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Poop dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I ain’t got the poop.
2. Ori made a sign for cat poop.
3. I was about to poop onto the.
4. Poop in the bread dough?
5. She hands Peter the bag of poop.
6. Cleaning poop out of cages?
7. Poop head, how three year old of you.

8. I knew I had to poop, but I could not.
9. You poop on our junctions and on the.
10. Monkeys poop and pee whenever they want.
11. Poop, she said and started laughing.
12. I had poop smeared all over my face?
13. But then I've seen her poop outside before.
14. You might think your poop don't stink, bro.
15. Man, that pile of poop was almost the size.
16. I’d hate to be the party poop er but does.
17. There was puke, poop, blood and urine in the air.
18. You could eat and poop to your hearts content and.
19. Poop on sidewalks is often squashed by unsuspecting.
20. You can’t do that! Besides, your mound of poop is a.
21. The crew stopped at the bottom of the ladder to the poop.
22. Pigeon poop appears to be a big problem on balconies and in.
23. In a nutshell, the dream wasn’t about poop, but about money.
24. In a reflexive action he swallowed the poop that entered his mouth.
25. In that one, Poop only wounds the cop by shooting him between the.
26. Poop Doggie's video was on the big screen and Doll was rocking to it.
27. Happy tuk-tuk brought him a bottle of water and flushed off the poop.
28. James reluctantly took it and walked across the ship to the poop deck.
29. Crusher, even we dolphin enjoy a good poop joke, just like you primates.
30. Them pigs would poop everywhere and lay in it and just grunt and grunt.
31. Conan, on the high-pitched poop, was on a level with the pirate's deck.
32. Out we ran, and there on the poop were the lieutenant and ten of his men.
33. Up in the air, huge grasshoppers flew by and dropped poop on the children.
34. If you found this in a pile of cow poop, it would still be worth a dollar.
35. After the poop was dropped the pigeons flew away in Air Force style formation.
36. Is the gas used to shoot the poop out of us, like air pressure in a BB gun?
37. Conan stood on the poop, frowning down at the black men who watched him expectantly.
38. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll still think you’re beautiful with poop in your hair.
39. The place stunk with the acrid stench of abused metal, animal poop, diapers and old moldy food.
40. But if I can’t concentrate this morning, it’s probably because I’m trying not to poop.
41. He said he hated it, but it was all good because he used the hate to get out of the pig poop.
42. She sees the dog poop on her lawn as she pulls into her driveway, and resigns herself - this is.
43. An Old Couple Is On A Walk, When A Pigeon Flies By And deposits a little Poop On The Woman's Head.
44. Maranzano couldnt tell what hit him because when he looked up more poop had dropped into his eyes.
45. Apparently my poop hit Commander Williams, right in the face some got into his mouth and up his nostrils.
46. Most merchant galleons used their longer poop decks as the roofs of cabins built at the quarterdeck level.
47. There was a bathroom that was downright swank compared to the compost cans on the poop deck that most riverboats have.
48. PIRATE FUN FACT: "Poop deck" - The part of the ship farthest to the back, which is usually above the captain's quarters.
49. Up on the poop Zaporavo had apparently already forgotten the stranger's existence, but Sancha watched, tense with interest.
50. Zaporavo made the mistake so many autocrats make; alone in somber grandeur on the poop, he underestimated the man below him.
51. I was watching a movie where they kept focusing on a girl's ass and all I could think was That's where the poop comes out.
52. Who gives a poop anymore about Internal Affairs? This overworked muscle, his mind or heart, feels freer than it has in years.
53. It was long and narrow, a typical trading-ship of the southern coasts, high of poop and stern, with cabins at either extremity.
54. And they’ll go on extorting until no other country will give us credit, and then poop flies in America, and lots of poor people die.
55. It was guided by the long sweep from the poop, and propulsion was furnished mainly by the broad striped silk sail, aided by a jibsail.
56. It’s one thing for your daughter to say she has to poop in the car, but it’s a whole new ballgame when she actually cuts one loose.
57. A word would send them leaping up on the poop in a storm of swords that would overwhelm even such a fightingman as the stranger looked to be.
58. Oh, I’d love to, Gil, I really would, but you know I can’t keep it on the truck; it’d poop all over the place and wouldn’t be happy.
59. So she lounged sulkily on the poop and watched the men row ashore through the calm water that sparkled like liquid jade in the morning sunlight.
