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Placid dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I want to be placid.
  2. I insist on being placid.
  3. Placid would start on him.
  4. Placid sped down the street.
  5. Placid slammed on the brakes.
  6. Placid prodded it with his toe.
  7. Only then did Placid offer him any.
  8. Bit over the top, said Placid.
  9. Placid stood and cracked his knuckles.
  10. But his mild face was far from placid.
  11. Placid started to bring his pistol to bear.
  12. Life here was placid before you showed up.
  13. Turn that radio off, cunt, said Placid.
  14. Didn't give anything to Placid and Oilfield.
  15. He looked placid and was very polite.
  16. Placid and Oilfield sprawled on the back seat.
  17. Do you find it placid and restful with me?
  18. There was something about his placid demeanor.
  19. He was perfectly calm, eyes steady, face placid.
  20. Told Placid to pay for breakfasts as he was skint.
  21. Staring into the placid river, Carrie relived the.
  22. Like the cunt had much choice, Placid put in.
  23. Placid threaded his way through the evening traffic.
  24. He knew the destructive trees from the placid ones.
  25. Or placid skies and sun? Wilt stir the waters yet?
  26. Oilfield and Placid were still howling with laughter.
  27. Caramarin started to explain but Placid cut him off.
  28. Looking back he saw Placid lean out and fire a burst.
  29. His voice was placid, though his teeth were grinding.
  30. There was eternal spring, and placid zephyrs with warm.
  31. Placid breathed in, gave Caramarin a look of pure hate.
  32. Maiorescu and Placid had wandered over, hands in pockets.
  33. Placid leaned over and offered a small vial of coke to.
  34. Behind him, Placid and Oilfield climbed onto the minibus.
  35. The specimen couldn’t have been anymore placid and non.
  36. In the northern county far, in the placid pastoral region.
  37. Rosamond had a placid but strong answer to such speeches.
  38. Placid popped the boot of his Merc and they drew out guns.
  39. Placid empty half a magazine from the Kalash into the lock.
  40. How anyone with a Christ on him could do what Placid had.
  41. Placid shoved the girl into a secure cage and padlocked it.
  42. Outside, the first sun beams traced a placid sky after the.
  43. But the Raven, sitting lonely on the placid bust, spoke only.
  44. Not long after, Placid showed up and drove into the warehouse.
  45. In the office, Placid pushed him in a chair and bound his hands.
  46. Caramarin realised that Placid was dangerously close to the edge.
  47. No intelligence could penetrate the darkness of the Placid Gulf.
  48. Slowly she yielded to a nod, her eyes on the placid and warm sea.
  49. We could hear the choir’s voices drift across the placid water.
  50. I dried myself off and stared at my reflection in the placid pool.
  51. Placid punched the man to the floor, started to apply shoe leather.
  52. Despite Placid being the larger man, Caramarin fancied his chances.
  53. With placid meadows and flowery carpets of orchards fully blooming.
  54. The look of the golden sand and the beautiful sun and placid water.
  55. I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and.
  56. There were no traces of last night’s rage on his placid expression.
  57. This placid, benevolent manifestation of Krishn is the most uncommon.
  58. The densest blackness of the Placid Gulf seemed to fall upon his head.
  59. Short, placid, horn-rimmed glasses and a Marks & Spencers’ cardigan.
  60. Ogawa was a placid man, and though he carried a club, he never used it.
  61. A warhorse does not have a placid disposition even at the best of times.
  62. Remember, no deaths, said Caramarin, more to Placid than the others.
  63. Placid stepped up, kicked him several times in the head, hatred filled his.
  64. We entered the warm, placid waters and swam for a while with an easy stroke.
  65. Placid, and I only come down here to see the animals you have on the island.
  66. Placid had backed the Opel to the edge of the road, the rear passenger door.
  67. When he broke through the surface, the face of the ocean was placid and blue.
  68. Swapped cars at Maiorescu's warehouse and Placid and Oilfield left to start.
  69. The candidate, the good cop, remained serene and placid above the fray.
  70. Placid came up out of the hold with a length of heavy chain and the dinghy's.
  71. Placid and kind as he was, Thomas could still be intimidating when he wished.
  72. Placid and another man in this field and a third in the field with the pick-up.
  73. Trees and bushes on the other three sides were reflected in its placid surface.
  74. That cunt? Thought I was your second, Placid jumped to his feet, hulking.
  75. Placid with teenage girls and young women, none older than their early twenties.
  76. Lady Bertram constantly declined it; but her placid manner of refusal made Mrs.
  77. He knew he shouldn't have left her with a man like Placid but what could he do?
  78. HER EXPRESSION REMAINED PLACID, though she looked away, her inner focus gathering.
  79. March, with placid satisfaction, from the hearthrug, after the last guest had gone.
  80. Before he could cover Caramarin with it; Caramarin slammed himself back into Placid.
  81. Sitting on the rock, he looked out across the lake into the calm and placid evening.
  82. Rosamond turned her neck and patted her hair, looking the image of placid indifference.
  83. The problem is that there isn’t a ready supply of placid lakes around the Leeds area.
  84. He never moved when I entered, but raised his placid eyebrows and waited on me to speak.
  85. Hey, you, turn that shite off and put this on, shouted Placid as he tossed a CD up.
  86. When we think of meek, we think of mild, deferring, quiet, lowly, placid, soft, and docile.
  87. Placid raced in a low crouch across the expanse of the Stairs, eyes fixed on the other side.
  88. I hadn’t noticed back in the town––the river flowed wide and placid through that area.
  89. Many conservative investors are most comfortable in the placid waters of the utility sector.
  90. He seemed placid to me on the platform, but something about that stillness makes me wary now.
  91. Some CNN interns debate his placid demeanor, saying that perhaps he has turned to religion.
  92. Bernice turned her head and could see a meek shadow pacing back and forth in the placid light.
  93. Underneath, his sunken chest was decorated with a prison tattoo even Placid would have admired.
  94. He had no way of knowing about the bloody secret that Köpenick and its placid waters concealed.
  95. Placid shorts sat with their positions like pigs in mud and waited for the stock to work back down.
  96. Amory tamped out his cigarette decorously on the bottom of his shoe and then smiled a placid smile.
  97. Her face is white and placid and calm; her voice gentle and self-possessed; her manners are simple.
  98. The moon began to rise, and I thought of the placid look at the white ceiling, which had passed away.
  99. Placid was no charmer at the best of times but even he sounded more wound-up and angrier than usual.
  100. Although they have placid temperaments, at one time they were considered to be the perfect war horse.

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placid quiet smooth still tranquil unruffled equable

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