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Plug dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Pull the plug on it.
  2. And, as with wine, the plug.
  3. Connecting a plug and socket.
  4. Plug that hole in your hand.
  5. Plug into Captain McCarthy only.

  6. As it is said, I plug along….
  7. Plug both of them for me, please.
  8. Plug it into your ROI projections.
  9. The same is true for the plug D2.
  10. I'll plug them straight into the.
  11. These are make it and plug them in.
  12. Her idea was to freeze or plug the.
  13. For a while I can plug my nose and.
  14. The day woman pulled the plug on man.
  15. They can plug us in by remote hookup.

  16. I was mostly scared they’d plug you.
  17. Hers was new and used the smaller plug.
  18. Someone pulled the plug on the jukebox.
  19. I started the water and put the plug in.
  20. We have a security leak we need to plug.
  21. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.
  22. They plug their ears and hide their faces.
  23. Jane held the plug up high out of his grasp.
  24. The other stood by chewing a large plug of.
  25. Also slang referring to the use of plug tobacco.

  26. Some expectant mothers pass the plug all at once.
  27. Why can’t the captain plug his own ears?
  28. I thought you had him plug the sailors’ ears.
  29. I have seen people plug their ears with cotton to.
  30. Next, he said, we seal the plug in with.
  31. Sam, I’m not here to order you to pull the plug.
  32. Now he needed something to plug the wedge holes with.
  33. As for digital recorders to plug your microphones into.
  34. There were even electric outlets to plug in my computer.
  35. You were a spoilt child then with a record to plug.
  36. Plug in the cables you have unplugged and close the case.
  37. But there is no way to be sure until I plug into the.
  38. Plug Ivory’s assumption of dignity crumbled immediately.
  39. Then the two plug hats bent together in earnest conference.
  40. However, there wasn't an electrical plug anywhere in sight.
  41. Inside is a power cord that will plug into the wall outlet.
  42. But certainly one could plug it up with a large, round rock.
  43. Brown water stains make teardrop shapes around the plug hole.
  44. Trays and trays of plants, plug plants and seedlings in pots.
  45. As the cervix dilates and thins, you will pass the mucus plug.
  46. Plug the 45° elbow joint into one end of the 36 inch pvc and.
  47. Don't disconnect a plug by pulling the wires when switch in ON.
  48. I’d volunteer to pull the plug on us, if She’d only let me.
  49. Practice connecting and disconnecting the plug from the socket.
  50. I nodded my assent, and as if I had pulled the plug, she spilled.
  51. Here, stuff this in yer Crack to plug it up! says Druscilla.
  52. He would fix the plug into the socket and switch on the table fan.
  53. He seemed to be having trouble putting the small two-pronged plug.
  54. Close the ears with your thumbs or plug the ears with wax or cotton.
  55. He chuckled Butt Plug under the chin as the animal lay across his lap.
  56. It was a plug of ice, covering the hole where the dim light came from.
  57. Jesse Brinkman asked one of the technicians to hook up the phone plug.
  58. We have no way of knowing what would happen if we pulled that plug.
  59. Note that we have installed a concrete plug at the river entrance and.
  60. Don't insert wire directly into the plug socket without a matching plug.
  61. He then looks for the plug on the wall that matches this unusual male end.
  62. Once you have decided what your top ten keywords are, plug them into your.
  63. Don't switch On, the socket switch unless the plug is completely inserted.
  64. As if his country’s threat to pull the plug on oil isn’t intimidation.
  65. Father Likembe was vainly trying to plug his gushing wound with bare hands.
  66. After a short conversation with hotel management she was able to plug her.
  67. The problem was easily remedied as all I needed do was plug in the toaster.
  68. They will start encrusting the frag plug within a couple of weeks and you.
  69. Don't allow children to play with sockets, plug, wire and other electrical.
  70. He took off his plug hat and scuffed his wrist across his steaming forehead.
  71. It would be a good plug for the place, I imagine they could use extra funds.
  72. Disarming the missiles can be simply accomplished by unplugging this plug.
  73. When disconnecting appliances from electrical outlets, use the plug when you.
  74. Paul drilled a hole in the floor so it could plug directly into his computer.
