
  37. The whole palaver was foolish and Pine knew it.
  38. Pine ignored him and continued his conversation.
  39. Pine crafted for the protection of its occupant.
  40. A pine fire crackled and sent out its fragrance.
  41. Wither: Where: or, to fade; to waste; to pine way.
  42. McGinty the headmaster of Pine Cone said, If.
  43. The pine and spruce trees hunched over the water.
  44. Metal squealed as pine bark scraped off the paint.
  45. Pine pushed the clothes he had in his hand to Fern.
  46. As closely related as a pine and a weeping willow.
  47. Then she brushed the pine needles out of her hair.
  48. The bird feeder is made out of pine and is stained.
  49. The road, with pine trees, was quite black in front.
  50. The Watcher lowered the pine knots he used for eyes.
  51. Lived in a pine with my sweetie, not too far inland.
  52. There was a strong scent of pine needles in the air.
  53. Elm travelled behind Pine going over what Oak had said.
  54. He might have missed one of the pine marten's kittens.
  55. I can have any woman I want, why pine over just one?
  56. Pa was a sawyer until the pine trees were all gone.
  57. They were large and not bad, I suppose, for pine nuts.
  58. I only call it a pine tree because it had large cones.
  59. Place the pine nuts in a small skillet over medium heat.
  60. I leafed through some loose things on an old pine desk.
  61. In the dream, he was bound naked on a large pine table.
  62. Yes, but I think the pine needles would fall off.
  63. The tops of pine trees swayed in the turbulent fall air.
  64. Rhone searched the floor for small twigs and pine cones.
  65. After a while he and Pine had carefully moved to follow.
  66. The basket will be of pine, and the cover a black cloth.
  67. But the pine trunks were wonderful to her, and distinct.
  68. He had to sit on a pine log to rest and catch his breath.
  69. He was making straight for the pine where I was standing.
  70. The air smelled of smoke, lake, wet sand, and pine trees.
  71. As they climbed further, the pine trees began to thin out.
  72. Then he scraped away the dirt, and exposed a pine shingle.
  73. Where pine and aspen trees block the cold ski-aree breeze.
  74. He was thinking that Pine knew him better than he thought.
  75. Is Pine going to save me? she mumbled into his chest.
  76. Pine Needles was there, I remember, and Butterbur and Ash.
  77. He smelled of seawater and unwashed wool and pine needles.
  78. Woodpeckers bore into the pine trees, and puffins live here.
  79. It meant Pine might be able to think one step ahead of him.
  80. Where pine and aspen trees block the cold ski-airee breeze.
  81. Then she was standing in a dense forest full of pine trees.
  82. One year a neighborhood kid climbed a pine tree for a kite.
  83. Oak compressed his lips and continued to walk alongside Pine.
  84. Pine Cone, what's up dog? It's JJ, and we have confirmation.
  85. Several birds flew out of a nearby pine tree and scattered.
  86. Yep, the mean critter caused a felling pine to gimp his legs.
  87. Joan pulled a pine box out of the cloth bag she was carrying.
  88. Pine street was located in Avery county which was just a 10.
  89. At the very top of the pine is Galluk’s satchel of spears.
  90. Pine was bending over Madden, feeling the pulse at his neck.
  91. The woodland path wound through pine trees and holly bushes.
  92. We started out through the ponderosa pine and juniper forest.
  93. Pine is easy to cut and sand, and can be easily stained in a.
  94. But then, as I wandered through a stand of tall pine, a small.
  95. We had passed into the pine forest that surrounds the cemetery.
  96. For now he had to play along with Pine and then make his move.
  97. Was that one carved from pine as well? Ser Maynard asked.
  98. The path began at the edge of the pine trees and holly bushes.
  99. He would be angry with Pine when Elm told him he was to blame.
  100. I dismounted and sagged down to rest on some fallen pine boughs.
  1. He would not argue about pining.
  2. No two ways about it, the dog was pining.
  3. Will, all of her friends found themselves pining for.
  4. I could get lost in pining for the way things used to be.
  5. I wasn’t pining, Colin said on the way to his car.
  6. Heaven only knows how long they've been pining underground.
  7. She had been pining for her cousins since they moved to Tralee.
  8. And might tell that pining I have, that pulse of my nights and days.
  9. He would have preferred it if she had been home alone, pining for him.
  10. My wife thinks I’ve been pining over the woman the last several days.
  11. I think we all agree, Jill’s not out there, pining away on some rock.
  12. It is essential that we be like her, pining away in separation from Krishn.
