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Plant dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Burn up a plant and.
  2. It was the plant and.
  3. He was just a plant.
  4. I did not plant them.
  5. Time to plant that idea.

  6. Prune the plant at the.
  7. Good care of the plant.
  8. Put the plant in here.
  9. It was too pure a plant.
  10. The root of this plant.
  11. I have one more to plant.
  12. Than weed or plant a tree.
  13. The Amarillo plant is a.
  14. Can I keep the plant?
  15. This week visualize a plant.

  16. You are the plant of renown.
  17. Suzuki had been the plant.
  18. Is this a power plant?
  19. Could be plant by, whoever.
  20. The plant, leaves and seed.
  21. You cannot compare a plant.
  22. The plant ships tons of wet.
  23. Within a year the plant was.
  24. Diesel, for a plant that big.
  25. She pointed to the plant life.

  26. They had to plant seeds and.
  27. A plant? That took time.
  28. The pipe from the gas plant.
  29. Maybe he was a plant for Mrs.
  30. There were plans to plant a.
  31. They will plant ideas in his.
  32. The old lady is a plant lover.
  33. Eric looked at the plant again.
  34. A new plant manager was hired.
  35. What to plant was one of the.
  36. How old Toby came by the plant.
  37. Plant the bulbs 3” – 4”.
  38. Since that time the plant had.
  39. Jane called it the viper plant.
  40. He would plant trees and grass.
  41. Plant the charges, as planned.
  42. I saw the plant I had given her.
  43. Horseradish: A very strong plant.
  44. Any life, plant or animal that.
  45. Strain out the plant material.
  46. This is a climbing foliage plant.
  47. Here is a pretty plant for ten.
  48. Originally it was a death plant.
  49. Helping a plant grow wasn't easy.
  50. All living things and all plant.
  51. I needed to plant some boosters.
  52. They plant geraniums in big pots.
  53. How are things at the plant?
  54. Without water the plant will die.
  55. I’ve got a plant in your office.
  56. I had trouble repotting a plant.
  57. Is that a plant? Neith asked.
  58. She took the plant and ran to see.
  59. In the Plant Protection Act (prom.
  60. So plant a garden, watch it grow.
  61. All parts of the plant can be used.
  62. Plant trees, plant flowers, watch.
  63. American knew about the power plant.
  64. The plant took him high in the sky.
  65. I kept an eye out for plant shoots.
  66. There was a potted plant there now.
  67. Go ahead and plant the potatoes now.
  68. Jane had to tweak and fix this plant.
  69. Spray thickly, drenching the plant.
  70. We can’t leave the plant intact.
  71. When the meat processing plant had.
  72. A lot of folks that tour the plant.
  73. It will be time to plant the melons.
  74. The sketch is of the marjoram plant.
  75. It looks like the sketch of a plant.
  76. After all, it was only a dead plant.
  77. None of the greenery of plant life.
  78. To turn the soil and plant the land.
  79. The yucca plant has long and pointed.
  80. Least ways, any plant I know ‘bout.
  81. But every plant could be found in an.
  82. But this plant causes hallucinations.
  83. This helped plant some of the first.
  85. It is plant growing mobility at best.
  86. What’s happening at the plant?
  87. Do not do this when the plant is in.
  88. The healthiest plant in the Mid-east.
  89. Carrie bent close to examine the plant.
  90. Below: The new Chilled Water Plant at.
  91. What part of the plant are you using?
  92. The plant where the Arton ships were.
  93. Some plant the seed of Christ in the.
  94. I collect stars and plant in the ocean.
  95. Like a plant and a tree, I will root.
  96. That plant is heavily guarded, though.
  97. They will ask for seeds to plant food.
  98. A plant source of PS is also available.
  99. Specimens of this plant were sent to Z.
  100. All he needed to do was plant the seed.
  1. The Planting of The lord.
  2. In a way, you are planting.
  3. Instead of planting the exotic.
  4. The Chinese are planting trees to.
  5. What had that farmer been planting out.
  6. Could he have been planting a bomb?’.
  7. Planting plants out of plastic containers.
  8. Succulents are great for the home planting.
  9. Only by planting the threat of Aiden and.
  10. Planting sources in the outer systems, using.
  11. A poster is a an effective way of planting a.
  12. Ashi had been planting seeds in the cold frame.
  13. Sebastian stood, planting his hands on his hips.
  14. I was out planting trees on the Llancoed estate.
  15. She was planting that crap thoroughly! I got in.
  16. I think planting eggs in someone is very serious.
  17. It's like planting an acorn that will grow into a.
  18. While planting the seeds always check the package.
  19. At the time of planting, the soil should be moist.
  20. In India most lawns are made by planting tufts only.
  21. Sowing is planting seeds for the purpose of growing.
  22. Observe the correct planting dates on vegetables, etc.
  23. Avoid planting onions nears asparagus, beans and peas.
  24. It has a very big yard and I’m planting a huge garden.
  25. They keep away harmful pests by companion planting with.