60. It's where your mother can have a bathe, without going to the creek, and pee and poop without going outside to the outhouse, he responded.
61. This time the same thing happened, only a tidal wave of poop and wet toilet paper broke against the rim of the toilet bowl all over Mike’s shins.
62. It is true that some work in the engine room, some on the poop deck, others steering the ship and some lounging on the deck chairs around the pool.
63. The life cycles of these parasites involve snails as the first host and aquatic birds or some mammals as the final host (read: seagull and duck poop).
64. And then she feels really good, because now she has new purpose to kill even more animals, even though she’ll have to do so with bird poop in her hair.
65. Said my poop was nothing that wouldn't wash off in the water! Damn it if that little pissah didn't fell my tree!, takin’ it off to build on his own dam!.
66. I'd be careful to poop off in the corner … I hated it when that or my molting covered parts of the paper, and I couldn't reach a wing between the bars and move it….
67. Apparently pineapple tastes terrible when eaten in poop - can't say I've tried it myself! Other people have used Pumpkin, Spinach, Pickles or Garlic for the same purpose.
68. Feathers shellacked with dirt and bird poop and sticking at all angles, round eyes squinted shut as the robin jilted forward, retching up another wave of vomit into the toilet.
69. Storekeeper Prentice, the last man off the Titanic to reach this ship, was also soon over the effects of his long swim in the icy waters into which he leaped from the poop deck.
70. Standing on the poop, he watched the serpent-like ship skimming lightly over the waters, and landsman though he was, it was evident to him that the Argus would never win that race.
71. Playfully swatting her with his tail, he brushed her hair into flight where she became the fly populating the poop, where he gratefully spat the seed that she had thankfully given him.
72. Charisian naval architects had simply deleted them completely, but the Church’s more conservative designers had substituted the merchant galleon’s lighter poop deck as a compromise.
73. BLOOM: (Impassionedly) These flying Dutchmen or lying Dutchmen as they recline in their upholstered poop, casting dice, what reck they? Machines is their cry, their chimera, their panacea.
74. As in most of the Navy of God’s galleons, Saint Frydhelm’s poop deck was fairly short, forming a roof above the after part of the quarterdeck in a feature adopted from merchant galleon design.
75. My physician has provided me with something called ‘Preparation F,’ I asked him what became of preparations, ‘A-through-G?’ But all he would tell me, is that now I can poop with confidence!.
76. All then proceeded to the poop, which was very handsomely decorated, and seated themselves on the bulwark benches; the boatswain passed along the gangway and piped all hands to strip, which they did in an instant.
77. Hey if you are going to join us, you’re going to work! Now grab a mop and help the cabin boys swab the poop deck! The same large man that had laughed at James earlier that day said, as he threw a mop at him.
78. The problem was the house, a small fisherman’s ‘saltbox’ with one large and three very tiny bedrooms, and inside we found dirty water in the bath and hamster poop everywhere, as though no effort had been made to sell.
79. In this case, the sound Lieutenant Kuhlhani couldn’t identify was the clatter of a pair of grappling hooks as they arced into the air from astern of the galleon and hooked their prongs over the taffrail on the poop deck above him.
80. Charisian experience with captured Church galleons suggested that the poop decks offered little practical defensive advantage and had a measurable negative impact on maneuverability, but the Church and her subject navies had stuck with them.
81. There’d been no galleon warships in the days of pre-Merlin Athrawes artillery, but the war galley’s sterncastle had served much the same function as the merchant galleon’s poop deck and, in addition, protected the men on the wheel from enemy fire.
82. The men murmured, though they did not let their murmurings reach the ears of their implacable master, who tramped the poop day and night in gloomy majesty, or pored over ancient charts and time- yellowed maps, reading in tomes that were crumbling masses of worm-eaten parchment.
83. The lantern itself was a good three feet above his head, and he shaded his eyes against its illumination as he looked astern through the darkness from Tide’s high poop deck at Prodigal Lass, the merchant galleon the Royal Dohlaran Navy had taken into service temporarily as a transport.
84. Now the grappling hooks sank their points firmly into the wood of the taffrail at poop deck level, and two figures in the blackened breastplates and hauberks of the Imperial Charisian Guard sailed in through those open stern gunports feet-first, hit the deck, rolled, and came smoothly upright.