  75. Jesus is your Messiah, and plug the thug that broke into your house before he.
  76. Moreover, each lighter has a plug in the stern, and I know exactly where it is.
  77. As soon as you plug the pin into the little clamp that holds it on, it activates.
  78. Thin wires stripped away from the plastic plug, severing the Internet connection.
  79. It is an old volcanic plug that has endured millions of years of erosion and time.
  80. He sent a probe to that volcanic plug to get some detailed pictures of the feature.
  81. It was Monday morning and Sam had no choice but to plug the phone back into the wall.
  82. At this juncture, the calculation of the capital dynamic is remedial; we merely plug.
  83. Butt plug? Does it do what it says on the tin? I scrunch my nose up in distaste.
  84. He squeezed the plug with both hands to hold it steady and wiggled the plug in place.
  85. Second of all, there’s no electrical outlet in the woods to plug in my alarm clock.
  86. They use the UK type of plug which is not the same as SA so you need a conversion plug.
  87. Not being able to smoke, he cut himself a good-sized plug of tobacco and began to chew.
  88. Passing the mucus plug is without a doubt a sign that labor is about to start very soon.
  89. If he were to reach another outlet, he would find it obstructed by a plug or a grating.
  90. There it was: my phone, sitting on the center of the table with a plug trailing from it.
  91. That was this week's Plug Into EvEx instant winning upload from HoMoerectUS @pornthis.
  92. For others though, the mucus plug wil be lost in parts over the course of several hours.
  93. Stidwell could drive us right out of the water unless we plug them up,� replied Linda.
  94. He fixed his eyes on the plug hat that was still lowered in the attitude of despondency.
  95. The clunk-sound of the plug being removed came then, and the water level dropped abruptly.
  96. Store tobacco is flat black plug, but these fellows mostly chaws the natural leaf twisted.
  97. He pulled the plug to let some of the water drain away, then turned on the taps for more.
  98. When he found the small box setting on top of the desk he yanked the plug out of the wall.
  99. Then a UPS plugged into the voltage regulator and only then plug in your electronic goods.
  100. At that point 2014 is no longer an unknown but a known, so you can plug in actual results.
  1. We have to keep plugging.
  2. He’s plugging away in his lab.
  3. Thank you, she said, plugging her gear in.
  4. Where are we with plugging these leaks?
  5. Now, however, plugging up the hole was imperative.
  6. He’d been crisscrossing the world for years, plugging his faith.
  7. Let’s see what happens before thinking of plugging a few more.
  8. Plugging these numbers into the equation yields a growth rate of 0.
  9. By rolling him up in it, and then, plugging both ends with cloth.
  10. Oh, just a couple more hours, she replied, plugging in her iPod.
  11. A Tommy plugging it along the Arras-Doullens road in the pouring rain.
  12. Plugging them… killing them cost five cents worth of lead; one bullet.
  13. Marilyn appeared excited as Ingrid was plugging in a small portable radio.
  14. They ran batteries of tests, plugging me into scanners and polygraphs and the.
  15. Outlet for Electricity: Possibility of plugging into the flow of the Holy Spirit.
  16. What the hell is that? Vaughn shouted next to me, her hands plugging her ears.
  17. Like so many journalists, he had just been plugging away, occasionally trotting out clichés.
  18. Just be sure to double check the voltage label on your device before plugging it into any outlet.
  19. Sitting in the passenger seat plugging numbers into a computer was not exactly where I wanted to be.
  20. Werner sketches out the equation on the metal casing of the transceiver and starts plugging in numbers.
  21. Beside him a young man in a pale anorak was unfurling tiny headphones and plugging them into his ears.
  22. I could almost feel the neurons seeking out unused connections, spanning voids, plugging in, powering up.
  23. While Newell searched for the tool, she took the second APU over to another station, and tried plugging it in.
  24. Allow the fluid to escape—bandaging or plugging could cause a build-up in the skull and pressure on the brain.
  25. Plugging up the hole had been a bit of a game before: a satisfying pastime to avenge himself against his cave mates.
  26. They had started by plugging in fists used in the act of sexual assault, and that produced several cases, mostly gay crimes.