  26. Planting her butt firmly on his lap, she extended her hand.
  27. Ascertain and wait till frosts are finished before planting.
  28. The Giants then set about planting a circle of Baobob trees.
  29. Planting his thoughts in the weak and even some strong minded.
  30. We have garnered fruit grandly proportionated to the planting.
  31. Inter-planting is actually another term for companion planting.
  32. It involves planting three varieties in one hill in the garden.
  33. He was sharing cocktails and planting kisses with the hot girls.
  34. First look out for worms, and supply vacancies by planting anew.
  35. Amylia nodded and went back to planting roses in the garden, not.
  36. Merely to help with spring planting while their men are at war.
  37. Five weeks ago planting signals in Thom's gear wasn't very hard.
  38. He accused me of planting the cocaine because I envied my brother.
  39. Planting the seed and that is the Gospel of Christ, The Word of God.
  40. His old friend Neil Armstrong planting an American flag on the moon.
  41. He tried just one more, planting a seed for some future conversation.
  42. Because oranges grow on trees, there is no planting season for oranges.
  43. Thanks, Charlie, she said, planting a kiss on the back of his neck.
  44. If anything, said Rau, writing a book is like planting a seed.
  45. There are powers capable of planting fears into unsuspecting minds.
  46. Well we are planting flowers in the garden so we have a nice look-.
  47. Corn and cotton seed for next spring’s planting, and new clothes too.
  48. He moved away from the trees, planting himself directly in front of me.
  49. I was my own boy, planting a root in the very center of my rootlessness.
  50. Prepare the soil for planting by adding compost and fertilizer to the soil.
  51. Dingle was unperturbed and had continued planting marigolds without a care.
  52. There were lads out in the gardens planting flowers in the spring sunshine.
  53. Paul pioneered by planting churches and pulling them into motion after him.
  54. Planting: potatoes are not planted in seed form, the vegetable has no seeds.
  55. Been planting onions and cloves, he said in a cheerful booming voice.
  56. Makram, Makram, she said laughing once again, stop planting wicked.
  57. Secondly, they can’t cultivate the lord’s forest, even by planting herbs.
  58. There were the images of the seasons of indians planting and harvesting corn.
  59. The planting of sugar and tobacco can afford the expense of slave cultivation.
  60. This planting or sowing (teaching) is achieved through the preachings of the.
  61. Maybe tell the government they better stop planting demons in my cash register.
  62. Oh, my beloved Raha, we’re just planning to improve our planting of sinapoy.
  63. Little Mary and Joseph came running up to Jessica who was in the garden planting.
  64. As he shuts the door with his foot, Zachary laughs, planting kisses on my cheeks.
  65. A false passport or planting a bomb or kidnapping! All these things are a crime.
  66. What’s impossible? I asked, exasperated, planting myself in front of him.
  67. They lay coupled together without thrusting, him planting kisses around her face.
  68. One day, intel came in concerning insurgents planting IEDs along a certain highway.
  69. Onion planting is divided into three categories: early, mid-season and late maturing.
  70. This being said one must resist the urge of over planting within raised garden beds.
  71. But if I had more room, I should take a prodigious delight in improving and planting.
  72. Planting with tufts of grasses is always preferable and cheaper than to sowing lawn.
  73. Weeding, pruning an apricot tree, planting squash and zucchini seeds, picking veggies.
  74. Planting trees and shrubs is help to beautify any garden provided there is enough space.
  75. Ralph could see that Nate was shocked by the waste, even though the planting was illegal.
  76. He hands a cappuccino to his wife and pulls her close, planting a quick kiss on her lips.
  77. They can provide you with their produce year after year, and they can save planting time.
  78. Efforts at enlightening someone are analogous to planting a seed and watching it take root.
  79. Lawn Grass Planting: It is advisable to water the bed regularly for a few days before the.
  80. The key to successful start in gardening is ensuring the planting activity at the apt time.
  81. They finally parted regretfully, with Jones planting a kiss on her forehead before leaving.
  82. Khan stepped towards Kiri and took her by the shoulders, planting a soft kiss on her cheek.
  83. The patch they had been planting that morning was about half a mile further along the trail.
  84. One day, intel came in concerning insurgents planting IEDs along a certain highway.
  85. Again, with his hands clasped behind his back, he paced to and fro, planting his feet firmly.
  86. And be sure that you aren't planting things that will grow to be far too large for your yard.
  87. He flew onto the deer’s head, shoving his beak in the deer’s ear, planting the bee inside.
