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Plain dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was plain to see.
  2. Let me make it plain.
  3. That too, is a plain.
  4. It was clear and plain.
  5. The plain doctrine of S.

  6. It was as plain as day.
  7. It was plain and sim-.
  8. The wind in the plain.
  9. Plain Jane and all that.
  10. Five words of plain and.
  11. Plain! You? Not at all.
  12. It used to be the plain.
  13. Dad was just plain angry.
  14. The case was a plain one.
  15. He is but a plain warner.

  16. The Bible was very plain.
  17. A plain story simply told.
  18. I saw it plain and well.
  19. There it was, plain as day.
  20. But makes it plain he is.
  21. The room was rather plain.
  22. The plain white room again.
  23. Paul, just plain hard work.
  24. It is plain for everyone.
  25. It was plain common sense.

  26. Then it was plain sailing.
  27. She'll make it very plain.
  28. Now he's just plain crazy.
  29. That too, is a plain fact.
  30. It's all plain enough, now.
  31. And I am, in plain reality.
  32. They advanced to the plain.
  33. Limpy growled and the plain.
  34. But the answer is so plain.
  35. She didn’t like it plain.
  36. The truth was plain enough.
  37. The door was a plain white.
  38. That would be plain stupid.
  39. Some men are too plain and.
  40. Pray! Make the vision plain.
  41. There is the majestic plain.
  42. This stone is perfectly plain.
  43. Room 3 was a plain white door.
  44. It wasn’t all plain sailing.
  45. It seemed to him quite plain.
  46. And that was just plain luck.
  47. The plain cat tray clumping.
  48. This is plain bad management.
  49. Grilled fish, plain and simple.
  50. Just a plain old Westinghouse.
  51. A truth that only makes plain.
  52. Jenks, in a plain white shirt.
  53. It is a plain and obvious one.
  54. Is mighty plain, quoth he;.
  55. Yet here it is, in plain print.
  56. And the reason's plain to see;.
  57. It hasn’t been plain sailing.
  58. The stuff was just plain nasty.
  59. You're happy with plain things.
  60. The reasons were too plain now.
  61. I have made this plain already.
  62. She went with plain reluctance.
  63. The answer is plain and obvious.
  64. It was plain she'd been weeping.
  65. It is plain to me that we have.
  66. We compromised with a plain fir.
  67. This is just plain common sense.
  68. The truth is plain and palpable.
  69. Suppose you learn plain cooking.
  70. He stayed in plain sight.
  71. It is plain that "Don Quixote".
  72. Serve plain or with onion sauce.
  73. There were no trees in the plain.
  74. He gave me a look as plain as Mr.
  75. Yet they came not into the plain.
  76. Unless, he was just plain stupid.
  77. The Plain of Nazca was below him.
  78. Their names were simple and plain.
  79. The dart gun was in plain sight.
  80. Sometimes it’s just plain luck.
  81. It's about repetition, plain and.
  82. He was a man who was quite plain.
  83. They were as plain as day to him.
  84. It is a peculiarly desolate plain.
  85. They left the plain and gathered.
  86. Even with that mask that is plain.
  87. Nearly below them is a wide plain.
  88. Anything else is plain crazy talk.
  89. Mrs Houston, it is all too plain.
  90. The original notes made that plain.
  91. Whene'er across the plain at speed.
  92. And then you’re just plain fucked.
  93. They were neither plain nor pretty.
  94. That is the plain fact of the case.
  95. It is plain case of poetic justice.
  96. There was something plain wrong in.
  97. He there is master—that is plain;.
  98. The coffin will be plain, of course.
  99. I am a gambler, plain and simple.
  100. On the plain metal walls of the ion.
  1. It plained of its gaping wounds, its.
  2. She plained of love; she longed for wings.
  1. And descend upon the plains.
  2. They are pinned to the plains.
  3. It was on the sandy plains of.
  4. Kiowa and buffalo on the plains.
  5. Central Plains and Jiangnan were.
  6. Forward from the plains of Taura.
  7. High Plains and surrounding region.
  8. Across the plains of snow and ice.
  9. In the heart of the African plains.
  10. And on the Plains of Metamor?
  11. The wide plains opened grey before them.
  12. Fighting is still fierce in Long Plains.
  13. Indians and crossing the plains!.
  14. Just Indians and crossing the plains.
  15. So did the North American plains Indians.
  16. With one step, Mary begins into the plains.
  17. The arid plains of a terrain void of Mako.
  18. I focused more closely on the plains of Giza.
  19. You have perfectly described the Plains of.
  20. Kal-el left for the plains of ancient Greece.
  21. Rockies and Plains, it would be too difficult.
  22. The mountains were changing back into plains.
  23. Central Plains and to find out our whereabouts.
  24. She stood up and looked across the plains again.
  25. Rows of pines divide endless metal-colored plains.
  26. There’s not a lot of trees out on the plains.
  27. The plains of North America dug up and despoiled.
  28. For him it wasn't dark at all out on these plains.
  29. Bare plains gave way to clumps of oaks and alders.