  27. Plugging in the ethernet cable that connected to the nearby router, he waited for the connection symbol to appear on the screen in front of him.
  28. Lacking wood for the stove most of the time, she took to turning her electric iron upside down, plugging it into the one outlet, and cooking their stew on it.
  29. Do what? I exclaimed, but Galloway was lost in the process of plugging the drive in and playing whatever horrible monstrosity had been concocted upon it.
  30. Integrating a Knowledge Management product into an organization involves much more than simply installing a software package and plugging in the associated hardware.
  31. In the mid-1990s, the belief that satellite TV receivers would replace cable as the means of plugging couch potatoes into the infotainment universe became prevailing wisdom.
  32. Once a minute pile of the pollen lay on a white sheet of paper, he painstakingly loaded a small amount in the end of three long straws, plugging each end with a piece of tissue.
  33. This interstice was filled with wood, by plugging the larger cylinder with this material, and excavating the plug till it would permit the smaller brass cylinder to be driven in.
  34. By plugging these numbers into the model and by assuming that the price changes in the spot product will, in the long run, resemble certain probability distributions, a value for an option can be computed.
  35. The plan was that if the Russian Mafia story ran we would continue with our original idea for the evening, except we would do it by the light of a single candle and without plugging in the electric guitar.
  36. When Ulysses passes in front of the island of the Sirens, since Circe had warned him he can save himself from the fatal attraction by having his companions tie him to the mast and plugging their ears with wax.
  37. Indeed, even as they watched, sheathed cables were extending from the column and feeling their way under the loose material of her dress before plugging themselves into the soft tissue of her chest and belly.
  38. On that day you take a snapshot of your portfolio, adding up the subtotals for each type of investment, plugging them into the top row of the spreadsheet, and deleting all the extraneous formulas and estimates in the process.
  39. Putting on quickly her parachute, life vest and flying helmet presented by a female mechanic, Ingrid then climbed in her cockpit and strapped herself in, plugging the jack of her helmet’s headset in the radio box of her P-38N.
