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Ponder dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I ponder this a second.
  2. Key thoughts to ponder (i).
  3. Key thoughts to ponder (ii).
  4. Key thoughts to ponder (iii).
  5. Mei Yinxue pretended to ponder.

  6. There is also this to ponder:.
  7. Read him much; ponder him more.
  8. I didn't have to ponder about.
  9. I had to ponder what I'd learnt.
  10. I ponder his question for a moment.
  11. She continued to ponder the problem.
  12. Is there anyone who would ponder?
  13. That’s something to ponder about.
  14. Ponder the relationship between the.
  15. This made him ponder for quite a while.

  16. So just for a moment ponder this verse.
  17. I sit back and ponder this for a second.
  18. Then my logical mind started to ponder.
  19. I began to ponder about the home that.
  20. He had no time to ponder these questions.
  21. I can’t help but to ponder if this is.
  22. Then he left me alone to ponder in fear.
  23. So there you are, another issue to ponder.
  24. But it was too late to ponder on that now.
  25. So tell the tale, so that they may ponder.

  26. Anyway, there was no time to ponder about.
  27. I had no time to ponder about that question.
  28. It is rather remarkable to ponder that the.
  29. But, there was no time to ponder about the.
  30. Well, it was nothing to ponder too seriously.
  31. I decided to ponder about it at a later time.
  32. Now go, and ponder on what I have said to you.
  33. But, I had no time to ponder about the details.
  34. Surely in that are signs for people who ponder.
  35. I had no time to ponder about the morality of.
  36. These Leave me to ponder for many hours of late.
  37. And Calvin gave them a final thought to ponder.
  38. Angus stopped to ponder her question--the same.
  39. Yinxue had not the time to ponder and received it.
  40. Kristen seemed to ponder the thought for a second.
  41. BEFORE each putt of the ball, he’d long ponder.
  42. I didnt ponder about the issue for long through.
  43. So now he had all kinds of new mysteries to ponder.
  44. Olin continued to ponder the unexplained situation.
  45. Harry had no time to ponder on the latest outburst.
  46. Now it was the Cabinet Secretary’s turn to ponder.
  47. The point to ponder about is this, why do you have.
  48. Ponder upon the thought of what is about to happen.
  49. No good to ponder what he could not change anymore.
  50. We all need a moment to digest it and ponder it.
  51. Would there be more events to remember and ponder?
  52. There was no time to ponder about the beauty of the.
  53. Chantelle began to ponder the situation as it stood.
  54. Mama, he might ponder what I say and change his ways.
  55. I ponder how I can ever resolve his anger towards me.
  56. Anyway, there was no time to ponder about this matter.
  57. But I had no time to really ponder about the situation.
  58. Corey and I didn’t bother to ponder about what’d.
  59. It made Aesa ponder the unfairness of magic’s whims.
  60. These have made me to ponder for so many hours of late.
  61. We can ponder that at another time, Skagant said.
  62. Ponder what their views will be once you have finished.
  63. I took a few seconds to ponder what my answer would be.
  64. Unfortunately, there was no time to ponder about hunches.
  65. He gave up and sat on a nearby rock to ponder the object.
  66. It boggled his mind to ponder the mechanics of the cosmos.
  67. About to die and the only thing that you can ponder in.
  68. First we ponder and then we are able to weigh and assess.
  69. An engaged audience will ponder the impacts of your points.
  70. No! I was too freaking hungry to ponder about the morality.
  71. Under the circumstances, there was no time to ponder about.
  72. Robbie was too exhausted to ponder the question much longer.
  73. Now he had to consider branding as he began to ponder ideas.
  74. All to ponder the unnecessary mayhem that had just occurred.
  75. Ponder that one, and believe me, as I have proof of my words.
  76. I decided not to ponder about the defeat while I was eating.
  77. Remember, wonder, ponder, live with it, love it, grow into.
  78. He had searched for Aurora in all the places he could ponder.
  79. But I couldn’t afford to ponder about him, he wasn’t the.
  80. Ponder the relationship between the symbols angel of the.
  81. Humanity should ponder their true scale in relation to nature.
  82. A thought to ponder on in his heart for the day-cycles ahead.
  83. If we ponder over our relationships, where we have come from.
  84. As I shut the door, I ponder what she said – sort of related.
  85. I ponder his question for a minute, before saying, Sci–Coll.
  86. Anyway, we didn’t have any time to ponder about the situation.
  87. Ponder the bloodshed and injustice that stains the history of.
  88. As soon as I began to ponder about it something more important.
  89. My father said he would ponder over the matter and give us his.
