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Plot dans une phrase (en anglais)

Step 3: Plot the data.
Plat: A plot of ground.
A plot of velocity vs.
The plot isbased on a.
The Plot to Kill Jesus.
The plot can not fail.
They're all in the plot.

Stop The Bad Guy's Plot.
Plot, one hundred and one.
Stop the bad guy’s plot.
The overall plot can help.
He will plot the overthrow.
Still, a good plot like.
The plot sickens, I thought.
This plot to overthrow will.
He showed me his little plot.
Discover The Bad Guy's Plot.
I…aura Kill… Plot: I kill.
Time is the hero of the plot [.
Plot to overthrow the tyrant?
Discover the bad guy’s plot.
He suspected a plot, but how?
Calculate and plot the average.
They whisper and plot furtively.
It was all a very silly, mad plot.
I have for now lost the plot;.
They are the reason for the plot.
The plot thickened and thickened.
The plot thickens, said Dorro.
Who would admit to such a plot?
Plot each data point on the chart.
The plot thickens! said Will.
He possessed the capacity to plot.
I want to get hold of a good plot.
He did not know what the plot was.
Matt, I'm not part of this plot.
So far Gollum's plot had succeeded.
That must be a plot from Laplante.
She could hear them plotting.
I wonder what he is plotting about.
No one knew what they were plotting.
And plotting that murder all the time.
Could he be plotting against me?
They were plotting this event way back then.
So the two set about plotting their escape.
He is plotting to become immortal and a god.
It involves us plotting stepping stones or.
The fact remains that I caught him plotting.
Who knows what one’s enemies are plotting.
Do you suppose he is plotting another poem?
Pretty sure he’s plotting someone’s doom.
You’re plotting something…I know you are.
I left them to their plotting of whatever they.
I was making sketches of the thing and plotting.
And it was at that moment that I began plotting my.
But he heard him myself! He was plotting out loud.
They seemed to be scheming and plotting against her.
The two of them weren’t plotting to take over Itam.
A little conspiracy, a little plotting had achieved.
When he gave me the money, I wonder what he is plotting.
I thought she was gonna be out plotting with the other.
So we hated each other, and though we were not plotting.
L'Epingle Noire was already plotting in his own quarter.
You've long been plotting with that slut of yours, Marína.
They were secretly plotting an attempt to own the entire Earth.
I’d miss it all: The planning, the plotting, the discussions with.
With that smile of his, I know he is plotting something to embarrass me.
The man is a military genius with a wealth of insight into the plotting.
Admiration and envy lurked even in sneers at my unscrupulous plotting.
He was plotting something, developing some final plan to usurp the region.
Smiling, frowning, laughing, arguing, thinking, teasing, plotting, joking.
Whatever he and Anubis were plotting, I could wait for him to explain it to.
The Boss sat in the dark, knitting his fingers together and plotting as the.
Still, that could change in an instant, and I was careful plotting my routes.
The herald Medonte runs to Penelope to tell her what the Suitors are plotting.
He sat in the car plotting his pack mates demise and trying to look concerned.
They were plotting a plan to kill them, when Ansh’s sister Divya interrupted:.
He stayed awake most of the night plotting schemes for the rescue of his princess.
It can be plotted two ways.
I have plotted his course.
A plotted course or directions.
If average returns were plotted vs.
You and he plotted to push me out.
For convenience, BOP is plotted in color.
Moreover, they plotted to kill His Envoy.
Chinese plotted them al those years ago!.
I have looked at all the angles, plotted.
Then the Real and Imag signals are plotted.
X-axis and consumption plotted on the Y-axis.
And they plotted what they could not attain.
RSI charts are plotted on a 0 to 100% scale.
God says: They plotted, and Al'lah plotted.
Visualize %K as the plotted instrument, and.
The king knew his mother plotted to kill Elijah.
The other groups were soon identified and plotted.
Some among you have plotted to destroy the very.
Cuban-American exiles even plotted to kill Reagan.
Nothing, however, was attempted or plotted against it.
Example of histograms plotted in the Swiss franc chart.
But almost immediately, they plotted to overthrow Castro.
So, Haman plotted to exterminate all the Jews in the land.
Example of a candlesticks plotted in the Swiss franc chart.
Standing in the center of the room, she plotted her escape.
A stock’s relative strength can also be plotted on a chart.
Acceleration curve is plotted and on screen, Albert confirmed.
Every community plotted against their messenger, to capture him.
He hated Modecai because he was a jew and plotted to destroy him.
Harris plotted a path across the island, a walk of about 150 miles.
Almost any oscillator-type indicator can be plotted as a SwamiChart.
So I plotted the numbers and created the bar chart on the next page.
The pilot looked up to Ramsey for confirmation then hand plotted the.
So with Floy for company I sat in the water and plotted out a design.
When I plotted the murders on a map, there was nothing that stood out.
You were not present with them when they plotted and agreed on a plan.
What grisly abomination Xaltotun plotted lay in the unpredictable future.
Example of a bearish channel and his break plotted in the Japanese yen chart.
The line chart is plotted connecting single prices for a selected time period.
They, therefore, redoubled their determination and plotted Bismarck’s death.
The wicked plots against the.
He plots his takeover wickedly.
Figure 7-3 plots dividend yield.
They were now in the inner plots.
Anxiously, he plots his next move.
It plots simple everyday choices.
Figure 7-2 plots the P/B of the market.
Talk of plots was only to be expected.
He who plots to do evil will be called.
We're here to buy gravesites and plots.
Hide me from the secret plots of the wicked.
The story may consist of many themes or plots.
The plots had been smaller here since Shempala.
Most books I read these days are just old plots.
There are rumors of terrorist plots in the very.
I reckon theyve discovered one of my lesser plots.
The daring plots of the poets, the elder religions;.
When our deep plots do pall: and that should teach us.
The chart plots stock price over the past decade or so.
Each time they toured the plots it was a different route.
Christmas-tree plots related to each other but came to no.
The scrub was flattened in equally sized rectangular plots.
Now it was the plots, ramshackle old houses and occasional.
All three of them lived in the inner plots east of the city.
The graph also plots the HY–Treasury spread for reference.
Waddell had been warned that there were plots to destroy his.
Computer, print both plots and the superimposition, he.
These alleys left behind them four square plots rimmed with box.
Which is also the reason they decided to put the burial plots, or.
Between the vegetable plots and the kitchen, there was a large and.
The glow of a late autumn sunset covered the grass plots and walks.
Plots and scandals were commonplace during the reign of the Caesars.
It plots that difference as a histogram—a series of vertical bars.
There was another half mile thru hilly little plots to canyon bridge.
My head is spinning with all the intrigue and plots that are going on.
None of the plots that suggested themselves suited a girl named AVERIL.
The biological warfare and arson plots only failed due to CSS incompetence.
He brought up some of the plots from entanglement in their own veron store.
By midday my road had entered a city with many houses on small plots of land.
American plots, such a must that when no woman appears, they are replaced by.

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