  40. After plugging her phone into the cigarette lighter to charge, Monique turned to me and asked,.
  1. She found it and plugged it in.
  2. Mum plugged in the curling iron.
  3. But Marc, I plugged it into.
  4. He plugged in the teakettle and.
  5. They weren’t plugged into anything.
  6. He plugged them into the back of the.
  7. He hit me in the leg so I plugged him.
  8. I think you got a plugged gas line.
  9. White wires were plugged into her ears.
  10. Luke opened his laptop and plugged it in.
  11. Darek plugged his ear and shut his eyes.
  12. The electrical cord was still plugged in.
  13. Plugged in the charger before switching on.
  14. Steng, I’ll keep you plugged in, of course.
  15. It plugged in to the armrest somewhere…there.
  16. She plugged the polish brush back in its bottle.
  17. Once I plugged it in correctly, lights stopped.
  18. He plugged in the kettle and went to the bathroom.
  19. Yes, sir, she must be plugged out in the middle.
  20. He plugged it in, loaded it up, and got it brewing.
  21. Just then Lucy remembered that she had not plugged.
  22. Tress quickly soaked a bed roll and plugged the gap.
  23. Yer still 'ad it plugged in the wrong bleedin' 'ole.
  24. I hoped they didn't have to be plugged in to explode.
  25. Unplugged cord: Not plugged in to the power of the Spirit.
  26. I looked over at Louie's tree which was already plugged in.
  27. Telehouse in a half hour, all plugged in and ready to roll.
  28. I unplugged Rover 2’s battery and plugged in Rover 1’s.
  29. The mother plugged a sucking thing into the baby’s mouth.
  30. Sam plugged the USB memory stick into the desk top computer.
  31. Nonetheless, the evening ended as I plugged in a cherished.
  32. The cameraman plugged the microphone into the open jack on.
  33. There are currently over 2,500 Merchants plugged in to the.
  34. He picked his Fender off the stand and plugged it into the amp.
  35. Finding nothing wrong he plugged it in again at the wall and.
  36. The hole was plugged up with an old cloth to keep out the cold.
  37. He wants to know if he has successfully plugged up the leaks.
  38. She grabbed at the cords plugged into the back of the computer.
  39. Taking it out of the box she plugged it so that it could charge.
  40. All they had on the girl so far, was that she plugged in a lamp.
  41. It's amazing that you thought of me and plugged me into the trip.
  42. He plugged his laptop into the hotel service and checked his mail.
  43. Sadly, she plugged it back in again and tucked away her own phone.
  44. He plugged it in and held it close to the guard as it came around.
  45. At this close range, the chest shot may have plugged, Barron.
  46. Caitlin’s ears stayed plugged, as if she were trapped in a vacuum.
  47. The tape manager continued, tears overflowing like a plugged toilet.
  48. I took out the flash drive my father had given me and plugged it in.
  49. That’s the advantage of everyone being plugged in at the same time.
  50. Unstowing the emergency seal, she plugged the entrance to the bridge.
  51. But, I saw you before I plugged into this machine, Tammas argued.
  52. The booties worked very well, and he plugged them into the re-charger.
  53. All the equipment is plugged in, Garcia said, scratching his Go-T.
  54. He blushed, plugged his guitar in again, and went back to the microphone.
  55. The doctor plugged a tube into a needle already strapped in to his wrist.
  56. I set the machine up as per instructions and plugged it into a wall socket.
  57. He then sat on the sofa closest to the coffee table and plugged in the hot.
  58. There was a brief spark as he plugged the cord into the outlet; in the same.
  59. He made and trimmed the straws while Paul and Annie rifled and plugged them.
  60. On the plank rested a radio, plugged into one of the wires from the ceiling.
  61. Shen plugged his drive into the computer and discovered it wasn't logged in.
  62. He shadowed Nixon’s life as no one else, plugged into nearly every aspect.
  63. It was a joy to be plugged in, all his senses over flowing with information.
  64. To prevent that from happening when plugged into technology, there are safe.
  65. Quickly he plugged in the sides to the floor holes, and clipped them together.
  66. He took out his laptop and plugged in the pen drive to see what was there in it.
  67. My good friend Shana told a childrens story at our church about being plugged in.
  68. Even the defunct waterslide loop-de-looping in the distance was plugged with dirt.
  69. Finding nothing wrong he plugged it in again at the wall and hit the start button.
  70. According to the logs, after returning, she plugged it into the Hab for recharging.
  71. Marston immediately looked at his chair’s display, plugged to the forward sensors.
  72. The once vibrant plant had now plugged the Gateway, with an impenetrable stone seal.
  73. Quickly, Marraud took the wire and plugged it into the telephone on the lounge table.
  74. He found it, plugged in and started pumping JP-4 fuel into the tanks of Pintail Three.
  75. They all stood and stared at the black blank screen plugged into the CAIN battery pack.