  88. He would be planting one of the three attitude thrusters that would be planted on the asteroid.
  89. Demonstrate what needs to be done either by planting something in a container or in the garden.
  90. Planting broad beans and peas can be done in September, and all the way through to mid-November.
  91. I shift my legs, planting my footpads as firmly as I can in the mud, and turn toward the noise.
  92. BP added his hope for the many seed cultures planting themselves in sanctuaries around the world.
  93. I left the kitchen and walked outside to the front lawn where my father was planting new flowers.
  94. Planting and nurturing the seeds of your capital base will provide for you and your grandchildren.
  95. When George and Rex returned from their tree planting adventure, the corporal didn’t say a word.
  96. As I had told you it might have been, he replied, planting a kiss on the side of her forehead.
  97. Arbor Day: American holiday, first observed in 1872, that encourages the planting and care of trees.
  98. Juan eventually found where it was going by planting a homing device on a package of breakfast bars.
  99. Planting is usually planned for the summer months, when 80 percent of India’s rain normally falls.
  100. In spring time the mulch is removed prior to planting to allow sunlight to start warming up the soil.
  1. He planted it in fact.
  2. The seed has been planted.
  4. The fact is John planted.
  5. He planted a sloppy kiss.
  6. Scott planted his left leg.
  7. But many seeds were planted.
  8. White flags had been planted.
  9. No one had planted more corn.
  10. Sugar planted one on my lips.
  11. As if you had planted a tree.
  12. What we have planted and keep.
  13. That’ s why I planted it.
  14. He planted a long, slow kiss.
  15. Once planted, even after re-.
  16. She had planted a seed in my.
  17. A huge cross was planted there.
  18. Crosses name those planted in.
  19. So he thought it was planted.
  20. They planted corn and sunflower.
  21. Joey planted a foot behind him.
  22. You have just planted a new riot.
  23. Fear kept me planted where I stood.
  24. His fear of wargs was planted deep.
  25. You should feel strong and planted.
  26. I planted a sprout of a maple tree.
  27. For he will be like a tree planted.
  28. The same ones that had planted the.
  29. They had no place they were planted.
  30. Josh planted himself back in his seat.
  31. Someone must have planted it there.
  32. She’d planted this idea in his head.
  33. You just planted a seed in your mind.
  34. Which grows where I have not planted!.
  35. Later, he planted a kiss on her nose.
  36. Inside my head is planted a device.
  37. It had been planted many generations.
  38. Once the seed is planted, it must be.
  39. We never planted here, Joad said.
  40. Mike planted himself in the middle seat.
  41. Well, two years ago I planted thirty.
  42. He planted it with choice grape stocks.
  43. Lies planted the airliner you discovered.
  44. His arm was firmly planted around Darcy.
  45. Beverly planted a kiss on Stanley's cheek.
  46. He planted a kiss on the top of her head.
  47. Together, my husband and I planted trees.
  48. Billions of young seedlings were planted.
  49. These Pharisees were not planted by the.
  50. Noah began to be a farmer, and planted a.
  51. He planted them in the dirt, twelve in all.
  52. Mint planted around the home repels flies.
  53. He hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips.
  54. You planted the seeds for a revolution.
  55. Well, that planted a big bruise on his ego.
  56. Some say they were planted in the old days.
  57. He had planted a great many potatoes, and.
  58. One thousand acres are now planted in corn.
  59. We have planted and watered productive seeds.
  60. For if we have been planted together in the.
  61. The crop is a derivative of what is planted.
  62. Why you planted what? said a new voice.
  63. We planted the rest of the tulips in silence.
  64. The branch she planted in a corner near the.
  65. Water what I have planted, with your prayers.
  66. We’d planted the tree not knowing whether.
  67. He planted another cigarette between his lips.
  68. Now he's planted under the Civil War monument.
  69. Gone were any concerns Olger may have planted.
  70. Those who are planted in the house of the LORD.
  71. One year potatoes were planted out at the farm.
  72. Alexis breathed and planted a smile on her face.
  73. Those that be planted in the house of the Lord.
  74. Lady Anne Clifford planted the Yew tree in 1659.
  75. We are lambing and have to get crops planted.
  76. No one saw the trip wire that Gomes had planted.
  77. It was probably planted by the Great Old Ones.
  78. The Bible says eternity was planted in our hearts.
  79. Too late; she had planted her thumb on the button.
  80. You’re telling me in the future we planted a.
  81. Feeling as though her feet were firmly planted in.
  82. Her feet, planted firmly on the floor, provided a.
  83. In true Salvation, the mustard seed is planted and.
  84. The free will view would say God planted those He.