  13. The guy who’s still pining for his ex-wife, waiting for the day she returns.
  14. Then dad had to sell the boat and Nathan’s been pining for his own ever since.
  15. That’s why I’m not going to waste time pining for any of the guys in town.
  16. For that are you pining, the bark of their applause? Pretenders: live their lives.
  17. And my brother's ex-girlfriend, who he's been pining over for the past four years.
  18. When it is so pleasurable pining for him, what a feeling it would be to posses him.
  19. And my brother spent years pining for you, the happily married wife of a nobleman.
  20. He’s been pining in the corner for a woman who didn’t even know about his feelings.
  21. You're pining for pure love, are you not? nothing else in the world: and she shall have you!.
  22. I was in love with you, but to have Nathalie pining for me made me feel important and arrogant.
  23. It showed how little he really cared about me, and yet here I was, pining away like a dumb teenager.
  24. I had her but a single year, though; a short term of happiness for one who had seen her youth fade in hopeless pining.
  25. The fat bastard had all the women pining for him, while he only agonised and stressed, caring only about his stupid hair.
  26. And all three, pining with mutual magnanimity, kept silent in this way for twenty years, locking their feelings in their hearts.
  27. Jonah was pining away in the belly of the sea-bred monster, you did look on him, O Father, and recover him to the sight of his own.
  28. She knew that she would spend her life pining for him, and wondering what she could have done differently to change their ghastly fate.
  29. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava.
  30. Bloody hell mate you’re a greedy sod aint you three women pining for you when most of us have to make do with one, and he grinned at me.
  31. And who does care for him except you and me 1 He has done nothing but talk about you these last few days ; he was pining for you ' his young friend.
  32. Ambrosius had talked at length about his flight from the Hundred Boughs and his pining for Sunbeam during the evenings spent round the fire in Stan's hovel.
  33. He should not have to think of her as pining in the retirement of Mansfield for him, rejecting Sotherton and London, independence and splendour, for his sake.
  34. Though he understood how hard it was for man to spare his wife, Gautam should also realize that a lover would be no less miserable pining for his beloved’s bed.
  35. What I want to achieve, ⎼ what I have been striving and pining to achieve these thirty years, ⎼ is self-realization, to see God face to face, to attain Moksha.
  36. What have I done to deserve all this? Oh God, what’s wrong with my life? How long I have lived in a void for want of love, and then, that yearlong pining in passion.
  37. Warren began counting the pining ones on her fingers—would give her old boots and shoes if she could annex him—she’s a calculating creature; I never liked her.
  38. You’re pining for pure love, are you not? nothing else in the world: and she shall have you! There, to bed! Zillah won’t be here to-night; you must undress yourself.
  39. Carrol saw the girl's altered face, she was illuminated with a new idea, and exclaimed to herself, Now I understand it all--the child has been pining for young Laurence.
  40. We did not dare to play truant, however, like other boys whom we knew (we were not courageous enough for that); so we kept on going, fretting, and pining, and—learning.
  41. And yet, could she deny him? Could she say, "I refuse to content this pining hunger?" It would be refusing to do for him dead, what she was almost sure to do for him living.
  42. They looked forward to that moment with joy, but without haste, not pining for it, but seeming to have a foretaste of it in their hearts, of which they talked to one another.
  43. But the criminal, counting on escaping punishment, had preferred to murder his father to get the three thousand rather than go off to Siberia with the middle-aged charms of his pining lady.
  44. I hated it the first time I set my eyes on it—a sickly, whining, pining thing! It would wail in its cradle all night long—not screaming heartily like any other child, but whimpering and moaning.
  45. To her impatience and pining for him were now added the unpleasant recollection of her interview with Princess Mary and the old prince, and a fear and anxiety of which she did not understand the cause.
  46. Those fish…(and here Brumvack tilted up his considerable head and stared at the ceiling as he allowed himself a moment of pining for the good old days)…those fish had been too large to bring into the troll’s living quarters.