  76. He keyed his own microphone button, now plugged into an auxiliary jack behind the seats.
  77. He plugged the phone into a socket by his bed, and stretched out on the mattress again.
  78. I went to the ship’s medical bay and plugged myself into the encephalographic screen.
  79. The short electrical cord was tied to a longer extension cord and plugged into an outlet.
  80. Once plugged in, fuel would flow back through the pole into the receiver's main fuel tank.
  81. Then a UPS plugged into the voltage regulator and only then plug in your electronic goods.
  82. You are on the downslide of the drunk and now plugged into self‐pity as is the comedown.
  83. Sorry, it takes ages to boot up and I have to keep it plugged in 'cos the battery is shot.
  84. He found the showerhead and plugged it into its twist-lock position on the side of the tub.
  85. He plugged the mobile into his laptop and keyed in the number to log onto his on-line bank.
  86. I looked at the stereo and immediately noticed that the headphones were no longer plugged in.
  87. Someone plugged in the juke box again, and filled it with enough quarters to last the night.
  88. This guy, the uncle, he’s plugged into every network you can think of, public and private.
  89. Well, gang, let’s go, Greg said as he plugged the module into the ship’s data port.
  90. The entire school craned their necks to catch a glimpse of the boy who had plugged the iguana.
  91. Instead she went back into the main bedroom and plugged the lamp into the electrical outlet.
  92. Once that was done, she fetched an electrical extension chord and plugged it to a wall outlet.
  93. It wouldn’t stop, he knew, until it had plugged up that entrance as tight as tight could be.
  94. The music was gone, the vent plugged, the vase in a thousand pieces, the silence again ensured.
  95. Always use a SON (Standards of Nigeria – as our SABS) voltage regulator plugged into the wall.
  96. Louie plugged a wireless gizmo into the hot babe’s keyboard like it was something he’d done.
  97. My diesel line to the base was plugged with ice in the middle where the pipes cross the gorge.
  98. Plugins are called this because they are sofware programs that are easily plugged in to your site.
  99. And over the years, he’s done us some favors, so you might say he’s plugged into the PHP, too.
  100. A statement cannot be both right and wrong at the same time…it’s plugged right into the brain.
  1. By way of ear plugs.
  2. Ideas are the spark plugs of success.
  3. Every time he plugs into the Kelvan.
  4. But take the plugs out of your ears, first.
  5. I turned the key to let the glow plugs warm.
  6. Don't touch switches / plugs with wet hands.
  7. He reached in his pocket and found the ear plugs.
  8. I’ll find some ear plugs, okay? You should go.
  9. Werner plugs Hauptmann’s numbers into the equation.
  10. When toe plugs the west ear, and knee plugs the south.
  11. Brent pulled out the ear plugs and shoved one in each.
  12. Honduras uses the same types of plugs, as the US where.
  13. Mick pulled the plugs out of the back seat as they raced.
  14. Use properly earthed 3 pin plugs for all electrical appliances.
  15. Insall a switches and plugs at a heights out of reach of children.
  16. Deal with them with conical plugs that you will find in the dinghy kit.
  17. Then he gathered together a few plugs of tobacco, some tea, flour, and.
  18. The cabling was easy to detach, too, just a couple of complicated plugs.
  19. She was thinking about Pete the Plumber’s receipt for wastes and plugs.
  20. Some of the most common midwater lures are crank baits, minnow plugs and spoons.
  21. Now - apart from changing fuses and wiring plugs - electricity, I don’t touch.
  22. Stef stands up and fills the kettle from the cold water tap and plugs it in to boil.
  23. Cleaned the plugs, wiped out the distributor, touched up the points and away we went.
  24. No! It plugs the hole, remove it and he bleeds to death, loses the ability to breathe.
  25. So easy! Werner rewinds the resistance track and splices the wires and plugs in the radio.
  26. Each standard defines the pinout (or order of connection) for the eight-pin connector plugs.
  27. In a classic domino effect, pulling just the first one or two plugs disconnects all the others.
  28. With his fingers he moulded two plugs of a cotton wool-like substance around a couple of tiny.
  29. Colored wires, rubber plugs were attached to his chest, and from there to an icy blue machine.
  30. Whoever plugs his ears to the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but he shall not be heard.
  31. Zeke walked around his construction checking the electric leads, the heaters and the plugs in the wall.
  32. Either buy a pair of ear plugs or use the time honoured Scottish method of dealing with a nagging wife, tell.
  33. She walks over to a boxlike thing in the window, plugs it into the wall, and shows him how to operate the dials.
  34. There are massive spikes and I have seen plugs melt and start burning as well as bulbs exploding because of the spikes.