  90. Hispanics in the GED program would be too busy trying to ponder.
  91. She was too elated to ponder the issue and went to the elevator.
  92. The officer looked back at the house to ponder the question, it.
  93. It is something to truly ponder, but I am not "worried" about it.
  94. There is certainly something to ponder over in this man's state.
  95. Maybe Joseph’s function was to ponder the purpose of his being.
  96. If the island was indeed a putrid swamp, it left Derek to ponder.
  97. When I ponder over what you say, I ask myself: ‘How is it that.
  98. Sitting over a pot of coffee in my dressing gown I ponder the day.
  99. He bit his lip and shuffled his body around trying to ponder her.
  100. As Ravi continued to sit and ponder, Ganesh thought of his parents.
  1. As my mother was pondering.
  2. He had some pondering to do.
  3. She bent her head, pondering.
  4. I was pondering how I would.
  5. I stepped and began pondering.
  6. It is a thought worth pondering.
  7. Pondering begins with the wonder.
  8. Woman's woe with wonder pondering.
  9. She sat pondering the conversation.
  10. After pondering about what next I.
  11. After pondering about what it was.
  12. Cass lays there pondering the notion.
  13. Maybe she was pondering his question.
  14. He couldn't help pondering it even now.
  15. After pondering about my options for.
  16. I could not help pondering on his words.
  17. The doctor seemed to be pondering sadly.
  18. Will, Nangong Ping was already pondering.
  19. The barman paused, pondering the question.
  20. Your pardon, Gimli! I was pondering the.
  21. I glanced at him pondering his suggestion.
  22. Garann scanned his pad, pondering his notes.
  23. The elf was silent, pondering the situation.
  24. Helga was daily pondering the baby’s future.
  25. As I was pondering about my next move, I was.
  26. He shook his head while pondering his next move.
  27. Ludwig looked at him with a pondering expression.
  28. He was suddenly silent and seemed to be pondering.
  29. While I was standing there pondering the daytime.
  30. Secretly pondering the consequences of being rude.
  31. This, too, he stores in his mind for pondering later.
  32. Hmm, Rhone said pondering the recent influx of.
  33. My mother ended-up pondering about her life with the.
  34. While I was pondering about how to enter the museum I.
  35. I never tire of pondering, and watching, and wondering.
  36. As I was resting on my back and pondering about life a.
  37. As I was pondering about my life I received a shocking.
  38. I don’t want to be pondering about this while I’m.
  39. But there is an animus in this that is worth pondering.
  40. As I was pondering about this point I decided to ask a.
  41. After a second of pondering this idea, he shook his head.
  42. Feltus scratched his chin, still pondering the situation.
  43. I stared across the Lake of Fire, pondering that problem.
  44. Perhaps I can, Jacob, he said in a pondering voice.
  45. As I was pondering about my new life I began to fix the.
  46. While I was pondering about the remainder of my life, a.
  47. But Mary kept all these sayings, pondering them in her.
  48. This seemed to me so subtle that it set me off pondering.
  49. She was pondering the question when the Captain walked in.
  50. As New Trader was pondering all of this the market opened.
  51. Darkburst studied the clouds, pondering what he should do.
  52. After pondering about what to do I decided to carry both.
  53. While I was pondering about my predicament, the sounds of.
  54. I ate some chocolate immediately while pondering the wine.
  55. However, I had no time pondering about the history of the.
  56. The man paused, pondering the question with total confusion.
  57. When he was alone again, he leaned over the map, pondering.
  58. He was pondering this and more besides when Blomkvist rang.
  59. As Corey was pondering about how to greet the other cat, a.
  60. I was still pondering the idea of Adanne’s new boyfriend.
  61. While I was pondering about this matter, I crossed Waldorf.
  62. While my mother was pondering away, the scabby interrupted.
  63. After pondering about what the rapists may or may not have.
  64. Pondering that uncomfortable thought, Elowen continued her.
  65. If she responded, wasn't she participating? Pondering the.
  66. Andrew and Jeff suspected that Corey was pondering about an.
  67. A few seconds after pondering about the problem I collapsed.
  68. As I was pondering about what to do a police officer parked.
  69. While I was pondering about this tragedy, Amigo interrupted.
  70. He watched the creature, pondering how best to bring it down.
  71. Crispin chewed his knuckles thoughtfully, pondering a response.
  72. He couldn’t spend any more time pondering on the fantastical.
  73. Explore pondering affirmative action to find what works for you.
  74. While pondering this new idea, I heard the front door open; Mr.
  75. Then I was weary, and as I lay pondering it, sleep overcame me.