  47. Besides, what if the rationed intimacy and limited emotionality of a polygamous marriage usher in female promiscuity ‘here’? What solace doth the sharia provide for the pining females of polygamy if found in the wrong hands? Why, stoning to death!.
  48. That morning Aunt Pitty had reached the regretful decision that she had better kill the patriarch before he died of old age and pining for his harem which had long since been After Uncle Peter had wrung his neck, Aunt Pitty had been beset by conscience at the eaten.
  49. It was merely stated that the criminal, whose approaching trial was making such a sensation—retired army captain, an idle swaggerer, and reactionary bully—was continually involved in amorous intrigues, and particularly popular with certain ladies who were pining in solitude.
  50. But, what sort of equality would polygamy entail for those four wives! Even in bigamy, a woman would be left pining when her fellow wife has their man? And in Islam, we are not even dealing with bigamy but polygamy, involving four women at that! And how the All Knowing God missed this female conjugal constraint is anybody’s guess.
  51. Colia insisted, in discussing the matter with his mother, that all this was but the outcome of abstinence from drink, or perhaps of pining after Lebedeff, with whom up to this time the general had been upon terms of the greatest friendship; but with whom, for some reason or other, he had quarrelled a few days since, parting from him in great wrath.
  52. Ours is a generation that nourishes a morbid and irrational fear of growing old…and death, perhaps; thereby occasioning (a) need to retain its youthful appearance(s) at whatever cost; inconsonant with age, at the expense of its (own) dignity, ―eternally young,‖ ―young as one feels,‖ (youthful) fashions and lifestyles, (adolescent) designs, the accomplices of artificial youth, pining for what is no longer 73.
  53. This new part of his business was finding an answer to the following questions: What was this astonishing institution called criminal law, of which the results were that in the prison, with some of the inmates of which he had lately become acquainted, and in all those other places of confinement, from the Peter and Paul Fortress in Petersburg to the island of Sakhalin, hundreds and thousands of victims were pining? What did this strange criminal law exist for? How had it originated?
  1. And to the end pined for it.
  2. He took it to heart, pined away.
  3. Thomas pined for Trina in his heart.
  4. I saw how he pined for you, she said.
  5. He still pined for her but he had no choice.
  6. The lanterns pined away in the foul atmosphere.
  7. She quite pined away, and began to look pale and miserable.
  8. He pined, but more for the friendship with Leand than Tdeshi.
  9. I verily believe he would have pined away in any other profession.
  10. She pined for the father of her unborn child, to hold him and caress his face.
  11. Pingtis pined away for her husband and soon died leaving Hiacoomes to raise her child.
  12. She pined for the day when Calvin's ship would undergo a thorough investigation and he'd get his.
  13. However, one could never quite forget how horrible things had been when Cupid had pined for Psyche.
  14. Finally, that funny little ball of a man had all the women he could manage while I pined away with daydreams.
  15. And he no longer pined for his home, and did not wish to leave the prison, but only thought of his last hour.
  16. Still Vic pined away and complained almost daily that they had to do something to get in touch with him again.
  17. This desire increased every day, and as she knew that she could not get any of it, she quite pined away, and looked pale and miserable.
  18. She was getting the thrills she had pined for with a vengeance, now that her freedom, her future, were to be colored by the issue of the race.
  19. I was your mother's friend since high school, and I pined away for her, hoping that one day she’d wake up and realize we were meant for each other.
  20. To her amazement the first man, through the door pined a color-coded map on the wall, and then began to bring in boxes and furniture with the same color tagged for that house.
  21. What was really bugging her was that he had mobile Internet all those weeks but he had never bothered to contact her, while she pined for him and waited days on end for a text or a short email from him.
  22. Heyward watched the sun, as he darted his meridian rays through the branches of the trees, and pined for the moment when the policy of Magua should change their route to one more favorable to his hopes.
  23. If, when I hint to you of a Home that is before us, where I will be true to you with all my duty and with all my faithful service, I bring back the remembrance of a Home long desolate, while your poor heart pined away, weep for it, weep for it!.
  24. Though my soul would rejoice to visit the habitations of Christendom once more, my feet would rather follow the tender spirits intrusted to my keeping, even into the idolatrous province of the Jesuits, than take one step backward, while they pined in captivity and sorrow.