  35. Pull their plugs, separate them from the energy needed to run their machines and the machines won’t run, will they?
  36. Putting the rucksack in the centre of the coffee table he goes around the flat and switches everything off at the plugs.
  37. The turret hatches opened like Champagne cork plugs under the internal pressure from the explosion and jet of hot plasma.
  38. Nana said the electrician will be here on Monday and we need to mark where we want all the plugs and switches before then.
  39. My way to make restitution is to override as many people’s ear plugs, rosy lenses and blurred looking glasses as I’m able.
  40. The men dropped to their hands and knees and crawled around the bomb, pulling out test plugs and replacing them with firing plugs.
  41. Quickly Kennedy deposited in the shadow of one of them an oaken box, sticking into it the plugs on the ends of the wires that I had brought.
  42. He has me recite the densities, velocities, and trajectories of specific asteroids, then plugs the data into a machine that runs an algorithm.
  43. Salt is also very hard on the small tubules in the kidneys and has an affinity for cholesterol--another substance which plugs up arterial plumbing.
  44. Taking it from her, Lewis lays it by the shed door, going into the shed he plugs in the circular saw and puts on a pair of ear defenders and pair of goggles.
  45. Though the residents could have complained about the noise each time a mission landed or took off, they smiled knowingly, inserted ear plugs and went about their business.
  46. The AUI cable has 15-pin D-shell connectors at both ends, one of which plugs directly into the NIC, and the other into a medium attachment unit (MAU), also known as a transceiver.
  47. Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but energy connections in.
  48. Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty innocuous to the astral spirit, at first glance appearing very light, maybe even golden and brightly colored but Psychic Energy Connections in.
  49. There was a fine, fat spark at the plugs, the vibrator buzzed properly, the gasoline feed appeared to be adequate, the carburettor was performing its duty, and the engine did not seem to be overheated.
  50. With all those plugs just danglin’ there, and no power source to plug into, to “let out” the power, what would you all be? Did I hear “powerless” whispered weakly, somewhere in the background? Hm-mmm.
  51. He descended once more, trailing cables and plugs from his computer tower and set it on the ground for Beth to figure out how to jam into the back with Herminia’s oversized plastic bag, while he went to waken Don Alberto and Cecilia.
  52. He reviews in his mind and on paper exactly what he needs to do this evening, on his four-to-midnight shift: Perform a water pump-down, reassemble the control rods, install the plugs, put the shield blocks in place, leave the top shield off.
  53. The Borum were naked except for a sheath with which they covered their manhood, wore large cylindrical wooden plugs in their ears and lower lips, painted their faces red and their bodies black for battle, and also fought bravely using a long bow.
  54. He spoke further of the incidents of his visit, of his father's mode of life, of his zeal for his principles; she grew serener, and the undulations disappeared from her skimming; as she finished one lead after another he followed her, and drew the plugs for letting down the milk.
  55. Sherlock Holmes was, as I expected, lounging about his sitting-room in his dressing-gown, reading the agony column of The Times and smoking his before-breakfast pipe, which was composed of all the plugs and dottles left from his smokes of the day before, all carefully dried and collected on the corner of the mantelpiece.
  56. The landlord was beside himself at the coolness of the squire and the mischievous doings of the master, and swore it should not be like the last time when they went without paying; and that their privileges of chivalry should not hold good this time to let one or other of them off without paying, even to the cost of the plugs that would have to be put to the damaged wine-skins.
  57. But he did not long abuse my patience, for the objects before him had now put him by all his, and, coming out with that formidable machine of his, he lets the fury loose, and pointing it directly to the pouting-lip mouth, that bid him sweet defiance in dumb shew, squeezes in his head, and, driving with refreshed rage, breaks in, and plugs up the whole passage of that soft pleasure-conduit pipe, where he makes all shake again, and put, once more, all within me into such an uproar, as nothing could still, but a fresh inundation from the very engine of those flames, as well as from all the springs with which nature floats that reservoir of joy, when risen to its floodmark.

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