  76. After a minute of pondering a females name popped into my head.
  78. He’d stare at her as if he were pondering the mystery of life.
  79. I was walking numerous miles a day, pondering about what it was.
  80. For a while she was silent, as if pondering what this might mean.
  81. Annie sat in silence for a moment or two pondering the question.
  82. He had spent hours pondering that very point after reading her.
  83. Alec sobered for a moment, pondering the depth of that statement.
  84. How could the Symbol be a graph? His pondering would have to wait.
  85. Ren Fengping was watching and pondering at the same time before he.
  86. It isn't even the difficulty of pondering what it is you ultimately.
  87. I walked on in the dust pondering as to what their hints could mean.
  88. For hours he sat in his chair, pondering about what he should do now.
  89. But how can she ruin Mitya? he asked, pondering on Ivan's words.
  90. Lukashka went back alone to the cordon pondering over Olenin's action.
  91. I am still pondering Rose’s comment when Nick turns up to collect me.
  92. Michael sits back with a pondering look as he lifts his eyes from the.
  93. As he sat there he was pondering upon what his training would be like.
  94. I was pondering how perfect the moment was, how perfect nature could be.
  95. Ailia started cleaning the potatoes, pondering on another unusual dream.
  96. Vic rubbed his cutthroat smooth chin as if he was pondering the question.
  97. He started pondering how these option variables would affect his trading.
  98. It is easy to keep one’s mind on the race while pondering black asphalt.
  99. What they did not know, however, was that she was pondering about how the.
  100. After pondering this question, I came to the conclusion that it is based on.
  1. He pondered how far he.
  2. He pondered that for a.
  3. He pondered for a moment.
  4. And I pondered the words.
  5. They pondered for a moment.
  6. Steve pondered for a moment.
  7. Obeast pondered for a moment.
  8. They al pondered for a moment.
  9. Whilst it pondered its next.
  10. Jilin pondered over the letter.
  11. Fred pondered that little fact.
  12. The guard pondered for a moment.
  13. Alone, he pondered his neuroses.
  14. I bit my lip hard as I pondered.
  15. Paul pondered this for a second.
  16. Not in a good way, she pondered.
  17. I pondered how it related to me.
  18. I sat there and pondered it over.
  19. I pondered how I was to tell her.
  20. Kevin pondered over the situation.
  21. They pondered the meaning of this.
  22. She pondered sadly, watching him.
  23. She lifted her head and pondered.
  24. Then he pondered on it a little.
  25. Locke pondered this in the shower.
  26. He had pondered it all night long.
  27. Enilia pondered it for a long time.
  28. The girl pondered this for a while.
  29. Baffled, I pondered this behaviour.
  30. I pondered, then, what I'd learned.
  31. Marshall pondered this for a moment.
  32. Shoop pondered on this for a minute.
  33. Perhaps, she pondered, if she had.
  34. Captain Waddell pondered what to do.
  35. But what was it? I pondered about.
  36. Phillip pondered his notable remarks.
  37. The attendees pondered and scribbled.
  38. Jose pondered his request, uncertain.
  39. Jartis pondered, scratching his head.
  40. Sam whistled quietly as he pondered.
  41. Mary Catherine pondered the question.
  42. Massie pondered it as a possibility.
  43. Ye Manqing pondered before she asked.
  44. All the way she pondered her problem.
  45. Natas pondered his next move and the.
  46. Sitting, he pondered what to do next.
  47. Cara sat and pondered what Steve said.
  48. Ury sat silent and pondered her answer.
  49. The elder prisoner pondered the matter.
  50. He bowed his head and pondered quietly.
  51. What are they doing? she pondered.
  52. Pierre pondered over these broadsheets.
  53. What could this one hold, she pondered.
  54. Deep Thought pondered this for a moment.
  55. I pondered and I planned for a way out.
  56. The Shumi pondered this and were scared.
  57. The long face pondered the younger man.
  58. For a minute, he pondered the situation.
  59. At home I pondered over the events that.
  60. He stood and pondered that a few seconds.
  61. Sally pondered the question for a moment.
  62. They pondered this more, but got nowhere.
  63. Tom pondered this for a while in silence.
  64. Impressed, I pondered the importance of.
  65. I pondered about what to say for a moment.
  66. I pondered about what could go wrong: Dr.
  67. Travis pondered his question for a moment.
  68. Thomas pondered the question for a moment.
  69. Nangong Ping secretly smiled and pondered.
  70. Or what the heaven? Donald pondered.
  71. Yakov pondered the suggestion for a moment.
  72. Levi pondered for no more than two seconds.
  73. Anne pondered over what she had just said.
  74. Then Toad sat and pondered long and deeply.
  75. I pondered about what Caspar had just said.
  76. In addition, Id pondered about my escape.
  77. Fizzicist licked his fingers and pondered.