  25. In time, however, I thought I had gained a prodigious prize, when figuring to myself that my fingers were something of the shape of what I pined for, I worked my way in with one of them with great agitation and delight; yet not without pain too did I deflower myself as far as it could reach;.
  26. I was scarce twelve years old, before that part which she wanted so much to keep out of harm's way, made me feel its impatience to be taken notice of, and come into play; already had it put forth the signs of forwardness in the sprout of a soft down over it, which had often fluttered, and I might also say, grown under my constant touch and visitation, so pleased was I with what I took to be a kind of title to womanhood, that state I pined to be entered of, for the pleasures I conceived were annexed to it; and now the growing importance of that part to me, and the new sensations in it, demolished at once all my girlish play-things and amusements.
  1. Advanced To The Yard Pines.
  2. Have you pled to the pines?
  3. Elowen saw older pines with.
  4. It is but a village in the pines.
  6. The wind blows hard among the pines.
  7. Pines, alders, wild brambles, no Petra.
  8. Only the Bristle Cone Pines were older.
  9. The Pines herd wasn’t subject to hunting.
  10. I mean, other than the ones up at The Pines.
  11. Birches, pines, firs, or whatever they were.
  12. His hands tremble and he pines for a woman.
  13. He was as gnarled as the few straggly pines.
  14. O stormy pines, that wrestle with the breath.
  15. And eat the cones under his pines, I tell him.
  16. A temperate wind hissed among the pines many.
  17. These were about as thick as middle-aged pines.
  18. Rows of pines divide endless metal-colored plains.
  19. Pines trees are one of 210 evergreen trees which.
  20. Do you know where the Torrey Pines Inn is?
  21. Plantation Pines, Plantation Oak, Plantation View.
  22. Pines and sharp stones trailed off into the mists.
  23. I always feel so near Him when I walk among the pines.
  24. The Norfolk Pines stand tall on the still sea’s side.
  25. The storm winds howled through the boughs of the pines.
  26. No tufted pines beside it grow, no osiers thrive around.
  27. There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.
  28. She flew to the canopy of the pines to get a better view.
  29. Her eyes passed from pines to soil, to sky, to the far hills.
  30. The Pines Provincial Park had a good-sized deer herd up there.
  31. Below, the red cedar festoon'd with tylandria, the pines and.
  32. Directly in front of her, two of the giant pines arched over to.
  33. Pines, firs and other ‘white woods’ are good candidates fro.
  34. Had it not been for the tall foliage of the pines protecting the.
  35. He and his friend of the moment had to stroll away among the pines.
  36. Ponderosa pines, Aspen, and Douglas firs covered half the property.
  37. Huge ancient pines stood out as vague sombre blurs in the darkness.
  38. A great round moon swung cold and bright over the pines by the lodge.
  39. It was enclosed by a high brick wall and shaded by tall umbrella pines.
  40. The red balloons went slowly up through the Michigan Pines, and up into.
  41. I climbed one of the pines until I was about twenty feet off the ground.
  42. His eyes are glassy and he pines for a woman, answers the confidante.
  43. They went down the fields and into the thick plantation of trees and pines.
  44. Old Challenger was up a tree, eatin' pines and havin' the time of his life.
  45. Firs and pines of all sorts, redwood, cedar and cypress are typical North.
  46. When she emerged from the pines, the view that opened up in front of her was.
  47. The flare dropped behind a clump of pines perched on a plateau high above them.
  48. It sat on a tranquil pond in the middle of acres of maples and elms and pines.
  49. His words are breathless and he pines for a woman, answers the confidante.
  50. The forest of ponderosa pines and groves of aspens that surrounded her did not.
  51. The calls of falcons and pigeons emanated from the boughs of the oaks and pines.
  52. Haven looked up at the towering pines that ringed the cabin, dancing in the wind.
  53. The ancient vampire ran through the moonlit oaks and pines of the Arkadian Forest.
  54. We didn’t stop again until we had made our way up into the tall ponderosa pines.
  55. Snow hung on the maples, oaks, pines and drooped down the huge, black-green laurel.
  56. Through the falling snow, Kimi approached the tree that was different from the pines.
  57. The three of us rode on silently following a vague trail through tall ponderosa pines.
  58. YOU DID NOT! You said get to the base of Genese and there’s the Torrey Pines Inn.