85. When I stepped back and became more of an observer than a participant, when I watched my cousins interact with those chickens in the same ways that I did when I was younger, it was quite clear to see just how important those chickens truly were (even if they did smell like poop and pecked at my hands whenever I’d pick one up to hold it).
86. Trader psychology is one of those subjects that doesn’t seem to matter until it really matters, like when you’re changing a flat tire or when your three-year-old daughter yells out in the middle of traffic, No, Dad, I have to go poop now! You think the issue will never arise, or it won’t apply to you, or you’ll figure it out before the moment of truth.
87. After taking counsel with his officers, he anchored the ship as far off shore as possible; loaded and ran out his two cannon from the bows; stacked his muskets on the poop; and warning the Islanders not to approach the ship at their peril, took one man with him, and setting the sail of his best whale-boat, steered straight before the wind for Tahiti, five hundred miles distant, to procure a reinforcement to his crew.
88. The son of Barbarossa was so cruel, and treated his slaves so badly, that, when those who were at the oars saw that the She-wolf galley was bearing down upon them and gaining upon them, they all at once dropped their oars and seized their captain who stood on the stage at the end of the gangway shouting to them to row lustily; and passing him on from bench to bench, from the poop to the prow, they so bit him that before he had got much past the mast his soul had already got to hell; so great, as I said, was the cruelty with which he treated them, and the hatred with which they hated him.
89. He, previously instructed in what he was to do, laid hold of Sancho, hoisting him up in his arms, and the whole crew, who were standing ready, beginning on the right, proceeded to pass him on, whirling him along from hand to hand and from bench to bench with such rapidity that it took the sight out of poor Sancho's eyes, and he made quite sure that the devils themselves were flying away with him; nor did they leave off with him until they had sent him back along the left side and deposited him on the poop; and the poor fellow was left bruised and breathless and all in a sweat, and unable to comprehend what it was that had happened to him.
90. After 45 years of cleaning poop,.
91. Because the poop sometimes overlapped,.
92. Poop Dogg heard her and came over and did his rap with her and the screen,.
93. Nichols had the privilege of and spent a lot of time walking on the poop deck, enjoying their relative freedom,.
1. I was on the verge of pooping on the.
2. This is caused almost always by peeing or pooping.
3. He’s pooping behind the Dumpster, Thing 1 answered.
4. Toby had regressed to puppyhood, pooping and peeing on the.
5. Hey, what the hell is going on here; whos pooping on me?!.
6. What sort of creature would require such a thing? I tried to picture Ghosteater squatting at the edge and pooping.
7. Silas shook his head, imagining the Council Member there to do his job and investigate the case, instead only managing to shake in fear at being in a bear cave, and pooping himself.
1. Instantly, I pooped and peed.
2. Brian and I pooped at the same time.
3. Am I pooped! Let’s put it in the sack.
4. Instantly, Louis went pooped on the floor.
5. I almost pooped and peed in Shanes Chevy.
6. Remember when Pam pooped in her pants on the.
7. A short while later the Beagle urinated, then pooped.
8. I ran to the nearest tree and then pooped my brains out.
9. The good news was that he pooped on the street in broad.
10. Chip pooped, urinated then decided to spit on the big boys.
11. The bitch Collie pooped then slithered to a corner of the.
12. I leaped onto the cage bars and then pooped and peed in the.
13. A cool breeze blew past then a bird pooped just before them.
14. Upon seeing that Jamal was with me, the massive pooper pooped.
15. I meant to send this last Saturday but my typist pooped out on me.
16. They both drifted so far into guilt and misery that they didn’t notice the second bird that flew by and also pooped.
17. Pooped and sweating, I jogged into the club, which opened at six, took an ice-cold shower, and dived in the divine warm water of the heated pool for a few laps.
18. If a ship was pooped, overtaken from astern by a heavy sea, the wave could sweep the full length of her decks, causing serious damage and washing men overboard.
19. Use your powers! Cleo was almost delirious and her craft was losing its pace and falling to the ground, when Don Bosco pooped into the cockpit from nowhere and caught hold of the helm.
20. As galleons were adapted for war, replacing galleys and growing rapidly larger on the seas of a post-Merlin Safehold, average freeboard had increased, raising the level of the quarterdeck (and so decreasing the likelihood of being pooped) while retaining the massive sterncastles could only have made the ships far less weatherly and maneuverable.
1. If she pees or poops, it will dry up on the ‘drome.
2. His whole look gave me the poops but I did not let on at all, I was just here doing a job.

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