  78. She pondered the information about Melvin.
  79. Higgins pondered the question for a moment.
  80. Kent sat at a table and pondered his fate.
  81. Anna pondered for an instant in uncertainty.
  82. They both pondered a moment on what might.
  83. Mitch pondered the philosophy behind it all.
  84. Travis pondered over the two conversations.
  85. Have you seen it? Charles pondered the.
  86. She pondered for a moment and then giggled.
  87. The knight pondered the tol keepers question.
  88. Sorren pondered on her question for a moment.
  89. She looked away while he pondered her words.
  90. Where’s his house? Sophia pondered heavily.
  91. Pausing, she pondered what was morally right.
  92. The captain pondered the best course to take.
  93. Elizabeth Windsor pondered that for a moment.
  94. Ronald pondered the situation philosophically.
  95. His brow furrowed as he pondered the question.
  96. Edrimer pondered before answering too quickly.
  97. Upon awakening, I pondered about my options.
  98. He pondered whether he should call them back.
  99. Natasha stepped up to the window and pondered.
  100. I pondered about where to put the animal trap.
  1. For the mind ponders.
  2. Or ponders the future.
  3. He ponders for a moment.
  4. Other times it ponders.
  5. He ponders on the best words to use.
  6. Michael ponders his life, 'As that.
  7. Stacy ponders to herself, Is he just being polite.
  8. If one ponders on objects of the sense, there springs.
  9. She ponders these words as she sips the last of her coffee.
  10. For a moment, the mind-executioner licks his lips and ponders.
  11. He ponders how he couldn’t wait to see her the last two years.
  12. He ponders the question, looking out my window at our backyard.
  13. The man ponders the current state of affairs as he enters his home.
  14. She ponders the birthday party she will have for Marjoram instead.
  15. He ponders the irony of his other trips up and down the west coast.
  16. He ponders, listens to the song of birds, and wishes to imitate them.
  17. Rosa ponders for a nanosecond, I didn't do anything except tell Brink.
  18. He ponders, Steng should have been dead before he could be reached.
  19. Gazing into the mirror, I see a spirit that ponders, probing behind appearances.
  20. Grinning as he ponders the past, the man recalls how he had started to notice causal.
  21. John Snyder, with admirable savoir faire, ponders the justice of the situation.
  22. She stands that way for a long time and the sky ponders her with his great African eye.
  23. How many would want to share an apartment with an old man? he ponders, glancing up when he sees a waitress.
  24. Altman, “A Scientist, Gazing Toward Stockholm, Ponders ‘What If?,’ “ New York Times, December 6, 2005.
  25. What you promote, repost and multi-tweet is the mass that creates the gravity limiting what the GlobalMind ponders.
  26. He ponders whether to form a private army to deal with the mobs, which he suspects to be controlled by the New Way.
  27. Manby had told her she had been telephoning to someone early, before Miss Cartwright, who spent the week-ends with her aged mother at Ponders End, had got back.
  28. Though it will not be expanded upon in this module, it is our understanding that there are only ever two outcomes that overall consciousness ponders and makes decisions upon.
  29. Though Jerry questions this behavior and ponders the idea of the lunch in the first place, it’s not that far fetched as we all have moved on to a meaningful relationship through our friends.
  30. Here he ponders things that were not: what Caesar would have lived to do had he believed the soothsayer: what might have been: possibilities of the possible as possible: things not known: what name Achilles bore when he lived among.
  31. Indeed, if man ponders on his growth inside his mother’s belly and contemplates the days of his early childhood: if he thinks of that again and again inquiring about that Care which watched over him in the past and is still watching till now, his spirit will bow submissively to its Provider and will surrender to its Creator.
  32. Indeed if anybody ponders their growth inside their mother’s belly and contemplates the days of their early childhood – if they think of this again and again, asking themselves about the Care which watched over them in the past and continues to watch until now – their spirit will bow in submission to its Provider and surrender to its Creator.
  33. If man looks at himself and ponders on the amazing organization of his body and how this body with all its limbs and systems was in its origin nothing more than a semen that is formed from unworthy fluid, then if he contemplates the creatures which God spread on earth and found in this universe, seeking faithfully to know the truth, undoubtedly he will realize the Greatness of His Creator and get an intellectual belief that there is a Wise Provider and an Omnipotent Maker.

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