  59. All you could hear in that great evergreen forest of pines was Alan playing his song.
  60. Long yearned have I for the scent of the pines and flowers that prosper in this Plane.
  61. It was still dark and hard to see and there were many uneven rocks and straggly pines.
  62. The following day at Los Pinos – The Pines golf course on the island of Majorca Spain.
  63. Doc said, You know, out in the sand dunes there are little valleys covered with pines.
  64. These were mostly pines near the river, but I could see hemlocks farther up the mountains.
  65. Richard walked sturdily down the hill through the pines until he came to Lighthouse Avenue.
  66. He pines for kindness, as well as love; and a kind word from you would be his best medicine.
  67. She had knelt at its window to pray and had bent from it to watch the sunset behind the pines.
  68. Without the mountain views, the pines and wide lake reminded me of the northwoods of Minnesota.
  69. See, see; the knaves are getting in that clump of pines, like bees settling after their flight.
  70. He walked along Lighthouse and up through the pines and he came to his house and let himself in.
  71. A thick, grey oatmeal sky hugged the cedars and pines with an oppressive claustrophobic intensity.
  72. After a quarter mile, the trail angled inward into a sea of tall pines and short, vine-choked trees.
  73. An exclusive road lined with bold mansions had been driven up where pines had once shaded the shelter.
  74. The Providence army had begun to emerge from a dense wood of evergreen broadleaves peppered with pines.
  75. The whole scene formed a striking picture, whose frame was composed of the dark and tall border of pines.
  76. Next morning Cora was up before the sun had warmed the strawberry patch or the wind had stirred the pines.
  77. Come on – I’ll show you around the Pines and introduce you to some of the other staff and clients.
  78. The Nautilus drew near this island, which I can see to this day with its remarkable fringe of screw pines.
  79. Sullivan parked off the main road behind a copse of pines, and he watched the house for about twenty minutes.
  80. Never were the pines more pungent than after the long heat, and their rosy stems flushed pinker as I passed.
  81. The land around it is full of cedars and pines, of woods flush with lilies in spring and moss in the autumn.
  82. After the sun had dropped behind the black line of pines on the right the plain seemed to wrap itself in peace.
  83. Silently he galloped off among the pines, his voice trailing back, ‘Can’t hear me when I’m set on a rock.
  84. Directly behind the main hospital building was a steep frost-covered lawn which ended in threadbare scrub pines.
  85. Then they huddled together like cattle, says an eye-witness, around birches and pines, or under carts.
  86. We follow him as he picks his way through the pines, our footsteps muffled by the layer of pine needles underfoot.
  87. The buzzing increased, and Abigail appeared between the pines, hovering ten feet off the ground some distance away.
  88. I could see the stars in the black pools, and a line of faint light far away above the pines where the sun had set.
  89. Now, it was early spring with no hint of snow hidden in the shadows beneath the pines and darker sides of the hill.
  90. Belle instructed, Aim for those two large boulders at the foot of those Ponderosa pines, just there, she pointed.
  91. Some nights I like the rain—I like to lie in bed and hear it pattering on the roof and drifting through the pines.
  92. High up on the looked, with huge outcroppings of the underlying granite and gaunt pines towering somberly everywhere.
  93. We could see neither the Baltic nor the Bodden, though both were only a few yards off on the other side of the pines.
  94. The building was on a bluff and a trail with overhead lights wound its way between pines to the landing pad by the river.
  95. The others raised their gazes and watched the dextrous centipedes climb the rough trunks of the pines to the branches above.
  96. Their crowns were a mere 20 to 30 feet over our heads and reminded me of giant redwood pines with their flat, spiky needles.
  97. The mostly barren, undulating rim that surrounded the lake was dotted with these same pines and backed by distant mountains.
  98. It was November—the month of crimson sunsets, parting birds, deep, sad hymns of the sea, passionate wind-songs in the pines.
  99. The crew hid behind the silver pines, trying not to move as Kinney and The Elder positioned the fire spit machine into place.
  100. He leaped over something, nearly stumbled, zigged and zagged as I smelled the ever increasing scent of pines and forest mold.

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