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Plowshare dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. No plowshare has touched the earth for years, maybe centuries.
  2. There stood Jesse Plowshare, the man who has invented time travel.
  3. Jesse Plowshare pulled out a wad of handwritten notes and began to speak.
  4. The only responsible sword owner is one that is willing to smith it into a plowshare so that all might have peace.
  5. And so the King’s sentiment was henceforth taken to heart by all the ministers, since none had the heart for a turn at the plowshare.

  6. But sometimes Squaw Walden had her revenge, and a hired man, walking behind his team, slipped through a crack in the ground down toward Tartarus, and he who was so brave before suddenly became but the ninth part of a man, almost gave up his animal heat, and was glad to take refuge in my house, and acknowledged that there was some virtue in a stove; or sometimes the frozen soil took a piece of steel out of a plowshare, or a plow got set in the furrow and had to be cut out.

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