  30. They told me it was far to the west on the plains.
  31. He did not know if it was mainly forest or plains.
  32. But something new was developing out on the plains.
  33. You have described perfectly the Plains of Metamor.
  34. It rises up out of the flat plains, standing as a.
  35. Besides, the plains are far too windy for my tastes.
  36. Virgil's bees had gone about the plains of Lombardy.
  37. For an hour plains of sand unrolled before our steps.
  38. He continued staring at the open plains beneath him.
  39. Ever since I have entered the Central Plains and.
  40. In fact, no animal on the African plains could’ve.
  41. This must be the Numondit Plains he had talked about.
  42. The plains of Old Castile may well be called austere.
  43. Among the rolling plains lay large, volcanic boulders.
  44. In Corey's dream, the other animals on the plains were.
  45. Rhone and Bellerophon cut a path across the open plains.
  46. The sun beat relentlessly on the exposed plains as Jean.
  47. Plains turned into swamps that stank with reptilian life.
  48. As Jean approached Bourges from across the plains to the.
  49. What I really wanted to get were some of the plains oxen.
  50. When I first come to the Central Plains, I have already.
  51. Before my eyes was the beautiful Kalahari Plains! I could.
  52. The scout riding on horseback over the plains west of the.
  53. I am a Sarmatian, from the plains West of the Caspian Sea.
  54. Cheetahs once roamed large tracts of the African plains and.
  55. Kaokoveld and the east and west are filled with vast plains.
  56. Clara had gone to live with her mother upon Mapperley Plains.
  57. Plains beyond, whose lush greenery had already commenced the.
  58. Before her the yellowed plains are revealed in splendid glory.
  59. The nutrition of the plains furnishes the nourishment of men.
  60. She was Bonnie Hampton and she was standing on the Plains of.
  61. Over the plains Shadowfax was flying, needing no urging and no.
  62. Surely he has a wild ambition for coming to the Central Plains.
  63. The speeders were made to roll over the plains, not climb hills.
  64. And that Hero Shuai is not even in the Central Plains yet….
  65. Few tents were already placed on the opposite side of the plains.
  66. The first of our kind did indeed live on the broad open plains.
  67. All across the great plains of Kansas the harsh winter wind howled.
  68. We were on a mission patrolling our interests in the Litian Plains.
  69. Bison numbering in the tens of millions once roamed the High Plains.
  70. The barren plains that surround Midgar, drained of their fertility.
  71. A popular pastime in socializing establishments all over the plains.
  72. The wind seemed to be moving across the plains with hurricane force.
  73. Served Albic temples in woods or on plains, with unhewn pillars and.
  74. Land of the pastoral plains, the grass-fields of the world! land of.
  75. Just then she must have heard something out on the plains around them.
  76. Beyond that lay the open plains and the continuing call to adventure.
  77. This sounds strange that there are plains, but this is all a part of.
  78. Out of the mountains, onto the plains, into the scrublands and the dusk.
  79. Thursday morning, September 20, 1984, the run through the plains at an.
  80. Mars' great channels and flood plains is not evident on - or near - the.
  81. Twice He has Himself appeared-- as Krishna in the Indian plains, and as.
  82. That nine-hour trip started out in the mountains and ended in the plains.
  83. The wind whipping in from across the plains had grown cold, and the news.
  84. I’m not sure, I don’t know anything about the area below the plains.
  85. He was told these plains are safe for fences because there are no kranjans.
  86. From the upper plains, the heat and aridity radiated across the country.
  87. In the vast plains of grass, the horses jumped and whinnied with pleasure.
  88. What is this great power which founded the plains and seas on the earth?!.
  89. Meanwhile we went ever onward, and these vast plains of sand seemed endless.
  90. They form a constituent part of the hills or plains in which they are found.
  91. Not far off the plains were a thin patch of woods with arrow and poppi trees.
  92. Therefore the two of them entered the Central Plains and at an Inn near the.
  93. And there upon the dark threshold of the Sammath Naur, high above the plains.
  94. One hundred years later, the Comanche were the master horsemen of the plains.
  95. Looking through the portal was a serene setting, grassy plains and blue skies.
  96. What is this great power which founded the plains and the seas on the earth?!.
  97. Missing zeros added to the amount column in the Sidney Plains entry on page 89.
  98. Beyond the plains were mountains with snowcapped peaks that clipped the clouds.
  99. Plains, I hate it out there! The cab driver stated while interrupting Junya.
  100. No Hope, No Just, No Reason for Existence of the Plains on which All were Sewn.

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