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Pole dans une phrase (en anglais)

He let go the pole.
I will need my pole.
North Pole and a South Pole.
It’s a Pole bound train.
He slapped another brass pole.
The negative pole of the.
A single Pole can challenge.

He still had his fishing pole.
Polar icecap at the South Pole.
They reside in the South Pole.
He was tied with the iron pole.
On the pole top was his helmet.
The pole tips over towards him.
I am, Thomas Pole, Your Grace.
He carried a pole with a spike.
He saw the pole and then the sky.
Yes, sir, it will go to the pole.
Place the magnets North Pole to.
Zhilín took the pole, and said:.
The telephone pole was approaching.
He then rested his cane on a pole.
With line and pole crews exerting.
Then remove the pole and jump over.
Hold on to the pole pretty good.
A long metal pole crossed the width.
Ant looked like she had pole axed him.
And go where? Where? The South Pole?
Gripping the center of each pole, he.
The south pole shifted closer to the.
Is he the low man on the totem pole?
Only fancy, he is jealous of the Pole.
If the pole straps are too much extra.
The South Pole was conquered at 11 a.
Our initial gig was at the North Pole.
Nor will it yield to Norway or the Pole.
There is a third pole in every situation.
The Symbol tacked on that telephone pole.
All a blocking pole is is your earliest.
But he knew about the Pole before?
South Pole and they will repel each other.
When they’d been poling down the Greenblood, the orphan girls had made a game of rubbing Egg’s shaven head for luck.
Perhaps ten minutes later a boat floated down the serene surface of the canal, a tall lank man with black hair poling it along with leisurely drives of his arms.
He was poling his pirogue towards the shore and a boy, his son, Jacques and he had more fish plus two large, pissed-off soft shelled cooters for the boy to clean.
In shallow water the best means of controlling a raft is like a punt, but preferably with two long poles—with one person poling at one front corner of the raft, and another at the diagonally opposite back corner.
Joe Billie poled the narrow pirogue despite its burden.
His young assistant, Jimmie, poled them out into the river.
But the straining Indians poled on with a steady, swinging motion.
Good customer? he asked as they watched the raft being poled away.
The slender black man standing at the back expertly poled his goragora out into the maze of tributaries of the Okavango delta.
They quickly poled and pushed all the barrels together into the shallows, and when they had counted them they roped them together and left them till the morning.
The heavy, square barges were poled along by Caribs and Cimarones, joyfully fierce men who loved war so well that they could be persuaded to bend their sleek brown shoulders to labor if the reward were blood.
Ah, you new Anglo- Poles.
Then they let the Poles go.
He was with two other Poles.
Look at the telephone poles.
The Poles, too, were examined.
My ski poles are just ordi-.
Is found dancing on the poles.
Without a pair of poles, just.
We Poles were taught Ukrainian.
Taking away their poles is al-.
IV poles were clustered in one.
The Poles turned to him savagely.
The same goes for magnetic poles.
The Earth's poles were cool and.
I feel so strong about ski poles.
In 1944, the Poles in Warsaw were.
There was a mighty pushing of poles.
The poles are each twenty feet tall.
They got the poles in the ground.
Both red-striped poles were vertical.
Ski shops tend to sell poles on the.
The lamp poles were lit but of no use.
Fishing poles were rigged at the end.
The same thing happened with the Poles.
So far the poles have served several.
Starlight glittered on the brass poles.
Poles were produced and fitted together.
He drove up to where the poles were and.
The Poles would not come to this country.
All Poles of my generation are religious.
The box had big poles to carry it so the.
Handstave: Staffs or poles used as weapons.
Well, there: that's my stance on ski poles.
Even the caring poles will have overlays.
Temperate regions were away from the poles.
And hundreds of thousands of Jewish Poles.
The Poles! There they are! There they are!.
This field is weakest at the poles of the.
The three Poles were tremendously excited.
The guys grabbed poles and basketball balls.

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