  85. For he (a person) shall be as a tree planted by the.
  86. He wil not seek to harvest where He has not planted.
  87. He just planted his front feet and stood his ground.
  88. God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he.
  89. She planted a garden and volunteered here and there.
  90. Remember that island ahead planted with osiers?’.
  91. A time to plant and a time to uproot what is planted.
  92. This happens because the seeds is planted in secret.
  93. And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a.
  94. Alice had planted the flower bed in the front garden.
  95. When Libby had continued to hesitate she had planted.
  96. I planted the seeds – half of them directly in the.
  97. Pretty Boy, that giant tree was planted after the.
  98. For if we have been planted together in the likeness.
  99. But a seed of doubt had been planted by the question.
  100. The fisherman planted his rod into the sand, wedged.
  1. Your plants will love it.
  2. Thus did the plants grow.
  3. This will burn the plants.
  4. Buried at base of plants.
  5. So it will be with plants.
  6. They have a lot of plants.
  7. The plants were too tall.
  8. And then there were plants.
  9. Salad plants are like this.
  10. Old plants withered and dry.
  11. Even plants deserve to live.
  12. There are two more plants.
  13. Having plants in a dry area.
  14. All animals and plants are.
  15. They have several plants on.
  16. Choosing the plants to grow.
  17. What Plants You Need to Grow.
  18. Cape of Good Hope, plants of.
  19. In the cart there were plants.
  20. I know what plants can do.
  21. These plants and herbs would.
  22. Use when needed around plants.
  23. What We Can Learn From Plants.
  24. Ramond, on plants of Pyrenees.
  25. No, plants and animals also.
  26. The best plants for beginners.
  27. He studies bugs and plants.
  28. Plants of Cherokee country, 245.
  29. Some forms are love for plants.
  30. Water the soil, not the plants.
  31. The plants could love to breath.
  32. How many of the plants it grew.
  33. But there are plants all around.
  34. Harald guessed they were plants.
  35. Remove plants that can be toxic.
  36. They have plants, but they’re.
  37. The plants are happening, though.
  38. Add to sprayer and use on plants.
  39. Distributing the Water to Plants.
  40. He grunts, plants his hands out.
  41. Metal, clay, water, plants, and.
  42. Soil that we can grow plants on.
  43. The plants are losing their colour.
  44. Big tanks, with lots of plants in.
  45. Grow plants on trel ises and use.
  46. Half the plants are strange to me.
  47. Few plants have them and the ones.
  48. They have plants all over the world.
  49. They were full of plants that had.
  50. The best time to water your plants.
  51. The plants were stunted and nasty.
  52. We will now turn to climbing plants.
  53. We don’t have any pets or plants.
  54. So it is with the flowers of plants.
  55. They suck the leaves of rice plants.
  56. I pointed at the plants in the lake.
  57. Dont drown plants by over-watering.
  58. No hybrid plants have been produced.
  59. The tobacco plants springing forth.
  60. Potent! Use as a dust around plants.
  61. Salt can be obtained from some plants.
  62. A few hardy plants survive and thrive.
  63. Other AGI plants across the country.
  64. The flowers of some plants are edible.
  65. Kepler studied what kept the plants.
  66. There are thousands of plants in here.
  67. The water plants didn’t do anything.
  68. I shall here confine myself to plants.
  69. Do plants have souls? Than asked.
  70. During the Eocene, plants and marine.
  71. Plants and algae began to form on the.
  72. The plants had grown wild and untended.
  73. There were three pot plants on shelves.
  74. We specialize in growing plants indoors.
  75. Borers are also a threat to the plants.
  76. There are rare plants and animals here.
  77. When I looked at the plants they got hit.
  78. Trees and other plants paid him no heed.
  79. The woman didn’t even have any plants.
  80. Crawling plants covered the ground, so.
  81. Greenhouses are used for grafting plants.
  82. The bottom line is that plants in their.
  83. My job is only to take care of the plants.
  84. Add several plants, a fountain and about.
  85. They could see the plants opening up and.
  86. Planting plants out of plastic containers.
  87. The colors, the tiles, the plants in the.
  88. Pepper plants need a pH value of around 6.
  89. Know your plants and their PH requirements.
  90. He did not study plants; he loved flowers.
  91. The powder can be sprinkled around plants.
  92. But then he plants himself in front of me.
  93. As the plants die and cover the ground the.
  94. She would burn the plants, destroying them.
  95. Ted carefully cultivated his special plants.
  96. Some crops need more heat than other plants.
  97. The areas more covered in plants and trees.
  98. The plants aren’t entirely water-neutral.
  99. Heer, Oswald, on ancient cultivated plants.
  100. In the unkempt gardens the plants run wild.

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